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How To Write Catchy Headlines That Works

how to write headlinesThis is a guest post by Abhishek from If you want to write for this blog then feel free to submit your guest post.

The heading of the topic is simple and it is “how to write a catchy headlines that works”. Writing catchy headlines for your post is a very important part of the writing process because it is the headline that catches your reader’s attention and make them to read what you want to share. In fact, it is the first impression on your prospective readers that hold them and make them to read the post.

Your headline is the first thing your readers will read and it is what will make them to read further if they found it useful for them. Let me prove it – if you are glancing at a newspaper or surfing on the net what will you read first? Just the headline! And if you find a catchy headline that hooks you it will make you to go through the complete article the same thing applies when we surf the internet so it is essential to write a catchy headline that hooks your target audience.

Here some tips on how to write headlines that works:

1. Know Your Post:

The first step is to know your post and what it is about, write a good titles that fits in with your post idea and start writing your post based on that title. I discovered that inspirational, beneficial and headlines that brings about curiosity works better than other headlines.

It is also important to make sure your headline describes your post and gives more insight into what it is about. If you have a catchy heading and writing about something else in your post then the sudden traffic which you got will not came back to your blog or website so the first important thing when writing a catchy headline for your blog post is to “Know Your Post – What Is It About”.

2. Use keyword Research Tools:

Researching keywords for your post is one of the most important thing you must do, because it helps you know about people and what keywords they are using to find your blog in the search engines. I use and also recommend you to use google keyword tool, it will give you the idea on what keyword must be included in heading. In this post I am targeting the “How to write headlines” phrase  which has 320 monthly searches and less competition. All this words are included in my post title and also in content repeated again and again.

3. Choose The Best Keyword And Make Title:

After writing your content and you are ready to share it with your reader it is very important to know everything about your post and keyword so go again and search in the google keyword tool. After writing the content I strongly recommend to search your title keyword (not necessary to do before). Pick out the best keyword or phrase that will describe your post in a more search engine friendly way and make your best catchy title out of it.

4. Finally All Ready:

After doing all the above steps both your content and best title is ready to be published.

Having catchy search engine friendly title will not only bring search engine traffic but also hook people who are looking at it. Just one more step to go.

5. Be Your Reader:

Here is the last step and important too. You must think yourself as a reader at least at once and ask yourself, “Do I like the heading? Is this post informational and good to be shares with others?”. If you say “YES” than finally your post is all setup to publish. This last step helps me greatly to generate content rich post.

Bonus Tip(Not Necessary But Recommended):

Four keyword to start with that people like:
1. How I…
2.Methods To…
3.Top…Tips to…
4.How to…

I’m Abhishek and my brother Rajneesh (Founder of – a full time blogger from India. You can connect with us on Twitter.You can also subscribe to our blog or subscribe to our RSS feed.

29 Comments on "How To Write Catchy Headlines That Works"

  1. William Veasley says:

    Hey Abhishek,

    Great article on writing catchy headlines that work!

    I also believe that the headline for any article you write is one of the most important aspect of the article. If the headline is brillant then that means more people are going to be interested in what it is about. If the headline is trashy & boring, no ones even going to wonder what is he/she talking about.

    Sometimes for me it is hard to write a really catchy headline based on what the article might be about. Even after searching my head for an hour the titles i come up with, to me sound okay, but not catchy enough.

    For me, the catchiness of my headline all depends on what the article is about. If the article is informational but not the most interesting thing to read about.. that can make coming up with a catchy headline a little tougher.

    I really enjoyed tip #5 and the bonus tip.

    The best way to know if your headline will be catchy to your readers is to put yourself in their position.

    Thanks for the awesome post!

    God bless,
    William Veasley

    • says:

      Hi William
      Great to see you spend time to make catchy headline:).One more advice is you can read various banner ads people make.

      true making catchy headlines depends on the type of article and it is possible to make catchy headline on informational post also like using “informational tips on catchy headlines – going to help you”

      Good to see you enjoyed the post 🙂

      • William Veasley says:

        Hey Abhishek,

        Spending time on your headline is something everybody MUST do. Rushing a headline will end up coming back to hurt you the most.

        A Catchy headline is the last step in my equation. Butt, also one I spend a lot of time on after I have written the article at works better too me! Might even work better for you too!

        You are too true to your word dude. People need to take a little time and listen to what you have to offer them. They say the wisest people are those who listen.

        Thanks again 😀

        God bless,
        William Veasley

  2. You sound like Onibalusi. Really great post there dude. I like the last part. You need to compete to yourself in order for you to be a great headline writer. Yourself is your biggest competitor and best assessor of your work.

    • says:

      Hi Ernest
      Thanks for comparing me with onibalusi but everyone is different in this world.

      Yeah before publishing article satisfying yourself is must.

      Thanks For Sharing Your Views

    • Hi Ernest,

      The guy really knows his stuff and he is top-notch when it comes to SEO.

      He will be writing a great SEO article for us very soon – From what I have seen from his guest posts here, he knows what he is saying.

      Thanks so much for commenting,

      • says:

        Hi Onibalusi
        I just check this article for the keyword “how to write headlines” keyword in google and it is on top of second google page.This really works.

        • Cool Abhishkek,

          I haven’t even built any backlink to it ;).

          I know you are an SEO genius and you know what you are doing, you rock!

  3. Michael says:

    So, so, true. Your headline/title is your hook – it demands as much, if not more, attention as your content.


    Thanks for sharing Abhishek

  4. Lye Kuek Hin says:

    Hi Abhishek, good points there, the title must be relevant to the post. A catchy headline will definitely attracts your visitor to continue reading the posts and one advantage is to reduce the bounce rate.

    Talk to you soon.


    • says:

      Hi Lye

      Good to see you enjoyed the post 🙂
      Having catchy heading relevant to post is must.

      I would also love to talk you

  5. Good stuff..

    Especially liked the last point – “Be Your Reader” – seeing things through other people’s eyes is not always easy, but it can give you a lot of insight as to what your reader wants..

    thanks for sharing
    Hector Cuevas

    • says:

      Hi Hector

      its good to see you like the post especially my favorite point last one. 🙂


  6. Samuel says:

    Nice post bro! Yea u are right, a headline must have arresting introduction! That will arrest the reader nd convert he/ she to start reading ! Kip it up bro.

  7. Hi Abhishek! This is your second articles here. Well done!
    Yes, i agree with you that an attractive headline is important for us to drive traffic to our blog. In addition, we have to optimize the headline for search engine too. Therefore, the keyword research is an essential step. Thanks for your sharing!

    • says:

      Hi Kok
      Yeah it is my second guest post here and going to write another one soon.I like this perfect place to post and share my article.Onibalusi is really helpful.

      It’s great to see you agreed with my message here 🙂

  8. Tinh says:

    GReat post and the title will attract more visitors as it is the key message in the SERPs. Thanks

  9. Kathy says:

    We only have so much time we can spend on any one thing when it comes to blogging or writing in general. Spending time on your titles is definitely one of the higher value things we can spend our precious time doing. There is no doubt that a clever title will bring in a lot more traffic than a less thoughtful one.

  10. Sports Archive says:

    apart from the serp’s, people who are genuinely looking for content to read, they determine the article by the type headline. so the headline has to be strong enough to grab the attention of the reader and make him read the article

  11. Mani Viswanathan says:

    People like “HowTo” titles..previewing it by urself is very imp. If you like it then maybe 60% of ur readers would surely like it.

  12. Tej Kohli says:

    I also prefer to write some attractive headlines but sometimes its happen what I am looking to target its comes first ,, That make its more useful for the search purpose

  13. cybers says:

    I don’t have something on my mind to write for my blog. Even though there are a lot of topic to choose from it is still useless if my mind won’t think something to write. But this article has a point anyway. Great Article

  14. Nice tips, I think it is equal important to avoid unclear headlines that make a person wonder what youâ??re really talking about.

  15. Osmin says:

    I never knew that headlines was that important. Thanks for this post.

    • says:

      It is very important to make readers to read your awesome post.

      Thanks For Commenting

  16. TriForce says:

    Hey, this is the nice article. I like Be Your Reader portion. That way we can evaluate ourselves. And The Bonus Tips are really work for any article. Thanks… 🙂

  17. Bob Dole says:

    This whole site is comical. Dude, you can’t even speak proper English. How can you talk about Blogging/Writing tips in English? Nice fake comments, by the way!

    • Bamidele says:

      Hi Bob,

      Kindly take a look at my recent articles to see the improvements. Also, concerning the fake comments, will you be happy if someone else classifies the comment you just made as fake?

  18. Amal Rafeeq says:

    Hi bro 🙂
    Great article it is. You nailed it. Congrats.
    Making use of words in Headlines that promise your visitors a great value will definitely turn them into loyal readers. Just adding up 🙂


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