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So You Think You Will Make Money Blogging? Read This First

so you think you will make money bloggingSometimes, you could keep on wondering why so many bloggers are poor even when they have a huge audience under their control, they have thousands of monthly readers, thousands of feed subscribers, a high level of blogging influence and all what it takes for a blogger to succeed but still they find it difficult to make money online.

A lot of problems has to do with the foundation and this one is no exception. If you think you will make money blogging then I have come to change your mind, you will hardly make money blogging.

Get me right, your blog can be an instrument to your success but if you begin to focus on your blog only without turning it into a business then you will bite your fingers at last.

At one point or the other, you should be able to have plans on monetizing your blog and making sure you get the best from it, just blogging and writing articles or maybe displaying some few ads won’t take you anywhere, there are several other ways to make money from your blog.

Your Blog is a Business

If you ever start a blog with the hope of making money online and you never see your blog as a business then you are mistaken, you are definitely on the wrong path and if you don’t correct your paths you might regret it later on.

It is good to provide value, it is good to help people but it is very dangerous to keep yourself as a slave of your wrong mentality.

If all you do is create a lot of products, books and everything only to be giving it out for free, you must be very careful because there are several things wrong with it. Some of the things wrong are:

1. You’re Corrupting Yourself: If you are releasing products after products and due to what you call the love of your audience or the love of your readers, you should be very careful and you should observe yourself because you are corrupting yourself and you are instilling an unprofitable habit into yourself because if care is not taken, you will grow up having the mentality that your readers should get everything for free since they are your readers – if this affects you than it should, you will most probably not launch your own product again in the name of helping your readers.

Another great way you are corrupting yourself is that you are in the midst of riches and you are living in poverty, there are many opportunities for you to monetize all around you but you keep postponing everything in the name of helping your readers.

2. You’re Corrupting Your Readers: The first point is still okay and can easily be corrected because it has to do with you, the other one is even worse because it has to do with a lot of people and many of them have different impressions thereby making it difficult for you to control them.

If you begin to give your readers all you have for free, it is true they will develop a kind of respect for you and even spread the word but the end result is that they will become used to the free things you use to give them thereby making it difficult for you to make sales with your own product.

You might be wondering how this can be after all you have done to help them but the truth remains, people are different and they can always change. If you do your best to help your readers as much as you can, for free, when you begin to monetize your blog a lot of them will come up with different impressions and a large percentage of them will end up leaving and hating you, believing you have been corrupted – due to you wanting to make money from your efforts.

Building the Foundation of a Solid Blog

The last thing I hate (even though I sometimes do ;)) is to write an article and put my readers in a confused state.

I know some of the tips above do not apply to up and coming bloggers. If you think you can just come up with a new blog and begin to launch products after products then you might find it difficult building a reputation and making enough money.

There are several factors to be considered when trying to turn your blog into a business and one of those factors is to develop your blog into a solid one.

When does your blog become a solid one?

Your blog is not a solid one until you have some things in place, here are some things to consider before saying you have a solid blog that can later be turned into a business.

1. You have a decent sized audience – this consists of your daily and monthly readers.

2. You have a decent sized subscribers – Many people leave this out of the equation and this explains the reason why many of them fail to get tangible results from their blogs.

It might be true that you have a lot of daily and monthly visitors but in terms of buying(I mean traffic that converts into sales) traffic their value can be equal to none since many of them won’t see your main offer, i.e. your product pitch. For example, if you have a popular post that draws in a lot of search engine traffic, that post is not your sales page and it is in no means informing people about your business, if this type of post constitutes the large percentage of your blog traffic then you can’t say you have quality traffic because your traffic is restricted and many of your visitors won’t visit more than one page, which is a page that can’t contribute to your earnings.

The advantage of having blog subscribers is that your blog subscribers have the potential of seeing each and every one of your blog posts, including the one you just published. If they don’t see it, then they can’t buy.

3. You have a great brand – if you have heard about successful product launches, either by a blogger or internet marketer, it is not because they get a lot of traffic but because they have a great brand and influence. It is your brand that can make things easily go viral.

If you have a great brand for your blog, launching products and making money from your blog will not be difficult because there will be a lot of propagators who will easily carry the message around.

If you launch a product, you will be amazed to see many other bloggers blogging about it thereby leading to more sales. That is the effect of a great brand.

How do you Build the Foundation of a Solid Blog?

Now that you know what it means to have a solid blog I will be giving some insights into building the foundation of a solid blog.

1. Your Content is Your Foundation

You must be mistaken if you think I will come here with some unethical marketing tips.

For ages now, content has been the king, and not I, not any blogger, would be able to dethrone it.

You might not be looking forward to hear this, and I am not even planning to satisfy your hearing but to tell you the absolute truth. Content is king!

One thing I will advise you not to do is to rely on others to tell you your content is great. If you write great content, you will have that inner conviction in yourself that your content is truly great but if you are waiting for others to begin to tell you that your content is great, you will hear what you want to hear.

If truly content is king, the question now lies here. Why is it that many people write great content yet they have no traffic to their blog? Why is it that many people write high quality posts yet nobody knows their blog?

There are several factors that determines whether your content is great and I must tell you that it is not only the letters of your content that determines this. Many people write great content that only those who could read it to the end will know it is great (which many of their readers won’t even bother to do).

Your content starts from your headline, you must be able to write killer headlines that brings results. One of the difficult things you will ever do is finding the right headlines for your post and there are many tutorials on the web that tells you how to do that, including this one on how to write headlines on writersincharge.

Many people are able to scale through the first step, they are able to come up with great headlines but still their posts does not go viral but they even end up having a higher bounce rate. Why? Their introduction sucks!

One basic truth is that your headline is a promise and your introduction must be able to fulfil this promise. Your introduction should be able to pin your readers down and give them solid reasons to continue reading.

There are several ways to come up with a killer introduction and one of those ways is to start with a story. People love stories and making effective use of this will help you gain their attention through the rest of your post.

Another sure-fire way to gain your reader’s attention throughout your post is by starting with a controversial introduction. People are with different opinions and if you could start with something different from theirs they will be ready to fight you back thereby making sure they read every piece of word you wrote, before you know it, you have made them a fan and they will also help in spreading your post they once hated.

Another great way to write better introductions for your blog posts is by starting with some great facts and figures. For example, staring a post with an introduction like, “Do you know that out of every 100 blogs 99 fail” will help you captivate your reader’s attention and immerse them into the spirit of your post.

It does not matter how you want to start, what matters most is that you should make sure your readers read every word of your post because this is where the real value lies.

After you have made sure your headline and introduction is okay, the next thing to do is to make sure your post fulfils its promise. If you tell them you want to explain how an apple is being formed don’t try to explain how an orange is formed, that will only piss them off.

It Does not Take Only the Foundation to Build up a House

It is true content is king and it is the foundation of any successful blog (planning to turn business) but you must not fail to realize that the foundation is not enough to build a house, there are many other factors involve.

When talking about what makes a solid blog earlier, I listed three things and they are (i) Traffic (ii) Subscribers (iii) and a Brand. But we should try to know that content enough is not able to get this for a blog, it also need assistance, assistance from the great marketing.

How to Market The H*ck out of Your Blog

Since we know the importance of marketing in building a solid blog or in building a great business out of your blog, how do you market your blog? There are several ways to market your blog but I will be talking about 3 ways that works wonders and that I have gotten the best from, in the order they have worked for me – if you want more, get my free traffic ebook.

1. Guest Posting: One of the best and most effective ways to get the best from your blog is by marketing it. Even though I do say I have written over 200 guest posts this year, I can’t boast in the numbers because I didn’t get my best from it. In this short message I will try to give you my best advice on maximizing the results of your guest posts.

One of my lessons from writing a lot of guest posts is that concentration matters. Since one of the most important elements of a solid blog is its subscribers, it is very important to focus your guest post efforts on building your subscriber base. If you want to dedicated a page to your subscribers, do it! If you want to link directly to your feed in your guest posts, do it!

2. Blog Commenting: This traffic generating technique is widely used yet still effective. It is very important to do your best to spread your brand through blog commenting. Some things you might want to consider when trying to promote your blog through blog commenting is:

i. Be professional – make sure your avatar, name and everything is professional.

ii. contribute – you don’t need to comment on blogs for its sake or solely because of the traffic you will gain from it but make sure every comment you make on blogs adds value to both the author of the post and the readers.

iii. Help out – If you see somebody asking a question you have an answer to, feel free to help out and give you answer.

3. SEO: I get a lot of my traffic from search engines so I never underestimate their potentials. It is very important not to neglect this very important aspect of SEO, it might be work initially but the result is worth it. This blog is only 3 months and I get almost 2,000 visitors from search engines every month.

If I should talk about traffic alone in this post then it will be times 2 of what it already is (presently over 2200 words). My advice for you is to get my ultimate guide on traffic.

How do you Really Make Money

Now to the point, all the above was just me trying to prove to you why blogging alone cannot make you money. The question that arises now is, how do you truly make money? This question has a simple answer, “turn your blog into a business!“. Since you have already built a solid blog, turning it into a business shouldn’t be a problem.

Turning Your Blog into a Business

There are several ways to turn your blog into a business and I will be giving some practical advice on how to turn your blog into a business below.

1. Offer Services on Your Blog: One great way to make money from your blog is by offering some kind of services on your blog. It might range from you running a coaching service, helping people setup their blogs, giving people advice on how to improve their businesses or anything you deem fit as long as it relates to your niche. There are people willing to pay, only if you could let them know you have what they want!

2. Start Your Product: Another great way to monetize your blog is by starting your own product. There are many factors to be considered when starting your own product but it is always advisable to make sure your buyers get the best, you wouldn’t just want to give them any tips that they would otherwise find on your blog.

There are many products you can start, it can range from a membership site to a paid ebook, it can be a software or any other product you deem fit for your niche.

3. Affiliate Marketing: I can’t say this better than my friend Tran Tinh from who makes over $2000 every month from only one blog with less than 7,000 monthly visitors, I have scheduled an interview with him and that will be live soon. You can also subscribe to his blog cos he knows what he is saying.

Over To You

Have you ever made money blogging? Could you resonate with this post? What are your biggest challenges? Feel free to share in the comments section.

Action Point!

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29 Comments on "So You Think You Will Make Money Blogging? Read This First"

  1. samuel says:

    Now i know!!!!! Yea if you offer them too much of Freebies and you ask them for a lil amount of cash before they can get your new product, they will call the person a “scammer” lol u are right CONTENT is the BOSS! thanks a lot for the post. keep the good work up.

  2. Oni,

    This is a great post – content alone will not make you money.. I was getting affiliate sales before, but there’s nothing better than creating your own product and offering it to your subscribers..

    I’m starting to create my services section on the blog, thanks for sharing this

    Talk soon

    • Creating your own product gives you more knowledge on how to handle your own promotion rather than selling other people’s business from affiliate programs. I think what Oni is suggesting are great tips to start building your online empire. Thanks!

      • Exactly Sytek,

        If you create your own product you will be more keen to promote it and since you will be interacting with buyers directly you will know what they want.

    • Exactly Hector,

      content alone will not make you money… this is the truth many bloggers are yet to realize. Writing great content is great but having a product of your own is better because that is what will put money in your pocket.

  3. says:

    Hi Onibalusi
    Awesome Post I agree with you completely.Till now I have not earned any money online but working and taking action.

    Thanks For Sharing Awesome Post

    • Great Abishek,

      Exactly, if you effectively apply the tips above and add it to your knowledge on SEO then you will be amazed at how successful your blog will be.

  4. Anthony Lloyd says:

    Great post.

    Never underestimate search engine traffic. Make sure your blog has the right headlines, meta tags, pics and clear and concise content.

    Plus, OWN your website. Being a blogspot blog is okay but having your own website is professional. Plus many dont cost more than a $100 a year.

    Another great informative post by Onibalusi.

    • Exactly Anthony,

      Search engine traffic is one of the best traffic you can have and one great benefit of it is that it is autopilot.

      Having a professional website of yourself is really very important, just as you said!

  5. Hi everyone… I guess Oni is right! not all the time you can give free to everyone which I think not good for business and for you. Freebies are only available to promote your product. Just always think of give and take relationship which is healthy.

    • Sure Noel,

      Freebies are great and you are absolutely right when you said it should be used to promote your business.

  6. Cebu Tech Blogger says:

    “Your Blog is a Business”, definitely… I would agree with you Oni. Though you can still earn money from your blog, let’s say a niche blog, you can also establish a separate blog for a business. Just think of having a product to promote…

    • Exactly!

      You’re absolutely right. Things will begin to turn around when you begin to see your blog as a business.

  7. Lye Kuek Hin says:

    Hi Oni,

    This post not only explain on making money blogging. It clearly states that what is the foundation of having a successful blog and the basis of attracting huge traffic to the blog. Very detailed explanation there Oni. This is a post worth bookmarking for future reference.
    Thanks for sharing the post.


    • Exactly Lye,

      Since you cannot make money blogging without you having a successful blog I decided it will be better to put the two together.

      Glad you loved the post ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hi, I Will Make Money Blogging, but It not good for new web.

  9. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Nice post.I am cent percent agree with you.You provide some great tips here and I’ll implement those in my blog very soon.

  10. michael says:

    Really forceful post, Oni.

    You consistently deliver and I always learn something every time I visit.

    Thanks for sharing.


  11. Michele says:

    Awesome stuff Onibalusi. You always over deliver. I agree you have to build the foundation before you start throwing products at people. Give lots of value, get related to your readers and then start offering your products and services.
    And yes, some people will jump ship when you begin marketing to them…these are the people who weren’t going to buy from you anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And then there are those who will buy whatever you have to offer because you have given them so much value that they feel the need (and responsibility) to reciprocate.
    Thanks again Onibalusi!

    • Exactly Michelle,

      That is the mistake many people make.

      Turning your blog to a business is very important but you must first have a great blog which you would have built over time.

  12. Alan Mater says:

    All-around excellent post here, Oni. You just outlined and also detailed a solid foundation for any successful blogging business. Your part about a blog being a business is spot on. Those who only treat it as a hobby will never reach their full potential. Great read!

    • Exactly Alan,

      One of the most important things any blogger will realize is that your blog is a business, you don’t neccessarily need to just take everything with levity.

  13. Dropship Directory says:

    Having a solid foundation of the blog is crucial like you said, then comes the monetization. Great post BTW!

  14. Tinh says:

    I took half an hour to digest the whole content of this article but I must say that it is a brilliant post with comprehensive list of things to do. I also agree that targeted traffic even few but better than bounce rate ๐Ÿ™‚

    I still owe you an interview friend but I remember it and schedule to answer your questions ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. TriForce says:

    Hey this is the incredible article. Nice to reading this kind of posts. I would follow this. Thanks for sharing… Keep posting such a valuable posts… ๐Ÿ™‚


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