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How to Leverage Other People’s Writing to Make Money

This is a guest post by SR Connell

There’s an age-old expression that is as true as it is powerful: no man is an island. Most of our ambitions in life can’t be achieved alone; whether they’re dreams of a family, a house with a little white picket fence, or anything else.

People who live their lives trying to “do it alone” are wasting untold potential found in what should be seen as the most powerful force in the world: leverage.

It’s only through leverage that complex economies, businesses, or lives can be built. When I say “leverage”, I mean taking one asset and making its impact strong by mixing it with another asset. It works both for engineers as well as businessmen.

In this post we’ll be discussing how to use leverage as a writer to make even more money and create more traffic than ever before, using some common and not-so-common marketing tactics.

 OPM: How To Exponentially Grow Income

One of the most important wealth-building assets of all time isn’t gold, silver, or event shares of stocks – necessarily. It’s “OPM”, or “other-people’s money”.

It’s one of the reason wealth-fund managers manage the wealth of others rather than just their own. It’s why the financial industry has grown in the US so much over the last 30 years. Other people’s money – the ultimate asset. This is true for everything from gold funds to REITs and almost every other financial group. It’s also why banks accept deposits.

When you’re able to make money from the money and/or time of others, you’re able to get wealthier at a much, much faster rate than if you’re doing it alone. It’s the simple concept of leverage and multiplication.

In the context of the writing business, the exact same principles are true. Only instead of “OPM”, perhaps we should say “OPW” – other people’s writings.

 OPW: How to Leverage the Writings of Others

Why do you think this blog accepts guest posts? Simple: there are more views, more angles on old views, and Bamidele gets to publish a post without having to spend the time of writing it completely by himself.

On the same level, I’m writing this article because I’m able to leverage my writing against his former writings – I’m now able to gain because Bamidele has already done a great job of building up a popular blog.

We’re leveraging off of each other. And it’s not just guest posting. Below we’ll look at the 5 most basic ways to leverage other people’s writings to increase your income over time.

 1. Writing Guest Posts. This should be obvious; you’re going to leverage your words against the past blogging success of others. This is the simplest way to grow a newsletter or blog, hands down. Do enough guest posts for legit blogs and your content will be read more and more.

2. Accepting Guest Posts. It would be silly to discuss this topic without including the most obvious leverage: accepting posts. Just remember that quality is far more important than quantity when it comes to blogging. This blog, for example, isn’t popular because just anything is published. It’s popular because only the best is published. Quality matters.

 3. Outsourcing Blog Content. Now we’re getting into the more advanced stuff, and this is pure gold. I run dozens of blogs, but I don’t necessarily write the content any more. Staff writers, freelancers — I’m using them to run the content so I can continue to focus on expanding my business without being “stuck”. I still write, obviously, because you’re reading one of those articles. However, I also leverage staff writers.

4. Outsourcing Freelance Writing. I’ve only done this for a summer once to see if it would work in a predictable manner, and it certainly does. The general idea is to begin pitching yourself as a content/writing provider rather than just as a freelancer. Hire yourself out at a rate, and to have writers write the content for you at a cheaper rate. You’re able to turn a profit with less time, and the writer you hire is able to get a  steady income, (and your client is gets the same high-quality content). Everyone wins because everyone’s working off each other.

5. Transitioning to a “Facilitator”. This is basically more of a mindset shift than a particular action. If you view yourself more as a content facilitator rather than a single content writer, it makes the many opportunities that exist seem far more obvious. It’s easier to expand and start new projects, maintain clients, and build traffic at a much faster rate. You just have to see yourself as a facilitator.

In the end, the goal is to specialize and leverage. It requires networking and focusing on getting as much return as possible from one’s writings — and it works.

Do you have any more tips for people wishing to get more bang for their buck? Do you have any leverage tips for other writers and/or bloggers?

About the Author: SR Connell is a full-time blogger and writer. He runs Live Gold Prices, where he writes about everything re: gold mining. Check out his Gold Rate Today article for an introduction to gold prices.

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23 Comments on "How to Leverage Other People’s Writing to Make Money"

  1. I quite agree with #5, transitioning to a “facilitator.”
    I think freelance writers should diversify, and become more professional. And it can only be possible if you provide quality contents for clients.

    I’m considering becoming a facilitator, but before then, going the extra mile to help clients achieve their business goals is more important. As you do this, the best leverage “word of mouth” marketing would take you up from the ‘first floor’ and make you ride on Horse’s back.

    Thanks for sharing. BTW: you’ve a great site. Keep rocking!

    • Shaun says:

      Hey Michael,

      I completely agree with that — being ferociously valuable to clients just means you’ll have clients even longer — that’s job security, and certainly triggers word of moth feedback.

  2. Becca says:

    The ideas you’ve shared here are fantastic and no doubt so great and it may really improve the variety of individuals visiting your website.

  3. Tina @ Wedding Favors says:

    Wow I just got back to your site Oni and it looks awesome. New look I guess.

  4. emon hasan says:

    I’ve only done this for a summer once to see if it would work in a predictable mode, and it sortly does. The general idea is to begin pitching yourself as a content/writing provider rather than just as a freelancer — and to hire yourself out at a rate, and to have writers write the content for you at a cheaper rate. You’re able to turn a profit with less time, and the writer you hire is able to get a more steady income, and your client is able to get the same high-quality content. Everyone wins because everyone’s working off each other.

    • That’s an awesome business model Emon and I am doing something similar myself. The best way to succeed in business is to create long-term relationships with others. Heck that might be the only way to be really successful. Best of luck with your endeavors!

  5. I totally agree with all your points Cornell… I’m new to blogging and my first guest post really brought some good number of visitors to my site and even new subscribers. I want to continue guest posting on top blogs….

    Thanks for sharing

    • Shaun says:

      Guest posting is really a powerful foundation for online marketing — I no longer do anything besides guest posting, because it works so well. It’s like getting to know somebody before inviting them to your house — it makes everything more comfortable.

  6. I like this post for one thing it summarizes the concept of Using other people’s resources to achieve greater results. While using another man’s sweat might seem exploitative it really is a win-win situation. Guest blogging all the way for bloggers who want to make a difference in their careers! I’m in.

  7. Sheyi says:

    I actually thought its some illegal stuff for real.

    Yeah, big blogs mainly rely on other people’s writing to make money. Talk about Darren Rowse of problogger, Techcrunch and other blogs too.

    I actually thought about this before I launched my productivity blog so i contacted some author and many of them agreed to write for me!


    • Meena Thakur says:

      The ideas you’ve shared here are fantastic and no doubt so great and it may really improve the variety of individuals visiting your website.

  8. Yeremi Akpan says:

    The benefits of assuming a controller or as you say, facilitator role pale when compared to the advantage of having a voice.

    When you own a platform and you are seldom seen on the platform, you leave a lot of personal branding opportunities pass you by. By allowing too many guest posts, your audience may lose or beginn to forget the unique voice that attracted them to your blog in the first place.

    You may be making money, but also losing name (and voice) recognition.

    My Tip: The balance between guest posts and personal writings should be 50/50.

  9. everybody want to get much money

  10. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    I agree with you on the first point “Writing guest post”. There are many advantages of writing guest post on similar niche blog, writing guest post could drive more direct traffic, get dofollow one way backlinks to improve your search engine ranking, and it does help to build your brand as well. Of course, you have to do it right by writing unique and useful guest post, therefore people would give credit and follow your blog as well.

    • Shaun says:

      I agree — guest posting is probably the best marketing tactic for online people, because it helps with everything from newsletter signups, to SEO, to social media. It’s just a good choice.

  11. Goa casinos says:

    Yes we should ready any time to give help to those people who really wants to do something in online business because there are lots of chance to make money with good work.

  12. Spatch Merin says:

    Great points listed here. I must agree with number #5 becoming a facilitator is quite important in this industry. Hence, freelance writers should give more emphasis on ‘quality’ contents.

    Spatch Merlin
    How to Blog Guide

  13. Adam says:

    I have outsourced guest posts before and it works quite well. I will first buy a 500 word article from a writer and then when I get it I add additional tips and info in it to make it that much better. It saves me time and it ensure that I can get more guest posts written.

    • Shaun says:

      That’s certainly a possibility. I’m a little too much of a control freak to outsource anything that I’ll use as a guest post, but it’s a great application of the principles in this article. Great idea!

  14. Alamin says:

    Thanks Connel. A great post to use other people’s writing skill. I think allowing a guest post is great.But its not easy to attract writer for new blog.

    • Shaun says:

      You’re certainly right about that. When a website is new, most of the content will probably need to be created by the author, for obvious reasons.

  15. This is great! I just switched domain names and I think I’m going to start allowing guest posts to leverage other people’s writings!

  16. Leverage is super important if your running a business. Without it your stuck and can’t scale! I can see how its can be important for blogging also then.


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