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Why You Will Never Make a Fraction of What I Make Online…

I’ve been noticing an error from my readers lately, especially after displaying my latest income report.

One thing I noticed is that displaying these income reports boosts my credibility and also encourages people to keep on spreading the word about me and my blog but I have also noticed a misconception in most of the emails and comments I get. My main reason for displaying my income report is not to get traffic but to impact my readers’ lives and I will only be deceiving you by telling you the way to succeed is by copying the exact same thing I’m doing. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you that I’ve gotten over 20 “emails” from readers looking for a company/individual to be writing for and I’ve gotten several other comments and the truth is, markets get saturated; if I start giving people the name of the company I’m working for or things of that nature they will be bombarding these companies with requests thereby decreasing the possibility of people getting results from this model and increasing the possibility of people seeing what I say as impractical.

Why Then Am I Displaying my Income Reports?

The question now is, when I’m not ready to display the details of those I work for and I’m not ready to recommend clients to people why then am I displaying my income reports? I’m not displaying my income reports so that you can copy me but so that you can know that making money online is truly possible and so that you can make efforts to start achieving results for yourself.

If you take a look at most of my posts (especially in relation to my income, blogging success, traffic etc.) you will notice that I usually emphasize the number of guest posts I have written. This is intentional and my main reason for doing this is not to brag or to make you look inferior but to let you know that online success takes hard work and that success doesn’t come overnight. It took no less than 8 months before I started seeing anything I can call results from my blog and it has been estimated that it takes most people more than that period of time, it doesn’t matter what formula you have, you should be ready to work hard and wait patiently to truly achieve blogging success.

When it comes to making money online by offering your services (which is what I do) it is all about positioning yourself as an expert and letting people know that you truly know what you’re doing. I wrote over 300 personal guest posts in 2010 and this alone proves beyond anything that I’m capable of making a living by writing for others; I wasn’t paid a dime for any of these guest posts yet I kept on writing them, I never even expected to be earning my living by writing but I knew one thing for sure, and that is I wanted to position myself as an expert when it comes to guest blogging. I knew this takes hard work and I had to distinguish myself, the funny thing is, the numbers are now bringing in results.

Start From Somewhere

I can sell you how many products I love, I can recommend as much products as I think you will buy and I can offer you months of coaching and collect thousands of dollars from you (it makes me richer;) )but the truth is I have little to nothing to do with the results you get. It doesn’t matter how great your knowledge of a subject is you can’t go far if you don’t do something.

My point: Instead of trying to copy what I do or looking for ways to start writing for a living you should try to discover yourself and know what is it that you do best. Once you’re able to locate yourself and know this special thing about yourself you can start positioning yourself as an expert at it and the results will begin to come.

Aren’t You Doing it For Fun?

Most people (myself included) believe I am a writing machine, and whether you believe it or not, I can write as much as 15 high quality articles in a single day. To me, writing is fun, writing is a habit and I only write whenever I feel like I want to. I have seen a lot of people who are also working as a freelance writer but couldn’t cope, they also saw the big figures but they just can’t go far because writing isn’t their thing. Yes, you can easily come up with the first few posts but sooner or later you will find it difficult to come up with anything and you will eventually be tired of the income you were working for in the first place.

I’m also so poor at some things and I believe I can never be better at some of these things but those things are what another person loves most. Success in life is not about trying to copy somebody else because they have results but by trying to look for what is special about you, what you really enjoy doing, and how you can make a killing from it.

Social Proof Works

If you are a company looking for someone to work for you and you had the opportunity of employing two people, the first person is a professional who has years of experience in the job you need a worker for while the other person is someone who’s never done the job before but is only looking for a way to make some quick bucks, which one will you choose? I bet I don’t need to tell you the answer.

It really pains me to tell you this and sometimes telling the truth might be difficult but I believe showing you how much I earn isn’t what will bring me the best results but you earning something yourself. When it comes to marketing there is what we call “weight“: if I convinced Bill Gates to become an entrepreneur and he eventually became an entrepreneur he will be able to get more quality people to my side compared to someone who is only impressed with my results because Bill Gates is highly successful as a result of my influence and anybody he refers will carry this weight: This also applies online, if I recommend someone to you and I told you the person is really making it online and the person was the one who helped me make this much online you will give the person more weight than if he/she is being recommended by some random person who is only impressed by his results.

My Final Words…

Try to look for what you’re best at, focus on positioning yourself as an expert when it comes to this and look for ways to make money out of this.

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36 Comments on "Why You Will Never Make a Fraction of What I Make Online…"

  1. Tim@Internet Income Rant says:

    Thought provoking post with a sense of sincerity and objectivity! Oni, you’re truely open minded and fundamentally sound. You’ve just summed up the problem of people online and also provided the solution. I’m sure any hardworking blogger out there will take the lessons and apply it to their situations.

    I’m a blogger, but my business is not blogging, I run a business online and report my earnings so that people can know that it’s possible to make money online. It’s not about the way, it’s about the work. Hard work in line with a good model will definitely pay off and you’ve proven that. Thanks for the insight and I hope people’ll pick it up and go to work!

    I discovered that getting the initial traffic to a new blog is one of the biggest problems that bloggers face. I face the problem and I’m still facing it and I thought of starting a free mastermind group for bloggers to mutually promote each other on social news site, social media sites and on twitter. It’s a private forum and only 49 active bloggers are needed to kick start the membership. Imagine 50 people ‘redditing’ your post in the first 10 minutes of going live or 50 people digging your post and stumbling your post, I’m sure you understand the effect.
    Mr Oni, I’d like your presence in the mastermind, I’m sure we’ll all benefit. Please check my link for more info…I really don’t know any other place to get you to see this. Thanks and enjoy your day!

  2. bolaji says:

    HAAA! Onibalusi, you are calling people out! LOL!

    Nice one, man. I really appreciate your “tough love” in this post. And you are telling the truth.

    The Make Money Online industry is full of “gurus” and snake oil salesmen that sell people their “secrets” for making a huge fortune online.

    And in so doing, these snake oil salesman make a fortune online. Off of the hopes, dreams, and unfortunately, laziness, of too many of us online.

    I myself have been guilty of looking for the short cut in the past.

    The irony is that one can spend their whole live going from hot new tactic to hot new tactic, searching for the one short cut that will take them from $0 to $thousands/month… in light-speed.

    While those individuals (the grasshoppers) are spending their days, months, weeks and years looking for the panacea, the holy grail, the magic key…

    other individuals (the ants) are steadily honing their craft. They’re steadily TAKING ACTION on the same path, day-in, day-out. And it’s a path that they have a personal affinity and talent for.

    (This refers to Onibalusi’s comment about writing being his thing, but not being the thing for most other people.)

    Take what you already have a talent for, and an interest in. Get a mentor that can give you solid advice. And then take that day-in, day-out action on that single path.

    Like Jim Rohn says: “How long should you try? Until.”

    Don’t quit, but don’t jump from tactic to tact either.

    The short cut is the longest path of all.

    Onibalusi, very wise article. Thanks.

    • Roy @ Work from Home says:

      Love to Jim Rohn reference. Jim has been my mentor over the past 3 years and his wisdom has been a big part of the success of my online business. There is a lot of wisdom in this post.

    • Onibalusi says:

      Aha Bro,

      I can make a lot deceiving people but what’s the point in selling lies to make money when it has the potential to take my peace?

      It is better to ensure people are informed instead of having to answer all the emails I receive on the subject.

      I hope you have a great day!

  3. semmy @ Make Money Online says:

    Hi Oni, thanks for your final words..

    “Try to look for what you’re best at, focus on positioning yourself as an expert when it comes to this and look for ways to make money out of this.”

    this is great quote!

  4. Rakesh Narang says:


    I can connect with your writing. There are people who write just make some quick dollars and that decreases the value of real talent.

    I mean if a writing professional wants to blog online, he would still have to face the blogging competition like any other newbie.

    I don’t write income reports because i haven’t received nothing yet. My Google Adsense Payment hasn’t been approved as of now and I don’t want to post some false claims on my website that i have earned xxx dollars from Google.

    I think honesty in anything is placed above all the things put together, that feeling of transparency creates great business and blogs too.

  5. Andreas says:

    I really agree that displaying your income report helps with your credibility and motivates a lot of beginning bloggers to follow in your footsteps.

  6. Samuel says:

    The fact is that many people are looking for shortcut. They want to earn very fast without going through any pain. I once have the spirit but I didn’t embrace it for a long time. Infact, I discarded the spirit before hitting the bad end just because I knew that nothing good comes easy. People want to listen to somebody who have being there, so displaying your income shows that you worth listening to. Follow your gut and you will break new grounds. Thanks for sharing. Have fun 🙂

  7. Eleazar says:

    Hopefully, many young people will look at you as a role model in their online endeavor. I know they can learn great things from you and make up their mind that there are many ways to make good money online.

  8. You’re right Oni! I only make a fraction of what you make online 🙁 I guess it’s time for me to get off the fence.

  9. Eugene says:

    Your headline definitely caught my attention. Following your own first tip on viral posts from your guest post on Pat’s blog? lol

    It feels a little unfinished though. “…what I make online… DOING WHAT I DO”

    I totally agree with you that people try to find shortcuts and emulate someone else’s blue print. The problem with that is someone’s already there, they have a head start, and you’ll never catch up to them.

    Plus, different methods work differently for different people. Guest posting is not the ONLY way to get traffic and followers (although it’s a damn good one).

    Basically people need to just go through the trial and error to see what fits for themselves. And put in the effort before reaping any rewards. I don’t expect to be up at your level any time soon. But I’m sure as hell willing to work at it to get there.

    • mike says:

      haha. i thought the same thing when i read the headline. i read this right after i read the guest post on pat’s blog.

  10. mike says:

    dude you are a writing machine! 300 guest posts in a year? that’s crazy.

    i’ve only started to feel comfortable with my writing and starting to enjoy it a bit. to me it has always been the toughest part.

    nothing wrong with the income reports. i see them as a motivational tool for me. it gives me a goal number that i would like to reach each month.

  11. Carla says:

    You are right! I love this post, i believe this is the best post you ever wrote. You tell people th true and i appreciate that!

  12. Steve says:

    I agree with Eugene. Your headline caught my attention but left me hanging.

    Besides that criticism, I have nothing but praise for your hard work and commitment. You’re definitely on track for success and financial freedom. Keep up the great work.

  13. Ruth Henry says:

    Wow, I thought at the start of the link bait you was being a bit big headed but not at all! I love blogging but I know my real income come from my SEO business but never the less I like helping people…However I am finding the more work I have on the less time I have to blog.

  14. iphone 5 says:

    woah.. you started and ended the article on 2 different notes.. your title looked kinda discouraging and the ending was quiet the opposite… very nice post.. one always succeeds if he sticks to what he does the best

  15. tushar says:

    although i am nowhere near you in freelancing, i was also writing for someone (ghost writing). I mentioned it somewhere in blogosphere and i have got two mails in last 10 days asking for whom i am writing for

  16. seenu says:

    This is enough to reveal you that you blog for passion but not money. Money has come as compensation for your passion.

  17. Sam says:

    Firstly Bamidele, you have said it all and I personally appreciate what you are doing. Keep it up!

    Secondly, I wish to acknowledge that Onibalusi’s success didn’t come in January, it started when he concluded in his mind to go for his passion, worked really hard, didn’t give up and these in return now brings smiles to his face 🙂

    My conclusion for you guys wanting to earn ASAP is to;
    Provide Value.Get Noticed.Make Money.

    Don’t rush it…..


  18. ha, ha… that’s funny… so are these folks emailing you and asking about the company’s name really think they’re going to get hired?

    I mean, we want to get the results of others, skipping the hard work, trials and errors and the skills building (which means, the overall experience)

    Hey guys: unless you wrote 270+ guest posts (or articles) like Oni did, you have slim chances to get hired by the same (or similar) company

    What I’m trying to emphasize? Go out there and practice (get results and show social proof, build your portfolio) before you ask for money for your service.

    • Onibalusi says:

      Aha, I love that cos it is nothing but the absolute truth 🙂

  19. Jane Sheeba says:

    I never ever believe in two things; (i) getting rich quick and (ii) become successful by copying someone else who have succeeded. And I am happy that you have spelt it out clean and bold here at this post.

    Unfortunately, the internet and the blogosphere are being mistaken as sources of getting rich quick schemes. I hope anyone will agree with me if I say that more tha 50% of the blogs are started simply to make money. And, that is why blogs that teach you to make money are hell a lot popular.

    But I personally believe in doing it for fun and lead by one’s passion alone. One can never ever achieve success without passion in doing something. The point with success is that it takes a lot of patience (since there is no such thing as luck) and without passion many will quit.

    Thanks for bringing it out.


  20. Anne Sales says:

    You made your own way up. That’s definitely a winner’s attitude. They don’t just copy what others do. They use their own strategy and whatever they have, not borrowing someone else’s tool. Well done!

  21. All the work from home jobs I’ve found are scams. I almost gave up on the idea until a friend of mine showed me a home based business to get involved in. It’s a business, not a job, as with any business there’s a start up cost. Just like if you were to open up some restaurant or a store.

  22. Check out my site it has a list of real sites to make money and one is giving out $10 amazon everyday.

  23. You can set up an account with paypal since it’s secure and well known.

  24. If you want a real job apply at real companies that have real openings for your profession. Explain in your cover letter that you want to work at your home office.

  25. At the same time, you can meet people online who have the very same specific interest as you. So I don’t know.

  26. Jon says:

    This is gold. We do need “tough love” as Bolaji said. There should be a lot less pie-in-the-sky stuff going on in this realm and more: “hey this is tough work. Roll up your sleeves,” insight.

    And 300 guest posts man? For any of us that juggle promotion, clients, contributing to our own sites, and having a life somewhere in between we KNOW that’s a TON of work. You’re a machine.

    It’s so true that no matter how much you coach someone or advise them, ultimately it’s up to them to take action. When/if they experience success (definition of that is relative) it is THEIRS to savor. We only pointed them in the right direction, they had to keep at it day in, day out.

  27. Liberty Reserve says:

    This is Excellent Post. I think, its better to setup account at paypal and it is secure.

  28. Dell 3110CN Toner says:

    They just can’t believe it that you make that amount of money. Instead of writing blog posts and promoting their sites, they endlessly search for proofs that making money online is possible. They’re just wasting their time. Nice post buddy.

  29. Make Money Blogging says:

    15 articles in a day? Really? That’s pretty impressive. I’m lucky to churn out 3-5 a week, but then again I do have a pretty busy schedule. It’s good to see that you’re doing what you love. That’s the reason I too started a blog. I love teaching!

  30. Jarod Billingslea says:

    I think success is all about where you start and how you get to your accomplishments.

  31. ipad skins says:

    You are right. I Only make 1/10 of what you make money online seriously.

  32. Vera Wang bedding sets says:

    Yes oni some great point here. You are making lots of money per month…. And without hard working it will hard to make money


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