If you work for a media outlet, or you have a popular blog and would like to interview me, it will be an honor.

My main aim is to help writers from all over the world create a career writing for traffic and money, and I’d appreciate any form of publicity to help me spread the word.

I have been featured in quite a few blogs and media outlets, both online and offline, locally and internationally.

Here are some of my interviews and features of me on other outlets. You can use the form below this page to contact me if you’re interested in featuring/interviewing me for your blog/media outlet.

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My Interview on The Guardian Nigeria

Here’s a link to read my Guardian interview online, and below are the screenshots.

Image 1
guardian interview
Image 2
guardian interview

My Feature on Millionaire Magazine, Italy

millionaire magazine interview

You can view an online version of the interview with Millionaire Magazine via the link below:

Blogger Superstar

My Interview on Digital Journal

  • Bamidele Onibalusi Succeeds as a Teenage Nigerian Entrepreneur (Includes interview)

My Feature on Forbes

I, and this blog, have also been featured on Forbes. Here’s a link to the article:

  • What Would You do to Launch Your Startup?

I’ve also been mentioned in the following reputable articles on authoritative websites.

Want to Interview or Feature Me?

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