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How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Freelance Writing Business

By Kirsty Stuart

Pinterest and freelance writing

Using images to promote your writing business? I know, it sounds odd.

Or does it?

If content is king in the blogging world, then images are surely the queen of social media, and if you think that as a writer you can’t market yourself and your freelance writing business with images, you might want to think again…

By dismissing Pinterest, you could be missing out on a number of eyeballs that would otherwise never have landed on your writer’s website or blog. I’ve personally seen a huge increase of traffic to my freelance writing website from Pinterest. On some days, traffic from Pinterest has even been known to surpass visitors coming in from Google and Twitter.

How to use images to promote your words

Once you have your Pinterest account set up (be sure to use the same profile picture you do across your other professional social media accounts), your next step is to focus on getting some boards up. But what boards should you have and what should you pin? Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Pin covers of books that inspire you

You could create a Pinterest board of all the books that have inspired you throughout your career and your life. You could also pin images of books that relate to your niche as a freelance writer, such as travel, education, or whatever it is you (want to) write about most.

2. If you have your own book/blog/other project, pin what inspired it

This could include images from films, theatre, art or even other books. As a writer you’re almost certainly aware that virtually everything has the potential to inspire. The great thing about Pinterest is that you can really get creative and pin those things that catch your attention and imagination.

3. Use bright, engaging images with inspirational quotes

Just because Pinterest equals pictures it doesn’t mean you can’t use words at all. Like with Facebook, inspirational quotes against visually appealing backgrounds are highly popular with the Pinterest community, and tend to get shared a lot.

4. Pin other people’s posts about your niche (and writing in general)

The lowest maintenance of all the social media sites, Pinterest lets you easily share other people’s content with a simple ‘Pin it’ button. Use this simple tool to become a curator of valuable content. Most browsers offer the Pinterest extension, which means that once installed, you can pin any image across the web with just a few clicks of the mouse.

5. Pin images based on your other interests

Pinterest is ideal for exploring your wider interests outside your writing niche. This keeps things interesting for your followers and shows you’re a real-life human, not a robot. Plus, you never know what leads you could generate for your freelance writing business by publicly exploring different avenues that interest you. Be careful and use your judgment, though. Don’t sway so far off-topic that people unfollow you and your boards.

Bonus Pinterest tips to boost traffic to any website

Get involved with group boards

Group boards are a fantastic way to widen the reach of your pins. You can either start your own group board and invite other Pinterest users to join, or you can be invited to post on group boards that already have a strong following. (Tip: The more active you are on the site, the more likely it is that you’ll get invites to join group boards.) Each time you pin to a group board, every user who follows and/or contributes to that board sees your pin. If these are links to your writer’s website or blog posts, this will drive traffic to your site.

Use quality images throughout your site and make them simple to share

It stands to reason that if you want people to pin and share images that link back to your website or blog you should use great images that encourage sharing – and then make it easy for people to do so. (Tip: Bold, bright images are particularly susceptible to being shared.)

One major advantage of Pinterest is that it’s not nearly as time consuming as other social media platforms in terms of promoting your freelance writing business. It also attracts an entirely different crowd to other social media sites. Some people are simply more visual than others. Potential freelance writing clients could be users of a number of different social media platforms; as a result, you may want to seriously consider Pinterest for inclusion in your overall social media strategy.

Kirsty Stuart is a freelance writer from London who quit her day job in 2012 in order to write, travel and live life on her own terms. She’s offering Writers in Charge readers a huge discount on her Udemy video course, How I Became a Freelance Writer Online – and Quit My Day Job, which includes everything from pitching templates and social media strategies to proven methods on how to join the highest-earning writers online today. Use the coupon code: ‘WritersinCharge’ or click here now.

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