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Niche Domination – The Million Dollar Keyword Strategy

This guest post is by Joe.

If you have not read my article on niche domination you are missing a lot. We have 100% of our people implementing this strategy who advanced from page rank 0 to page rank 2 and 3 within 45 days.

These are all new blogs (less than 6 months) and they are ranking 80% of their keywords on page one of Google which is creating traffic we never imagined.

In this article I want to cover the all important process of keyword research when implementing niche domination.

If you have ever heard that you should choose keywords with low searches and low competition I want you to completely erase that from your memory. If you want to take 5 years to build any kind of traffic that would be the way to do it.

Most people fear going against high page rank websites with their keywords. While the overall strength of the site plays a role within the Google algorithms it is a small role, very small.

You are competing against the page or post they created. More importantly when you implement the niche domination strategies you are going to outrank high page rank domains 80% of the time.

Let’s back up for a moment as it is important that you understand Google algorithms or as much of them as we possibly can.

When you are performing keyword research here is what you need to examine with the websites or blogs that are on page one of Google for the keyword you are targeting:

  • Domain Age – This is not a major factor and can be out ranked almost all the time with good SEO
  • Domain Backlinks – This plays a larger role but niche domination along with proper SEO and backlinks will again out rank a domain with massive backlinks
  • Proper Search Engine Optimization – It goes without saying that you need the following within your post. When performing keyword research the question again becomes how many of the sites or blogs on page one for your keyword have optimized with the following:
  1. URL Tag – The naming of the page or post to the exact keyword being targeted
  2. Title Tag – Having the keyword within the title
  3. Description or Meta Tag – Is the keyword within the meta tag. This will usually be the first sentence or two of each blog post
  4. Anchor Tags – While this is one of the ways to overcome the competition it is very hard to research unless you do it manually. This though is really not necessary. Anchor tags that are linked to relevant content though is one of the major players in Google’s algorithms
  5. Page Backlinks – Notice that this is page backlinks, not domain backlinks. We are looking to understand the exact amount of backlinks to the specific page or post you are competing against. This is another area where you can out rank your competition with proper syndication

Let’s go ahead and break this down. When you are performing keyword research, where are the holes above?

We know that high page rank websites or blogs will create pages and get ranked on page one for no other reason than their page rank, this also is your opportunity to create true wealth online.

Because no one is going after these high page rank blogs Google sits there waiting for someone to come along with all the right ingredients to take them out.

Ask yourself this. Does Google want a page rank 4 blog who created a page on affiliate marketing strategies and the only optimization they have done is having that keyword within the title or description.

Or would Google rather have a brand new blog with four blog post that are all relevant to affiliate marketing, all post are interlinked with each other and have SEO optimized the blog with all the above.

You are seeing the light, Google is about content. This is why we are getting 80% of our keywords ranked highly and also why Google is turning around and giving us 30-50 additional relevant keywords driving massive traffic to our blogs.

When my team performs keyword research we are looking for low backlinks to the specific page we are competing against as well as very little optimization as stated above. With niche domination and this specific keyword research, we can easily out rank page rank 2, 3 and even four on page one.

So how do you perform keyword research where you can see domain backlinks, page backlinks, and if those on page one have optimized with the tags shown above?

While you can certainly perform your research manually with free tools like the SEO Toolbar, I do recommend using one of the many tools on the market that will make your job a lot easier.

The one I recommend to my team is Market Samurai which gives you all the above information at the click of a button.

Remember when your performing your keyword research to look for relevant keywords that have at least 2500 searches in phrase when using the

Yes there is more to understanding what I believe to be the strongest marketing strategy online. I actually have many videos that break this process down and make it a very simple strategy to follow.

Discover how niche domination is changing lives all over the world, and more importantly how it can change yours.

20 Comments on "Niche Domination – The Million Dollar Keyword Strategy"

  1. Mark @ TheBitBot Organic SEO & SEM Blog says:

    Great article, Joe. On page SEO is extremely important and I believe that it is even more important in the post-Panda world.

    Additionally, I like your take on going after high page rank sites and pages.

    It is definitely doable as you mentioned with the right tools and methods.


    • Kalen @ Learn Internet Marketing says:

      Content is king no doubt about that Mark. Many people focus on linkbuilding but links do nothing if Google can’t find keywords in your title and content. Of course anchor links are almost as important.

      I agree on going after high page rank blogs 100%. Page rank really is not that important at all. One of my old blogs went from PR1 to PR0. However, the rankings also went from like page 20 to page 1. I was doing much better when I lost my pagerank. Obviously, not because I lost my pagerank, but it just shows how pagerank isn’t nearly as important as people think.

  2. Malik says:

    Motivating article. But I would like to quote your question, ‘would Google rather have a brand new blog with four blog post’ in the first page?

  3. Ahsan says:

    Very attractive title. Great content on keyword research & SEO. But I think Google changed their Page Rank policy

  4. GADEL says:

    Hi Joe,

    I’m hoping to follow your tips in implementing the niche domination strategies so that I can hopefully outrank high page rank domains 80% of the time. Thank you.


  5. fazal mayar says:

    tremendous post, ive been doing massive interlinking lately and it helps!

    -fusion blogger

  6. Edgar says:

    My main traffic strategy which i concentrate on for most of my niche blogs is SEO. I’ve been doing it for a little while to realize that Google doesn’t want to rely on some ranking factors like domain age and home page backlinks anymore. I guess that they realized that a one relevant page from an authority site will never be better then a whole blog discussing that particular topic.

  7. I need to read this kind of article. As a newbie in SEO I need to get some hints coming from a senior. Great post! Thanks

  8. Bojan says:

    I so wanted to read what was under the kitten… :/

  9. Sparkle says:

    Thanks for the information. I found this really helpful. You have confirmed something I learned but was not sure about what I was being told.

  10. Lexmark toner cartridges says:

    I realized the importance of niche blogging when my large site was penalized by Google. I lost large part of my online income as well as traffic. Building niche sites is the best thing to do.

  11. Rachat d'or says:

    I will try Market Samurai for sure, tnaks for the post.

  12. TsarShu says:

    So everything turns out to be so simple. Thanks for the advice and I need to try. I understand how hard it can be to select the right keywords, but it is worth it.

  13. Java Nature says:

    i agree with you… if we choose the right keyword, then we will get lots of traffic from that keyword. and from there, we can get a lot of money. keep posting my bro…

  14. Danielle @ Instant Affiliate Paydays says:

    Hey Joe,

    Thanks for this breakdown on keyword research. As a marketer who has been in the game for awhile but only recently getting results I personally struggled the most with this area. Keywords was always the thing that held me back from success before. But I finally realized I have to take this seriously and purchsed market samurai and haven’t looked back, it truly does make it way more managable as a newbie to have a tool that helps so much! I also like the checklist you have for making sure you are putting the keyword in all the right places to make the big G love ya 🙂

  15. broccoli soup says:

    Domain back links are very effective in case of good SEO of the site.Market Samurai is one of the best tool

  16. Hi,

    I agree with you totally about this: “Most people fear going against high page rank websites with their keywords. While the overall strength of the site plays a role within the Google algorithms it is a small role, very small.”

    It’s just surprising that many “seo experts” encourage newbie bloggers to go for what they call low competition keywords. But from experience those really do not drive much traffic. What you need is a practical plan to create usable content. Even if you can not beat the big blogs to first position, you would be able to divert some of their traffic your way!

  17. DiNaRa says:

    If there were not keywords all SEO would be useless in fact as keywords are small bridges between sites and people’s wishes

  18. Interesting perspectives, Joe. I wasn’t sure how much importance domain pageranks would have on the search algorithm.

    But you do have a point when you say it’s a page-vs-page battle and not page-vs-domain.

  19. Niche domination can be pretty difficult because domain authority favors large sites compared to smaller microsites.


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