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My Income and Traffic Report – March 2011

March 2011 income reportI made a lot of decisions when entering the new year, but the best so far is displaying my income report: not only because it helps inspire and motivate my readers but because it is what keeps me moving strongly. I also see these monthly income reports as a way to make myself accountable to my readers and in this case failure isn’t an option, I’d rather not stand my income and traffic report decreasing every month.

You might have many reasons for reading these reports but my main reason for writing them is to motivate and inspire you to take action. I’d like you to know that under no circumstance am I comparing my income with that of others or using this avenue to brag because I believe we all have what we’re better at and my approach is different from yours so whether you make more or less than I do has little to do with me. All I care about is having enough to spend and being happy and having a great and growing business that keeps on helping people all over the world.

Some Great News in March

A lot of great things happened in March and it seems I’m becoming happier every month.

A great thing happened in March and that was me being interviewed by supper affiliate blogger Jonathan Volk. I so much respect and look up to Jonathan and being interviewed on his blog was an honor, plus he sent me some cool traffic :). I highly recommend you read the interview here to learn some more things about me.

In March, I was also interviewed along with 9 other experts I look up to on the subject of viral marketing (people like Chris Brogan) and being my first audio interview, I must tell you that was pretty amazing. Even though the interview isn’t perfect I believe I was still able to pass across my points, especially being someone who is very shy when it comes to talking online. I was so good at public speaking before knowing about blogging but after thousands of hours in front of my computer I started hating going out or speaking in the public, and mind you, that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to express myself. I can also be referred to as an Otaku but I’m doing all I can to become better. My point is, being able to perform an audio interview that was listened to by thousands of people was remarkable!

March was also my second month of exceeding the 10,000 monthly visitor mark without any single promotion. I didn’t write a single guest post in March (save for sites with which I’m a weekly contributor) nor did anything to promote my blog so by getting 10,000 visitors despite my doing nothing I’m so happy with where I am. And that is all about to change because I plan to write 30 guest posts for big blogs this month of which I have written 6 and 3 are already guaranteed to publish – with my standards for writing them though, I really doubt if any will be rejected.

Another very important thing that happened in the month of March was me sealing a partnership with James Tayo from Entrepreneur Blogr to market a plugin called Viral List Builder. The main function of the plugin is to help boost your mailing list subscribers by making use of effective referral techniques and, being a partner, I will highly recommend you get the plugin (more on that in future posts though). To buy the plugin or learn more about it, click here. It is damn too cheap for what it does!

I’ve also been getting emails from people wanting me to coach and consult with them and I believe it is high time to stop procrastinating and get something done. I plan to launch my consulting services this month and due to a call I had with Codrut Turcanu on the subject I believe the price will be minimal and affordable for newbies. The consulting service will be covering everything from guest blogging to making money from freelancing to marketing your blog. It will be covering everything I know about blogging and making money online so I’m sure you will love it.

And the biggest news of all, even though I procrastinated a lot on this one, is the release of my new ebook on how I make over $3000 online monthly. The title is a little bit funny though considering the fact that I make as much as $5000 online in some month, but irrespective of that, I’m so sure you will love the ebook because I gave my best to make it better. The ebook is 18 short pages of content. I planned making it around 60 pages but I believe there is no point in beating around the bush when I can easily give the same information in less words so to get the best you can from me on how I make money online DOWNLOAD MY FREE EBOOK ON HOW I MAKE $3000 ONLINE MONTHLY.

Facebook Contest Winners

By partnering with Tonny from I recently launched a contest in which I said I will be giving away 19 $50 worth of free Facebook ad coupons. I took a look at the comments and manually verified the participants. I discovered only 23 people followed the contest rules rightly and by making use of the tool at I was able to select 19 winners from the list. Below are the 19 winners, and immediately after publishing this report I will be contacting them with their coupon codes.

1. Benny Hsu
2. Rishiraj Sisodia
3. Semmy Wijayanto
4. Herman Mihai
5. Adam Van Hagen
6. Ileane Smith
7. Fisayo Sanyaolu
8. Mohammad Salman Baig (Techcrates)
9. Luis Delgado
10. Paulina Masson
11. Jonathan Smith
12. Peter Joseph
13. Mighty Raising
14. Eleazar Acampado
15. Ankit Kumar
16. Samuel Ayodele
17. Rakib
18. Ryan Biddulph
19. Arun Wilson


Even though I believe I could have gotten more traffic than I did in March it was a great month for me because I did nothing to promote my blog and it shows that there is truly power in writing great blog posts because a lot of my posts did well in the month of March. Below is my traffic screenshot for the month of March.

10k visitors

I was able to get 10,459 visitors in March with 21,376 page views, an average time of 3:17 minutes on site and an overall bounce rate of 61.84%. Below is another screenshot showing the most popular posts for March.

popular posts for march

If you take a look at the stats you will notice that posts and pages related to my income and traffic report is dominant and the first most popular post gets traffic from SEO. The second post was a personal story of mine so I believe I have some cool lessons for you today. My resources page was viewed almost 400 times but it hardly brought a sale which means I need a makeover. The most ironic of it though is that my post on getting traffic from Stumbleupon was hardly stumbled. There is a lot to be learned in blogging though and I’ll make sure to keep you informed as soon as I learn something new.

It’s now time to see what my top traffic sources are. Considering the fact that I wrote no guest post last month I now know where my real traffic comes from.

top traffic sources for march

My first traffic source is Google with almost 3000 visitors and considering I haven’t done any SEO or used a keyword research tool for the past 2 months I think this is manageable. My SEO sucks and I haven’t been getting that much traffic from search engines because I’ve not been implementing. That will change soon though because I will start researching my titles carefully while making use of meta tags to see how things go. I will also begin some deep linking and by guest posting more I will see if I can get more backlinks to my homepage or inner pages.

Smart Passive Income still stands strong as far as traffic to this blog is concerned even though my guest post was published on it in February. The reason for this is that the blog rocks and Pat has done a great work to build a respected blog. The traffic to my blog in March from SPI came both from my guest posts and my comments on the blog.

Lessons Learnt From Getting 10k Visitors in March

I learnt a lot in March but taking at look at some of by top posts and traffic sources I think I can give you some more tips to help you get more traffic to your blog.

1. Try to Go More Personal With Your Blog: I haven’t been that personal on this blog because I believe trying to be will make me look egotistical, but it happens I was wrong. One thing though is that it doesn’t matter how good you are at something some people will still complain, so considering that, I think there is nothing bad in being personal. My post on My Journey from a Poor Fatherless Kid to a Successful Blogger did very well its first week bringing in over 200 visitors from Facebook alone and several other visitors from other sites. The post was viewed almost 1,000 times in less than one month and I think that was pretty good. People love to know more about you because that’s the best way to connect and relate with you so try going more personal every once in a while.

2. Social Media Still Works: I wouldn’t have been using Facebook now if I were to consider my sentiments, but thanks to Pat Flynn I was able to make the decision to start using Facebook for my blog and it sent me 500 visitors alone in one month. That is pretty impressive and can be improved and one thing I love the most is sharing a post/website on Facebook only to start seeing a stream of new visitors to it. Facebook works, Twitter works, social media works so start doing your best to get the best from it.

3. Build a Mailing List: I think my third traffic source explains that itself. Or who would want to do away with 600 additional visitors? That could mean 200 more subscribers to your mailing list or 30 new sales to a product of your choice so I believe a mailing list isn’t something to joke with.

4. Focus on Getting Interviews: Do you think Jonathan Volk contacted me to interview me? No. I contacted him and because he saw I had a great story and I was backed up with results he happily ran the interview. Don’t waste any interview opportunity. The day my audio interview went live I saw a rise in the number of visitors to this blog from search engines via the name of this blog and my name, and I doubt if I could track the direct traffic that came from that. It is all about publicity so do your best to get as much of it, anywhere you can.

I believe enough lessons and more action is what rules, so stop reading and start acting. It is time to go into the next important section of this report.

My March Income Report

I set a goal of making $7,000 in March but I couldn’t meet it and I am a little disappointed in myself. Considering the fact that all the money in the world and no happiness means nothing and how happy and balanced I was in March I think I’m happy with myself. This income section is usually the most boring aspect because I don’t have a lot of income sources but I promise all that is about to change and in the coming months you will start seeing a lot of changes. My affiliate earnings isn’t that impressive because I’m not focusing on it. I want to build my list first because I believe I can easily make as much money as I want once I have a big list and with the release of my new ebook I think that will be super easy.

Below is my income breakdown for March 2011.

Writing Services: $4,745

Affiliate and Referral Services: $189

Google Adsense: $9.7

Total March Income: $4,943.70

I plan to step up promotion of the Viral List plugin while focusing on writing a lot of guest posts to build my list. I won’t be able to focus on affiliate marketing due to the difficulty in getting payments in my country. I think I will still focus my efforts on income sources that will guarantee me getting my income. I have a lot of income wasted on sites and affiliate networks that just can’t support me and there is no point in making money I can’t spend.

Lessons i Learnt from Making $4,943.70 in March

Here are some of the lessons I learnt from making almost $5,000 online in March and I hope you all can learn one or two things from it.

1. Focus on What You Know How to Do Best: I have been making thousands of dollars consistently from writing for months now and I don’t plan to slow down anytime soon. In fact, I’m not running out of ideas. I get some emails I no longer reply nowadays because even after all the clarifications and tips I have given some people are still asking me to help them find clients and some other things like that. If truly you’re an expert at what you do and you’ve read my income reports on this blog then I believe it shouldn’t be difficult for you to get clients. I was once reading a status on the Viperchill Facebook Fan Page where someone was asking Glen to give him tips on getting people to hire him as a social media consultant in his country. Glen’s answer was perfect and something I so much resonate with, the answer went in the lines of If you’re truly a social media expert then you don’t need me to give you tips on getting clients, you would have gotten a lot by now. My question now is, why try to help people promote their business on social media when you know nothing about social media? If you can hardly write 3 guest posts in a month and you want big companies to hire you to write for them, you’re on your way to failure and please don’t email me in regards to that!

The best way to get clients is through social proof. Let your work speak for you, let people know that you know what you’re saying and you’re capable of helping them get more results and you will be on your way to go. If you want more tips on getting clients for your business make sure you download my free ebook on how I make $3,000 online monthly – the concept is well explained in it.

I think I will rest my “lesson’s’” here to further support my saying, less reading and more action!

Future Plans For WritersinCharge

I’m planning to redesign this blog towards the second half of this year with the help of my designers at but in order to get the best from my money while ensuring I don’t waste my designer’s time I have decided to hire an artist friend of mine to help me design a perfect makeover of this site in Photoshop. So instead of leaving my designers to be thinking of what to do I will already have a plan/direction for them on what to do. What I need is your genuine opinion what do you think should be improved on this blog? What do you think should be added or removed from the current design? and what is your overall opinion of the writersincharge design.

Also, make sure you follow me on twitter here.

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114 Comments on "My Income and Traffic Report – March 2011"

  1. Robin says:

    Jeeeezz .. the income makes my eyes turn into DOLLARS πŸ˜€ kewl and wishing u to grow more.. πŸ˜› Cheers.


    • Onibalusi says:

      Just follow my tips and you will be on your way.

  2. David William says:

    I’m curious how you made $4700 with writing services though… Perhaps I missed something, but could you elaborate on that a bit?


    • Onibalusi says:

      Hi David,

      I get clients wanting me to help them market their blog by writing for them on other sites. In exchange, they pay me for my work.

      Feel free to let me know if you need any more info, I’ll be more than happy to help.

      • Keval Shah says:

        Could you please explain to me more on how you acquired the clients? I’d love to get payed for writing for a client any day!

      • Marco Lee says:

        Hey Onibalusi,

        Lovely Post. Many would get curious about this and if I may suggest, you could write a whole post about this. A step by step process perhaps or how you get clients. The whole nature of it.

        I think that would be a killer post.

  3. I have already subscribe to your newsletter but has received the link for your ebook.

    Lovely income report.

    • Onibalusi says:

      Wow! Abhishek,

      It’s really awesome to hear from you. I will be sending an email to my list about this right away.

      Thanks so much and have a great day!

  4. hi Oni, I continue to follow you and I like your plans, I think you should be niche-focused on your strategy and redefine your USP, which includes a logo makeover and maybe a new tag line.

    I think what you’re doing nowadays is to share how you make money as a freelancer writing guest posts, and how are you using your blog to build your list, two topics that are not quite related.

    You should focus on not your passion (blogging and list building) but on how you cash-in on your skill.

    So if you really want to help others, shift your strategy and turn your blog into the #1 source on how to make a living online with your writing skill, or something along these lines where guest posting for traffic and for cash would be the main topic

    What do you think? πŸ™‚

    P.S. You can have as many blogs as you want about income reports and to help build your list, or, you can turn this one as per my idea above, and be strategic.

    Share your income report once a month, build your list on the topic I suggested, then focus 100% on teaching us, your audience, your secrets on how you write guest posts, how you find clients, what niches you write in, and stuff like that. This is your #1 skill and I think you’ll do 10x times more money than dabbling with affiliate marketing…

    What do you say?

    • Onibalusi says:

      I love your point Codrut and my call with you was really awesome, I learned a lot.

      The thing now is I achieve anything I want because I have FOCUS and DETERMINATION and that’s why writing has been my strong suit. I want to blog about internet marketing and due to my writing time hasn’t been a friend, but I haven’t had much time like I do now so I will be focusing on other income streams such as affiliate marketing and my own products soon. In fact, I think I will focus more in JV’s.

      I don’t plan to start a blog on writing or freelancing soon and I believe I can incorporate everything on this blog. I plan starting a course on guest blogging soon though and it will be super specific.

      Thanks so much for your suggestion and continued support, I so much appreciate it!

      • Once again: your #1 skill , what you know the best and practice with extreme confidence and productivity is guest blog posting.

        I’d recommend you create blog posts on this topic, and offer consulting mainly on this topic, not on everything blogging (this could be an add-on product), and even your own paid “guest posting” courses.

        You’re “the most productive guest blog posting blogger”

        Make that your tagline πŸ™‚

        And clients will come to you more often than ever.

  5. semmy @ Make Money Online says:

    Hello Oni I want to said again!! congratulation right now near $5000. it’s quite good money for 17 years old!!!! Clap…clap!!!

    • Onibalusi says:

      Thanks so much bro :). You rock!

  6. Eleazar says:

    Oni, thanks for being chosen as one of 19 winners of Facebook coupon. I really admired you, Bro. You’re earning such a huge money at a young age. I’m very sure, you’ll become a millionaire in your country before the year ends.

    • Onibalusi says:


  7. Benny says:

    Wow so many things i want to congratulate on but it would be such a long comment!

    I’m happy to see my name on the list of winners for the Facebook coupon! I will definitely put it to good use.

    I think since your blog is really established and has so much good content you need a “start here” page like Pat mentioned in a recent post. You have so many things to offer now like your free ebook, consulting, plugins, that new visitors might just need a place to start.

    • Onibalusi says:

      Aha bro,


      Very cool suggestion. I have a lot of plans to do a makeover for this blog next week (I mean introduce some new things) and a starting page will be part of it. I respect Pat so much and when he talks, I LISTEN so I definitely will implement that starting page thing πŸ™‚

      • What I dislike to see is a good plan diluted. Be aware: never dilute what you teach and the blog topics you share.

        I think people nowadays are enthusiast too early, promise a lot, get excited with new ideas and products,etc. but don’t deliver

        Consider keeping it simple, promise less, deliver more. Less topics (I still think you should strictly publish on guest posting and everything that ties in with this topic)

        Less page sections

        Less plans

        More focus on your #1 skill πŸ™‚

  8. Java Nature says:

    $4,943.70? great! congratulation Oni..

    • Onibalusi says:

      You bet!

  9. Kenny Voon says:

    Wow Dele, congratz for hitting the 10,000 benchmark again!

    You definitely has come from a long way to your journey of success. I’m sure you will be able to hit your $7,000 target soon.

    I agree with you regarding the post, focus on what you know how to do the best. I see too often with many people, myself includes, trying to a jack of all trades, master of none.

    Still learning and improving.

    Between, thank you for doing the interview on my small blog.

    • Onibalusi says:

      Hi Kenny,

      That’s really awesome of you and thanks so much for wishing me success.

      Your blog isn’t small. You contacted me and with the passion and knowledge you used I surely know you’re going great. Your blog isn’t small, so don’t refer to it as that πŸ™‚

  10. Best spinner says:

    Hy, oni, your income report always inspire me. Thanks so much and all the best

    • Onibalusi says:

      That’s really great to hear.

      Thanks so much πŸ™‚

  11. Tech Crates says:

    Yippee !! I won !!

    Congrats Oni… for crossing the 10,000 mark

    • Onibalusi says:

      Congrats bro πŸ™‚

  12. NEC Toners says:

    You’re earning great amount of money just by writing. If you strive more in affiliate marketing, your will earn more πŸ™‚

    • Onibalusi says:

      Sure! I will start focusing on that from next week.

    • Not really. Diluting his focus and shifting from guest writing to something else might decrease his income

      Since Oni is not outsourcing content creation and promoting, your idea sounds awesome, but is not practical.

      The only way he could make money with affiliate marketing would be to:

      1. start writing product reviews consistently and frequently

      2. redirect this domain name to a specific affiliate link (but you, me and others won’t like it)

      3. write guest posts and direct the traffic to a landing page or affiliate pre-sell offer on his blog

      What do you think?

      • Onibalusi says:

        Hi Codrut,

        you underestimate me greatly!

        I write can write as much as 5 unique guest posts on different subjects in an hour both over 600 words and I can type as much as 80 words in 1 minute. I spend an average of only 2hrs on writing everyday to make this income and I think it is also dangerous to focus on one income source only. I can start spending 40 minutes on promoting my product review pages (which I will create next week) everyday and in 1 months time (based on the authority of this blog) I will be getting great results.

        I think it is all about working so hard so I won’t have to work again in the future.

        What do you think?

        • I 100% agree with Onibalusi that his plan works. If anyone actually spent the time to pump out content and market themselves, they would see how quickly their site can grow. I pay my editor to create articles daily and while they help a lot, my limited amount of article marketing with her “extra” work has boosted my traffic a lot.

          I think I work hard, but Onibalusi works very smart and definitely harder. I applaud his work ethic and think “just doing it” will yield great results for anyone who throws themselves into writing.

        • It’s not about underestimation, but keeping your undivided focus on what it is you do the best, which generates you the most money

          This doesn’t mean I recommend you keep all your eggs into one basket πŸ™‚

          P.S. You’ve said:

          “5 unique guest posts on different subjects in an hour both over 600 words ”

          Now, I doubt that. Or, do you write without prior research? What about editing and typo / grammar proof reading?

          I doubt you write 5 guest posts of quality that pro bloggers will accept on their blogs.

          Show me how many hours you’ve spend on your best guest posts on pro bloggers, and you’ll notice that your argument above is actually not whole truth.

          • Onibalusi says:

            Hi Codrut,

            When I say I write 5 posts in one hour this doesn’t include proofreading – proofreading takes me more time than writing.

            Concerning my research, I read a lot of articles on a subject before I start writing it so its not like I research one and write one. The articles I’m talking about here’s the one I write for my clients.

            P.S. Writing for Probloggers is different from writing for clients, and at most, I spend 1 hr (even less) writing a guest post for Probloggers, I only put some more effort into proofreading it.

  13. rakib says:

    Oni, I read your post with a great interest and same amount of interest I invest (yes invest) to read your monthly income report.
    Thank you.
    Oh Oni, I am one of the facrbook coupon winners…
    Thanks again for this!

    • Onibalusi says:

      Yeah, I’m really happy you won πŸ™‚

  14. Pritam says:

    You always give some figure each month but it’s from “writing services”. How many articles do you write and what do you get paid? If I assume you write one in an hour and work eight hours a day, you will manage 8 articles a day.How do you make so much money through content writing? Please excuse the cynic in me.

    • Onibalusi says:

      Hi Pritam,

      I can write 5 quality articles in an hour and then use 1hr 30 minutes to proofread it. I don’t have a limit to how many articles I write in one month but I write over 6o in some months.

      I think it is all about finding the right client.

      Thanks so much and have a great day!

  15. Your success surely shows that if you have quality then everyone will appreciate you and nobody can stop you. Keep it up and share your experience.

    • Onibalusi says:

      I definitely agree with the saying.

  16. Firstly, thanks for the Facebook ad coupons, I’ve received it.

    Secondly, I’m happy you’ve done so much and your name now sounds on most blogs I’ve visited, good job.

    For the redesign, I’ll like if you could include spaces for 125*125 adverts to increase your streams of income.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Onibalusi says:

      Aha Bro,

      I don’t think I plan selling ad spaces but I will start using my sidebar more effectively soon.

  17. Samuel says:

    Awesome post bro! Congrats hommie, you’re killing em πŸ™‚ This shows how smart and strong you are. I will be downloading the ebook right away! Bro, why do you want to change the design? Thanks so much for sharing! Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

    • Onibalusi says:

      Aha bro, that’s really flattering.

      Your support makes it possible.

      Thanks so much and have a great da,

  18. Bojan says:

    I know your affiliate and adsense earnings are going to improve over time.

    You are too focused on writing so far, which is good, but from my perspective, you could improve on Social Media like Twitter.

    Push out your product, I know it’s gonna be good..

    Finish your first premium ebook, publish it on e-junkie and sell it. That’s gonna be a killer for your earnings.

    • Onibalusi says:

      Hi Bro,

      Really great idea about focus and I think that’s the main thing. I plan diversifying soon without my income being affected and concerning an ebook I think I can launch one when I’m stable at 30k monthly visitors just to see how it works.

      Thanks so much bro and have a great day,

      • Bojan says:

        In my opinion, don’t wait for the visitors, you have enough content and knowledge and expertise already. As Nike would say:

        Just do it!

  19. dee oneal says:

    Wow! pretty amazing though. You may not reach your goal but that’s a huge amount already. However, it’s so nice to set goals as well for us to persevere more. I wish I could earn that too since that’s quite a big personal income. I’m happy you shared that to us.

    • Onibalusi says:

      You’re right here. But reaching my goals is more than money, it is motivation and it also strengthens my belief in myself that YES, I can do it.

  20. Azlan Hussain says:

    Great job. I know it’s not easy to achieve this far but you did it. Again, great job & congratulation. πŸ™‚

    • Onibalusi says:

      Thanks Azlan πŸ™‚

  21. James says:

    Well done!! However, just one question. You mentioned on your About page that you make over $5,000 monthly from this blog. If this post is what you mean, just wonder how you make over $4,000 of them writing on this blog and also i don’t see any adsense on this blog. So if that came from guess blogging or other blogs, that means not from this blog, right? Come on, many people posted their income report but only few of them honestly breakdown the number..

    • Onibalusi says:

      Hi James,

      Yeah. I mean from writing. There are companies willing to pay people to help them write because it can be a great way to market their blog, what they need is an effective writer who can help them get results.

      By making money from writing I don’t mean writing on this blog or my guest posts on other blogs (those are free of course, after all, I wouldn’t pay you a cent to write on this blog – that is even if your post is accepted). I get clients, know what they want and how they want it, do it for them and get paid. SIMPLE.

      Thanks so much and have a great day,

  22. Actual Herbal says:

    Good job (concerning your SEO traffic) and great income as for young webmaster. Keep it up bro.

    • Onibalusi says:

      My SEO currently really sucks and I plan to improve that in the coming months.

      Thanks so much and have a great day!

  23. Andreas says:

    really good earnings oniba!!! good for 17 y.o for sure!

    • Onibalusi says:

      You bet! πŸ™‚

  24. Chris says:

    Cannot remember how I got to your site but having read through it I am very impressed with what you have been able to achieve so far.

    How did you know what to do? Did you have a mentor or someone telling you?

    Regardless, well done. Looking forward to reading the ebook now.


    • Onibalusi says:

      Hi Chris,

      I’m so happy you love that.

      I don’t have a mentor per say but someone I so much love, respect and look up to online is Pat Flynn. I model a lot of things on this blog after that on his blog and it has been helping me so far. You can learn more from him by visiting

      Thanks so much and have a great day!

  25. Dave Lucas says:

    I’m all for you doing as much re-designing and innovating ON YOUR OWN – might as well, Onibalusi, because your creative juices are really flowing! Congrats on your good decisions and great fortune! (I’m having almost as much fun watching your web career as you are building it – it feels good to see good people succeed!)

    • Onibalusi says:

      Hi David,

      I’m always very happy to hear from you and I can assure you the redesign will be awesome.

      I’m so happy to hear you’re happy with me progressing.

      Thanks so much and have a great weekend,

  26. Jimmy says:

    This is absolutely stunning. All the very best for ur future goals πŸ˜‰

    • Onibalusi says:

      Thanks so much bro, you too πŸ™‚

  27. Kharim Tomlinson says:

    Great job on that March report. That is so awesome… wish one day my report will be like that

  28. Oni! Awesome work, man! It sounds like your were definitely a very busy man this month and although you weren’t bale to meet your income goal, you planted some very good seeds that just may allow you to reach that income (and possibly way more) in the coming months!

    It’s definitely a pleasure to know another blogger that is motivated and driven as you are. This definitely encourages me to keep on working on the projects I currently have at hand!

    Way to go Oni!

  29. dela says:

    Hi Oni you are inspiring. I read your e-book. I am very impressed. i am a new to this blogging. Still learning how to design the blog. Any tips?

  30. fantastic sams says:

    Your post has really motivational effects. I am very hopeful to get this standard.

    • Java Nature says:

      you right sams… oni give us motivations to get money online… we CAN! ^_^

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