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Music and Entertainment Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

The music and entertainment industries are flourishing with new up-and-coming singers, rappers and groups produced from shows like the X Factor and others. How about getting your blog seen by guest posting on popular music and entertainment sites! If you’ve been wanting to grow your blog and get some exposure, writing guest posts will help you achieve your goals.

A word of caution, guest posting takes work. You have to research, write an excellent copy and stick to the rules and guidelines of the blogs to which you want to submit your content. However, it’s worth it. Some of the advantages are gaining credibility, connecting with reputable bloggers, increasing your knowledge, building social proof and gaining new readers. So, get started by selecting a blog from the list below to submit your guest post.

Note: If you’d like to see more blogs that accept guest posts, be sure to check out our definitive list of blogs that accept guest posts.

1.  Music Goat

Domain Authority: 33          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Read about the various ways you can contribute to this blog on the guidelines page. Simply go through the published posts to see what’s required, then make contact.

2.  Prefix

Domain Authority: 54            

How to Submit a Guest Post: You should be aware of the changing music trends, and have knowledge of mainstream and underground music. The guidelines page has more information about the requirements, do read it then submit via email.

3.  Pop Matters

Domain Authority: 76           

How to Submit a Guest Post: There are a number of ways you can contribute a guest post. The information is in the guidelines. Please send an email with your background details and two recent music-related writing samples for consideration.

4.  Merriam Music

Domain Authority: 39          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Share your high-quality topics about music, musical instruments, recordings or music education here. There is more information on the write for us page. After reading, simply submit your ideas on the form on the same page.

5.  Youbloom

Domain Authority: 41          

How to Submit a Guest Post: If you’re a music lover, songwriter, musician, or sound engineer and enjoy going to gigs, you can contribute here. Go through the blog to see what does well there. Read the guest blogger agreement and the guidelines before submitting your ideas.

6.  Motion Elements

Domain Authority: 42           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Create interesting posts like this about using after effects templates. Check out other ways to contribute on the write for us page and email your ideas for review when ready.

7.  Cover Me

Domain Authority: 42          

How to Submit a Guest Post: At Cover Me Songs, you can write reviews, features, news, interviews, opinions and more. Please read the guidelines for other criteria to meet to get accepted here. Send a writing sample or resume by email for consideration.

8.  Work In Entertainment

Domain Authority: 35          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Check out the guest blogger FAQs to search for any questions you may have. Next, go through the guidelines and follow the instructions about contributing to this site before submitting your ideas.

9.  Headliner Magazine

Domain Authority: 56           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Go through the site to avoid duplicating content and to check out the writing style. The detailed guidelines cover a lot, so do read it to find out how to get your post accepted.

10.  Babble

Domain Authority: 88          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Please make sure you follow the guidelines exactly to get your post published on Babble. Go through the music category for ideas and to see what has already been written.

11.  Box Office Buz

Domain Authority:  37         

How to Submit a Guest Post: One of the topics needed is general entertainment industry news. Write about newsworthy music events. The guidelines cover how to get your guest post accepted, so remember to read it before making contact.

12.  MarkMeets

Domain Authority:  30         

How to Submit a Guest Post: The music category has lots of sub-categories for you to peruse for ideas. The write for us page mentions a few tips, showing you how to contribute. Read these carefully before writing anything.

13.  My Music Is Better Than Yours

Domain Authority:  32         

How to Submit a Guest Post: Browse through the site to see the types of articles published and to get inspiration. Simply fill out the writer application form on the write for us page with some information about yourself when ready.

14.  AMBY

Domain Authority: 34          

How to Submit a Guest Post: You must love music, be able to review singles, albums and enjoy going to concerts. Please read the rest of the requirements on the guidelines page and fill out the form to submit.

15.  CMUSE

Domain Authority:  31         

How to Submit a Guest Post: Do you love classical, jazz, rock and pop plus lists and quizzes? There is a wide scope here for your contribution. Simply read the criteria for getting your post accepted on the write for us page, and submit your post on the guest contributor page.

16.  Metro

Domain Authority: 84          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Check out the entertainment section to see the trending news. You should be able to write about issues of the day. Read the FAQ and to pitch, fill out the form on the guidelines page, once you’re familiar with the site.

17.  Book My Show

Domain Authority: 67          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Look through the music category to see the writing style and what’s already been published. Fill out the form on the write for us page to get started.

18.  Contact Music

Domain Authority:  74        

How to Submit a Guest Post: If you’re passionate about music and have a strong voice, read the guidelines to find out how to contribute. To get started, email a writing sample with some details about yourself.

19.  Hello Giggles

Domain Authority: 77        

How to Submit a Guest Post: Check out the entertainment category to see the types of music articles published here. Get a feel for the style and voice. Do read the contribute page to understand what you need to do to get your guest post accepted.

20.  Divine Magazine

Domain Authority: 39          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Your articles must be relevant to the community here and must have at least one image. Read and follow the instructions in the guidelines to get your submission approved. Send an email for more details when ready.


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