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12 Ways to Promote Your Business Online

This is a guest post by Praveen Sivaraman.

When you are thinking of promoting your business or your brand, then there are a number of ways you can canvass for your brand and business. In business promotion, “small things matters most” – a classical example that saved once Pepsi Company against their competition to Coke, is by using the key and sensational stars claiming to use the desi brand.

I have few ways listed out here, however I am not saying that I have here innovative and never tried before ideas rather I am working on time-tested ideas that will never fail you, which might include many of those missed ideas. I have listed out not only the ways to promote the products but also the essential things that needs to be done on your product page as well. Say, I have mixed all to market your products online.

Say you have a product for sale which has to be promoted online, that counts as an online business for sure. If you have one, then here are some effective ways for promoting your online business,

1. Write A Keyword Rich Page Title:

A keyword rich title with only 5 to 8 words has always been the unsurpassable way to get your product noticed. Lengthy titles may look good and bring in heaps of information, but you can spare them for your headline or summary. So bring into your title all the keyword rich tags that will help the search engine to fetch your product page every time.

2. Write a description using META tags:

Well, this is one good habit to write a META tag of your product, services and businesses prosper. The META tag will include short descriptions that will hyperlink your article title in the search results. META tags are two to three lines of descriptions that will describe the entire content on the web page using the main primary and secondary keywords, thereby making the article much easier to be fetched by the search engine crawlers.

3. Make Your Product Review Optimized For Search Engines:

When you are writing the product review on your blog, see to that, they are optimized for search engines and are enriched with keywords and content. But wait do not make it look spammy, as Humans hate those. After all we are selling to humans and not to spiders.

4. Make the best use of Adwords:

Adwords is one of the prominent ways to promote your business online. They come with the cost that you pay per click or based on the ads impressions. It is up to you to decide the way, I would reckon going for clicks.

5. Affiliate marketing:

This again is one of the best ways to promote your online business. Affiliate marketing is done by providing links to the publishers to use them, which in turn will be paid for every single sale they make, and their referral make, and so on. Thus, your business will be promoted widely via these services online.

6. Vehicle Branding:

Using posters and name boards on your vehicle is one of the best ways to promote your business throughout the local and nearby areas to the wide public mass, which often fails to notice your business via online. You can also leave your website on the name board. For this purpose, you need to keep your website address short and sweet so that it will be easy to remember and will increase the number of visitors and probably customers for your business.

7. Use Social Media And Networking Sites:

Make a separate Facebook Fan page for your business online and keep that updated so that you will know what your clients and end users like about you, your product and your service. Moreover, these are the best places to conduct contests, polls, surveys and give aways for trial with feedback and are much easier to promote your business effectively. Never forget to use Twitter as that is one of the best ways to market your product online, I know many making decent sales using Twitter.

8. Brand Anything And Everything Down Under The Sun:

The best way to market is to brand all sorts of correspondence and communication with your brand name. Some of the many ways where you can promote your brand will include electronic printed materials like emails, pamphlets, business cards, invoices, proposals, social media, press releases and networking sites, that which will link to your websites. If possible, include your brand name in the goodies, prizes and giveaways as well.

9. Follow Basic Business Etiquettes:

It is a good gesture to have a stamped envelope carrying the brand name of your business. It is an expected habit to cultivate of giving away your business card to any client that you meet on the way. Send an acknowledgment letter or a thank you letter carrying the brand name of your business when you happened to receive help in odd hours and difficult times quite unexpectedly. If you are shipping any product then never forget to place your business cards with that.

10. Write For Others:

Write articles, news and press releases about your business services and products in blogs and websites owned by others, which will increase the overall visibility and credibility of your products, services and thereby ultimately promoting your business. You can also improve the number of visitors and probable clients online, by leaving a link in the guest posts. This will definitely increase the brand value as well.

11. Taglines!

Write one catchy tagline for your product, which will promote your business in turn. For example, you will not forget the catchy taglines of Maggi Tomato sauce which comes with a tagline “Lilly don’t be silly” and the biscuit 50-50’s headline.

12. Use Logos And Pictures:

Sometimes logos and pictures remain in the heart of your client. This is a healthy way for you to promote your business as well, for an instance of how 7up did by using the “Fido”.

Comments are always appreciated!!

If I have missed anything then do add it to the list!!.

Praveen Sivaraman is the Editor-in-Chief and CEO of Techperk. An Engineering Graduate with a passion for technology, a knack for writing and most importantly addicted to Blogging. Follow him at Twitter or Facebook. Check out some of the collections of best gaming laptops , Download helper chrome and best android games

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48 Comments on "12 Ways to Promote Your Business Online"

  1. Anna says:

    Praveen, I have found one interesting idea (in fact I’ve met it recently very often) about applying both online and offline techniques and methods for promoting yourself. Having your posters on cars and lorries is a great tool for promotion.

    • John says:

      Nice tips, for real they are all doable and I will follow them word by word.


    • PRINCE says:

      wow i never saw that coming Anna.In my website i try by all means to promote it, but the offline part really motivated me.thanx

    • Ye, hoardings can help you a lot

  2. seenu says:

    Well praveen, These are really accepting points without any doubt.

  3. Great post Praveen! Thanks for sharing the research work.

  4. Irfan says:

    I like the last line ‘use logos’ if they follow it i’ll be happy enough. 🙂

  5. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Praveen,

    Excellent tips here.

    I’m partial to social media. So many strong connections can be made using sites like twitter and Facebook, if you use both properly.

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Super basic imo :/

  7. KennyVoon @ Imoney2day says:

    Great summary. I’m trying to build brand in my previous trials. It works great. Associate brands with some unique logos works very well too

  8. William Tha Great says:

    Hey Praveen,

    Thanks for the wonderful article my man!

    These are some get ways to get that extra promotion we all need. I agree with every point you made here. I like how you said, ” brand anything and everything under the sun” Good one!

    We must most surely brand our business to the maximum. There is no limit to how you can brand your business. You just have to let your personaility flow and good things will happen.

    God bless,
    William Veasley

  9. Web Developer says:

    Thanks mate for sharing such a useful info 🙂

  10. Samuel says:

    These are great ways to promote your business! I guess the one for vehicle will be good in the offline world. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  11. Write a description using META tags and that is best for your business online: Portable dvd players, Micro SD cards, USB flash drives and other memory devices can be found here. We are the most competitive in the market

  12. Richard says:

    Offline marketing is a good idea, but I think it works best if your business is geocentric. A bumper sticker makes much more sense when it’s related to a business that’s in the community.

  13. Just buy advertisements. Fastest and easiest way.

  14. DiNaRa says:

    Thanks for the post. It shows once again that modern business is a combination of all techniques (logos on cars) and online marketing for promotional purposes. I think soon it will be widely used.

  15. Hi Praveen,

    You have covered pretty much everything. One thing I want to add (or needs emphasize) is guest posting. You have specified writing for others, but not everyone will include guest posting in that!

    Wonderful article and I like the example of Pepsi and Coke; couldn’t agree more.

    Keep rocking.


  16. semmy @ Make Money Online says:

    Hi Praveen thank you very much for your tips!! One by one you explain it.

  17. Tinh says:

    Great article but it seems to me very hard and costly to do Vehicle branding while social media is much easier 🙂

    • Tinh,

      If you have a big product to market then obviously you will do it

  18. Hi Praveen,

    Good Tips bro, you should have included newspage advertisement and classified advertisement. And also listing the business on Google Local Search. Which very effective.

    Thanks for Sharing

  19. Tim says:

    Nice tips for promoting online business. This article makes it clear that small things are also prove big in online business.

  20. ipad skins says:

    These are excellent tips for promoting online business. I love this article. Thanks praveen for sharing article.

  21. Esha Putra - Bussiness Stuff says:

    yeahhh, i really appreciate this article…
    i just started to build my online business..

  22. Dave Grimes II says:

    Writing for others has been one of the most helpful promotion tools for me. Every time it drives more traffic to my page, and more the their page as well. What more could you ask for, right?

  23. Jon says:

    These are useful and actionable tips. The vehicle branding distracts me more than anything but at least it serves its purpose; I can’t help but look 🙂

    It is time for me to build a Facebook fan page (have only a standard profile now) and soon. But I do want to create a good offer to place on the welcome tab.


  24. Symfony says:

    Nothing can be add. Just a short remark on using the social media – if you do it correctly and properly, the success is guaranteed. But we should use the right and trusted strategies, not some ones offered by someone 🙂

  25. Java Nature says:

    nice tips, maybe i’ll implement that one by one.. because im newbie in blogger… so thanks for your tips…

  26. How relevant is promotion to small business and why should positive word-of-mouth be encouraged? please answer.

  27. Best hosting service says:

    Thanks for sharing this list and really useful for me.

  28. mrohila says:

    Nice tips, for real they are all doable and I will follow them word by word.

  29. semmy @ Make Money Online says:

    HI Praveen this is really nice list of the way to promote our business! I agree with you!

  30. mrohila says:

    Nothing can be add. Just a short remark on using the social media – if you do it correctly and properly, the success is guaranteed.

  31. Home Depot Patio Furniture says:

    Hy, parveen… Nice post. Nowadays people are more likely to promote their business online and your post will surely help.

  32. transcribe says:

    Nice post Praveen. Great tips! Very important from SEO point of view.

  33. sumit kumar says:

    one of the best way to promote online business. that is known as local listing or GEO tagging on different search engine and other service provider sites. it’s really working…

  34. Pushpal Ganguly says:

    Excellent post with full information on promoting one’s business online. Best way for online promotion of business is Social Media Marketing.


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