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How to Harness the Power of Your Writing to Land High-Paying Gigs

Guest post by Kelvon

“Power is nothing without control”. I guess most of you are pretty familiar with this quote.

Let me share with you a story of a friend of mine.

My Friend’s name is Hulk. I guess most of you know him through his mystic virility and destructive aspiration.

Yes, he’s an American character who smashes whatever he sees in order to achieve a particular objective.

The upside is that nothing encumbers him from doing what he intends—he was blessed with such a devastating power. However, the downside is that my friend can’t control his power.

You might be asking yourself, what does it have to do with freelance writing?

Well, in freelance writing there is no difference at all. You may be blessed with a tremendous writing talent ever imagined, but if you can’t dominate and command your writing knack, most likely you will fluff valuing your worth and end up destroying your aptitude for writing.

Have you ever asked yourself (probably whined) what’s wrong?

I’ve compiled 4 tips that suggest how you can snappily seize upon your awesome writing talent to land high-paying prospects.

1. Believe in yourself

Don’t expect to convince clients to hire you without a belief in yourself. How do you expect to gain a client’s trust? To believe in yourself you ought to bolster your sense of self-confidence and pro-actively let go of the uncertainty that blocks you from believing in your writing ability.

While your self-confidence can be built from your past experiences, uncertainty can emerge similarly.

Success is more likely to bring confidence, and failure can bring uncertainty. Therefore, your vision for the future shouldn’t be based upon your past experiences.

Believing in your ability can help you disrupt the inner critic weight that drags you down.

2. Find your writing specialization

Your writing abilities have a certain inclination.

The areas of your expertise might be more into business than health industry, or vice-versa.

But one thing is certain, there is a field that you feel more comfortable writing, and that’s the one clients will pay you well for. That’s the speciality you should find in yourself.

This is important at the early stage of your freelance writing career. A freelancer specialized in a certain field tends to get paid more than a general writer because he’s more likely to know his “stuff”.

3. Blow minds by showing your expertise

You know that you are tailor-made for writing about a certain subject—now comes the moment you ought to focus on showcasing your writing expertise.

Don’t bid your services in crowded platforms such as Elance and Odesk. Stay away from clients who hire you to pay pittance. In fact, I know some freelancers who have built their careers from bidding platforms; however, they are very few. I would rather admonish you to build a blog about your writing field and have a portfolio attached with your best writing samples.

Yet, that’s not all. If you’re serious about enticing high-paying clients with compelling content, you ought to guest post on popular blogs and link your posts to your portfolio or “hire” page. You know your strengths, nothing can intimidate you from approaching popular blogs where potential prospects hang out.

“The best way to catch a butterfly?  It’s not by chasing it with sticks, instead, plant a wonderful flower, and you’ll see it rushing into your nest.”

4. Consider having a mentor

There is nothing like “I’m experienced enough.” You may have the recipe, but there is someone who can teach you how to cook the meal faster and with no hiccups. And that is when a mentor comes into play. A mentor must be someone who knows the game well, who’s gone through hurdles and hitches, and would prevent you from going through the same hardships. I, myself have a mentor – a person who evaluates my work, who knows my weakness and tells me how I can improve my craft.

You may be blessed with a wonderful, natural ability of writing content that resonates with every reader, but that isn’t going to guarantee you prosperity. How you harness the power of your skill is what makes the big difference after all.

“Everyone has talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.” ? Erica Jong
Kelvon Yeezy is a freelance content writer available for hire. He runs and helps bloggers and entrepreneurs grow their online businesses.

14 replies on “How to Harness the Power of Your Writing to Land High-Paying Gigs”

I fully buy into your second point here. I truly believe that ou cna not be all things to all clients. Being able to specialization in today’s market is where it’s at.

The more you can get you name and brand out there the better off you are! I also recenetly just read that the best SEO is offering content that people want to link back at. Which I believe is what your saying with making mind blowing content!

Nice write up!


Sure Eric! It’s a lot easier to focus on your strengths when you identify your specialization.

Kingsley Agusays:

Number 3 works just right for me. I’d advise any freelancer to get a blog and use it as a writing pad to support his or her writing portfolio. I love your post – keep it up man.


Specialization is key. In the case of guest posting, you can write stuff that your subscribers can relate to, which brings some traffic along with your post. But it may also help you gain more followers to your blog.

The problem is, how do you land paid opportunities in your field if you’re in a hyper-specialized one?

I am slowly starting to learn the importance of the first point with writing. It can be hard to believe in your writing when you are first starting out especially when you have no one to critique.

yes, specialization is necessary as people will not hire you if you write on all the spectrums. you can charge more if you say you are specialized in a particular section.

Fantastic post! I especially love the reference to the Hulk and how you base your points off of his story (yes, I’m a geek).

One thing I think writers should remember, though, is that finding a specialization may take time, and you can’t always immediately dive directly into the one you want. Sometimes you need to play around in a few different areas to see which ones bring you the most reward before deciding whether or not to follow that path.

I totally agree with you Kelvon, everyone should find their writing specialization.. The field of their interest and where they can showcase their talent on the best

I believe in me but hasn’t started freelancing yet because I don’t have experience of 2 or more years yet.

Thanks for the post.

hey buddy, you did incredibly well with the post as a finance writer i ve learn a lot to see to its implementation.

Itohowo Williamssays:

Great Post,will try in more on my blog,though i dont like writing.

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