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21 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Any Money Online

make money onlineWith the numerous opportunities available to make money online, many people complain of not making any money online.

Whether you just started or you have been at it for years this post will be explaining some reasons why you are yet to make money online.

1. You Don’t Know How To!

Many people believe that making money online is very simple and they think all you need to make money online is a school certificate or one background offline working experience. No! The offline world is absolutely different from the online world and the fact that you are a professor in economics does not mean you will make money online. You have to learn it and implement it.

2. You Buy Everything You See!

I have a friend who told me to teach his uncle how to make money online, the uncle has already read a data entry website sales page and believed joining the programme will help him make tons of dollars (just as the sales page says), I told him it is not like that but he is not ready to listen. I just feel surprised when I see people trying to make money online buying every ebook, course, programme e.t.c. Making money online is not about buying every book you see or joining every membership sites, it is all about identifying the right source of information and following it (It doesn’t matter if it is free).

3. You Are NOT Taking Action!

I sometimes see a lot of people complaining of not making money online just to see they are only sitting down there doing nothing. Even if you know everything about making money online, you will not make a cent until you get started. Making money online is not about only what you know but mostly about what you do!

4. You Are Only Looking For FREE Things

I sometimes see some people trying to make money looking for free things only, for example, I saw someone who checked his email to receive a mail from someone trying to sell him a course on making money online, the next thing this fellow will say is that before he can pay, he will first have to try the product and be making money online with the product. Even though I said you don’t have to buy everything you see on making money online, you still have to spend your money on some things to make money online.

5. Information Overload OR You Know Everything!

This is another problem that bothers most people trying to make money online. They have read different books on how to make money online that they are too loaded with information and don’t know what to do. If you are suffering from information overload, the best thing to do is start with one and work hard till you make it.

6. Lack of Patience!

This is another major problem many people trying to make money online are facing, they have tried one method but are expecting results immediately, after trying for some days and are yet to get results, they decide to quit. There is no miracle/magic about making money online, it is a time game and you don’t just become rich overnight. You also have to work hard and focus on one method till you make money from it.

7. Inconsistency!

There are many people who believe it is possible to make money online but they keep changing very now and then, today they will try this, tomorrow they will try that and would not even wait for any of their ventures to succeed. Inconsistency is a big disease and you must avoid it when trying to make money online. Try to only focus on one method and you will get better results.

8. Learning From The Wrong Person!

I do pity those who fall into this problem because most of the time they are ready to invest and they have a coach but their coach does not even know what he is doing. I was reading a story of a woman somewhere (I can’t remember where again) sometimes ago, this woman said she hired a coach to teach her how to make money online, she paid $6,000 for three months and the end result was she didn’t make a cent in the whole three months. This is a type of thing you should not fall for and you should only learn from those who know what they are saying.

9. You Are Not Ready To Listen/Learn!

This does not only happen in schools, it also happens online. There are many people who will be arguing with their teachers or coaches and are not ready to listen and implement what they are taught. This will not take you anywhere, the fellow teaching you knows better than you because he has been there, listen to him and do what he says and you will begin to get results.

10. You Are trying to Do Everything!

We talked about those who don’t focus on a method earlier, we have another set of people who are even trying to do everything at a time. It is this people who will have 9 unsuccessful blogs, they will be doing online surveys, data entry, MLM and everything at the same time. This type of thing will not take you anywhere, it will rather waste your time. Get Settled, Focus and Begin to make money online.

11. Lack of Focus

Another major reason why many people fail to make money online is because of their lack of focus, they will keep on trying everything without focusing on one.

Give the whole of yourself to one method and you will be amazed at how it works.

12. Over Listening!

Don’t try to confuse this with information overload, they are two different things entirely.

You will see a lot of people reading hundreds of blogs, books and everything related to making money online, the end result will be that they have no time to do anything.

If I am to write a blog post, or work on my blog, I don’t care whether I haven’t read or commented on any blog on that day, mine must come first.

13. Improper Thinking!

Yeah! This is somewhat a disease. You will see many people blogging and giving a lot of value to people on their blogs, the end result will be that they are not wanting to monetize because they are afraid of what will happen next.

You have worked, and now you must eat – get that bad thinking off yourself.

14. You are looking for the magic bullet – the easy way!

Thess type of people are usually the most miserable type among the people who are trying to make money online and they will eventually begin to propagate the message that it is impossible to make money online as a result of their failure.

There is no magic bullet, waiting for a magic bullet is a waste of time. The most important thing to do is get something done, now!

15. It is Your Mindset!

Many people think making money online has nothing to do with your mind, it has a lot.

Why is it that beggars remain beggars? Is it becaues of their ailment? No! It is because they believe they can only make it by begging, if you also believe that you can’t make money online then you surely will not make money online.

16. You are too comfortable!

Many people don’t know they have to leave their comfort zone in order to make money online.

In the midst of a lot of movies, football to watch, games to play, friends to play around with and everything else, how do you expect to be focused? You have to leave your comfort zone and break away from some things because that is the only way you can be successful.

17. You Have The Wrong Combination!

Don’t be confused. In the online money making industry, Negative + positive is negative, negative + negative is negative. The only thing that brings positive is “positive + positive“.

This means if you have a high traffic blog, it is not enough to make money online, you have to have the right combination of money making scheme with your traffic before it can make money for you.

18. You Believe Everything is an Old Theory, It Just Doesn’t Work!

It is funny to see someone who does not have a list saying the money is not in the list ;) .

When experienced marketers making serious money online are telling you the truth about making money online and all you could say is “it is a lie” or “this is another marketing strategy” Then you are far from making money online, you are wasting your time.

19. You Are In The Wrong Place!

Many people are planning to make money online but they are yet to realize they have been wasting years and months of their efforts, they are in the wrong place!
If you are in a niche because your friends are in that same niche and you think it will work for you then you are far from the truth.

You have to be in the right niche in order to get good results.

20. You Don’t Believe in Timing!

Timing is very important when trying to make money online and there are some things that if you do not do today you might not be able to do it again.

In order to make money online you have to have the right timing, you have to do the right thing at the right time.

Timing is very crucial to making money online.

21. You Are So Unstable!

I was reading Quick Online Tips this morning and I came across a guest post from Paul McCarthy who once wrote for this blog.

One great thing I noticed about Paul is that he is everywhere doing what he knows how to do best – guest posting. He is very stable and has discovered what works for him and is now perfecting it.

Many people who try to make money online are so unstable and that is why they can’t achieve results. In order to make real money online, you must find what works and perfect it.

There are many more reasons people don’t make money online but if you could work at the ones above you definitely will be making money online in no time.

Feel free to let me know what you think, let me know what works for you and let us bring about a better discussion.

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6 Comments on "21 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Any Money Online"

  1. You kind of copy Michael, except you made it 21 reasons lol.


    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:


      Why do you think I did? Have you read Michaels post?

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

      • I’m a big fan of Michael’s 2 websites.
        I ready every post he makes, and this really sounds like your copying Michael post just made it a little different.

        but its all good, as your trying to build your empire.

        Best of luck,

  2. Tej Kohli says:

    Thanks for this advice , I am always looking for such kind of advice .. I am managing near about 10 blogs on different traffic but not making enough money to manage this blog .. I will try all tricks

  3. Dordine Salbini says:

    just click here and turn your dreams true,
    do not waste more time on other software.

    and thank me for sharing this with you .


  4. Kelvin @ Entrepreneurs Discuss says:

    Hi Bami, Thanks for sharing this great post. I was writing on a topic similar to yours when I came across this blog. Nice one bro.

    Kelvin Igbinigie


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