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A Special Way to Get Started in the New Year

Taking a look at the archives of this blog, we’ve published 462 posts and 46 pages so far.

That’s at least 500 pages of valuable content from me, various guest bloggers, and the WritersinCharge team in a little over 2 years.

Furthermore, over 16,800 comments have been made here on WritersinCharge since its inception; that’s a lot of valuable content, tips, and feedback from the WritersinCharge community.

A lot of things have changed and the value in every article published and comment made keeps increasing daily.

In other words, there has been a lot of content published on this blog since it’s inception, content mostly tailored to writers and freelancers.

However, since we’re almost in the New Year, it’s time to face one very hard truth.

Content alone is useless

Content on its very own has no value.

It’s what you do with the content that matters.

If you don’t take action based on the 500+ pages of valuable content published already on this blog, it’s useless to you.

Of course, taking action is another matter, since there are various reasons we fail to take action based on what we read.

It could be because we’re not very motivated to act when we read the content, or it could be because we don’t strongly believe in ourselves.

Sometimes we feel that “that person” getting results and sharing tips with us is different from us. Probably better?

No, the person isn’t better. Different? Yes.

The person is different because he takes action when he reads, and only action will help you get results.

Whether you make 5 figures in 2013 or whether you make zilch, it’s the action you take that will determine this.

And let me tell you this, the demand for content in 2012 has been at its highest ever. More than half of this content was outsourced to freelance writers, and it has been said that demand for content will probably double – if not more – in 2013.

You can either sit in your basement checking Facebook and laughing with your friends all day or you can wake up, take action and finally establish your career in the New Year.

It’s up to you.

I don’t know which category you fall into and I won’t help you determine that.

I have a special offer, however, for those who fall into the second category; those who want to take action, establish their freelance writing career and become financially stable in the New Year.

Unfortunately, the offer expires in just 2 days.

Fortunately, it’s so damn cheap you won’t believe I’m making this offer. The barrier to taking advantage of the offer is literally non-existent.

Click to learn more about the offer!


Special Coaching for You in 2013

This offer is based on a tested-and-proven strategy I’ve used to generate freelance clients and make six figures in a little over 2 years since this blog has been established. (This is also the proven strategy I used to generate clients in less than 2 months from the new blog I created for the blogging challenge I started a while ago). I have designed a special coaching offer to help you get results in the New Year.

I’ll give you all the help you need to get results in the New Year and I will personally help you eliminate every excuse preventing you from achieving success as a freelance writer.

You can view the offer here!


Furthermore, I have a very strong guarantee that allows you to get your money back for up to 3 months if you’re not satisfied – even though this offer is very cheap – and the guarantee is dead simple:

If you don’t get your first client in 3 months and if you’re not on a solid footing to be making 4 figures monthly in 6 months after coaching with me, you qualify for a refund.

As long as you take action, I’ll happily refund your money within 3 months if you ask for it. I seriously doubt anyone will have to, though.

Click here to learn more about the offer.


I might seem very persistent but if none of the points I made above have convinced you to check out my offer, then I have one thing to say:

How does the prospect of saving $500+ to have access to me in the New Year sound to you?

This offer expires on the 29th of this month and on that very day, you’ll have to pay $500 more if you determine you want me to coach you.

I won’t be making exceptions, so you should at least check out my offer to learn how it can help you save $500 and get a great start in the New Year.

Here’s the final link to it!


To your success in the New Year!

Bamidele Onibalusi and the WritersinCharge team!

7 Comments on "A Special Way to Get Started in the New Year"

  1. Ruan says:

    As much as I want to my friend, even as cheap as it is, $100 is not something I have lying around, unfortunately.

    I will have to take on this one on my own I’m afraid. Nonetheless, I am determined to succeed and I have everything set up, quite a few pitches sent out already and now I’m busy putting my plan together to land that first blogging client.

    Guest posting…

    I have an exciting interview coming up in the early days of the new year with Jennifer from All Freelance Writing which should help a little as well!

    All the best with your coaching my friend and I wish you the very best of success in 2013!

    P.S. I heard a little bird whisper into my ear that 2013 is going to be an excellent year for freelance writers! 🙂

    • Andy says:

      Actually not a bad price. I’ve been doing quite a bit of writing for my new site, and while doing well, just have to keep working away at it.

      Looking forward to a great 2013

  2. Eric says:

    Hey Bamidele,

    I feel as if this is one of the best offers I have seen around in a really long time especially for the quality, the price, and expertise! I was just excited to see this offer that I just had to make a blog post about this offer!



  3. Khaja moin says:

    Firstly I wanna congrats you Oni, for tremendous success of this blog.

    Really appreciate your work, helping other bloggers to achieve the success is really good work.


  4. Adams says:

    Hi Oni,

    Since this happens to be one of your first offer,am sure it promises to be great. it is one sure offer that one should grasp. so far you have given out enough and its conincing.

    2013 lies around the corner for those who really need success with such privileged offer.

  5. Happy new year brother and thanks for making such a great offer.

  6. Betrand says:

    I wished I could get my hands on the offer for free but I know that isn’t going to happen. The truth is I started blogging online in a year and half ago. I regularly visit this blog to get some nice info from Onibalusi and the team. It’s my hope when an offer comes another time I will get my hands on it.


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