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Turning mediocre titles into diggable titles

Try to keep ‘em short and to the point.

A short, powerful title will easier attract your attention than a sentence. The idea is to keep titles as titles and not turn them into a paragraph. For example: We will rather use “Aluminium Mule Shoes: How to Shod Stubborn Mules” than “The best ways on how to select the best aluminium mule shoes and how to install them”

As you can see, the former example is keyword rich and lacks filler words. Such titles are also the most SEO friendly and will usually guarantee good results.

Use descriptive Titles

While this one actually falls under the category above, I think it is worth mentioning as a standalone.

If may sound obvious, but make sure the title describes what your post is about. Sometimes it is better to keep the post title short and to the point then descriptive. A common example of this is tutorials and how-to guides. People when people search for these things they want to get to the point and get their answer as quick as possible.

Using trigger words to grab attention

There are certain words which will grab people’s attention and make them take action, these words usually stirs up an opinion in the reader’s mind. Sometimes it is best to title your post so that your readers may start a debate over the subject. An example of this would be: “Aluminium shoes suck and why steel shoes rock”. This may not be the most SEO friendly title, but supporters of aluminium shoes will most probably let you know about their opinion.

Draw attention

If you want to draw attention to a post, try using a headline full of controversy. If you do this right, you will achieve some effective results.

Swing in a fancy word or two, this will make you seem much more intellectual on a specific subject than what you are. When I see a ‘big’ word I immediately think that the author of the post knows a thing or two about what he or she is talking about.

You may also use questions to draw attention. People like to be right, so this encourages curiosity. They will then check out your post to see if they were indeed right, and if they were wrong, they’d be sure to let you know!

Make them feel comfortable

You should try to make your readers feel at home. They should be in a comfortable state of mind. This is usually achieved by making them believe they have something in common. Use popular references in your titles, when applicable. If you are trying to target a specific group, associate the title with something that they like and feel comfortable with.

If you are writing headlines

Headline titles are a bit different from regular blog titles. It is recommended that you write in the present tense and use active verbs. Try to put the main keyword in the title. Try to be accurate and also try to get the most important story element in the headline.

A few examples of headlines are:
Is [insert] really that easy
Mysterious of [insert] The art of [insert] Did you know that [insert] How to [insert] in a few easy steps

These tips have helped me create some killer titles, always try to use these when you are struggling with a blog title or if you are unsure about it.
These tips may also not apply to every type of blog, but should work for most of them out there.

These are just a few examples; let me know what you do when you want to come up with some brilliant titles.

Stefan Jacholke is an avid blogger currently writing for,- Which is a computer related blog.

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16 Comments on "Turning mediocre titles into diggable titles"

  1. CJ says:

    Great words buddy!

    You’re so right, You won’t have much luck getting traffic from social sites if you’re title is too long and if you’re title isn’t contain controversy to at least some extent, then you have a much harder shot at getting traffic in general!

    Catch you later man


    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Hi CJ,

      You are absolutely right.

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  2. Josiah says:

    I’ve found that there is usually always a compromise between SEO, attention getting and length. Sometimes a perfect title will come up but most of the time i end up giving in on some aspect of a perfect title.

    Great tips none-the-less!
    .-= Josiah´s last blog ..Yankees Standium Bans the iPad =-.

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Hi Josiah,

      You are absolutely right and sometimes it only needs more brainstorming to get better results.

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  3. Jonathan Beebe says:

    Another great post Onibalusi! Another point of advice is that when Digg tries to put your blog name at the end of the headline, strip it out!

    I personally don’t focus so much on Digg because while I know that it would definitely benefit any blog greatly, and getting on the frontpage gave Leo Babatua a good boost to his site when he was still relatively new… I almost feel like it’s almost hoping for the lottery because you can do all things right and still not get on that front page.

    However, doing what it takes to get on the front page of Digg are all great things you should be doing anyway… so why not?

    Thanks again for the great article Onibalusi 🙂
    .-= Jonathan Beebe´s last blog ..What Is Your Biggest Online Challenge? =-.

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      You are absolutely right.

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  4. Mo "Mad Dog" Stoneskin says:

    Slugging fancy words about has always worked for me. One thing I have found is that while SEO-driven titles get more traffic, titles that subscribes can relate to and feel drawn to definitely get more comments and discussion. And I definitely prefer discussion to traffic.
    .-= Mo “Mad Dog” Stoneskin´s last blog ..Curing hiccups and preventing alien invasions can easily go hand in hand =-.

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Hi Mo,

      You are absolutely right.

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  5. John Soares says:

    Really good post.

    I like to use titles that ask a question. This makes the person looking at that title in a feed or on Twitter want to know the answer.
    .-= John Soares´s last blog ..Why I Left Godaddy Hosting =-.

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Hi Johan,

      You are absolutely right.

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  6. Seun Kilanko says:

    This is awesome. Thanks for this piece of information. I’ll put these into use.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Hi Seun,

      That is really great.

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  7. Pratish | free stuff says:

    Thank you very much for pointing out all the importance of titles and headlines.

    I really liked you recommendations listed below for healines..

    A few examples of headlines are:
    Is really that easy
    Mysterious of
    The art of
    Did you know that
    How to in a few easy steps

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Hi Pratish,

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  8. Tittle is very important it blog, you need to make your tittle very short, very attractive and eye cash…

  9. Titles are important but don’t forget that content can be king. You do however give some good reasoning behind a good title. I have always struggled with finding the exact title that I want to use, and then at the last minute I find myself changing the title. Great ideas ! jj


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