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The Definitive Guide to Keyword Research

the definitive guide to keyword researchOne of the best ways to get traffic to a blog is by making effective use of SEO and SEO is all about keywords, if you don’t have the right keywords then your SEO sucks, this post will be giving insights into how to effectively research keywords for SEO.

The keyword research tool used in this post is the Google Adwords Keywords Tool

How Keywords Work

One of the first and most important things to consider when trying do keyword research for your online business is how keywords work. if you don’t know how keywords work then you would be getting little to know results from your keyword research efforts.

It is very important for you to first analyze your online business model because this will also strengthen you towards your keyword research efforts. Many people just jump out for the short-tail/two words keyword due to the high searches those keywords have without thinking about what the consequences might be. It is very important not to just let your desire for more traffic overshadow your keyword research results.

When I mean analyzing your online business model, I mean you should know how you want to profit from your website. If you want to publish from your website by advertising on it then you don’t have much problem researching keywords and you can easily go for a more general term but if you want to sell products or make affiliate sales then there are several factors to be considered.

One of the many factors to be considered if you are planning to make money from your website by selling your own products or promoting affiliate products is the “buyer intent” i.e. how many percentage of those who come are with the intention to buy. If people come to my blog with the keyword “internet marketing” then they might come with various intentions, one of their intentions might be to read more about the subject, they might also have an intention to download one or more of my free ebooks but if I get someone to my blog through a keyword like “buy internet marketing success formula” then I know the person has an intention to buy, which means there is a strong buyer intent for that particular keyword.

If you are displaying advertisement on your blog like Google Adsense or any third-party advertisement then you can focus on more generic keywords that bring more traffic because in your own case traffic is money.

A Word of Caution

One common thing I notice among many people after they have researched the keyword of their choice is that they believe in the numbers the keyword tool is showing them, this is not accurate so don’t get disappointed by believing in it. The fact that a keyword tool shows you that 1000 searches occur for that keyword and you are able to be on page one for that keyword does not mean you will get 1000 visitors from that keyword, there are many other factors that come in place in this situation.

Getting Started With Keyword Research

As I said earlier, I will be using Google Adwords keyword tool as the example for this post so I will be using its terms.

When trying to do your keyword research using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool there are several factors that comes in place, and some of those ones are the type of keywords. The types of keywords are explained below.

– Broad: This is the default format and it will show any keyword that relates to the term including synonyms and other related suggestions. For example, if you type in apple into the keyword research tool, in this case it might bring about keywords like apple, orange, fruits e.t.c. Another thing about this keyword type if that the result (in terms of traffic) it shows for a generic keyword will cover the varieties. For example if you type “apple” and apple gets 100 searches every month, it will also suggest other queries like “apple fruits”, if apple fruits get 60 keyword searches a month it will add that 60 to 100 and display it for apple, i.e. it will display “apple” as a keyword getting 160 searches every month.


– Exact: This is another term used when researching using the Google Adwords keyword Tool, what it does is that it makes sure it brings the exact result for the most important search. This is the most accurate and it shows you the exact result for a particular keyword.


– Phrase: This is another term used in keyword research and unlike “broad” it does not bring together synonyms but it makes sure there is a part of your search term in the keyword, for example, if you type in “make money online“, it will bring other results like “make money online“, “make money online today” e.t.c.


How to Get the Best From Your Keyword Research Efforts

There are some things to consider when trying to get the best from your keyword research efforts and I will be explaining some of them below.

First, we will be considering the competition, this is what is shown in the green bar. If the bar is full then it means there is a lot of competition but if it is medium it means there is medium competition but if it is low it means there is low competition.

Lets take a look at the competition for the keyword “make money online” using the exact function.


You will notice from the above image that the keyword make money online has a very high competition and is searched globally 49,500 times every month. Even though this keyword has lots of traffic and competition it is not going to convert as much as a keyword that has a buyer intent.

We have now seen how competitive the above keyword is, the next thing we will be looking at is how to get blog post ideas from keywords, in this case I will be using a tool called the Google Wonder Wheel, you can get this tool by typing your keyword into Google and by clicking on wonder wheel at the left.

Starting with the keyword “how to make money online“, I got the suggestion how to “make money online fast” and I further got to this page:

google wonder wheel

You will notice the keyword “how to make money fast for teenagers“, we will now go back to our keyword tool to give that keyword a trial and see what comes up.

After scrolling down a little I was able to come up with a result, the keyword “how to make money fast for teenagers” has 140 searches monthly and it has very little competition. If you write blog posts everyday and you could be writing for low competitive keywords like this, you should come up with 30 posts in one months and each should be averaging 50 search engine traffic every month – not too bad for a little keyword research and SEO.

Over To You!

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  4. Thanks for walking us through Google Keyword Tool Oni, this is very informative tutorial. May I also add that the location or country of your keyword research also matters in your result. So be sure to select which country your target market is.

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      Exactly, yeah! You are absolutely right with the country specific search, thanks so much for the info!

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    What a great guide to keyword research! You explained everything about it!

    Keyword research is very important in seo. It can make the difference between getting a high position on google and getting a low position on google.

    I really like that you included screen shots to make it even more easier to understand.


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      Keyword research is one of the most important elements of SEO.

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  16. Karl Hadwen says:

    I find using Google Keyword Tool and Market Samurai is an ultimate combination for finding keywords that convert, also I have a few plugins on Chrome that help define page ranks and competition.

  17. Whoa! I didn’t know all about this stuff. Wow! Great share Oni. Thanks a bunch. Now I need to try this.:)

  18. Karl Hadwen says:

    Great post I’m glad you went for the exact numbers and not broad. Many people create niche sites on broad searches and the true research is in exact searches.

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    After scrutinizing your keywords, with the wonder wheel definetely do not forget to use the google estimator tool

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