My Income and Traffic Report – July 2011

july income and traffic reportJuly was another great month for this blog and I’m very happy with my blogging journey so far.

If you’re new to this blog, since WritersinCharge is a blog that teaches you how to write for traffic and money I publish my income and traffic report every month to show you where I am. The sole purpose of these income and traffic reports is to show you that it is truly possible to build a successful online business just by writing, to show you that I’m not just telling you what to do based on what I read from others but from my own personal experience and also to encourage you to start taking action today.

I’d also like you to know that the fact that I make the amount reported below and the fact that I get the traffic displayed below is in no way a guarantee that you will be able to do the same. There is no single factor that will guarantee that you will get the same results I get, but you will be able to achieve great results by following my tips and by working hard and trying to be the best at whatever you do.

Things I Did in July

If you could recall, you will noticed that in my last income report I talked about hiring a secret expert to help me analyze this blog so that I can know what to do and what not to do in order to increase traffic to this blog from the search engines.

The expert I hired was Joost De Valk, the founder of, who is known for his popular SEO Analysis service.

After taking a look at this blog he gave me a long report of things I need to change about this blog, mostly having to do with the structure and design of this blog. I have contacted my designer with a list of changes to make, mostly based on the tips provided by Joost, so you should be expecting a thorough redesign of this blog very soon – the redesign won’t just be done for the fun of it or because I’m looking for ways to squander my money but the sole purpose of the redesign will be to make my website more user-friendly while at the same time highlighting the important aspects of the blog.

I also hired Chris Garret who is popularly known for his regular blog critique service and he did a great critique of this blog which you can read here. The critique gave a great insight into things I have been doing wrong on this blog and also gave tips on how I can capitalize on my knowledge and experience to make this blog a better place. I have also gotten a few more tips by getting in touch with Chris via email to clarify some of the points in the critique. As a result I have made one of the major changes I will be making in the history of this blog, which is exactly a change of niche.

The change I made based on Chris’ advice is to transform this blog to start talking more about freelance writing and guest blogging – which I’m sure a lot of you will be happy to learn more about.

Another major change I made was starting to use AWeber. I used to use my own self hosted autoresponder software for managing my email list but due to email delivery issues I had to move to something more reliable. So if you’ve been on my former list there is every probability you won’t be getting an email from me again – you can easily keep yourself up to date by subscribing to my new email list (you will also be blessed with a 7 series email course on building a successful freelance writing business for subscribing).

Aside the above I’ll say everything is going great with this blog and I’m doing even more to ensure your experience reading this blog is an unforgettable one.

Without wasting any more time let’s go straight into the income and traffic report for July.

July 2011 Traffic Report

In terms of traffic July was another great month from WritersinCharge. The traffic was low compared to June and May, but I could see that coming and I even said it in my June report.

I got a little over 15,000 visitors in the month of July with 38% of those visitors from the search engines, 28% direct and 27% from referring sites. My traffic from referring sites used to be the highest as a result of the high number of guest posts I write. I didn’t write that much guest posts in July and I’m glad to see how my traffic will look in a month without guest posts.

Main Traffic Screenshot

july 2011 overall traffic report

Top 10 Traffic Sources

top traffic sources for july 2011

Top 10 Content

july 2011 top 10 content

Without wasting any more time let’s go directly to my income for the month of July.


Writing Services: $4660

Affiliate Marketing: $80

Total Income: $4730


Yoast SEO Site Analysis: $990

Chris Garret Blog Critique: $250

AWeber: $1

Crazy Egg: $19

Total Expenses: $1260


What I Learnt in July

Another great reason I love doing these income reports is that since I’m trying to be accountable to you I need to ensure that something new can truly be gained from my income and traffic reports.

I learnt quite a few things in July, and what I learnt will forever make a great impact on my blogging career. Below are a few lessons I learnt in July.

1. Get Expert Opinion: This is something I haven’t really done and would have made a great impact on my blogging career had it been done earlier. Even though traffic keeps on increasing to this blog every month I strongly knew within me that something isn’t right with it. I just couldn’t figure out what that is, and it seems the only thing I needed to figure it out is an expert opinion. Hiring Chris Garret for a critique of my blog was a really smart decision from my part and I’m very glad I did so. It was this critique that opened my eyes to most of the things I’m doing wrong on this blog, and I’m very sure I’ll start experiencing great success in a short time from now.

2. Stop Looking for More, Focus on that Which You Have First: It often surprises me to see people who have very little wanting to get something more outside the scope of the little they already have instead of trying to make that little big. I’m not blaming anyone here because I’m also a victim. You will notice from the above traffic screenshot that Google is the #1 traffic source to this blog – that was because I for once sat down to take a look at the top performing keywords for this blog and then focused on ensuring that I rank higher for these keywords. Fortunately, I’m progressing and I have already written an article on which steps I’m taking to increase my search traffic on this blog.

The Question now is, YOU?

Yes. Since you’re the most important part of the equation I have decided to help you achieve similar, or even better, results as I get. I recently launched a 7 series email course in which I guide people through building a successful freelance writing business.

   There is nothing stopping you from benefiting from this course so visit this link now to subscribe and start enjoying the lessons. Once again, this is the link!

By Bamidele

Onibalusi Bamidele is the founder and CEO of Writers in Charge. Follow him on twitter here.

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Michael @Blast4Trafficsays:

I’m proud of you Onibalusi. I haven’t considered posting my income report but I think it’s a great way to motivate others especially the beginner blogger, that it’s possible to make money online. As per freelance writing, it’s so important that we understand where we are heading to. Seeking out expert advice and critic is a great step, and not many bloggers are willing to take that step.

Guess what? My next step is to hire an expert who have achieved success than me.

I need a re-structure on my blog. Maybe that could lead to greater success.

You made my day and this is another source of MOTIVATION and FOCUS for me. If you can make that much, why can’t I.

This indeed is an inspiring post by Oni. Knowing that most of his earnings come from writing assignments, doesn’t mean that it comes directly from his blogging efforts. But the blog establishes his writing skills and credentials for sure.

To see the actual figures of visitors on his site was a real treat. This gives a clearer picture of as to how the blog’s performance is. And this rebuts some of the Top 10 Blogging Myths that bloggers fall for.

Hyder Mohammedsays:

I’m regular reader of yoast SEO blog. Would love to hear, what changes he suggested for this blog in terms of site structure and good luck for next month targets 🙂

Hey Onibalusi,
I am reading your blog since last 3 months and to be honest you are such a great inspiration for any newbie as well as a expert because you understand our needs and your writings teaches me something very productive.

Gideon Georgesays:

Wow! That’s Great, Oni I have learnt a lot from your post. I have been following you but this is the very first time I am commenting. This is one of the best post ive read. Keep on keeping it real. As for me after a long absence, I just came back to blogging and I am doing it for life.

Reading Chris’ critiques are great cause people can apply his advice to their blogs as well. I believe if you want to take things to another level an outside opinion from an expert always helps.

Continued success!

Writing Services: $4660 is just I want to know how! How can one replicate this?

I want to know this.

Hi Oni,
I am kind of new on ur blog so i have to make a very stupid question: what do you exactly mean by ‘writing services’ ? U mean just writing on this blog and earning from ads or writing articles for other blogs and getting Paid for that?

Thanks!! 🙂

Not exactly, he writes for other sites and blogs for which he gets paid. He also writes for magazines if I guess right. Of course, he won’t reveal this to us. 😛 His clients are really very good. Great job he is doing.

I follow this blog loosely but it seems that every month his income report rolls around and people question the writing portion of his income report. Rightfully so, because this portion makes up around 98% of his income.

I can’t find anywhere online where Onibalusi is marketing his writing services, so I’m really interested in knowing how you can sell services online without marketing them.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks a lot for the comment!

I currently have more client work than I can handle so having a page telling people to hire me will only lead to me getting more work than I can handle.

Making money as a writer is different from other forms of online income. All you need is that major one or two clients and everything is already sorted – I have 4 clients at the moment, and I can make thousands of dollars monthly with at least 3 of them, so why get other clients?

Hey Onibalusi,
I really love each and every article your provide in guest blogging and wish you happy blogging

Great results, i don’t get how long it takes to get voluntary link traffic without having to do anything?

Maintaining transparency of your blog about traffic and earnings reveals your honesty and sincerity. This post inspires many to update their blogs duly rectifying defects and drawbacks.

Vera Wang beddingsays:

oni…. Its always great to read your income report. It inspire me a lot…….waiting for your redesign…

Awesome report once again. Congratulations Oni!! I am just amazed to see your writing services income. This is superb. Also, nice to see your stats on this blog. You are such a frank guy as well as a brave man too.

For your expenses part, I guess you’ve forgotten to include your internet cost, your hosting cost :P. Anyway, a handsome income by the way. Keep rocking and keep inspiring others.

Karla Campossays:

Hi Oni, Aweber was $1? I have to check into that. I subscibed to your new email list, have an awesome day!

To get me coming back on your blog alone is such an achievement since I am hardly convinced these days regarding Internet Marketing and such likes. Thanks for what you do and CONGRATS!

Another great month for you Oni. As far as i know, you’re the only person i know that makes this amount of money from doing freelancing, so i can tell that you’re a very consistent and patient person. Good luck with future opportunities

Oni – Thanks for sharing! I hope you’ll keep us posted on how the changes you make based on the site critiques you had done affect your income, readership, etc. That’s very cool that you’re investing in your site’s long-term success by getting expert opinions.

Congrats on another great month!

broccoli soupsays:

I think you got reputation and a lot of business because of writing a lot of guest posts.You have got most of the clients through guest blogging.
I think you are earning smart income through writing.

Your such a young guy and how wisely u promote your blog!!!great inspiartion for all newbies

Great share Oni … Congrats for the two major changes you did… Though the numbers decreased when compared to last month but the changes will surely benefit you

Congrats again 🙂

Sanna Hellströmsays:

Hi Onibalusi!

Wow, how I admire your entrepreneurship and strait forward attitude!!!
I could be your grandmother……going on 59:) and I´m just starting out in this business. You´re so inspiring!!!
Are you doing any personal mentoring:)?

All the best and Bless You and Good Luck! I´ll keepreading:)

Hi Sanna,

I’m really glad you’re loving what I’m doing on this blog 🙂

Aha, it’s pretty cool when I see elderly people doing this online thing.

Concerning personal mentoring, you can get in touch with me via delonibalusi AT so that we can discuss that.

Thanks a lot and have a great day!

Thanks for sharing your results! I really like the advice you give and it’s so encouraging to see that your advice comes from your own results.

Mark @ TheBitBot SEM Blogsays:

Onibalusi, Just curious…what are your writing services???

Thanks in advance.


i like your monthly reports because im learning from them. 🙂

thanks a lot again.

Hey –

Looks like you are doing better and better every month. I am surprised you can make so much from writing services. You must love to write like crazy. Have you ever thought of writing an actual soft or hardcover book? I guess it costs money to produce but it could be pretty cool and you could sell a lot of them with all the quality content you create.

Thanks for the quality content.

Okay. Everyone. Let’s face it, guest blogging is the way to go. Not only does he have a beautiful blog design – but the key element of his success is guest blogging. Even though I know this secret I’m still failing in this area.

Alright Obi. You are just awesome.

Peggy Fratkysays:

This is good to know that there are Genuine blogger who earn and make us people feel that we also will be able to earn some good amount some day. Congratulations man.

According Google’s Matt Cutts, a blogger start in a small niche and expand to other topics as soon as the blog grows and receives more natural traffic. So it may be a good choice now to change niches.

Writing Services – not on this blog, right?
The earning are impressive and quite massive, I barely made $400 in July. Where do you get your clients from?

I’m excited to start putting your tips into practice. It’s obvious that they are working for you, so hopefully, they will do the same for me!


Up Oni! you’ve made those of us in Nigeria proud and shown us that hard work leads to success, no matter how long it takes. Thanks my brother!

Yanna Felixsays:

I always enjoy reading your blog though this past few weeks I wasn’t active because of my busy work. Well, I like your monthly income traffic report because it uplift me to continue posting to my blog and at the same time I’m hardly trying to succeed although it takes time I know that, but what’s good is I’m willing to learn the process and enjoy every moment. Thanks because you inspire me a lot.

Oni, maybe you should email your old list! I wondered why I hadn’t been receiving emails so subscribed to your RSS feed. I have just signed up for Aweber as well after resisting trying to build a list for a long time! But you just have to do it.

Chris McCoysays:

I found this post really interesting, I was just wondering how long it took for your blog to get of the ground? I’d love those kind of pageviews per month haha!

Bounce rate is pretty high there. I believe you can double your income if you work on improving the bounce rate next. Good job though.

I never keep track of my expenses and earnings. Got a good idea from you to do this.
Your income is really great. I use Google analytics but I do not get this much traffic. Just few 100 is a day.

Not all bloggers are earning such figures, I am impress with your output and being transparent is not common, it’s shows your honest and sincere person.You inspired me. Keep it up!

Obi, if some has great talent if ask me i will surely point my finger to you! i didn’t read yet about you! i only read most of the people that followed you.. yes im impressive.

Writing is one of the blogger concept to finding money on the NET – Before the IM thing, blogger concept is about writing, if you keen to learn about writing then this is the best way to study, we learn from some kids to know what is wrong with our past future.

Obi, you have inspired me, im a guy with 2 princesses but reading your contents like im getting young again, from the contents creator like you, i wish some day i can make my own book and make a million stories about the blogger, rite now i still looking for some ideas, hope i gain it here.. 🙂

Best Regards,

Java Naturesays:

amazing oni… congratulation…

Awesome job man
i’m 17 too.

Sadia Komalsays:

Nice improvement and great success

Stephen from CheapPhonesListsays:

This post is really an inspiration to upcoming bloggers. It is possible to make an income online.

Cheap SEO Servicesays:

Good report..
But I’m not see the screen shoot, maybe like your paypal payment history or others related that…

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