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How To Keep Your Content Fresh

Do you know how to keep your content fresh? Anyone who’s a freelance writer will tell you that one of the most obstinate obstacles they face in their line of work is not research, writing well, or even writing often. It’s keeping their content fresh. After all, if you write day in day out, how do you prevent yourself from churning out the same old, stale material.

One can only write on a topic a few times before writing the identical, old stuff they’re used to. Writers are often asked to write within the same niche – for years in some cases. This is compounded when you have a niche blog and publish material several times a week.

We’ll look at some of the obstacles that prevent us from keeping our content fresh, and some ways of combating them.

How To Keep Your Content Fresh

Be patient with the finished product

We all have deadlines, but rushing through your writing endangers the quality of the finished work. If you race through your article you’ll find your brain going on automatic and spitting out the same old information it already knows about your expert topic.

How to tackle impatience

  • Take time to research – even if you know your topic well. Even doctors have to keep studying to stay abreast with common trends. If you’re writing about Google traffic, for example, the information you knew last month may not still be applicable today.
  • Take time to add something different each time you write about a topic. Personal stories work very well in these cases. No matter if you’re giving your clients the same information as other writers, your personal story will make your piece stand out because you can be assured – no one else would write about that particular event. You don’t need to expand on personal stories because they may not always be appreciated or allowed. Even a small reference will serve to make your writing fresh and different.
  • Set aside time to write and edit your piece. Keep refining and building it up. Each time you re-read your article you’ll see a different slant to it – something better or more interesting to add.

Avoid complacency to keep your writing fresh

One definite way to kill your work and produce stale product after stale product is to become complacent in your writing. You readers will notice and your clients will spot this in no time.

How to tackle complacency

  • Take pride in your work, knowing that you and your reputation are only as good as this present work. The glorious articles of your past mean nothing if your present work is rubbish. If you love and enjoy your work, your clients and readers will sense this.
  • Leave yourself enough time to edit and don’t be afraid to ask for more time if you need to. It’s better to deliver your work a little late rather than rushed through.
  • Become focused and fresh by finding areas in your niche you want to specialise in, and become an authority on. This will help you to dig deeper and inspire you to become better and more unique at what you do.

Always keep your audience in mind to keep your content fresh

You have to take pleasure from your writing in order to keep doing it on a regular basis, so in some ways we do write for ourselves. However, when you start to write only for yourself, forgetting the needs of your clients and readers, your articles cease to be fresh.

Of course, specialising is a positive element of freelance writing, but if it becomes the only thing we have in mind while writing, our work will suffer because we will alienate our audience and our content will eventually become irrelevant to them.

How to tackle tunnel vision writing

  • Make sure that each article has a nugget or two of real value to your audience. Read what you’ve written critically and ask yourself if you had to learn anything new to include in your article. If you didn’t have to, chances are your audience won’t learn from what you’ve fed them.
  • Incorporate your keywords naturally. Make sure readers can find your work and learn from it, but make sure that your keywords aren’t intruding on their pleasant reading experience.
  • If you run a blog, research what your readers want to learn from you and give them what they want. Your content will always be fresh to your audience if they’re getting what they want from your posts. This will make them come back for more constantly.

Keeping your work fresh requires patience, staying power, being on the ball and having your readers’ interests at heart. Remember that you can’t become an expert without first trawling through different elements of your niche to see what you’re best at and what you enjoy writing/researching most.

The next time you’re thinking of just throwing a post together from Frankenstein pieces of old articles, come back and read this piece to see what you should be doing as a progressive freelance writer or blogger. Success doesn’t come to writers who wait for it. You have to dedicate yourself at working hard and applying yourself diligently.

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22 Comments on "How To Keep Your Content Fresh"

  1. dan says:

    Hi Anne,

    I think I have to bookmark this–I’d come back to let you know what I think about it.



    • Thanks for the bookmark, Adetunji. I hope you make it back to read it.

  2. Love this topic. One of my secrets is that I read super-widely.

    I was just reading Guy Kawasaki’s book APE (Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur), and he says you should eat like a hummingbird and poop like an elephant. In other words, nibble bits of things here and there and everywhere, and then share a lot of it with your audience.

    Fresh ideas are everywhere, in popular culture and in your small-town newspaper, in the conversations you overhear waiting for the bus.

    And getting out and interviewing live humans is always a sure-fire way to add something fresh to your blog posts!

    • Great suggestion, Carol. I haven’t interviewed someone in a very long time. I used to have a radio show years ago and had to interview someone different (usually celebrities) each week-day.

      I suppose when I left radio I got out of the habit and have never thought to get back into it. I should think about that seriously.

  3. Abhishek says:

    Amazing article, specially after introduction of Google Panda and Penguin because content plays a major role in search engine ranking. You have got all the points here and Kudos to you for this 🙂

    • Thanks for your input, Abhishek. And yes, even though other elements help us to rank, content is the main ingredient.

  4. Kingsley Agu says:

    Wonderful piece dear..
    I’m a little bit fast when I am researching on a new topic – so I tend to sometimes churn out post that are under-valued.
    I guess to overcome that problem is exactly what you just wrote about.
    Thanks for this great tip!

    • Thank you for stopping by and I’m glad the post resonated with you, Kingsley.

  5. Brett says:

    I think your point about the Time piece and the editing piece is critical. Something I need to improve on personally.

    Like a lot of folks that write blogs, I’m always trying to crank out as much content as fast as possible that I can often forget about the editing piece.

    • HI Brett, I understand that we feel under pressure to crank out post after post (I’m a blogger myself). However, I’d rather be known as a great blogger – with good, helpful content, than as a prolific blogger of rubbish, nothing articles.

      Great pieces can be read and bookmarked for years and years to come. Rubbish content gets buried, don’t they?

      Thanks for you input. I appreciate it.

  6. This is a great piece to be reminded of over and over. I know personally I like to go back a few weeks and see which articles are doing the best. Once I discover these I will than go back and add and tweak to those articles.

    Stories, quotes, and just life in general are always great ways to build those conversations with your readers.



    P.S. Just wondering how do you discover what your readers are really wanting?

  7. Hi Eric, great tip. Thanks.

    You discover what your readers want simply by asking them. Write blog posts, ask questions, or put a poll on your site. This is the first step.

    After this, you can do what you’re already doing. Go back over your published articles, see which ones got more views and comments. Your readers won’t interact with your material unless they hit a spot with them. If they’re interacting, asking questions, communicating with you and each other etc, it means they want to see more of that kind of thing on your blog.

    The beautiful thing about interaction is that you can create blog posts out of comments and questions people have left on your popular posts. Your question has given me an idea for a post. It’s a question you (a reader of this blog) want to see addressed. Chances are, other readers feel the same way.

  8. Oh lord, the first few paragraphs have just pinpointed exactly what’s plaguing me at this point. I’ve been like this for weeks now: writing for the same niche, for very similar topics, and now my output looks rather repetitive.

    Thank you so much for the tips, and thanks for reminding me of my old mindset of prioritizing the audience first when I write. I’ll keep coming back to this piece so I can keep reminding myself to write better. Thanks again. 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind comment, Richard. I’m so glad this piece has given you something you need at this very moment.

  9. Great post – this is absolutely something I struggle with!

    Because most of my writing is done in a single niche, it gets incredibly challenging to find new ways to say the same things I’ve already said several times before. I’ve found that reading as much as I can (not just business-related books, but fiction and fantasy as well) and constantly seeking out new research sources help, but I’m definitely going to add these tips to my toolbox.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you, Sarah. Reading fiction is definitely a great tip. Reading (anything) gives you ideas of how other writers express themselves and the various tools they make use of to show their readers what they want them to see.

      Reading makes us vary the way we write and is a definite tool to becoming a better, more imaginative writer.

  10. prince says:

    nice and interesting post i must tell you thanks for sharing this wonderful post

  11. Jawad Khan says:

    Great article Anne!

    Every niche evolves, has new things happening all the time. You need to be right in the middle of things to be able to produce valuable content consistently.

    I guess this is a problem every blogger faces. I am sure this article will remain relevant for years.


  12. Alex says:

    Great post, Anne! These are some awesome ways to keep content fresh and readable for audiences out there. Allowing guest posting is the best way to keep your blog content fresh. I have great success with it. Thanks for this wonderful share!

  13. Bruce Swedal says:

    Keep reading a lot I must say. Read blogs, online articles, newspapers, magazines, pamplets, brochures, read almost everything that contains content. This will be very helpful in generating a new idea as well as new content. Also, read the dictionary for new words and phrases.

  14. Taran says:

    Great post, Anne! These are some awesome ways to keep content fresh and readable for audiences out there. Allowing guest posting is the best way to keep your blog content fresh. I have great success with it. Thanks for this wonderful share!

  15. Nice post some time it’s difficult and confusion situation content is really fresh or not as a reader. i read lot ‘s of articles various types subject in different types area like newspaper, magazines and lot’s of blogs and i discover new ideas and information these thing automatically
    born new ideas.
    Thank you to sharing me. I like this post


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