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How to Write Content That Gets Read

how to write contentI’ve been blogging for over a year now and within this period I have written hundreds of blog posts, I have written hundreds of guest posts and I have read and observed a lot of great posts on other blogs. I have also received a lot of emails, I have sent a lot of emails and I have read countless posts online on getting results from your content. I have noticed that what most people think is the secret to writing successful content isn’t really it, and the chances of your content being successful or not is sometimes determined by luck. The question is, is there a sure-fire way to make sure your content brings the desired results?

While there are a million things that will determine how successful your content is, I have tested a few of the blog posts I write on this blog and the emails I sent to my readers and I have noticed a trend among them all. This article will be giving you some insights into writing web content that bring results.

It’s in Your Headline

How do I know this? I told you about testing various blog posts on this blog and email to my subscribers so I can observe what works and what doesn’t. The fact is, some of my best blog posts were never read and I still have blog posts I spent countless hours working on in order to make sure everybody benefits from, but in the end, who cares?

It doesn’t really matter what is in your email or your blog post and it doesn’t matter what you know or who you are, nothing screams READ ME other than the perfect headline. The content you write is like an experiment, which cannot work without the right formula. Your headline is one of the most important elements because it is what starts the experiment. Your headline has to communicate what your blog post is about before you can get any result.

Let Your Headline be Concise and to The Point: I learnt this the hard way, but as you all know, the more experience you have the better it gets. When it comes to writing successful content I have always been looking for a great formula without knowing there is no formula, and the mistake a lot of us make when trying to write for our readers is trying to sweet-talk our way to them.

As a blogger, your readers already know what they want to receive from you and they won’t even bother following you if not for this so instead of trying to use some marketing ploy why not be straight with them in your blog posts and emails. If people signed up to your email list because they want tips on fishing, why not indicate boldly in your title that you’re writing about fishing and nothing else?

Let Your Headline Over Deliver: This is even more important if you’re a blogger who expects readers to continue reading his/her work. People are not fools and you can only deceive them for so long, sooner or later, they will get tired of it. A lot of people promise heaven and earth in their headline but won’t give you anything should you decide to read the article and the end result is you being disappointed and vowing never to read an article by the fellow again.

Your readers are people with feelings as you and they value one thing more than every other thing in life, and that one thing is their time, waste it and they have nothing to do with you again.

Communicate Importance and Urgency: So many people write headlines that are dry and unimportant and headlines like these only bring about reasons for postponement as far as readers are concerned. It is very important to always ensure your headlines communicate importance and urgency. People want to know why it is really important that they should read your content and it is your duty to get them to read it right away, all you need to do is make it clear in your headline.

Give Them What They Want: I write a lot of posts every time which I tweet and share across my social accounts, I recently wrote a post on how I made $5000 online in one month and it got a lot of response across various social media sites. People are really tired of reading the same old stuff and they only come to you because they believe you can give them something new, make sure you give them just that.

Make Effective Use of Presell

When it comes to preselling a lot of people think you can only presell products you want to sell, whereas you can as well presell your online content. I have heard it from several experts and I have confirmed it myself that the more you get a message the more receptive you are to it. When I launched my eBook on how I make money online it was accepted by a lot of people and my optin skyrocketed, social media sites sent a lot of traffic and people were even sharing it with their friends. Is it because the content is so epic? That would have been the case if people read it before sharing but the reality is they didn’t, the key was me creating enough awareness about it to make people thirst for it months before it was released. This was done by me writing a monthly income report to let people know how much I make, by telling people about it in my income reports and in every post I write about making money online and by telling people about it on all my social media accounts. I also applied the same thing to my recent post on how I make money writing and it also was a great success.

Always try to wet people’s appetite about whatever you have in stock for them, make sure they are always expectant for more from you because this makes them value the information you give them.

The truth is it doesn’t matter whether it is from you or from others, as long as emphasis is placed consistently on a work of yours the perceived value it has among your readers will significantly increase so it is your duty to keep your readers expectant for your content.

Don’t be too Dry, Be More Personal

Is it on Problogger, on Viperchill, on Smart Passive Income or even on this blog, the most successful blog posts are the most personal one. People don’t give a damn about what you think or what you read; they only really care about what works for you.

My posts didn’t start to get more response until I started getting more personal. And being more personal without being too offensive means you need results, make sure you’re always stretching yourself and going outside your limits to conduct new experiments, whose results you can later share with your readers. A great example of someone who does this really well is Steve Pavlina. This guy sometimes deprives himself of sleep, he sometimes deprives himself of real food and he has made himself a living experiment just to be able to share his results with his readers. Does it bring him result? At least you will say it does with his blog being visited by millions of people monthly and his monthly income in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Stop looking for the easy route because real results don’t exist there, you have to go out of your comfort zone; you have to think outside the box to really get the result you greatly desire.

Walk the Talk

Why should people listen to what you have to say about treating the sick when you’re only an auto mechanic? Why should people listen to what you have to say about making money online when you’re as poor as a church rat? No offense intended but I think you should get my point. When Pat Flynn talks about making money online people listen, because he makes several tens of thousands of dollars monthly, when Pat Flynn talks about getting traffic to a blog people also listen, because he gets over hundred thousand visitors to his blog monthly, and when Glen Allsopp talks about affiliate marketing people listen, because that is the basis of his online income.

People won’t bother to listen to what you have to say if they suspect you have no idea what you’re talking about, and believe me, in the online world people suspect everybody has no idea what they’re talking about so you have to prove it to them. How? By being the possible best you can and by giving them enough proof that your methods work? When I tell people I will teach them how to get more comments on their blog posts they will surely listen because I have several blog posts with hundreds of comments and the latest blog posts on my homepage has enough comments to back me up. It doesn’t matter what your field is, walk the talk, and do your best to let people know that you really walk the talk.

Test, Test and Test

Why should you test? I think we always know what will work? I also used to think like that until I started testing recently only to realize I have been failing massively and I keep on digging my grave. A great example of this was when I launched my recent eBook on how I make money online, I created two different squeeze pages and I split tested both, the most beautiful one I thought will convert the most converted far less than its counterpart and I realized how important testing is to online success. You never really know what will work!

You don’t really know what will work, because the same thing does not work for everybody and there’s only one way to find out what really works. That one way is testing. Don’t make your conclusions unless you test, businesses can never succeed on blind guesses.

Spread the Word

I’ve learned a lot about writing web content that get results and there is still a lot more to learn. I believe in sharing the little I have learned with you and I’d also love you to do the same. Make sure you share this post with others so they can learn more about writing web content that get results.

If you really loved this post make sure you get my free eBook on how I make at least $3,000 online every single month.

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38 Comments on "How to Write Content That Gets Read"

  1. WOW! You have nailed some really good tips here for free. Thanks for sharing this useful article.

  2. Eric says:

    Great tips! Loving the site so far Oni, you’re an inspiration to many of us.

  3. patrick says:

    It’s very true about writing great headlines. I notice that is one of the primary things that grabs my attention when it comes to opening an article.

    Also the test, test, test mantra is extremely important and most successful people will attest to how important it is. You don’t want to keep doing the wrong, unsuccessful actions over and over again without seeing what works and what doesn’t.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. LoveChic says:

    What i like about all your posts is that you are sincere and you try to share your knowledge with the others. It is great of you. As for the article, you are absolutely write and I agree with every point that you wrote. If to follow all of them, you will succeed.

  5. Hi Oni,

    Powerful tips here.

    The testing phase continues forever. By testing you learn what works best. Keep doing that. Sounds simple but it’s amazing how many people ignore testing and measuring their results.

    Clear and concise headlines spark interest. We all seek clarity; when someone is clear it means they aren’t wasting our time. Either we like the topic and check it out or move on immediately. We save ourselves time either way.

    Thanks for sharing Oni!


  6. Hi Onibalusi,

    I totally agreed with your point….. People don’t care what you’ve read and heard, they only care what actually worked for you so that they get some confidence before trying it for themselves.

  7. Hi Onibalusi,

    Title is real the real trick to attract your reader and later it should be your content that don’t allow your reader to leave without reading it completely. As a reader I always like to read more personal experience rather than just what other has said. I think that way we can attract huge amount of reader.

  8. Jerry says:

    Off topic- with respect to your viral link affiliate product-when u clickthrough to clickbank and you look at the bottom it say affiliate=none

    I guess u need to fix that in order to get credit and paid 🙂

    • Onibalusi says:

      Hi Jerry,

      I’m not an affiliate, I’m a co founder so I make money when anybody buys.

      Thanks so much for the concern 🙂

  9. Java Nature says:

    great post oni… this article help to be a writer like you…

  10. Jennifer says:


    Great article as usual. I find it interesting that sometimes the blog post that I spend a great deal of time writing will get less of a response then a blog post that I wrote quickly.

    Thanks for such a great and informative post.


  11. Tarrum@Creating a Website says:

    For some time, my article titles were normal. After I changed them to something more interesting, like “How to Take Better Pictures” to “10 Tips to Get Better Photographers”, the post had many more views. It’s all about testing indeed, but so many people think that what works for others will work for them too. That’s unfortunately not true.

  12. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Another great post Oni.Learn lot from your article and it will help me create great content for my blog.

  13. steam cabin says:

    I think all tips are very useful to become a successful writer.You have all achieved in one year.It is great.

  14. Dave Lucas says:

    Onibalusi! Hi! You wrote “…some of my best blog posts were never read and I still have blog posts I spent countless hours working on in order to make sure everybody benefits from, but in the end, who cares?”

    I have exactly the same experience! It’s like the greatest posts I’ve written that I am truly proud of, no one (not even search engines) care about. But some outright filler posts and crappers get praised by other bloggers and readers and rate high on page one of search engines! Go figure!

    • Onibalusi says:

      Aha Dave,

      It’s really great to hear that from you too. Luck is a major factor in writing blog posts that gets read, and having a great headline can ensure a great deal of success.

      Thanks so much for the comment and have a great weekend.

  15. Glen Allsopp says:

    Sexy headline

    • Onibalusi says:

      Thanks so much for that bro 🙂 – Even though you wrote it for me.

  16. Fazal Mayar says:

    That is a really good post Onibalusi, I’ve just written a post on this topic . 🙂

  17. trader joes says:

    I think for reading and writing the first requirement is concentration. By concentration on a subject we can go deep into the topic.

  18. Hey Oni!

    I tend to do quite a bit of research before I get to writing an article. Looking back on it though, I would also have to agree that some of my most commented articles are the ones where i expressed more of a personal conversation, and if you think about it, it makes sense.

    Blog posts aren;t supposed to be research papers and I think that’s probably what a lot of blogs have become. Blog posts are a medium for exchanging information and connecting and people respond well to personal stories and lessons learned.

  19. flash banner says:

    Yes, these are best points to attract the visitors.I see lot of companies are writing and posting to get just back links.
    If they follow these points, they can also get good traffic from their articles.

  20. Best hosting service says:

    I learn so many new things things from this websites and all of these informations useful for me in my daily work. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Aloys Jacobs says:

    Hi Onibalusi, I totally agree with your points. What I’d like to stress out is the balance that should exist between marketing tactics (catchy headline and so on) and the actual value of the content being delivered. The value of the content lies mostly in the fact that it shares actual experience or knowledge. When the headline is impactful enough and the content is on a par with the headline, that’s when an article is powerful.

  22. Joseph says:

    Onibalusi, you’re such a gifted writer. I am proud of you! Keep it up!

  23. Java Nature says:

    content is a king, right!

  24. Hi Oni! To grab the attention of others through your content is not an easy task. Our one mistake takes them so far. Your tips are so great & I really appreciate them. These will definitely help me a lot in my next article. Thanks for sharing & keep it up!

  25. Of late I have discovered that the length of your blog posts play a major role when it come to blogging. It not only retains readers on your site but also helps in search engine ranking. Only make sure your post are intriguing enough. Great work man.

    • Prasenjit @ Easy Ways to Make Money says:

      but at times, if the post becomes very long, then the reader might get bored. for a very long post, better to break the post into pages.

  26. Stuart says:

    Great tips Dele, thanks for sharing these with us!

    One thing that I know I need to make more use of when writing, is to be more personal. I can sometimes sound like a Wikipedia entry! 😉

  27. Prasenjit @ Easy Ways to Make Money says:

    actually the headline makes a lot of difference which Oni is very good at. Also i read somewhere that negative titles draw people’s attention very quickly.

  28. DiNaRa says:

    Hi Onibalusi,
    I just want to share my own opinion – everything starts with the title. If you manage to attract readers, they will stay longer and will read the article or post. Thus, the most important thing is the title.
    The second important thing is some personal aspect in what you write. Your writing should be real not academic one – it will attract more readers.

  29. Carl Mueller says:

    Hi Onibalusi

    I wish I’d had your insight and motivation at age 17. Your website and success stories are very inspiring and motivation.


  30. Adam says:

    Thanks Onibalusi! You have some great points that really get at the core of human nature. While the internet and web 2.0/blogging are fairly new in terms of the span of human history, the rules of human nature are still the same. In the intro you talk about how some of it can be luck which can be related to investment strategy: diversify your portfolio to minimize the risk!

    I am lookin forward to reading more from you!

  31. Great post you’ve got here. Great headlines is the primary things that grabs the attention when it comes to opening an article. Thanks for the share. Enjoyed the read.

  32. ann @ wedding favors says:

    Hi Onibalusi!It’s a while that I haven’t stopped by in your blog site and it’s good to be back on track. Anyway, this post is very informative and interesting. I have already a lot of tips about article writing, but your insights are always at the top. Thanks!

  33. backlink building service says:

    Thanks oni,,, Nice post! yes it important write that type of post that will be read by visitors.

  34. Hey,
    I am extremely thankful to find out these kinds of fantastic information becoming discussed openly online. Appreciate you for sharing these kinds of wonderful ideas.


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