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7 Keys to Getting More Facebook Fans for your Facebook Page

facebookThis is a guest post by Adesoji Adegbulu.

If you have a Facebook Page that lacks the required amount of Fans you desire, you should read this. Your page is lacking fans either because you are not promoting the page or because what you are offering is not what people need. In whichever way, your aim should be to always increase the number of fans you have for your Facebook Page.

These are some of the things you should do.

1. Place a Link to Your Page on Your Blog or Website.

You can place a link to your fan page on your blog or website either in the area where you also have an RSS button, or at the bottom of your posts, where readers are more likely to engage with you after reading your content.

2. Place a Facebook Page Widget on Your Blog or Website

There are a number of things you can do on your blog itself to increase your Facebook fan base. To do this, you can make use of any of the following Facebook page widgets.

The Fan Box

You can create what is called a “Fan Box”. A Fan Box is a widget that you can display on your blog that shows either your latest updates, pictures of your fans, or both at the same time. On the right hand side of my blog, you can see my personal fan box.

The Share Button

On your blog posts, you can insert a button that will share your post to the friends on Facebook of whoever clicks on it. It’s sort of like the Tweetmeme / Retweet button, which you can see at the top of this post on the left hand side. I have yet to try this out, but I might incorporate it into my next design. As far as this kind of “push-button sharing” is concerned, more people are using Twitter instead of Facebook, at least for now.

All of these Facebook sharing devices/widgets (and more), can be found here on the Facebook Widget Page

3. Place a Link to Your Page in any Forum Signatures You Have.

Make sure to take advantage of your presence on forums related to your niche by placing a link to your Page in your signature, so it’s done automatically for you after each of your posts. Take advantage of html to make a nice looking anchor text (preferably with a call to action), back to your Facebook Page.

4. Include a Link in Any Videos or Guest Posts You Do

Any video you do for your blog or the ones you place on youtube should have a link to your Facebook Fan page. With these, people that watch your videos will readily click on the link and become your fan. Also, guest post should contain a link to your Fan page. This is one of the best way you should incorporate immediately if you have a Fan page and you guest post on other people’s blog.

5. Advertising Your Page on Faceboook.

It does cost money, but you can get highly-targeted followers to your Page and blog/website by advertising your Facebook Page with Facebook. Considering the number of people that comes on Facebook daily looking for friends, they can easily become your Fan through the adverts you place on Facebook. If you need help on how to advertise your page on Facebook, you should read Facebook PPC Marketing. It will help you a lot.

6. Place the link to Your Facebook Page on your Business Cards

When next you are designing your business cards, make it a duty to place the link to your Facebook Page on the business cards. That would grow your Fan base a lot.

7. Tell everyone who cares to listen about Facebook and how they can become a Fan of your page.

These seven keys/points have been proven and they work. You too should deploy them for your Facebook Fan Page and when you start to see results flowing in, do not forget to recommend this post to your friends that may want to create a Facebook page for their business or the businesses they represent.

To this end, if you have more than 3, 000 fans on your Facebook page, I would be glad to know what you did to get that huge amount of Fans. This would also help as many people who reads this post. To do that, you should make use of the comment box provided further below.

To your Facebook Success.

I am a Nigerian blogger, entrepreneur, consultant, coach and a patriot who lives the internet lifestyle and teaches Nigerians how to make real money online, build online business and also create wealth through and

56 Comments on "7 Keys to Getting More Facebook Fans for your Facebook Page"

  1. These are some great tips adesojiadegbulu, and I appreciate them because I just started getting more involved with using Facebook and getting more Facebook fans for my Facebook page is one of the things I am struggling with. I really like the idea of creating a “Fan Box”.

    You can create what is called a “Fan Box”. How do you create the Fan Box widget, or is it a plugin you can simply install on your blog? My goal is to have atleast 1,000 Facebook fans by the end of the year. Thanks for the tips.

    • adesojiadegbulu says:


      Thanks for appreciating my post. The tips above will help you a lot if you put effort to it.

      On the Fan box, you can either go to or you search for a plugin that would be compatible with your blogging platform. This you can simply install and then add it to your widget area

  2. Very good list adesojiadegbulu, ohh my god it was very hard for me to pronounce your name, lol 🙂

    anyway nice list, you must have the like box in your blog which is important, also i dont suggest buying fans as they use scripts to generate likes

    • adesojiadegbulu says:


      My name is simple to pronounce…lol.


      I also have the scripts but i don’t advise people to use the scripts.

  3. Andreas says:

    Add a facebook like button to all pages, especially entrance pages, so that people can increase the like count of your fan page.

    • adesojiadegbulu says:

      Yes, that’s the way to do it.


  4. Samurel says:

    Awesome post Adesoji,
    Forum signatures is one of the effective ways to promote your facebook fan page. If you know how to use it wisely, you will surely win 🙂 I agree with your points man. Thanks so much for sharing. Rock on 🙂

    • adesojiadegbulu says:

      @Samuel. Forum works, especially forums related to what you offer on your fb page.


  5. Robert Dempsey says:

    Great ideas here Adesoji. I just launched my Facebook Page and to get my initial fans I’m offering my SEO and Conversion Analysis (a $497 value) for free to the first 25 people. The offer went to my email subscribers first and will go wide tomorrow. So far I’m getting a great response. It also shows you who is interested in what services. So really it’s a 2-for-1.

    • adesojiadegbulu says:


      I skipped the part. It’s good to offer freebies for people to like your page but the thing is, some people will ‘dislike’ your fan page as soon as they get what you had offered them.

      This is why the 7 tips above is the best for now

      • Robert Dempsey says:

        Sure, the same goes with an email list. There will always be the people that just want the free information and then leave. So then you can find out who your real friends and fans are.

  6. Alex says:

    Hey Adesoji,

    A great list indeed. Having a like button on your page can increase the fans number if you provide some great articles.

    Also, I would like to add an other tip. Including your facebook page as a signature in any email you send (you mentioned forums but it works on emails too).

    • adesojiadegbulu says:

      @Alex… Exaxctly, email signatures works fine. You can use Wisestamps for your email signature

  7. Dave Grimes II says:

    The “Fan Box” is a great idea! I really like how your tips are aimed at getting followers on your pages that are legitimate followers. You’re working toward both quantity AND quality of followers. So many people seem to be only concerned with getting more followers… but they forget that if the wrong people are following you, you will not convert beyond that stage.

    Very nice. Cheers!

    • adesojiadegbulu says:

      @Dave… Yes, you are right. It’s all about building good followers.


  8. Zac@unwanted hair removal says:

    Offering a small discount on a service in exchange for being a fan is a great way to get more, from my experience. I know local restaurants where I live do this and they have a lot of followers.

  9. Maria Pavel says:

    Hello, like Adesoji said there are 2 possible reasons: 1. the people don’t know about your Facebook page or worse, 2. the people don’t need what you’re offering. A lot of websites don’t show Facebook page as frequently as they should, and that’s the reason why they lose lots of ‘fans’. Try as most as possible to avoid the traffic lose. Congratulations on the article, have a great day, Maria.

    • adesojiadegbulu says:

      @Maria… Thanks

      I like your blog

  10. silpada says:

    Very informative post but to be master of all these steps a lot of time and dedication is required.

    • adesojiadegbulu says:


      It does not come easy. Time is of importance.

  11. Tinh says:

    Thanks for great tips but I think, more socialized on facebook will be more effective to recruit more fans and friends 🙂

    • adesojiadegbulu says:


      True. It great to build relationships

  12. Tech Of Soft says:

    There are great tips for us.. For get more fast result, if you have many follower in twitter, you can tweet it.. Instantly you will get hundred of fans..

  13. Stuart says:

    I swear, it’s so spooky, the amount of Facebook Page posts I’ve seen ever since I created my Facebook page for my website!

    Seriously, there’s some useful info here, and I’m pleased to say that I already got No. 1 covered. I must ask about No. 7 though, how much do you do before you say ‘enough is enough’? There’s some webmasters I know who only push so far, but still gain as many fans as those who push relentlessly.

    • adesojiadegbulu says:


      For No 7, that depends on how far you want to go. It is a personal decision. But if you want me help, i guess you should stop when you have over a 10, 000 fans… 🙂

      • Stuart says:

        Hm, I have…5 fans. I think I need to get a few more and start promoting 😉

  14. DiNaRa says:

    Thanks a lot for the tips where we should leave links for Facebook but I think there’s another way of getting many fans – writing what is really interesting and worth reading. Content is king everywhere!

  15. Sarah says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips! I admit that I haven’t been doing all I can to promote my Facebook page. Maybe that has something to do with me not liking Facebook! It does have some great potential though, and in the future I hope to make more use of it.

    • adesojiadegbulu says:

      @Sarah… It’s better you start using Facebook now

  16. dee oneal says:

    You are very right with the keys to get more facebook fans. A lot of people are trying hard to actually get tons of fans and it’s pretty hard to do that as well. Although the 7 keys are actually true oftentimes it doesn’t guarantee a success but on the other hand it’ll surely help. Make sure that you offer quality to your target market in order for them to be your fan and like your page.

  17. monurohila says:

    Thanks a lot for the tips where we should leave links for Face book but tell is there another way of getting fans????

  18. Anne Sales says:

    Hi Adesoji, This is nice post. It’s true, one has to take advantage of the popularity of facebook and use it to build a list for his/her blog.

  19. Vaporizer says:

    These are all excellent tips and techniques. Have you tried backlinking to your facebook profile page with keywords related toy our industry? Can be a profitable way to rank organically in the SERPS

  20. Nadia Comic and Short Stories for Children says:

    Ok.. thank you for posting the good tips… i can’t wait the next tips… 🙂

  21. Henway says:

    I think there’s so much hype about getting Facebook fans, but maybe we should ask Why should we focus so much on Facebook in the first place? Getting fans is a bad ROI in my opinion. Just because they read what is in your feed doesn’t mean they will click on your link since they’re bombarded with messages from their friends everyday. And most of them aren’t people that will add to ur bottom line as well.

  22. Joshua Web says:

    I think mining Facebook fans that don’t really have a genuine interest in your blog or business is a waste of time. Putting it where it is convenient has worked well and I only get true users viewing the content.

  23. Vert Studios says:

    It takes a lot of work to actually convert the engagement of a Facebook user to the word-of-mouth chain that leads to a referral. If you’re going to engage in social media at all, know that it’s not going to be worth it unless you pour your heart and soul into it.

  24. Anelli Xavier says:

    Yes indeed. Based on my experience, as I already did some of your tips before I read them, they are super effective. As a matter of fact, I gained thousands of fans in my facebook account. And I am planning to do some of your tips that I haven’t done yet to gain more. Thank you!

    – Gregory

  25. Drug Rehab says:

    Thank you. Facebook page is the great way to promote business. I will apply these tips on my facebook page.

  26. Hey, thanks for this… I was going to create a facebook fan page..Now I will implement your suggestions and see what happens. Thanks!

  27. Adesoji,

    Those are great list of facebook tips that i really need, since i have not used facebook to gain traffics until now.

    Thank you for this!

  28. Hi Adesojiadegbulu,

    You’re very true here, I think to place your facebook fan page on your blog or website is best way to increase the number of facebook fans.

  29. TsarShu says:

    Your collection of tips is great but still I wouldn’t forget about the ‘king of seo’ – content. You can leave links but if the information on your site or blog or forum is bad, people won’t stay long there.

  30. Asif says:

    I have been visiting your website since last year. I have seen the improvement in your posts. great going.
    The reason you should promote your Facebook fan page as Facebook is the place where people handout the most.
    people like commenting, discussing and sharing inside Facebook.
    So it surely rocks

  31. Ali Mujtaba says:

    I heard about facebook fan pages but never created on for my blogs. I don’t really like facebook but I guess I’ll to join the trend at some point….

  32. Maria Pavel says:

    Hi adesojiadegbulu,

    Excellent posts with exactly what I’ve been looking around so much time, I always wanted to know the secrets of gaining more Facebook fans, and this article right here told me what I needed to know. I’m sure I will have great results. Thank you very much for sharing this great article!

    Best regards,


  33. online colleges says:

    Thanks for this Brother,this is very informative and helpful,keep the good work going

  34. Thanks for this informative post its really helpful,I hope i will gather few more fans now

  35. entrepreneurs startup says:

    thanks for sharing

  36. John Papers says:

    This is amazing list like the previous one..
    Thank you for this post..

  37. Good points, man!

    People are too far concerned about their social status.. little do they know that they need to put up their Facebook page link on their visiting card rather than CEO in capital letters 🙂

    Good post, thanks for the link to your blog too. Good stuff!

  38. after looking at ur info i think my facebook fan will increase from current 782 to 78200. hehe..

    Thanks 4 the info…

  39. Make Money Online says:

    Wonderful tips thanks. I recently added a like facebook box to my blog and I expect my page to raise in popularity!

  40. Kyocera toners expert says:

    Those are powerful tips on how to get more Facebook fans. I am now going to create a Facebook fan page and promote it.

  41. semmy @ Make Money Online says:

    Hi adesojiadegbulu thank you very much for your tips!! I just search it for facebook fans page info. I’ve fond this tips here. Thank you!

  42. Greg K. says:

    Thank you for breaking down the steps on how to use developer tools via facebook. Helpful as always!



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