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21 Little Known Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

website trafficTraffic is very important to your blog’s success and it doesn’t matter how great your content is, it is of no importance if it isn’t read.

There have been many posts on how to get traffic to a blog all over the web and I have noticed most of these posts are always saying the same thing.

This post is not going to talk about the common ways to get traffic to a blog and believe me, I won’t talk about guest blogging, blog commenting and the likes here. I will be talking about some new traffic strategies you might never have heard of, or you have never tried.

1. Online Groups

This is one very powerful and underused way to get traffic to a blog. I didn’t realize the power of online groups until one of my articles went viral and I got tons of visitors from LinkedIn groups.

Many of these website groups require you to register before you can view or post threads and it is very important to effectively research and make sure the group has a lot of members before you join. I will recommend joining groups with over 1,000 members.

It is also very important not to just join a group for the main purpose of getting traffic because this will lead to your account being banned and deleted but you should rather focus on giving value and helping as many people as you can.
There are many website groups you can join and some of the best ones are:

Google Groups
Yahoo Groups
LinkedIn Groups

2. Tutorial Sites

Writing for tutorial sites can also be a great way to get lots of free traffic to your blog and unlike article marketing or guest blogging, if you can get the right tutorial sites to write for you will end up getting thousands of visitors from your articles.

Many tutorial sites have a large audience and huge tutorial demand they want you to fill and this makes it easy for your articles to get published while you get maximum exposure from your articles.

Another great benefit of writing for tutorial sites is that they easily get ranked in the search engines and since many tutorial related posts result in a lot of search engine traffic you have more chance of getting free, consistent traffic to your blog.
There are many top tutorial sites you can write for and below are some of them:


3. Secret Blogging Clubs

Another great way to get more traffic to your blog is by joining secret blogging clubs. The aim and goal of these clubs is to help spread the word about each other’s blog and they do help themselves in so many ways, ranging from retweeting to stumbling each other’s posts.

Many of these clubs have their own requirements but if you could meet the requirements it could worth all the efforts.

When trying to get the best from secret blogging clubs it is very important to make sure you adhere strictly to their rules. Many of these clubs have a maximum number of times you can post in a week; if you don’t adhere to this, it might lead to your account being deleted. It is also very important to make sure you promote other people’s post because this is the main reason the club was established.
There are many great secret blogging clubs you can join and some of them are listed below:

– Daniel Scocco’s retweet club
Harsh Agrawal’s retweet club

4. Niche Social News Sites

Another great way to get more traffic to your blog is by using niche social news sites.

There are many niche social news sites you can submit your blog to for traffic and many of them are communities that rank your submissions based on votes from users. The best way to get the best from submitting your blog posts to niche social bookmarking sites is by making sure you have a catchy headline and by voting as many people’s post as you can. Once you vote as many submissions as you can many of those you voted will come back and add you as a friend and they might even reciprocate.
There are many niche social news sites you can get started with and some of the top ones are listed below:

Sphinn (SEO Based)
Bizsugar (Marketing based)

5. Amazon Traffic Formula

Another great way to get more traffic is by tapping into one of the biggest websites on the web.

Amazon is a reputable website trusted by Google and it doesn’t find it difficult to rank for competitive keywords. If you have been into SEO you will notice that Amazon ranks on top for many highly competitive keywords.
A great way to tap into Amazon’s traffic is by reviewing products that relates to your niche and that are ranking already in Google, you should then include a link to your blog below your review. If you can’t find any product related to your niche you might also want to create yours.

6. Wikipedia Traffic Formula

Wikipedia is a great traffic source and I have been getting some traffic from it (even though I didn’t do anything = someone did it!).

One great way to get more traffic from Wikipedia is by interviewing a top blogger/person in your niche and then visit Wikipedia to create a page for this top blogger/person, under the external links section you should link to your interview with the blogger. Since these people are top bloggers many of them would be having a page on Wikipedia but Wikipedia allows anybody to edit a page so you can edit the page and add your link to it.

You might be wondering if can’t you just create a Wikipedia page for yourself, it just doesn’t work like that because your name might be rarely searched in Google while the name of many of these top bloggers will be frequently searched. Those searching for the top bloggers name will eventually land on the bloggers Wikipedia page which will in turn help you gain more traffic to your blog.

7. Ning Communities

Another great way you can get traffic to your blog is by making use of Ning communities, even though this method can be very effective it is not being used by bloggers.

The first step is to try to locate the top Ning communities in your niche and make sure you sign up to only communities with over 2500 members because this will help you get more results (anything less than 2500 members might result in very low traffic).

There are several ways to get traffic from Ning communities and one of those ways is by writing a blog post for them, the advantage of this blog post is that it will be displayed on their homepage thereby leading to more traffic – if you can write your best it might even be featured for some time.

8. Create Free Ebooks

Another great way to get free traffic to your blog is by creating free ebooks and distributing it. I am not saying you should use it to build your list, you have to give it out for free with no strings attached. Your main aim will be for the ebook to go viral.

When trying to create your ebook, it is very important to include a link to your blog in it and also have a strong call-to-action telling people to subscribe to your blog, once this is in place you can submit the ebook to as many places as you can.

Some of the best places to submit your free ebook to are file sharing websites, document sharing websites, free ebook directories and you might as well want to contact other bloggers in your niche to help you promote the ebook on their blogs.

9. Offer Testimonials

There are lots of big product creators/companies looking for testimonials for their products or services, you can get more traffic to your blog by offering testimonials to this companies.

It might be your web host, a top blogger in your niche, a top internet marketer or as many people as you can. Make sure you only send them high quality testimonials while including a link to your blog, they will most likely link to your blog when they use your testimonial and this will also be another source of traffic to your blog.

When trying to send testimonials, it is very important to make sure you have used the product or service you are offering a testimonial for because there is no point in you giving a testimonial for what you haven’t used.

10. Content Syndication

Another great way to get more traffic to your blog is by syndicating your content to other sites. When it comes to getting traffic through content syndication there are many top sites you can syndicate your content to and if you write great posts with catchy headlines you will be able to get more traffic to your blog.
Some of the top content syndication sites you can start with are:

The Daily Brainstorm

11. WSO’s

WSO is an acronym for Warrior Special Offers, this strategy is very powerful and if used properly it can be used to help you gain more traffic and subscribers. I will advise you to have a mailing list and use this method to build your list because if you do otherwise you might not get the best from your traffic.

Warrior special offers allows you to list your offers in the warrior forum and one great advantage of this is that it will remain on the top of the page for a long period of time, if your WSO goes down you can in turn bump it up again.

12. Plugin Creation

Another way you can get more traffic to your blog is by creating great plugins for free and making it a requirement to leave a backlink to your blog before using the plugin.

There are a lot of plugins that helps simplify people’s problems and many people would go and use your competitors plugin if you are not creative enough. If you want the best from creating plugins you should make sure nobody else has created that plugin or that there is no free alternative.

Once you have successfully created the plugin you can submit it to the wordpress plugin directory in order to get the best from it.

13. Website Theme Creation

Another way to get more traffic to your blog is by creating free website/blog themes and by including a link to your blog in the footer.

There are many website themes already and there is a chance your theme won’t get the desired attention but if you try to come up with something very unique and great you will surely be rewarded.

When creating your theme, it is also very important to make sure it is very flexible and has its own custom admin panel because this will also increase the number of downloads you can get. Once your theme is live you should submit it to the wordpress theme directory and many other theme directories and websites, you can also contact a lot of bloggers who blog about wordpress to review your theme, the end result will be more downloads of your theme and eventually more long-term traffic to your blog.

14. Help from Top Bloggers

You can really get great traffic to your blog if you can get attention from top bloggers in your niche, most often, this is not very easy and one of the best ways to do this is by asking about 20 top bloggers in your niche a question, once you have gotten an answer to your question you should publish the post and notify them about it. Many of these top bloggers will retweet and share your post and this will lead to more traffic for you.

15. Start a Creative Product/Service

I know this is not what you wanted to hear (that is why I said “little known”).
Another great way to get more traffic to your blog is by creating a great product/service that caters for a specific need in your niche. There have been many blogs that found it difficult to get traffic but when they came out with a great product the viral marketing effect took place and the rest is history.

Creating a product/service doesn’t just work like that, after all there are lots of products and services out there, all you have to do is make sure you are very creative and that your product is the best. You can create a great product that will eventually lead to you being covered by the media and many top blogs.

16. Build a FREE Useful Tool

Another great way to get traffic to your blog is by building a great free tool for others. When trying to do this, it is very important to make sure your tool is of high demand and that it solves people’s problem. One great example of free tools you can create to get more traffic to your blog is an SEO tool; you can create a tool that helps people check their backlinks or pagerank and in turn link back to your blog below the tool.

17. Join Webrings

Another great way to get more traffic to your blog is by joining webrings. In case you don’t know what a webring means, a webring is a collection of websites linked to each other in a circular form.

There are many advantages of joining a webring, some of it being that it can easily help you get more traffic to your blog, it can easily help you gain more backlinks and it can also help you meet like-minded people.

There are many top webring sites to get started but the best is

18. Write Picture Posts

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, this is so true. If you can easily come up with image posts that impacts people’s lives in one form or the other you will be amazed to see how much traffic you can get.

There are many advantages to writing picture posts and one great advantage is its ability to go viral on social bookmarking sites. Even though writing image posts is good, it is very important to take caution and not do what will annoy your readers; value comes first so you should focus on providing value irrespective of how you write your posts.

19. Use Podcasts

Another way to get more traffic to your blog is by creating podcasts and submitting it to iTunes. Your podcast can be in form of an interview with a successful blogger or you giving advice to your readers. It is also very important to try as much as you can to mention your blog address several times in your podcast, also make sure you link to your blog address in your podcast description section. If your podcast begins to rank and gain more traffic in iTunes the traffic will eventually flow down to your blog.

20. Web 2.0 Sites

Another great way to get more traffic to your blog is by making use of web 2.0 sites like Squidoo and Hubpages. Web 2.0 sites rank easily in Google and they can help you increase your search engine rankings while at the same time sending consistent traffic to your blog. It is very important not to spam these sites because your content represents you and your blog and if you have already destroyed your reputation before a visitor landed on your blog what is it to say again?

21. Get my FREE Traffic Ebook and Subscribe to My Feed

Well, I told you before I started, right from the title, this post is talking about “little known” ways to get traffic to your blog and many people won’t tell you to subscribe to writersincharge if you want more traffic to your blog :).

Subscribe to my blog for more great posts and also be observing what I do on my blog, this alone is enough knowledge to help you grow your blog.


22. Free Computer Software and Widgets

Another great way to get more traffic to your blog is by creating free software and widgets that satisfies a need, you can also create a free wallpaper and make sure you brand it with your domain name – this will also help you get more traffic if your software/widget/wallpaper is downloaded by a lot of people


Getting traffic to a blog might be a problem on its own, and believe me, it isn’t a problem if you are ready to take action. I am not trying to tell you this for the sake of it and believe me, my work speaks for me. God willing, I have been able to take writersincharge to a level where it is now getting thousands of visitors every week and I also got it below the Alexa 30,000 rank in just 4 months and many of the strategies I used are already listed in this post.

Don’t just sit down waiting for another traffic strategy, get something done!

PS: If you truly enjoyed this post, feel free to share it on your favorite social networking sites. I will also appreciate a Stumble!

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  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Oni,

    Money tips, once again. These are off the beaten path of “how to drive traffic” posts. Creative and innovative techniques.

    I like the mention of ning. I visited for a while but your post pushed me to get back on the ning network; plenty of targeted traffic waiting in that niche.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.

    Ryan Biddulph

    • Yeah Ryan,

      I noticed most “get traffic” posts are saying the same thing so I decided to make this one a little bit unique (I pray my efforts pay of :)).

      Ning communities are really great and you will surely enjoy them.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

      • Ryan Biddulph says:

        It’s a whole lot unique! Plenty of new methods which I hadn’t thought of….and I just hit up one of my favorite ning networks too. Thanks again.

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        This is awesome post and must deserve to be share on stumbleupon.In few minutes I will share mine post and also will 100% include your post too as it deserve.

        All points are great to get traffic

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    • anais anais perfume says:

      Thanks….. Oni… Those are common but great ways to get traffic

  2. Lye Kuek Hin says:

    Hi Oni,

    These tips are really unique for driving traffic. Some of them are unknown to me and i am really glad to find them here. I think you have succeeded in making this post special and really awesome.

    Thanks for sharing Oni.

    • Cool Lye,

      It wasn’t easy coming up with this (It took me over 7 hours ;)) and I will really be happy if this post really goes viral.

      I’m glad you loved the post.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  3. samuel says:

    Great post Oni! thanks for sharing! i don’t know about most of the tips listed above! #21 sounds funny 😀 thanks a lot man and keep the good work up.

    • Great Bro,

      Yeah, it is indeed little know tips. A great way to get traffic to your blog is by subscribing to youngprepro 🙂

      Glad you loved the post 🙂

  4. Jarret says:

    I’ve been immersed in the blogging scene for four years now yet I’d never previously heard of the term, webrings. There’s not much I haven’t heard of yet from Ning to Warrior Forums, so I’ll have to check that out.

    Over the years, I’ve often provided unsolicited reviews of products or websites that I’ve stumbled across. If they happen to be favorable, I’ve noticed that they seem to generate lots of odd backlinks–probably from the company I’ve reviewed itself who wants my post to rank well for reputation management. These types of posts often continue to generate traffic for years.

    Overall, this is a really comprehensive list with some fresh ideas I’ve never tried. Thanks for the great post!

    • Exactly Jarret,

      I really wanted to make sure this post has some new and unique points.

      Webrings also work to help you get great traffic to your blog if properly used.

      Thanks so much,

      • Jarret says:

        Onibalusi, hey I have one quick question for you!
        For subscribe to comments, I’m just using the old plugin dated back to 2007 from the WordPress plugin repository.
        I just got your comment reply email and it has a cool output. Which plugin are you using for comment subscriptions? Thanks again!

  5. d3so says:

    Nice list. A lot of the effective ways deals with content creation such as plugins, themes, ebooks, etc.
    Those take some skill to create.

    Though, I never knew about secret blogging clubs.

  6. sidduz says:

    Hello Onibalusi!
    Nice tips, yea giving free ebooks will increase subscribers as well, which is really a good idea.
    Cool come out dude 😀 loved it

    • Exactly Sidduz,

      You are absolutely right!

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      PS: Did you recieved my mail?

      • sidduz says:

        Yea GOt it 🙂

  7. Steve says:

    What can I say, I thought I knew a few tricks but I have only used about 4 of these and only even heard of a handful more.

    Another great post chock full of real goodies

    I am constantly amazed by the amount of good information you pour into each post

    • Great Steve,

      I am glad you loved this post.

      Its glad to hear you love my posts and I hope to even write better posts.

  8. Rick Byrd says:


    Great post!

    The traffic tips you listed are spot on and unique from most other tips. You have thought outside-the-box on these tips and gone above anfd beyond everyone else.

    I currently use a few of these tips but I am going to have to try several more. I am interested in #3 – Secret Blogging Clubs.

    Take care!

    – Rick

    • Secret blogging clubs are also effective traffic sources and if one could obey the rules then there should be no problem.

      I’m glad you loved the post!

  9. james says:

    So many great ways to get traffic. No sugar coating, just straight content. I especially like the Amazon review idea.. They rank so high now for so many products outside of just books.

    Another great method I’ve found works is using Scribd. If not for the traffic that they get, but the fact that they index your content in the search engines, have a high page rank, and get you backlinks from your content.

    • Exactly James,

      The amzon review option is a really great option.

      Scribd is also one really great traffic source you can use to get more traffic to your blog.

  10. Michael says:

    Hi Oni

    This is an amazing post from an amazing talent. I didn’t know about any of these strategies so I have learned something new here today….as I do every time I visit.

    Thanks for sharing this great list and I’ll do everything I can to help make it go viral.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Cool Michael,

      I’m glad the post could help.

      Thanks so much for your awesome support 🙂

  11. Onibalusi,
    Great roundup of tips. I had not thought of a few of those. I took about 30 minutes to read the whole article because I jumped away to try a few.

    • Cool Christopher,

      And that is exactly what I love…

      Taking action is what matters most.

      Also, thanks so much for submitting the post to Amplify 🙂

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    Patricia Perth Australia

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  13. Tej Kohli says:

    Hi ,Onibalusi
    Its a great advice for blogger , I had tried many tricks in this , But some are little known by be like WSO and Niche Social News Sites , moreover many times some avenues not accenting my website or blog , If its new or having no PR .
    Thanks Again
    Tej kohli

    • Hi Tej,

      Yeah! Give many of these tips a trial and you will get some really good results.

      Thanks so much!

  14. Tinh says:

    I do not think the #3 is good as most of bloggers are against to this model as I have heard a lot of negative ideas that the model could be considered spamming while members are RTing for their members even they are not really interested in. What do you think about this?

    Anyway, great article except #3 LOL

    • Hi Tinh,

      I don’t see it as spamming. You don’t need to share every posts, you should only share what you love…

  15. Holy cow Oni.. this is jam packed bro.

    There are stuff in here I have NEVER thought of. I’m definitely gonna try these out

    thanks for sharing

    • Cool Hector,

      My main purpose for this post is to make it unique and I’m glad I achieved it 🙂

  16. Rahul @ MazaKaro says:

    I agree with the point of “Picture Posts”. Really image attract visitors to read the whole article.

  17. Andreas says:

    Great underground tips that are not in everyday’s how-to-get-traffic article including some forgotten tips like groups which are still able to send traffic if utilized correctly.

    • Exactly Andreas,

      This ones are the real deal since they aren’t overused yet 🙂

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    Great tips. I have heard of a couple of them but, not many. I was actually thinking about using the Wikipedia one the other day. Thanks for sharing, I’ll keep these in mind and work on them as soon as I get the chance. 🙂

    • Sure Mandeep,

      The best part is taking action.

      Thanks so mcuh for commenting!

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    Great tips! You’re right, a lot of these are “little known” as many bloggers, including myself, don’t utilize these as we should. There’s a few on the list I have never even thought of before, so thanks for the enlightenment. 🙂

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    Great tips Oni! Using only a few of these, I see where my wave of opportunities will be coming from. Started using one, would cordially invite you and anyone to this group I started recently, “Net Promoters and Bookmarking Pimps” on Facebook. Not that you need any more blog commenter-s lol lol!/group.php?gid=120102081374301
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    Oni –

    Wow. Those were 21 tips I’d never heard before. That’s awesome, and yes: sign me up.

    • Onibalusi says:

      Great James,

      It’s glad to have you on board.

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    I have often paid people to sponsor templates it is a great way of obtaining backlinks virally. Some templates the most popular professional one cost more but are well worth it in the long run!

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    Sites like AOL answers, Yahoo Answers, Wiki answers can give your blog significant amount of traffic if you contribute useful answers and putting a link back to your own site.

  34. Scarlet says:

    This is loaded with great tips! I use most of them but there were several new ones! I followed you on twitter and retweeted the link I found that brought me here! Thanks.

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    One other thing I noticed with Amazon is that to review a product, you must have purchased it; a small price to pay if you can do a superb review that will generate traffic to offset the effort. However, once you do a review and manage to link your site, this will be online for many, many years.

  36. Money Soldiers says:

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