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Marketing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Imagine getting exposure to thousands of potential customers from your guest posts. This can become a possibility when you submit excellent content to marketing blogs. It could give you the business break you need, or take your blog to another level.

Guest posting has many advantages, such as building your credibility; ranking your site higher in Google; meeting influential bloggers; and growing your traffic base and social media followers. In addition, you will develop your writing skills and knowledge of the subject. We’ve provided a list of marketing blogs for you. Choose the one most suited to your abilities and start pitching your ideas.

Note: For blogs that accept guest posts outside of the marketing niche, check out our definitive list of blogs that accept guest posts that features over 500 blogs in more than 26 categories.

1.  GetResponse

Domain Authority: 87          

How to Submit a Guest Post: If you have something of value to share, simply send links of your previously published articles. Also, send a proposal of your topic and an outline. Fill in the form on the write for us page and wait for a reply.

2.  Content Marketing Institute

Domain Authority: 86          

How to Submit a Guest Post: This post will help you create an ideal article for the audience of CMI. Read the blog and subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest updates. The categories they’re looking for are on the guidelines page. After reading and following them, email your ideas for review.

3.  Successful Blogging

Domain Authority: 50           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Only one guest blogger will be accepted each month. To see if you qualify, send an email with a short two-sentence bio, a link to your blog and your proposed headline. If you’re a good fit, Sue will ask you to write an outline. Read more about the guidelines here.

4.  HubSpot

Domain Authority: 91          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Here’s a list of the type of posts Hub Spot is looking for. Do also read through the site before submitting your article. Read the comprehensive guidelines to make sure you meet the criteria. Email your completed post for review when ready.

5.  We Build Your Blog

Domain Authority: 45          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Write a minimum of 400 words. Your piece has to be unique, not published elsewhere and cannot be republished afterward. Head to the guidelines for more information. Email your ideas for consideration when ready.

6.  Duct Tape Marketing

Domain Authority: 73          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Read this post for inspiration first. Submit your application for inclusion on the content marketing calendar. Select the month and topic, three pitches and three writing samples. The full form is on the contact page.

7.  Tech Patio

Domain Authority: 32          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Check out the archives for previously published guest posts. Before you write, please make contact with your idea first. Read the guidelines for more information about guest blogging.

8.  Opportunities Planet

Domain Authority: 32          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Agree to the terms and conditions on the guidelines page. Please go through the guidelines properly, choose a relevant topic and pitch your ideas using the contact us form.

9.  I Tech Code

Domain Authority: 33          

How to Submit a Guest Post: The topics for guest blogging are on the guidelines page. First, you must register as a subscriber to guest blog, then send another email for your username and password. The guidelines have more detailed information, so please read them carefully.

10.  The Work at Home Woman

Domain Authority: 47          

How to Submit a Guest Post: To meet the selection criteria, provide useful, practical information to educate the readers. The article length is from 700 to 2,000 words. Head to these helpful tips to get your pitch accepted. When ready, carefully go through the guidelines.

11.  Inkwell Editorial

Domain Authority: 34          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Search the archives to make sure you don’t pitch an idea that’s already been covered. Write from firsthand experience but don’t use old, rehashed content. Please check out the guidelines for what is required before submitting your idea by email.

12.  Killer Startups

Domain Authority: 63          

How to Submit a Guest Post: To get inspiration for your ideas before pitching, do read the blog. Write high-quality articles with the audience in mind. Don’t republish old content. Look through the guidelines before emailing your Word Document for approval.

13.  Content Marketing Up

Domain Authority: 34          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Familiarize yourself with the writing style and format of this site by reading their articles here. Next, go through the guidelines and read the criteria for getting your guest post published.

14.  MarketingProfs

Domain Authority: 81          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Here is an example of the types of articles published on this site. Your article may be edited to fit the house style. The title could also possibly be changed, so send more than one. Read the detailed guidelines for more information, then submit your post by email to the senior editor, Veronica Jarski.

15.  Smart Bloggerz

Domain Authority: 39          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Go through all the guest posts already published on this blog, then read the guidelines about guest posting. Register as a contributor and if your article meets the requirements of the guidelines it will be published.

16.  iBlogZone

Domain Authority: 44          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Check out previously published posts on marketing, then read the guidelines to find out what is required. Make contact if this is your first time submitting an idea, and wait for a response.

17.  Kikolani

Domain Authority: 56          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Download the PDF Guide to Guest Blogging for valuable information. There is a list of topics on the guidelines page, which outlines article ideas and other requirements. Please complete the guest blogger application form to get started.

18.  Business 2 Community

Domain Authority: 81          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Check out the top articles on the blog, then study the contributor’s guidelines. Next, fill out the contributor’s application form. But do read the general guidelines first.

19.  Convince & Convert

Domain Authority: 78          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Watch this short video from Jay Baer about the types of posts that are a good fit. Read the guidelines and attach your completed guest post in a Word format after filling out the submission form.

20.  Raven Tools

Domain Authority: 68          

How to Submit a Guest Post: This blog wants case studies, best practices and tips from experts. Pitch your own idea if it’snot listed on the guidelines page. After reading the guidelines, please email your article ideas for review.


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