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What I Think About the OptinMonster List Building Software

According to data from the Direct Marketing Association, you can expect an average ROI of $38 for every $1 you invest in email marketing. This is in line with research from Monetate, based on an analysis of over 500 million shopping experiences, that found that email marketing beats search and social media, combined, when it comes to conversions.

If you run any form of online business and you don’t have an email list, you’re making a mistake.

Email List Growth

I’ve been building my email list for a while now, and with over 22,000 subscribers on my email list at the time of writing this I’m proud of what I’ve achieved; with around 2,500 people — and this number keeps increasing — joining my email list on a monthly basis, I expect this number to increase significantly in no time.

I’ve used many list building tools in the past, but I haven’t loved any as much as I love OptinMonster. At the time of writing this review, I’ve been using OptinMonster for around three months, and it has been responsible for at least 5,000 EXTRA subscribers within this period.

OptinMonster Review

Before switching to OptinMonster, I’ve heard great things about them; many key influencers that I follow and respect use them (these include Michael Hyatt and Neil Patel). However, what made me switch to OptinMonster is the fact that they offer THE BEST product at the most competitive price. I don’t say this lightly!

I used to use SumoMe (the free version), until I got an email from them that sites with the kind of traffic my site gets can no longer use their free service and have to upgrade to a Pro package. SumoMe is a great tool, and they’ve helped me grow my list, but I had two issues with them:

  1. Their tool was communicated to me as a free tool. It wasn’t initially communicated anywhere on their site (at least when I started using their tool!) that their free tool can’t be used if you get more than a certain number of visitors.
  2. Since I really loved SumoMe, I considered the possibility of updating to their “Pro” plan. However, a few things put me off: 1) The email they sent to me basically gave me 24 hours to upgrade — this was despite the fact that I had no idea that I will be later forced to pay; it was basically, “You can’t use our free tool — that we advertised as “free” — anymore, so now you have 24 hours from the time of receiving this email to upgrade.” 2) Their Pro plan is way too expensive; when I did the maths, I will be paying around $1,000 annually if I want access to everything they offer.

OptinMonster on the other hand is not only much cheaper compared to SumoMe, but they have more and better features. This has resulted in an increase in subscribers for me since I started using them.

Once I made a decision to go with OptinMonster, I decided to see if I could get a deal. I sent OptinMonster the following email:


Thanks for the impressive service in form of Optin Monster.

I currently use SumoMe, and seeing that Optin Monster appears to be a well-rounded solution, I’m considering a move: currently, using SumoMe’s Welcome Mat feature, I’m getting an extra 1,200 subscribers from my blog monthly. I have written several guest posts on some of the world’s biggest blogs about this success.

I have a proposal for you: I’d like to request a good discount on the Optin Monster plugin. I want to sign up for the pro plan. In exchange, I will do a review on my blog and, naturally, when I talk about my success with Welcome Mats/Full Screen Takeovers on blogs that I write for, I will have to mention Optin Monster instead of SumoMe.

I believe this will be a great deal for you because:

1. My blog gets tens of thousands of visitors monthly and currently has 15,000 subscribers. A review will mean more exposure and customers for Optin Monster.
2. I regularly guest post on some of the biggest blogs: recent blogs I’ve had guest posts approved on that referenced SumoMe are,,,, etc. It could be Optin Monster featured in these guest posts.
3. If you want, you can use my success with Optin Monster as a case study. With this, you can convince more people to use your services.

I look forward to hearing what you think about my proposal.


They replied the next day to tell me that they’ve setup a Pro license for me, and that the license will not expire for one year. Will I be renewing after the one year expiration period? You bet! I’m also a proud affiliate of their product!

Now, why does this matter to me? At the risk of sounding petty, I’ve featured and linked to SumoMe on several highly-authoritative blogs I guest blogged on; if they were a client, I’d have charged them thousands of dollars for this press. I happily did this as a customer that loved their product. Yet, not only did they fail to acknowledge this — not even in the form of a “thank you” in a Tweet or something — but I was basically given a 24 hours deadline to upgrade to a paid plan.

As you can see, not only does OptinMonster have a great product and competitive pricing, but they also offer impressive customer support!

Why I love OptinMonster

Here are the major reasons why I love the OptinMonster list building plugin:

1. It works! I won’t copy their marketing message here and tell you it works because of X and Y features. Instead, I’ll let my results speak: Barely 4 months after installing OptinMonster on this blog, I’ve gone from 15,000 subscribers to over 24,000 subscribers. I also noticed an increase in subscribers — based on the same amount of traffic — compared to SumoMe.

Email List Growth

That said, to be fair, I was using SumoMe’s free option which does not allow split testing. OptinMonster has the option to split test opt in forms, so that likely contributed to the increase in subscriptionds.

2. It Has Beautiful Forms: I mean, just compare this opt in form:

SumoMe Optin Form

To this:

OptinMonster form

The first form was created via, and is typical of what you can create with, SumoMe. The second was created via OptinMonster and there are several templates to make it easy for you to achieve something similar in OptinMonster.

3. It Allows Real Split Testing: Now, this was a major selling point for me. In fact, at a point, I was able to increase subscriptions with OptinMonster by up to 50 percent by creating a split test of my original optin form. It’s very easy to create and customize split tests, so this was a major one for me.

4. It is a Very Flexible Tool: Where should I start? Exit intent, triggered popups, scroll bars, in-content optin forms or “Full Screen Takeovers” (an alternative to SumoMe’s popular “Welcome Mat” feature)? Just think about it, whatever is required to build a thriving email list is probably in OptinMonster already.

5. Upgrades are Released Frequently: OptinMonster also regularly releases new features; while I haven’t really paid attention to their upgrades — I have a system that is clearly working in place, and I’ve been too busy to tinker with things — the fact that new updates are constantly released shows that they are paying attention.

6. OptinMonster is Much Cheaper: Now to be honest, this was basically what sealed the deal for me. OptinMonster costs $49 per year for a single site compared to SumoMe’s $480 per year for their email-only apps (also for a single site, I think!). OptinMonster costs $199 per year for multiple sites (and I have no idea if SumoMe has an option for unlimited sites), it’s obvious beyond a shadow of doubt that OptinMonster is a clear winner when it comes to price.

7. It Does Not Slow Down Sites: At a point while using SumoMe, I’ve done site speed tests that show that their app slows down my sites. It’s nothing too significant, and a happy trade-off for over a thousand extra subscribers monthly, but I haven’t seen the same issue come up with OptinMonster.

8. They’re Cool: I mean, just take a look at their response to my email to them. They could have ignored my email, but they replied with a free one-year license instead? How cool is that.

Cons of Using OptinMonster

So we’ve taken a look at pros of using OptinMonster, so that must mean they are perfect, right? Well, not yet. Here are some cons of using OptinMonster:

1. They Help AWeber Make Money: Okay, I’m not really sure this is a con but I believe it is worth noting. OptinMonster can result in explosive list growth for you, and this will help your email service provider make more money. Right now, between my several email lists, I have 26,000+ subscribers sitting in my AWeber account. If OptinMonster keeps growing at the rate it is now, my AWeber bill will only keep increasing. My list is growing, yeah, but the growth rate is too fast that they’re helping AWeber (or other email providers) make money at an alarming rate.

2. Stats Are Not Updated in Real Time: Okay, so perhaps this is the first real con. Unlike SumoMe, OptinMonster stats are not updated in real time — or at least this is how it has been for me.

Now, for me this is not a big deal, but if you are a stats geek you might find that you have to wait a few hours to actually see how many new subscribers you’ve gained.

3. Tracking Not Accurate: The OptinMonster app under-reports how many subscribers it is getting for me. I don’t know how their tracking works, but I do know it is getting me more subscribers.

I’m not a fan of numbers, and knowing that my list keeps growing at an exponential rate is enough. However, I believe this should be looked into; I am certain that they are under-reporting results achieved with their app, at least that’s how it’s been for me, so they might want to look into this.

My Verdict

OptinMonster is simply the best list building out there. If you want your email list to explode, get OptinMonster. It’s simply the best list building tool out there, and right now — in my book — it has no real competitor!


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