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The Internet Marketer’s Guide To Keyword Domination

keyword dominationThis is a guest post by CJ, A professional affiliate marketer. If you want to get yourself in front of the readers of writersincharge, you can read on how to submit your guest post

Now I’m going to assume that if you’re here, you’re writing articles to make money and not just for the fun of it. If you plan on making money, keyword research better be the first thing you do! Don’t even think about writing an article until you know what keyword you’re revolving it around.

And I’d like to tell you that finding keywords worth writing an article for is an easy process, but that’s just not case. The world of Affiliate Marketing is definitely a competitive one, meaning that keywords are getting taken everyday, making your job harder than you want it to be. But don’t get discouraged! I’m going to give you some skills I’ve picked up over time that will give you the edge against most Affiliate Marketers out there!

Working Hard or Working Smart?

Finding keywords is difficult, but there’s a way you can make your job a lot easier. You ever heard about the Google Keywords Tool? If you haven’t, and even even if you have, START USING IT! The Google Keywords tool saves you the trouble of wasting time writing articles around keywords that just aren’t worth it. On top of that, it helps come up with keywords for you.

You’ve Got Your Keywords, Now How To Use Them?

This is the part where most new Affiliates have a bad habit of messing things up. They find the keywords they’re going to base their article on and then what do they do? They use them all wrong. Here are the two main things you as an affiliate need to be concerned about. Keyword Density and Link placement.

Keyword Density, in this case, is the percentage of times your keyword appears compared to the total number of words on the in article. For example, if your article has 500 words and your keyword appears 25 times, you’re keyword density is 5%.

Link Placement is a concept with a definition as simple as it sounds. It’s simply where your links are placed throughout your article.

Using Keyword Density Like a Champ

You now know what Keyword Density is, but if you’re a new affiliate you probably still have no idea how to use it do you? Well that’s OK, I can change that.

When writing an article I think it’s a good idea to keep your keyword density between 3% and 7%. Depending on who you talk to, different people will give you different ideal keyword densities but as a rule of thumb, any article with a keyword density of over 10% is playing with fire.

The reason keyword density is so important is because that’s a big part of what the search engines are looking at, other than backlinks. When you write an article, you’re hoping that it will be placed on the first page of google and get traffic to your link.

When an article’s keyword density is too low, the search engines won’t recognize your page as relevant to your keyword and you won’t be anywhere near the top search results. But at the same time, if the keyword density is too high, google will see your page as spam and that will also keep your page from ranking highly in the search engines. As you can see, that perfect keyword density is really important.

Link Placement, The Difference Between Sales or No Sales

When writing your articles, what’s ultimately your goal? Your goal is to get your link clicked on, whether the link leads to a website of your own where you plan to make a sale or it’s an affiliate link.

This is why it’s important where your links are placed. The most important place have your link placed is at the end of your article. The second most important place, in our opinion, is somewhere within the first paragraph. The way you add you’re link at the en of your article is pretty self-explanatory, but it may be difficult adding a link within the first paragraph, while not seeming like you just want to make money. So here’s how you do it.

“You’re probably here reading this because you’re who I used be. Tired of getting cut from the basketball team, and tired of sitting on the sidelines when you actually did make it. Right? Well it doesn’t have to stay that way, trust me. I used the “Guide To Better Basketball” program and within six weeks I was out playing half the guys who made the team! Now I’m going to tell you my story and how I became the Varsity Basketball player I am today.”

In our opinion, a reader pays the most attention to what’s at the beginning of a page and the end of it. Think about it for a second. When you’re reading a review about a product, what do you tend to do? You read the first few lines then you tend to scan what your reading and don’t really stop the scanning (or skipping through certain parts) the text until you get to the end.

This is why link placement is important. When the reader starts and reaches the end of your article, you want your link right there for them ready to click. Test it out sometime. Changing the placement of your links can make a huge difference between whether or not you’re making sales.

Try My Tips

Give my tips a try and I promise you that your articles will become a lot more effective. Whether you write articles on a daily basis or every now and then, if you’re not doing it the right way, you’re wasting your time. Good luck.

CJ is a full time college student and a full time blogger who provide tips for making money online on his Blog. Feel free to Check Out CJ’s Blog if you want to read more of his posts. CJ learned everything he knows about making money online from Wealthy Affiliate, check out his Wealthy Affiliate Review

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6 Comments on "The Internet Marketer’s Guide To Keyword Domination"

  1. Nabeel | Create Your First Website says:

    Great tips CJ.

    You are right, keyword research is very important to get ranked well in search engines. You better target your keywords correctly if you want to get traffic from search engines.

    Regarding Link Placement, you mention “The second most important place, in our opinion, is somewhere within the first paragraph”, but I do not think article directories allow that. I mean you could do this on blog posts, but I do not think you can include a link anywhere other than the author bio (at the end). At least that’s what ezine articles allows. I am not sure about other directories.

    Could you please elaborate on this?


  2. CJ says:

    Definitely man. There are article directories that most people overlook, which do not regulate where you place your links, like article base, for example, or article blast. I personally don’t use Ezine articles mainly because there are way to many rules!

    I have a list of 50 article directories I’ve been submitting to, that have less rules. I’ll be writing that blog post soon!


    • Gary David | Build Your List Fast says:

      I agree with you. But you might want to start including Ezine Articles, it’s the number 1 article directory online. Just submit your premium articles to EZA, then another version of your article to other article directories. Looking forward for your next post that includes 50 article directories you’re submitting to.

  3. Mukundan Srinivasan says:

    Yes Google keyword tool is really useful. But what I feel is instead of simply writing articles targeting keywords it is better to write articles from your own ideas and use the best relevant keywords in it. So that in the long run you can succeed. But there is no fixed rule. So I finally think write for the sake of targeting certain keywords and write your own articles with appropriate keywords. Do both.

    • CJ says:

      You’re absolutely right man! Great stuff

  4. Peter Paul says:

    Nice article! I agree with you. It’s funny because I just read and listened to the audio regarding this topic earlier this day. I could not remember which chapter did it belong, pagerank or in the traffic generation section. Anyway nicely done


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