Income and Traffic Report

income and traffic reportI make thousands of dollars online every month and I get tens of thousands of visitors to this blog monthly. I have decided to be reporting how much I make and how much traffic I get while at the same time showing you how exactly I do it on this blog.

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October 2011 – $4,615

September 2011 – $5,085

August 2011 – $8,810.00

July 2011 – $4,730.00

June 2011 – $4,282.30

May 2011 Report – $2,266

April 2011 Report – $5,232.75

March 2011 Report – $4,943.70

February 2011 Report – $2,600.00

January 2011 Report – $5,045.25

December 2010 Report – $2,762.5

I learn new things every month and I have made it a duty to report what I learn and exactly how it impacts my business on this blog every month. Make sure you subscribe to this blog via RSS or EMAIL so that you don’t miss an update.


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