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12 Highly Successful Non-Native English Freelance Writers

I received the following question from Ioana-Monica, a WritersinCharge reader, some time ago:

Well, the fact that I’m not a native English speaker makes me doubt the possible success I could have in the freelancing world. Most of the blogs for writers that I follow are owned by native English speakers, so I guess I would love to read about freelancers who made it and have English as a second language.

After reading Ioana’s question, I realized something important; she isn’t the only one who has this question.

With the online writing space becoming increasingly competitive each day, coupled with the difficulty of finding work – even for native English speakers, is it really possible to make money writing online as a non-native English speaker?

Of course, the purpose of this blog is to help freelance writers from all over the world make a living online and I’m a non-native English speaker myself. If my example isn’t convincing enough, here are a few more non-native English freelance writers making a living writing online.

Most of these writers make 4 figures a month and some make more. They are real examples of successful non-native English writers who can inspire you to take your game to the next level.

This list was compiled by the WritersinCharge team and you can expect to see more quality stuff like this in the future. Enjoy!

#1.  Shuchi Singh Kalra

Location: India

Years as a freelance Writer: 7

Bio: Shuchi is a professional, diverse freelance writer.  She specialises in business, review, SEO content, academic, blog writing and web copywriting.

Before Shuchi started writing, she worked at a hospital as an Optometrist. The job was boring and the wages low. Shuchi began to write professionally to earn more money.  Not only did she find enjoyment from writing, she also got positive feedback from clients. That was the turning-point for her. She quit her job to become a full-time freelance writer.

Her hard work paid off. Shuchi has been featured in magazines such as, Good Housekeeping, Time ‘n’ Style Beauty and Home Review. They approached her with offers of work, which was a result of her outstanding online portfolio. She also created ‘Pixie Dust Writing Studio’ where she offers writing and editing services worldwide.

Shuchi said, “Writing for me is not just a job but a passion that keeps me going.”

#2. Sanjay Sonawani

Location: Pune, India

Years as a freelance Writer: 25

Bio: Sanjay is a freelance writer, blogger, author, activist, publisher and public speaker. His first article was published when he was just 11. He later went on to start a career as a crime journalist in a daily Hindi newspaper. He writes on various specialised subjects such as history, social issues, philosophy, suspense and biographies.

His articles are regularly featured in leading dailies and periodicals. He has written more than 500 articles and has had 89 books published. Sanjay has earned over 3 million Rupees from his writing. His books are published in the USA, UK and Australia.

#3. Kevin Kriedemann

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Years as a freelance Writer: 7

Bio: Kevin is a freelance writer and publicist. He started his writing career as a freelance journalist. He specialises in copywriting, journalism, proposal writing, and creative writing. He’s also worked as a screenwriter and researcher.

He has written for The Mail, The Guardian, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, The Sunday Independent and  Most of his articles have been based on entertainment.

Kevin worked within the creative industry after he left school. He has had a lot of involvement in the film industry. That connection opened up many doors for him to utilise his creative writing skills.

#4. Mridu Khullar Relph

Location:  New Delhi, India

Years as a freelance Writer: 10

Bio: Mridu is a freelance journalist and author. She has also published a book. She is passionate about issues that affect women in India and Africa. This interest has prompted many of her articles. She’s written extensively for various publications. Some of the major ones include: Times Magazine, ABC News, New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, Marie Claire, Elle and Asian Woman.

She has also contributed to two books, Chicken Soup for the PreTeen Soul II and Voices of Alcoholism. Mridu was named ‘Development Journalist of the Year’ at the Developing Asia Journalism Awards Forum in Tokyo in November 2010.

At the start of Mridu’s freelancing career, she was disappointed to find out that Indian writers were not succeeding in the magazine field, so she developed an international writers’ site to demonstrate that writers can succeed from any country. Her drive to make it as a freelance writer was mixed with the desire to help other aspiring writers.

#5. Michael Chibuzor

Location:  Nigeria

Years as a freelance Writer: 5

Bio: Michael is a freelance writer and blogger. He specializes in writing guest posts, articles, sales copy, email letters and web content. It took Michael over three years to make money from his writing. But his perseverance and hard work got him the break he was looking for.

He’s been published on top blogs like Problogger, Freelance Switch, WritersinCharge, Social Media Today, and Blogging Tips. He is also is a regular contributor for Lifehack and These are just some of the blogs he’s been featured on. Michael has written for many other blogs. He makes thousands of dollars monthly from his freelance writing.

His desire is to help bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small-to-medium-sized business men and women achieve their goals.

#6.  Harleena Singh

Location:  India

Years as a freelance Writer: 8

Bio: Harleena is freelance writer and a blogger. She writes content for publishing house magazines and websites. She went into freelance writing to satisfy a creative urge and enhance her natural  writing abilities. Some of her writing specialities includes magazine articles, press releases, sales letters, SEO articles, grant proposals and alalysis reports.

Harleena has written for Vision Design Studio, Hertzman Media Group, Treefrog Interactive Inc., Travel Food and Drink plus many more. She is also a staff writer for The Health and Wellness Magazine.

Harleena earns approximately $1,000 each month. That figure is not set however. Her earnings are based on the amount of writing she does. The more she writes, the more she earns.

She is a true professional and has received some glowing testimonies from clients. Harleena said, “As a professional writer, I take every opportunity as a challenge to prove my mettle with my uncanny ability to turn a phrase, make the writing interesting, and deliver the most complex or sedentary topics into simple and attractive forms that are a feast to anyone’s eyes.”

#7.  Karol Krol

Location:  Poland

Years as a freelance Writer: 4

Karol is a freelance writer, copywriter and an entrepreneur. He writes about internet marketing, offers business advice, website design tips and shares other valuable advice. He discovered HTML back in 2001. Shortly after that he created websites as a hobby. Therefore the information he gives through his writing is based on his knowledge and experience. Karol has written for clients globally.

He’s written for many blogs including Problogger,,,,,, and many others.

Disclaimer: Karol is a WritersinCharge team member.

#8.  Tamara Oberholster

Location:  South Africa

Years as a freelance Writer: 5

Tamara is a freelance journalist. She specializes in magazine articles, corporate reports or brochures, newsletters, public relations writing, copywriting, ghost-writing and media releases. She writes for media publications and business clients. Tamara loves story telling. She uses her writing skills to craft stories about people, companies, places and products.

Her work has been published in various trade and consumer magazines including The Financial Mail, Destiny, The Journal of Marketing, African Sporting Gazette, Property Professional, Private Life and Design in Business and others.

Tamara’s love for writing has opened doors for her in various industries such as engineering services, wireless telemetry, image consulting, professional sports, asset management and community development.

#9.  Daniel Scocco

Location:  Brazil

Years as a freelance Writer: 12

Daniel started developing websites and blogs in 2005. He was a successful freelance writer when he first started out. As a writing consultant he was earning $200 per hour.

Daniel decided to leave freelance writing to focus on his most popular blog Daily Blog Tips. It was featured as one of the top 100 blogs worldwide by Technorati.

Although he no longer writes for a living, he contributes to the growth of other freelance writers. Daniel is the owner of the popular site, Daily Writing Tips, which is useful for people looking for help with grammar, punctuation and spelling.

In addition, He created a freelance writing course in 2010 to help writers achieve their goals. His advice about success is, “Hard work means that you will work long hours, but on those long hours you will also work smartly, focusing on the really important tasks (i.e. the Pareto principle). Persistence means that you will keep working hard day in and day out, even when the money is not coming and when things seem to be going downhill.”

#10.  Bamidele Onibalusi

Location:  Nigeria

Years as a freelance Writer: 3

Bamidele is a freelance writer and blogger. He specializes in ghostwriting, email copywriting, newsletters, blogs, web content, and eBook and eCourse writing. Not only is he a successful freelance writer, he also inspires and encourages other writers. Bamidele’s turning point came when he read an article by Steve Pavlina. Bamidele wrote over 270 guest posts for other blogs before he got his breakthrough.

He has had guest posts featured on Problogger, Daily Blog tips,, Smart Passive Income,, and others. He’s also been interviewed by The Nigerian Guardian,, Millionaire Magazine in Italy and the Digital Journal. He was also featured in Forbes.

Bamidele earned over $50,000 last year and is set to earn more this year. His advice to other writers is, “Keep at it. I wrote 270 guest posts before getting my first client. Most of those guest posts were awful, but that didn’t stop me. Perfection isn’t achieved overnight, neither is success. Also, success is a journey, and you can be successful no matter where you are. What matters most is where you will be, and for how long. My final advice is to never give up, no matter what.”

Disclaimer: Bamidele is the founder of

#11.  Jane Sheeba

Location:  India

Years as a freelance Writer: 5

Jane is a freelance writer and a blogger. She started blogging in 2007 to relieve stress and home sickness. At first Jane had no idea that she was going to become a serious blogger and freeelance writer. However, she took her new venture seriously.

Jane became quite successful and wrote two eBooks: Problogging Action Plan and Guest Blogging Champion. The books were to encourage other writers on their blogging journeys.

Jane has had guest posts published on Problogger, Amazing Bloggers, Basic Blog Tips, E-Junkie, New Biz Blogger, Viral Mom, Techwench and lots of other blogs.

Jane’s love of writing has contributed to her successful guest posting and freelance writing career.

#12. Dr. Kavita Shaikh

Location:  Middle East

Years as a freelance Writer: 4

Dr. Kavita is a blogger and freelance writer. She took up blogging and writing after she and her husband relocated from India to the Middle East. She had a lot of free time on her hands. She is also a doctor and used her background in medicine to write about health, fitness, diet, exercise, weight loss, mental health. She also writes about internet marketing, blogging tips, affiliate marketing, relationships and other subjects.

She is the founder of Knowempowermnetwork, which she created to help bloggers make money. She has written for oDesk, Elance and She also writes on HubPages and Squidoo.

Dr Kavita utilizes her writing skills to make money while enjoying her craft.

Who Inspires You?

Do you know any of the freelance writers on this list? If so, how do they inspire you? If not, who inspires you?

Kindly let us know in the comments.

Also, share this post with a friend or two – especially non-native English writers – and let them know it’s possible!

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