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In the Trenches; I’m Challenging Myself to Start Over Again

I’ve been freelance writing for two years now.

One thing I’ve repeatedly made clear is that the sole source of success for my freelance writing business is my blog. I’ve written countless articles on how to get freelance writing clients from a blog, and I even created a definitive slide on how this works.

But there’s a question I’ve had to ponder along the way – a question I think a lot of you might have; is ‘luck’ a factor in all this?

If you know my story, you probably already know that I started this blog with no intention of becoming a freelance writer.

I only started freelancing when people began contacting me through this blog, unsolicited.

I’m a huge advocate of what blogging can do for your freelance writing career, and it pains me to see that many freelance writers are reluctant to start their own blogs; even when it works.

I’ve decided to put my money where my mouth is!

I’m starting a new challenge as a freelance writer. The challenge is to start a brand new blog and turn it around to a solid blog that’s bringing in at least 4 figures in freelance writing income in 3 – 6 months.

Call me crazy but aside from the fact that I really love challenges, I think this will help a lot of freelance writers to finally take the action necessary to kick-start their career.

If it works, it further solidifies all I’ve been teaching and positions me as a stronger authority on the subject of freelance writing. If it doesn’t, I’ll have to reconsider my whole approach and my ideals as a freelance writer.

Here’s the process involved:

1. I’ll start a new blog following my advice to freelance writers. The blog will have its own hire me page and unique audience, and I’ll focus on turning it into a source of freelance writing clients in 3 – 6 months. Nothing more, nothing less.

2. The blog won’t benefit from the success of WritersinCharge. I won’t send an email to my list, share my articles on WritersinCharge’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and leverage any form of authority I already have. The only place you’ll see me mention the blog is when I publish updates on my progress; and no, I won’t link to it. I’ll only mention the domain name so you can follow along.

3. One thing I have to (and will) use is my name. As much as I’d love to do this in a fair and just way, I don’t think it’ll speak well to change my name or use a pseudonym for the purpose of this campaign. I’ll use my name, Bamidele Onibalusi, and that’s all.

4. I’ll experiment with various marketing strategies I’ve recommended; including guest blogging, being active on community sites, and creating social media accounts for the site. For a run down of marketing strategies I recommend, you should read this post.

5. I’ll develop a strategy and approach I plan to use for the blog, both content and marketing, to be followed strictly and I’ll be sharing it with you in a future post.

6. I’ll be making regular updates on this blog about the process. It could be weekly; showing you how I go about setting up the blog, tweaking it, writing and researching my posts, or my entire content marketing approach as well as my external marketing efforts. I’ll also be announcing the resources I use during this challenge.

7. If you want to, right now, you can start this journey with me. It’s still an experiment so far but I so much believe in the soundness of my approach that I think it will work. If it does work, you could have a solid business by the time it ends. If you don’t want to follow the challenge right now, that isn’t an issue. I’ll solidify the approach and create a system you can follow by the time the challenge is over.

More Details about the Challenge

After thinking about it, I think the best niche for me to start the challenge in is the guest blogging niche.

I have solid experience with guest blogging and I think it’s the best field I can start with.

While I have a domain name I created around 2 years ago, ( it’s about guest blogging, and I think it will be better suited for this campaign) I’ve decided not to use it in order to make the campaign as fair as possible. I’ve instead decided to register a brand new domain name to implement this plan.

The domain name is

At the time of writing this post and starting this challenge, which is on the 13th of October 2012, here are the current stats for this domain name.

Alexa ranking: Non existent

Google pagerank: Non existent

Mozrank: Non Existent

Traffic: Non Existent

In other words, everything is starting from ground zero.

By registering a new domain name and starting from scratch, not leveraging the WritersinCharge audience and resources, I think this campaign will be as fair as possible. That’s what I want.

I know this is a little crazy and I’m afraid of the outcome myself. But I’m sure of my approach.

Now, I wouldn’t just create this and wait for the traffic to roll in. No, I’ll get to work and focus on getting the results as I’ve always advised. I’ll also keep track of how things are evolving and will be making regular announcements.

That’s it for now. I’ll probably be making a new update every week (or once every two weeks) on how things are progressing. Reports about the status of this challenge will only be made on Mondays. It’ll probably be the main Monday posts for the next few months.

I’ll be updating you with my strategy and how I go about things in coming weeks. For the time being, I think my next post on this subject will be on how I go about installing the blog; registering the domain name, choosing hosting, installing template and so on. I’ll be including the costs and where you can get the resources I use in the process.

I want to be as transparent and as honest about this as possible, not sparing any details beyond what I’m capable of sharing. If you think I’m not being transparent enough during this challenge, please demand it!

What Do You Think?

Do you think this is a fair challenge? Am I crazy or is this an experience you’d love to watch?

Kindly contribute your opinions, criticisms and feedback in the comments. And remember, the number one priority for me is that every reader of this blog succeeds.

Update: I’ve gotten several comments and emails in regards to using my name for the challenge. I agree with those comments that using my name will not be fair, so I’ve decided that I’d do this using a pseudonym.

Some people also raised concerns about the fact that I mentioned the domain name I’ll be using on this blog. I don’t think that matters because WritersinCharge readers aren’t my clients, but my readers. Most WritersinCharge readers are fellow writers who want to get clients and improve their career using my tips, so I doubt anyone reading this challenge on this blog will head over the new blog to hire me.

The purpose of this new blog is to get clients, not traffic. While I’ll be reporting traffic to keep you updated on my progress so that you can see what works, it isn’t ultimately what matters.

To also reduce the chances of this blog having any SEO impact on the domain name and to reduce the chances of people clicking over, I didn’t link the domain name on this blog. I only mentioned the domain name to help you follow this journey.

With that said, I think this challenge is fair. If you think it isn’t, feel free to comment below with your opinions!

96 replies on “In the Trenches; I’m Challenging Myself to Start Over Again”

Gaurang Joshisays:

That really sounds interesting Oni. I would definitely love to watch you taking on this challenge. All the best 🙂

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thanks, Gaurang! It’s great to have you on board :

Ruan | FreelanceWritingTacticssays:

Indeed I will be following this challenge Bamidele! With my new site one up for a week now, I think I can be in that with you? You’d have to be a real mentor though and spill your secrets, okay? 😉

Haha, no just joking… I know the main factor behind your success will be how well you “get back out there” as people reading what you’re capable of doing can’t help but to want to follow and see more of you!

I have every bit of confidence that you’ll succeed. Yes, I’ve read that blogging success depends in a way on some luck, even trusted experts having said something in those lines. I still believe that if you don’t put in the work behind the scenes (yes I’m talking about those 18-20 hour workdays writing, writing and then some…writing) you won’t get anywhere now matter how much “luck” you can find.

Go for it my friend and all the best!

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Aha, thanks Ruan!

There are no secrets, actually; everything is in the open, but I think what most people need is practical advice and the challenge will provide that 🙂

I SO agree with you on putting in the work; if you can’t do that, luck won’t favor you. It’s putting in the efforts that actually bring results.

Hey Bro,

I’ll definitely be following this challenge with the launching of my new blog.

I’m ”Gobsmacked” and I don’t really know what to say. You know what bro? If about 6 to 8 months you grow the audience of the new blog to be like Youngprepro, I bet you, fame like never before will follow…

Just do it and I’ll be following along…

Thanks so much

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thanks, Daniel!

It’s awesome to hear that; I can’t wait to see you follow me on this challenge.

Let’s all do this together!

Wow, this is just what I need! I will be your number one follower on that demo site Dele. It will be a great tutorial for me as I am really clueless on how to start on some aspects. Thanks a lot!;)

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Awesome, Grace. Thanks!

I’m sure the challenge will be of great help to anyone who decides to follow along.

Well, I believe you’ll learn a lot more by starting from scratch. This way, you’ll also prove yourself that it wasn’t ‘luck’ that got you to where you stand now.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:


Expertise has value; true expertise even more!

The success of this challenge will help me establish my career even more; it’s a risk worth taking!

Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D.says:

Hi Oni,

What a challenge you’re giving yourself! We’ll be following you, cheering for you and learning from you. (I never thought your success was due to luck.)

Because you’ve already built up a great reputation,however, you won’t be able to avoid spillover from your other work, once the word is out. But in my mind that’s okay. You’ve earned your reputation and following.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Aha, thanks Flora!

Your comment is really encouraging, thanks so much!

I’ve decided to make the challenge even fair by using a pseudonym instead of my name; I’ll also avoid mentioning the domain name in future posts aside from via this introduction. I think that will make the challenge fairer for everybody.

Emmanuel Alukaogusays:

Bami why don’t you get satisfied with your current blog?,why are you stressing yourself planning to create another blog,remember excessive use of the internet has it’s own disadvantage.If you want to create another blog let it be specially dedicated were Nigerian writers(newbies) can get a writing job from home.

Yomi-Alliyu Oludami'says:

Hi, Emmanuel.
Everybody sees the wisdom in Oni’s proposed step. You don’t have to be different because you are Nigerian. And by the way, you are not the first Nigerian to comment here.
All he’s trying to do is to come down (again) to our level and hold us hand-in-hand while retrying to become successful, using the same tips and advice he’s been giving us. It’s far from satisfaction or stress issue.
That’s the best thing that would happen to most of us in our freelance writing career.
And the best you should do is to support ‘your brother’ in this journey.
It’s gonna be epic anyways, wheyher anyone supports or not 😀

I really agree with you Yomi. Please don’t take it as an issue Eman. Writing is a universal passion. It is for everyone, whoever and wherever you are. In the online world, it’s all the same rules. Peace!

Yomi-Alliyu Oludami'says:

Exactly, grace! Enough of all these mediocre thinking. The internet is universal and it doesn’t matter whether you are from Nigeria or Somalia, or even from USA.
I’m a Nigerian, and I don’t see myself being tied down because of people’s perspective about us, or even the way we (and I mean other Nigerians) view ourselves. Why should anyone want a ready-made ‘blog where Nigerians can get jobs’? That’s degrading! Especially when you’ve been shown all it takes to succeed online? My people baffle me sometimes! :-/
The first time I ever heard about freelance writing and how it really works was through Oni’s blog.
I’m really struggling, working myself out to build my own brand and my blog; Yes, it is not easy from this part of the world – I still see my blog as crap – but gradually we’ll get there.
At least I now have 2 clients; one from Nigeria (a social-network that has its own blog page…and they are really begging me to help them build it – talking about patnership), and the other from France, just very recently. I never pitched anyone of them. They found me even through my social media activities.
I don’t have any issues with the commenter, I’m just trying to address people from the so-called ‘third world’ generally. Please we have great Nigerian exemplars and role-models out there (Oni, Chibuzor, Linda Ikeji, Soji Adegbulu…and thousands of others – they are actually uncountable). The best we can do is to encourage and follow them.
Thanks, Grace (and everyone else).

You are definitely welcome, Yomi. Goodluck also with your blog.

Anne Lyken-Garnersays:

As far as I understand from this blog post, the idea seems pretty straight-forward, Emmanuel. (Oni, please say if I’ve got this wrong).

Oni wants to create a blog from scratch simply to show how it CAN be done. He doesn’t (necessarily) want a new blog. He wants to SHOW how a new blog can can become successful. He’s simply using a topic with which he’s familiar to achieve this.

The question has been asked over and over, why he doesn’t want to use the power of his existing fans. The answer is simple. When this experiment is successful, he doesn’t want it said that ‘it happened’ for him just because of luck or because he started with a host of ready-made fans.

He wants all things to be equal. When all is said and done, his figures should reflect any new blogger’s figures: a modest beginning, no clients, no fans, no backlinks.

It’s that simple (as far as I understand it). It’s not about a particular nation. It’s about universal blogging. Therefore, a Nigerian aspect won’t work for the plan – I don’t think.

Yomi-Alliyu Oludami'says:

As simple as that! Thanks Anne.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

You’re on spot, Anne. That’s the purpose of this challenge.

In regards to Emmanuel’s comment, if I’m being honest, I think that’s a product of limited thinking; you don’t need information tailored towards Nigerians to achieve success as a Nigerian; the same applies for other countries.

While majority of my readers here are from the US, the information provided on this blog is tailored towards an international audience; of course, people from the US and other developed countries have advantages people from countries like Nigeria don’t have, but that doesn’t change anything; you get results by TAKING ACTION. That’s why I started this challenge.

I’m not sure yet, but I think this new blog will be abandoned once the challenge is over; the purpose is to let people see it can be done, nothing else. For the most part, I don’t need new clients. I need a challenge, however, and I want to help my readers get results.

Yomi-Alliyu Oludami'says:

Gbam! 🙂

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Hi Emmanuel,

This is not about satisfaction; it’s about the reader.

If I’m too afraid to follow my own advice, then what guts do I have to recommend it to a reader?

Yes, it’s worked for me once. If it works again, I gain much more.

In regards to creating a blog dedicated to Nigerian writers getting a writing job, I have no motivation to do that. I’m a proud Nigerian, but my number one advice to my readers will be to start their blog where there’s a market for them; the market simply doesn’t exist when targeting Nigerian writers, online.

Besides, around 40% of this blog’s readers are from the US; less than 4% of readers are from Nigeria. In that vein, does it make sense to start a project on this blog that targets the Nigerian audience?

Wow, Bamidele, I love your idea.

By putting yourself back into our shoes, you are demonstrating your willingness to help us rise from the bottom!

Can’t wait to see how it all pans out!

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thanks, Thuy!

That’s my plan exactly; doing this – successfully – will give a lot of new writers the motivation to get results and see that it’s possible.

The last thing I want is readers feeling a disconnect by believing I’m a kind of genius or have some luck; and based on emails I get, a lot of people do feel that way 😉

Fascinating experiment! I’m not sure why you’d knock yourself out starting over and not using your existing audience to seed the new one…but can’t wait to see what happens.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thanks, Carol!

The idea still gives me chills but I can’t imagine thinking that a part of my advice isn’t effective; this challenge will help me see things as they really are.

I haven’t also marketed myself in a while and it’s getting boring. I think this experiment will get me back “out there” 🙂

Darren Boultersays:

Hi, what a great idea. Iv’e got my website and got my niche which isn’t a million miles away from yours but have done very little with it, so i will be following you every step of the way. I’m hoping to pick up some valuable tips.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thanks, Darren!

I checked out your blog and it looks great; I think it’ll be perfect for this challenge!

Love the idea Oni and we are all with you am sure!

It will be a worthwhile experiment indeed to see how the blog really starts from ground zero. And by challenging yourself you are going to prove that this can happen, which I’m sure with your dedication and effort – it WILL work.

Wishing you the best with this new endeavor. 🙂

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thanks for the optimism, Harleena!

I’m also positive about this working; one thing is for sure, though. The experience will be a great one!

Oni, you never cease to amaze me! 🙂 I second Carol’s thoughts as to why you would knock yourself out considering the strong audience you’ve built up to this point with youngprepro, but with your ambition and self-confidence I’m sure it’s an experiment that will be worth your while. Looking forward to seeing how it will all unfold!

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Aha, thanks Anca!

I’m probably too ambitious…lol.

Seriously, things are a little too comfortable for me that I haven’t seen any real challenge in almost a year; I want to change things by challenging myself, instead. It becomes better if I can inspire others along the away.

Kudos for that! It’s unbelievable though that this post has only 4 Likes and 4 Tweets up till now! Spread the word, people! 🙂

Well, you are guaranteed at least one very faithful reader while you go through this process. What a great idea! Thanks so much for allowing us to watch a pro do his stuff.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thanks, Robert!

It’s great to have you with me during this journey. I’m sure it will be insightful 🙂

This sounds fascinating. I love following real-time real-life challenges.

I look forward to reading your progress reports.

Thank you for putting yourself out there for us newbies. )

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Aha, thanks Victoria!

Your support will definitely be of great help during this challenge 🙂

What, are you crazy ?

A new blog to reach the authority in six month and earning in four figures, do you think it would be possible in current scenario when the Google is strict enough and even the big bloggers (where you will submit the guest articles on behalf of your new domain name) are reporting downside of their blog positions in various measures.

No doubt your reports appearing on the YoungPrePro will attract the clients indirectly over GuestBloggingTactics and you might achieve the goals.

Anyways this challenge will help me too in learning a lot from your experiences and that’s why I will never think before clicking YPP email updates specially on Mondays.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Hi Robinsh,

Actually, authority and earnings are two different things.

I believe it’ll take the new blog more than 6 months to achieve authority; my main aim isn’t authority, however. It’s clients.

With the right approach I believe you can get clients in 2 months and build a solid business in 6 months; I want to prove that with this challenge.

In regards to Google being strict and new bloggers taking measures, that’s the reality of today’s internet. My readers, mostly newbies, will also face it; this challenge is to prove to them that it’s possible to scale through this.

My reports on YoungPrePro won’t attract clients; my audience here at YoungPrePro aren’t clients, they’re fellow writers who want to grow their business. A lot of them don’t have the need to hire me.

I’m glad you’re in for this challenge and that you’ll be ready to click emails about this challenge. Thanks!

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thanks, Samuel. Let’s do this!

I’m a little confused, actually.

If you’re starting from scratch – how is using your real name, a name that is well-known, fitting into the picture?

Your real name is still on the search engines, known within the community, and you’re considered an authority figure in this niche. Anyone can go to Google and do a search on your name and recognize these facts.

Sorry, but I don’t agree with anyone else. To do this right, and to do it at a level of a newbie – you would need to use a pseudo name.

– Bonnie

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Great point Bonnie, thanks!

I agree and I’ve decided not to use my real name. I’ll be using a pseudonym; I’ll also be taking other measures to make this challenge as fair as possible.

Thanks so much for the feedback!

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback and considering my opinion. Your decision to use another name besides your own, is good thinking and I look forward to learning from your challenging case study. 🙂

– Bonnie

I wish you success.

But if you’re using your existing name, and also giving us the domain name (even if not using your facebook/twitter/etc.) you’re not truly starting from scratch. Prospective clients can google you easily and find out who you are and what your track record has been as a writer and guest-blogger. I still think it’s cool that you’re starting a new website, and I think your advice on guest-blogging is helpful, but this experiment isn’t a true test of what a complete newbie would meet with using your principles.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thanks, HK!

In regards to my name, I’ve decided not to use it based on feedback I’ve gotten so far; I’ll be using a pseudonym.

I only mentioned the domain name once and I didn’t link it – in this post – to ensure readers can follow along. That’s the main purpose.

In regards to getting clients, I’ll track clients that come via that blog as opposed to clients that come via YoungPrePro; also, my audience here at YoungPrePro consists of writers, so they won’t be hiring me.

If YoungPrePro has any influence on the challenge, it’s the traffic and it won’t be significant; my focus for this challenge isn’t the traffic, however. It’s what every other writer wants, CLIENTS!

Todd Butterworthsays:

This is going to be instructive and we are very excited about it. We have written a book entitle “the Happy Window Cleaners Guidebook to $200 a day” and are looking to learn how to do a website, start a blog and write guest posts. We can’t wait!

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thanks, Todd!

I’m also really excited about this challenge 🙂

Yomi-Alliyu Oludami'says:

Aha…it would be fun to watch a new struggling Bamidele from the scratch – gives me a real sense of
The topic of this post alone at first got me thinking you were really going nuts – what fame can do, until I read the full post and saw the motives behind your plan.
It’s gonna be great. Epic.
We’d have the opportunity to follow your steps to greatness one after the other, even though it’s still going to be a ‘catch me if you can’ race. You’ll still have the advantage of leveraging YoungPrePro audience and subscribers. It would be like a newly born royalty – his father’s the king! Heck, I’m checking out the new site after I post this comment!
I guess the greatest part would be watching you get clients though.
Good luck bro – and thanks for this 🙂

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thanks, Yomi!

I’m really glad to hear that 🙂

Aha, I can feel you in regards to the title of this post.

I’m trying not to leverage the YoungPrePro audience for this challenge in any way to make it fair; for this reason, I have decided not to use my name; I updated this post to reflect that.

Besides, most people think YoungPrePro will give that blog an advantage; if the blog outdoes YoungPrePro in terms of client generation in 3 – 6 months, a lot of people will be surprised. Based on what I teach, I think it will!

Yomi-Alliyu Oludami'says:

Aha…trust you, mentor. You never cease to amaze us 😀

Carole Lydensays:

I think this is a great business move especially with your expertise in guest blogging. I am just starting off on the road to guest blogging . Does that mean you will let this blog go?

Is it possible to keep 2 blogs going.?I have a problem with 2 blogs at the moment.
I feel kind of split and driving traffic to both will be tricky.

I am sure you will have every success.



Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Hi Carole,

No, I won’t let this blog go.

The new blog will be started just for the challenge; depending on my perspective when the challenge ends, I might discontinue the challenge blog once the challenge is over.

It can be difficult having 2 blogs; I can feel you on that. I think a better way to approach it is to focus on one blog “full-time” and only attend to the second one occasionally. Once the main blog is successful, you can put it on autopilot and then focus on the second one.

Another more effective but difficult way is to discontinue one of the blogs…

Great idea,and I have to agree with you on it not being completely fair. After all, for anyone who’s not completely new to writing and blogging, your name is just out there, on a lot of popular sites, in addition to this blog. But you are right about not using a different name, since blogging is about honesty.

But I think it would be cool to see the comments on the site- how many of these guys are already following your work here, and how many are brand new. And I was wondering if you’ll mention this blog on the other blog- because that is something new starters don’t have: a solid proof that you know what you are talking about.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Hi Pinar,

It’s indeed not fair if I use my name; I thought about it and that flaws the challenge by a lot of points. I’ve decided to drop the idea of using my name, though; I’ll use a pseudonym.

Yes, I’ll mention YoungPrePro on that blog since it’s proof of my experience; I would hardly mention it in any way to skew the results, but I’ll introduce new readers from that blog to YoungPrePro over time.

Roberta A. Avila- Guevara CVTsays:

Your challenge came at a great time! I want to get a blog started but don’t know how or what it will do for my career. I’m sure your challenge will answer those questions for me. Thank you.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

I love your comment, Roberta!

I get a lot of questions and mentoring requests in regards to blogging both via email and locally, and it bores me! I think this challenge will answer those questions 🙂

Very cool concept. I will be interested in following your progress.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

I’m glad to have you on board, Valerie. I can’t wait to see how this ends!

Khaja moinsays:

I like your way Oni,

I think you`re bored of making money with Young Pre Pro so now you want to have some challenge.

Good to hear. All beginners can take this as a lessons. Hope you will Share all your tasks done on new projects here.

Good luck. 🙂
[email protected]

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Aha, thanks Khaja!

I started the challenge for two reasons;

1. I remembered the old days when I had to work and put in a lot of effort. It was so much fun and that fun is disappearing now; I want to bring the fun back by constantly challenging myself like this. Besides, everybody benefits and see that it’s possible.
2. Too many gurus give advice but are actually afraid of implementing their advice because they think they’ll fail at it, yet they keep advising their readers to do the same. I’m no longer doing that; if it doesn’t work for me, then it’s not worth preaching. Of course, this has worked for YoungPrePro but trying it again will prove that it’s not “mere luck”.

Glori Surbansays:

Wow. This is interesting.

I’m kind of excited to see how you’ll do! But may I make a suggestion? Maybe you can also include the budget you use in your updates.

As you’re well aware, most newbies have limited budgets,so having a clear idea on how to spend for a website, the design, etc. will help.

Just thinking out loud… 🙂

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thanks, Glori!

I’m trying to go cheap on this to make the challenge easy for everyone. I’ll include everything I used, including where to get them online 🙂

Oni, I love this idea. I blog but it’s not really one that’s going to make me any money. I write about the books I read and the movies I watch, so it’s a review blog and there are a lot of them. I’m excited to learn how to blog with the goal of making money at it. Good luck. Louis

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thanks, Louis!

This will be exciting.

Don’t you think that the followers you’re having now won’t just follow you in your new site? You see you’re one of those established name in this industry.

I’m just curious but I’m positive it won’t be hard for you even if you start again from scratch.

*thought I’d post this email here,so it’s part of the wider discussion*

Hi Bamidele,

thanks for getting back in touch and considering my feedback. However, the other things that strikes me is,now we all know the name of the domain – – this alone will generate traffic, social media conversation, traction and the like – whether you encourage it or not!. Whilst this is only my opinion, I think if you really want this to be a fair, unbiased and impartial experiment, that will really help others, and prove your methods to be sound without a doubt. Then, there is something to be said in taking the niche site builder route, i.e. not revealing your niche OR domain – maybe even selecting a niche that you have not 100% percentage knowledgeable about, have already dominated, and are internationally known for?

In this way, you are truly starting out with a totally clean slate, from which you cannot leverage any of your current audience, traffic or contacts, etc.

I think using a pen name is a good start…but as you have already advertised the name of the site in your broadcast to your list…and the talk has ALREADY started – you have already stacked the cards in your favour!

Your thoughts?

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

For those who are wondering, here’s my reply to Stacey’s email.

Hi Stacey,

Thanks for the reply!

In regards to the domain name, I’d agree with you but the purpose of this challenge isn’t to generate traffic but to get clients.

My audience at YoungPrePro consists of writers who want to learn the craft, not clients; majority of the clients come from search engines and my guest posts on other blogs so I don’t think this will be an issue.

To put this in perspective, it’s only around 60 people that have visited the site since I announced the challenge; probably to check out the blog, all directly by copying the link into their browsers.

I announced the challenge because I want others to follow me and start their blog as I do it. I believe people will be more likely to take action following me on this “journey” than doing it on their own; so they can see how I’m doing things and how everything will be progressing. In other words, the YoungPrePro audience following me on the journey will be doing so to confirm things and validate their own actions. Nothing else.

To make it more realistic, now that you know the domain name as a YoungPrePro reader will you hire me from the new blog? Probably not, because you’re following the blog to see how successful the challenge will be and how I go about implementing my strategies.

Like I said earlier on, if traffic was all I wanted I wouldn’t have revealed anything; I want clients as I believe that’s what my readers want, too – and that wouldn’t come from the YoungPrePro readers following me on this journey. It doesn’t matter if you have a million followers if you can’t get any clients as a freelance writer.

I hope you understand my views on this.

Best Regards,

Starting all over again – A unique thought by you who is already well established as a freelance writer and blogger.. No one would ever thought of starting a new blog when already a person is having a successful blog…..Onibalusi you are a good thinker and a person who keeps experimenting.All the best..

I’ve followed your blog on and off for the past year or so and just happened to visit here again yesterday. Just wanted to say that you really are such an inspiration and have a lot of great advice to give. I’ve really seen your blog grow over the past year. I’m truly excited about your new experiment and will definitely be following along!

Your challenge, though crazy as it may seem, is a great idea! Now, I’ll strive to follow every step you take – bit-by-bit, inch-by-inch, and mile-by-mile. Hopefully my blog will keep abreast of your new blog and both will hit the top together.
However, to me, it’s not a level playground: you can afford to hire a designer who’ll charge $1500 for the layout, I cannot. Also, your name is well known already, mine isn’t.
All the same, I’ll give you a hot chase. But it’s only a hope that you won’t drop me far behind eventually. It’s not easy being a student of medicine and surgery and working as a freelance writer at the same time.

Abass, I agree with you on these points.However,we should still follow Dele on this and see how things pan out.

Sheyi | ivblogger.comsays:

Are you a writer? Your blog’s url does not even depict that!



Now tell me. How does Daniel Scocco’s depict that he’s a freelance writer? How does Michael Chibuzor’s depict that he’s a writer? How does And how does depict that Bamidele is a writer?

Being a freelance writer doesn’t mean you have to blog on freelance writing and related whatnot. Choose a niche that suits you. Period. Only that you should tell visitors of your services. Check out my URL and see this.

This is a great idea.Can’t wait for it to start.Thanks for this opportunity.

I love the idea but I think you are cheating by telling us your domain name.

If anyone reads this post and any of the following posts about your domain name they are going to be curious and check out your site. I realize that you believe there is a difference between traffic and clients however I believe you are wrong, here’s why:

Traffic = potential clients and if that is true then any traffic generated means that you are more likely to succeed. Therefore if you tell us (even without linking it) about your new site people will visit it.

Although personally I am anxious to see your results from your challenge I would personally remove the domain name from my posts, and include photos (again removing any branding info) until you believe you’ve reached your goal.

This way you are truly in the trenches with everyone else.

Nice one Bamidele – this will be an awesome case study and inspire many people to strike out on their own!

I’m certainly looking forward to the experiment and excited to follow along with you, Oni. I’m sure we are all in for quite a learning process and tips we can do to make our sites better as well. I think its very brave for you to do this, but there is nothing better than showing exactly what to do and when to do it. I can’t wait for it all to get started. Thanks so much!

Deb 🙂

Good way to test ourselves and our very own capabilities.. love to watch this journey very keenly..

Jerrywhyte Obamwonyisays:

Good to know Oni! though this is certainly great blogging challenge process, but the event(reward) at the end of the day is really worth the hassle

Here through twitter for the first time.. You have an interesting name! I’d be interested in following your journey. I’m not a freelance writer (though I probably could be?) and I have gotten unsolicited writing gigs but my main focus is design. I wonder if I should ‘start over’ as a writer sometimes! Good luck.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thanks, Janet! 🙂

You can definitely be a freelance writer if you want to; the good news is the process used in this challenge is applicable to web designers, too, so it’s your choice.

Hi Bamidele, just wanted to say thanks for starting this challenge as it’s inspired me to do the same. I’ve written a post on my site about your challenge and I’ll also be writing up a case study as well to document my progress!

I’m sooo interested in this experiment. I’m going to follow along with my own new blog. THANKS!

Hi Bamidele, this is crazy as some people may say, but to me this is an act of a genius.This challenge is making blogging really interesting.its sounding like a game right now and guess what? I LOVE GAMES.and am going to play with you.I just lunched my blog and i will like to walk along side with you.before i read this i only have a thirty day plan of back link generating method and nothing else,but with this challenge i believe i will learn a lot from you,and if you don’t mind we can carry out some of the back link method i have planed together.Thanks once more for this challenge.This is really a Genius act.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thanks, Iteire!

I’m pretty excited about this challenge and everything is looking good so far.

I love GAMES, too, and this is a pretty cool one. I can’t wait to report how everything goes in 3 – 6 months’ time 🙂

Buddie you’ve got my back on this one and i will follow along as you keep us informed about your progress,i don’t know if you would also permit me to share my progress with you.

I probably came in late for the party, but yes, I’m going to follow along, too, and see how this all plays out.

John Obidisays:

I’m late for the challenge too, but I’ll follow as best as I can.

This is a crazy, yet innovative idea. I admire you Oni for succeeding in the world of freelance writing within a short span of time. What’s more, your creativity and willingness to help other freelance writers–just like me–succeed inspires me. I hope you succeed in your challenge and eventually earn 5 to 6 figures a month.

I’ll apply the things that I’ve and will learn from this blog in starting my own niche blog. By the way, is there something wrong with the download link? I can’t download your free ebook..

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thanks, Marc!

The challenge is now a success and I’m working on taking things further; I’ll definitely let you know how things go.

The eBook download link is working fine; what message are you getting? Is it okay to send you the PDF via email?

Best Regards,

Congrats Bamidele! Your success only proves that your techniques do work. Can’t wait to apply them in my own freelance writing career.

I would definitely appreciate it if you’ll send the ebook through email. I’m dying to read it. I’m sure I’ll find precious gems in there that would help me advance my writing career.

Thanks again bro..

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thanks, Marc!

I just sent you the eBook via email 🙂

Best Regards,

J Bostwicksays:

Being a new blogger I love this idea…I’m tracking progress as I go as well. Thanks for the article!

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