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How To Write A Persuasive Post

In order to get your readers to take the action you want them to take, you must have the ability to write persuasively. ‘How To Write a Persuasive Post’ will show you how. Persuasive writing is not just about selling to your audience, it’s also about convincing them that what you say is true, that you’re an expert (or interview experts) in your niche and that they can follow your instructions to achieve results. This ensures they will come back to your site and read your version of events rather than anyone else’s. It means that they’ll sign up to your blog and share your content – all because they truly believe that you’re the trusted authority on your given subject.

Why should your article be persuasive

People come to your blog to get tips and solutions to their problems. They come to be inspired, to get valuable information and be motivated. If you’re not able to grab your reader with that one article you may lose him/her so you want to strike while the iron is hot.

If your article isn’t persuasive you leave the reader unsatisfied or worse, never wanting to visit your blog again. Convince them just once and you will have gained a reader or someone who thinks your work is worth sharing on their social media sites.

5 points on how to write a persuasive post

Be accurate to persuade your reader

No one wants to read an article littered with spelling, punctuation or factual mistakes. If your reader has to subconsciously correct your grammar or spelling mistakes while reading he/she will be put off by your work.

Edit your article rigorously. Use an active voice to get your points over and avoid over writing and verbiage. People read magazines and books for beautiful writing. They read your blog for information and help.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t write beautifully, but verbiage and flowery language will put off readers if there’s no substance – no fact, no action to what you’re saying.  Be specific and direct. Use powerful descriptions and get to the point.

Research the point, get to the point, make the point, express it well and move on!

Be honest to persuade your reader

Don’t make claims in your heading and introduction that you can’t fulfil in your article. This dishonesty is irritating and for the most part – stupid.

You have to agree that almost anything we write about today has already been covered on the web. Your job in writing your persuasive article is to make yours stand out as trustworthy. If you promise the 5 best ways to make money writing online in your heading and intro, then deliver this. Explain your points and actually give your readers something beneficial, something they can actually learn from and recreate.

Back up your claims and your tutorial with facts. Use other works on your own site, but also link to other authority sites which make your point clearer to your readers.

If you’re honest, your article will be persuasive. If you’ve gained your reader’s trust (they know what you’re saying is true) then they’ll be more willing to buy what you’re selling at the end, or click the ‘subscribe to this blog’ button you have floating around that the end of your post.

Be original to write a persuasive article

The last thing current and potential readers/subscribers want to see on your blog is regurgitated material you’ve gathered or copied from other websites in your niche. They’ve read it there and have come to you for something of value.

If yours is the blog giving the fresh information, you’ll have the edge over the other sites in your niche. Do your research and make sure you edit properly. Provide value and be the leading expert.

Even though no topic is completely original on the Internet, there’s always an edge – a different perspective you can explore. Use your imagination and approach your subject from various angles not already tackled on your competitors’ sites.

  • Approach your subject from the opposite point of view others are taking
  • Get expert interviews and present their points of view in a blog post
  • Do a slide share presentation rather than a blog post
  • Capture video clips to make your point
  • Present your article from a humorous perspective. Everyone loves a laugh.

Add your personal touch to be persuasive

We’ve already said that most topics we cover on our blogs have already been covered in detail. If you can come up with a completely new idea to blog about, please let me know. I’d like to get in on a piece of that action! The element that makes your article more readable and original is the fact that you’ve put a little bit about yourself in it.

No matter how clever your competitors are, they can’t share the story you can – because it’s your own, taken from your personal life.

You don’t have to reveal too much of yourself, but starting the post with something pertinent in your own life grabs the reader’s attention. They get to know you more and are willing to get involved with your post and read on.

In addition, personal stories open up you and your life to your readers. They like you, so they come to your blog to read what you’ve said rather than what another blogger has said about the topic. Let them see some more of you. Let them into your life a little bit more. Do this while teaching and your work will be persuasive.

If you’d like to share some more ways on ‘how to write a persuasive post’, please do so in the comment section below. I’d love to hear your views on this, and of course, to learn from approaches which have worked for you and your blog.

Anne Lyken-Garner is a published author and blogger. Her inspiring book, Sunday’s Child is available to buy and you can find her blogging about self-confidence on her blog, How To Build Confidence.

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