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Interview With Super-Successful Entrepreneur – Pawan Agrawal

pawan agrawalThis is an interview with a super-successful entrepreneur, Pawan Agrawal from, Pawan has built a successful business online and he has launched several popular wordpress plugins including the recently popular Subscribers Magnet.

1. Hi Pawan, It is really a pleasure to interview someone like you. I
am sure many of my readers will know you, can you pls give a little
details about who you are.

I’m Pawan Agrawal the founder and CEO of I’m lucky to born in one of the most natural resourced country in the world: Nepal (Most people recognize the city, Kathmandu).

2. Great Pawan, you are really a successful entrepreneur, in fact, you are
successful among the successful. Can you pls tell us how you got
started online.

I had started MaxBlogPress because of my own need. I was one of the early users of wordpress and because I have got good programming knowledge as well, I used to customize wordpress a lot. Soon, I discovered, wordpress is quite powerful system but very few people were using it for maximum benefit.

At that time, there was very very few marketing related plugins and almost all of them were of poor quality and lacked good support. That’s where I found myself to fit in. Develop quality wordpress plugins for bloggers/internet marketers for helping them get more traffic and monetize their blog better.

Now, MaxBlogPress is not just limited to wordpress only. We are soon expanding ourselves to include other blogging platforms as well which will help other bloggers as well who are not using wordpress.

3. Making money online is surely not a bed of roses and I know you definitely faced some problems before maxblogpress became a success, can you pls let us know what these problems are and how you overcame them.

The very first problem that bogged us was the operation management. I had started MaxBlogPress with the aim to release many free wordpress plugins which will help the community as well as help me build a good list and bring traffic for MaxBlogPress. Monetization was the plan for later.

Releasing the first 2-3 plugins was smooth but soon we bogged down by lots of support and bug fix requests. At that time, it was just me, an assistant and a programmer I had hired. We used to spend most of our days in support putting system in place and other such operation tasks. We weren’t able to release any more plugins although I had sketched out ideas for some more new plugins. The support and other operation tasks kept us quite busy.

For overcaming this problem, we were quickly changing our system like, first of all the support was from just email, then we moved to blog comment, then support ticket, then community forum. We even created some custom scripts to internally manage ourselves so that no support request fall in the crack. It was more like we fix something and as we grow the fix doesn’t work anymore and need more tweaks in them.

4. One thing about maxblogpress is that it is so unique and in fact, I
haven’t seen a single blog like maxblogpress. How are you able to do

May be it’s because we understand the wordpress platform better?

5. Traffic is surely no problem for you and I remembered I got over
800 unique visitors to my blog from my first guest post on maxblogpress,
what is your traffic secret? I mean how are you able to get that much

Well, from the very beginning I was aware of the power of email list. So, I structured my entire business around email subscription. If you look, all our free plugins requires the email subscription for activating it. That’s how I built my huge list and if you have got a big list then you can direct traffic to anywhere you like. πŸ™‚

6. I am a huge lover and believer in your work and I once read about
you saying email eats RSS for launch, I totally agree with this but
many people craze after RSS nowadays, can you pls shed more light on

New technology always get lots of attention. RSS is surely a revolutionary thing but email still beat it in a large way in terms of attention. It’s same like, when email was invented there was a lot of hype about it. But, if you need to get attention from some one then phone calls win far away than an email.

If you have 10K RSS subscribers and another blogger have got 10K email subscribers then 10K email subscribers can direct much bigger traffic. Email always get more attention and people are habitual to check each and every of their email. RSS doesn’t get that kind of royal treatment. I suggest to read my free report “Talking Down A Suicidal Blogger” for learning more about the advantage of building an email list.

7. I guess many people love RSS because of the social proof aspect,
what is your advise for people like these?

You can get social proof aspect out of email list as well. Aweber, allows you to merge your subscribers number with feedburner and place the tickler in your blog. In fact aweber has got its own tickler like feedburner.

I’m not saying RSS is bad, I’m just saying just don’t stick with RSS only. Expand your horizon and be more powerful.

8. You surely are an expert and you have one of the most successful
blogs online, if I am a new blogger just starting today what will you
advise me to do to get results quickly.

Well, it might not be what most people want to hear. Instead of getting into lots of tricks and tactics build your blog on the basis of solid foundation.

First of all choose the topic which you are 1. passionate about, 2. where you can give advice much better than others and 3. there must be some way to monetize on that topic. After you have that kind of topic, start writing excellent content. See, I didn’t say, good content. You need excellent content. Good content are everywhere.

Now, all you need to do is: spend half of your time everyday in writing excellent content and half of your time in marketing. If you can devote more time then I suggest much more time in marketing than writing content. You can limit the number of blog posts and instead write few quality content and do aggressive marketing.

That’s how you can get results quickly and if you follow exactly what I said then it will have kind of snowballing effect.

9. You’ve made a lot online, what do you think is the best way to make
money from your blog?

The best way is to have your own product but it’s one of the hardest way as well. Till then selling advertising space and promoting affiliate products are good strategy instead of putting in contextual ads like google adsense etc…

10. You have a very successful online business and anytime you launch
a product it is been promoted by a lot of big bloggers and internet
marketer, do you think small bloggers can also get this type of
attention, if so, how?

It’s more like a ladder. I don’t think my product gets promoted by all the people I want to have them promote. When I first started my products used to get promoted by mostly small bloggers. As I started getting attention, reputation etc… my products got promotion by big bloggers as well. And I know, as I go further I’ll have more bigger bloggers promoting my products.

What I suggest is, don’t worry too much if big bloggers don’t notice you. Just start from the circle you already have and as the words go out you’ll have big players in your circle as well.

11. What advise will you give to my readers in general?

Same thing as I said in question 8.

12. I and my readers want to learn from you, can you pls tell us about
your website and products?

As I already told my website is and it’s motto is to help bloggers/internet marketers get more traffic to their blog and monetize their blog better. You can learn about my products at the website itself.

PS: This is the best interview I have done so far on this blog and it even inspired me to work more on getting things done. There is a lot to be learned from Pawan and you can learn more from him by visiting his website, MAXBLOGPRESS.COM

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18 Comments on "Interview With Super-Successful Entrepreneur – Pawan Agrawal"

  1. Samuel says:

    Woo…i never knew Pawan is the guy behind maxblogpress! Well maybe because have not visit his site. Awesome interview Oni… Learn cool lessons from this. Thanks for sharing bro! Keep up the good work up.

  2. The Humble Executive says:

    Hi this is the first time here are your blog. I must say very informative and nice. I love interviews and this is a great interview with Agrawal the founder For some reason I have found it hard to find really great blogs. I am glad I have found yours.

  3. Patricia says:

    What a great interview. I like getting to know about the people behind these products. Nepal. He didn’t let that stop him. Just hard work, getting out there, building his list and what a success story. An inspirational story and one we can all aspire to. thanks
    Patricia Perth Australia

  4. I think so. I like

  5. D Baker says:

    Great Interview and some great insights… I personally love many of MaxBloggerPress plugins and I think the way Pagwan built his online business surrounding free plugins is simply great.

    It reminds me of “moving the freeline” marketing concept by Eban Pegan and there is no doubt it works and works great!

  6. Mitz says:

    I love everything Pawan does. I started out with his free plugin, the Maxbloggpress ping optimizer and went from there.

    I just recently bought his newest plugin “Subscribers Magnet” which has bombarded me with email subscriptions..I see Onibalusi has it also….I am very happy and worried at the same time….because my whole plan is moving faster than I expected.

    I also did a guest post on Pawan’s website and he warned me about the traffic that would come…And it did….OMG! I have guest posted on other top blogs but Pawan really features your post exclusively and gives you all the limellight. His blog is not cluttered with too many otpions, just great content.

    • Onibalusi says:

      I’ve gotten over 1600 visitors from Pawan’s website till date πŸ˜‰

  7. Peter J says:

    This is an awesome interview – makes me want to create my own wordpress plugins πŸ˜€

  8. Sally B says:

    Great post, another piece in the word press jigsaw. Love it, very inspiring.


  9. latest9 says:

    What a lovely interview. I guess after reading this I just get some more insights for Blogging and how to make money online. Thanks for sharing mate.

  10. Nguyen Trung says:

    Hi @Onibalusi,

    This is an awesome interview and the questions you set out for the guy Pawan is very interesting indeed, very likely you will be the Larry King of bloggers in the future. Keep it up and good luck to you.

  11. Allaeas Online says:

    Pawal is a great inspirator, he spent a lot times to make the best useful plugins.

  12. Tinh says:

    He is the #1 in terms of marketing products and I do admire what he has done so far and Ninja Affiilate seems the best one he has made πŸ™‚

  13. Great Interview mate, nice one to read

  14. bryan says:

    Congrats on securing an interview with Pawan, Onibalusi. I think he is a role model where we all can learn from. He saw an opportunity earlier on and capitalized on it.

  15. Sathish @ TechieMania says:

    One of the best interviews I have read. Inspired me to word harder with my blogs to make money online and to become a successful online entrepreneur.

  16. Java Nature says:

    wow, great story of Pawan Agrawal… he will be my inspiration to be Entrepreneur…

  17. Bharat says:

    Inspirational story, hope We can see many interviews like this on YoungPrePro.


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