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21 Ways to Get More Subscribers to Your Blog

how to get more blog subscribersGetting traffic to a blog is really important but the value of the traffic is even more important than the blog.

We all want traffic for a reason, it could be to make more sales, get more subscribers and many other reasons but the sad truth is that the fact that you get 1000 visitors a day and I get 100 visitors a day does not mean you will get more subscribers than I do, there are many other factors you have to consider when trying to get subscribers to your blog and this post will be outlining 21 great things to do when trying to get more subscribers to your blog.

Getting subscribers depends on the type of subscribers you want, it does not matter whether it is subscribers to your mailing list or to your feed this post will be talking about 21 great way to get more blog subscribers.

1. Make it Known: It is unfortunate many bloggers are expecting people to subscribe to their blog without making it known that there is a subscription option on their blog.

People hardly have time and when they come to your blog they will probably skim your posts let alone have the time to know if you have a subscription option.

It is very important to make sure your readers know that there is a way to subscribe to your blog and you will be amazed to see the results you will get.

2. Placement Matters: Another great thing to consider when trying to get more subscribers to your blog is the placement of your subscribe option. If you want subscribers to your feed then it is important to place your feed icon above the fold and if you want more subscribers to your mailing list it is important to make sure the subscribe form can be fully seen without your readers having to scroll down the page. Little things like this make a huge difference.

3. Write Valuable Content: I sometimes login to my feedburner account only to see a huge bump in my subscriber count, I will try to know what caused the sudden increase only to discover it was one of my recent high quality posts.

Great, valuable content has the potential of going viral and it gives you more trust and credibility in the sight of your readers which will make them subscribe to your blog for more info.

Writing great valuable content works greatly and if you keep on writing great content you will begin to see a continuous increase in your subscriber rate.

4. Have a Powerful Call to Action: Another great thing to consider when trying to get more subscribers to your blog is your call to action, this might make a huge lot of difference.

The difference between you getting 10 subscribers and 100 might be in your call to action!

People are just too lazy and they tend to postpone things and procrastinate a lot, if you challenge them with a great call to action which propels them to do something immediately then you will get more results than just telling them to subscribe.

5. Let Them Know What They Will Gain: Every one of us are doing one thing or the other because of what we will gain, if we won’t gain something then we simply won’t bother about it.

Don’t let it seem like your readers are subscribing to your blog because of you or your benefits but make it clear to them that they are sure to gain. It is very important to give them great and solid reasons why their subscribing to your blog won’t be a waste of time and you will be amazed to see your subscribe rate skyrocket.

6. Get More Traffic: When trying to get more subscribers to your blog there is nothing more important than getting free targeted high quality traffic. Without traffic every other methods listed here are useless.

It is always important to always look for ways to increase traffic to your blog because your number of subscribers depends on your traffic level both directly and indirectly.

PS: Get my free traffic ebook and also read my post on 21 ways to get more traffic for more about getting traffic.

7. Size Matters: If you are walking across the street and you see two people talking, one was talking quietly and the other one was shouting on top of his voice, which would you notice first? I can assure it is the one shouting on top of his voice!

It is always very important to make sure your subscribe option is as big as possible, if you want more RSS subscribers then get the biggest RSS icon you can, if you want more mailing list subscribers then use the biggest optin form you can, this surely will make a difference!

8. Make it Easy to Subscribe: My preferred option for recieving blog post updates is via email, I don’t use RSS and there are a lot of blogs I have missed subscription to due to them not having email option.

Subscribers are just too busy and if after they have made up their mind to subscribe you are now making things difficult for them then they won’t even bother to give subscribing to your blog a trial. Let there be as many options as there can for people to subscribe to your blog.

PS: You can read my post on how to enable email subscription on your blog

9. Give Your Readers an Incentive to Subscribe: The word free is so powerful that it can turn people around. Depending on how you use that word it can open opportunities for you.

One of the best ways I have been able to increase subscribers to my blog is by giving them an incentive to subscribe, I give people a free ebook on how to get over 1000 visitors to their blog every month for subscribing to my feed and I also give a copy of a free traffic ebook to people for signing up to my list, believe me, it works!

10. Build Your Authority: Another great thing to consider when trying to get more subscribers is by building your authority. A lot of new visitors to your blog will subscribe if they see that you are someone of authority and reputation.

There are several ways to build your authority and you might want to start with improving your ranks, If I were you, I will first start by improving my alexa rank, improving my pagerank and by improving my backlinks, the more ranks you have the better it is. Yeah! I know rankings might be faulty but believe me I have seen a significant increase in subscribers as my ranks improve.

12. Have a Dedicated Subscription Page and Focus Your Promotion on it!: If there is one major thing I learned from Chris Guthrie then this is it. I have been observing his blog closely and I saw how his subscriber base increased from the hundreds to the thousands, I also observe that he links to his subscribe page in his guest posts and I started implementing the same right away. After implementing this i noticed a total difference in my subscriber rate immediately.

Dedicating a separate page to your subscription is really effective and it works because there will be no distraction and you also have a chance to tell your readers why and how to subscribe.

13. Use Social Proof: Another great way to get more people to subscribe to your blog is by boasting your numbers, for example, if you have over 1000 people subscribed to your blog then you can display it. People tend to follow the crowd and they believe a lot of people can’t be wrong, if they see that you have a lot of subscribers to your blog then they will most likely subscribe to your blog too.

If you don’t have enough numbers to boast with then it will be advisable not to show any numbers because this can even make things worse – people might not want to subscribe if they see your numbers are low or they might simply lose respect for you because they see you smaller than they think!

14. Deliver Full Feeds: Another important thing to consider when trying to get more subscribers to your blogs feed is to deliver full feeds, if you go on to deliver partial feeds then most of your readers won’t like it and the simply won’t subscribe.

I personally don’t subscribe to blogs with partial feeds except their blog posts are really exceptional.

Many readers also prefer reading your blog post from their inbox either on their phones or any other medium offering full feeds makes this easy without them having to come to your blog always.

15. Make Effective Use of Your Email: I do get a lot of emails everyday and one great way I try to get more subscribers to my blog is by utilizing my email signatures. If I reply or send a mail to someone then a text will appear below saying “PS: You can subscribe to my blog at

16. Make Effective Use of Forums and Your Social Networks: Another powerful way to get more subscribers to your blog is by making effective use of forums and social networks. Many of you already have influence on some social networking sites and forums and you can leverage that to get more subscribers to your blog.

You might want to include a link to your subscribe page in your footer and you might also want to tweet and share links to your subscribe page more often, this also brings some results.

17. Video Marketing: Another great way to get more subscribers to your blog is by making effective use of videos. People love videos and it is now the rage, it is very important to tap into this huge traffic source by submitting your videos to top video sites like youtube and vimeo while including a linkback to your subscribe page in your videos.

18. Offline Marketing: Another great way to get more subscribers to your blog is by promoting it offline either via banner ads, flyers or via the media. If you effectively advertise your business offline a lot of people will respect you and view you as someone of authority thereby easily subscribing to your blog. It is advisable to link directly to your subscribe page when trying to get more subscribers using the offline marketing method.

19. Invite Guest Bloggers: This looks funny but it works, I have written for a lot of blogs but I subscribe to any blog I have a good relationship with the author when guest posting.

If you treat guest bloggers nicely they will most likely subscribe to your blog after their guest posts is live so it is very important never to underestimate this powerful strategy.

20. Use The Best (and the Best Only): Another great way to get more subscribers to your blog is by making effective use of the best services, for example, if you are using feedburner you will most likely get more subscribers by using any other feed services.

One great reason to use the best services is because more people are used to it and they will easily get their hang around it and it will also be easier to subscribe. Another great reason to use the best options is because many people trust the best and believe they are reliable but if you just use any option then people will be afraid of the consequences because they don’t want to risk their details.

21. Subscribe to Other Blogs: I would have paraphrased this as subscribe to my blog but I realized how selfish that will make me πŸ˜‰ (just kidding …lol!) so I decided to use subscribe to other blogs :).

Ask Ryan Biddulph and he will tell you how effective the law of attraction is. The law applies everywhere and it is written, give and it shall be given unto you. if you don’t subscribe to other blogs then don’t expect others to subscribe to yours ;), this is sad but true. You can’t expect to sow where you didn’t reap.

Try to look for some top and best (it might not be best in terms of traffic but in terms of content, Lye is just starting out but he has some of the best content out there – see for yourself).

One of the best ways to get the best from your traffic is by converting it into subscribers. Your subscribers are your most loyal visitors and they will be the one who will be reading all your blog posts and their importance can NEVER be ruled out in your blogs success, this post has outlined 21 great ways to get more subscribers to your blog.

how to get more subscribers to your blog

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  1. Lye Kuek Hin says:

    Hi Oni,

    Another great posts coming from you. There is a lot that i have not implement yet. I will try to follow as as many as possible in this list. Hopefully i will see an increase in my subscribers. I need to roll out good content as usual as this is the foundation for huge traffic.

    Thanks for sharing and talk to you soon.


    • Great Lye,

      You are really killing it with your content and you rock, this will help you a lot on the long run, just keep it up!

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Onibalusi

    I can always count on you for top quality and value gvingcontent – and this post is no exception.

    So many valid points, but points 8 and 21 really stood out the most – people need a call to action and good comes to those who give.

    Well done, my friend.


    • Exactly Michael,

      Having a great call to action is really very important.

      Thanks so much for commenting,

  3. says:

    Hi Onibalusi
    Great Post Again
    I have subscribed to lots of blog including yours.The knowledge I get by subscribing great bloggers is tremendous.Especially .In just one month of my blog showing great result only because of subscribing.
    Till yet I have not taken any step for making people to subscribe my blog.I am planning to do it by the end of this month or starting of next month.This points are going to help me.

    Thanks For Sharing Subscribing Tips πŸ™‚

    • Great Abhishek,

      I am happy you loved the post and I am sure you will get results by implementing the above tips.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  4. samuel says:

    Nice post oni! i love the idea “Let them know what they will gain” sure every readers would love to know and that’s why they will love to subscribe!21list not a child’s play! lol kip the good work up!

    • Paul @ Container Gardening says:

      I agree.. I think that is the best suggestion in my opinion. Knowing that you will get benefits out from just reading and visiting a blog, you’ll certainly make the most of that offer.

    • Eaxctly Bro,

      People wants to know what is in it for them and that is the real key – they surely won’t subscribe for its sake!

      @Paul, exactly, you are absolutely right!

  5. On #8 – Great advice, a lot of the the people who we are trying to target at work aren’t RSS literate, yet. Is there an easy way to offer email subscriptions from an WordPress blog?

    • Exactly John,

      Many people don’t know the importance of an RSS feed and educating them a little will make a difference.

  6. Hi Oni,

    This is another great advices coming from your brilliant mind and expertise in SEO. I agree with you about giving free items or benefits to your readers to increase traffic and to add subscribers. Simply a give and take relationship… thanks

    • Great Noel,

      Thanks for your nice words and glad you loved this post!

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    These are some super awesome points man.

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    That very good advice , But we have to focus more on useful and genuine subscriber first

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    • Great! Glad you loved it.

      It is funny it didn’t take me ages to write it πŸ˜‰

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    Another sensational post dude!

    Your blog looks so perfessional anyone who would think other wise is stupid. Anywho I love the section about writing good quality content.

    Quality content is a must!

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    • Great William,

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  15. Huynh Tho says:

    This post is great, I am totally agree with your list, especially number 1 and 10.

  16. Michele says:

    Great list Onibalusi and I like the fact that you mention reciprocity. Showing interest in other people and what they are up to is the best way to attract interest in you. Awesome!

    • Great Michelle,

      Exactly! You are absolutely right.

      Being reciprocal is also very impiortant because it helps get better results.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  17. Joseph McCullough says:

    You could have saved everyone time by just saying “Write good content” and “Make you’re RSS icon FREAKING BIG”.

  18. dan keller says:

    good tips my friend. I am using about 15 of those tips and having pretty good success. I will try to implement some of your suggestions. I am always looking for more subscribers.

    • Great Dan,

      I am so happy you are getting success with this tips.

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    • Great Hung,

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      You’re welcome Fred!

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    Great tips, thanks for share, this will be very useful.

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    Hello can I put my RSS feeds on my signature on forums?

    • Bamidele says:

      Yep. Just replace it with your URL.

  31. Harry Sehgal says:

    I will follow these Points, but I think all we need to focus main is to write a quality content and get good Traffic. This will Automatically Increase our Subscribers.

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    This is the first time I’ve commented on your posts, but as always. Tons of useful information. I’m not out to be the “biggest, baddest blogger of all time” but I’d sure as heck like to have some interested subscribers. You provided some great tips to get people from simply viewing the blog to actually subscribing which is exactly what I need.

    Thank you!!

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    I want to thank you for the advice. I was kind of lost on what to do to try to obtain subscribers. I have spent three years building this up. I have the look, the traffic, placement on social networks and the rss feeds but I cant monetize my blog for anything! Its so frustrating to have all this traffic and everything working as it should and watch it come and go so fast! I am trying to put some of your advice to work well see and I’ll let you know! If you have any other advice feel free to pass it along im open to suggestions!


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