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22 History Magazines That Pay Writers

history magazines

History magazines appeal to a niche market simply because members of the general public are not all keen on historical news and occurrences. While this fact seems to make this type of publication harder to break into, the opposite is the case. With a limited number of history writers vying for freelance positions in this arena, this makes your task much easier if you’re a new history writer looking for writing work.

Here are twenty-two history magazines for you to peruse and pitch.

Note: You can even more magazines that pay writers — in over 20 niches — here.

1. Renaissance Magazines

Pay: 10 cents

Renaissance Magazine covers a variety of topics related to the Renaissance, late ‘Middle Periods’ and history articles. They invite freelancers to submit articles no more than 2,000 words in length, and pay 10 cents per published word. Writers can expect payment about 3 weeks after publication.

Please note that this publication accepts unsolicited material, but do query first to make sure your chosen topic has not already been assigned.

2. American Spirit Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

American Spirit Magazine focuses on early American history, genealogy, historic preservation, women’s history and civics education. They like prospective freelancers to pitch story ideas and length of proposed article to the editor. Payment will be discussed upon pitching.

This publication prefers writers to submit a few of their previously published work when querying them.

3. Archaeology Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Archaeology Magazine is dedicated to publishing narratives about the human past from every corner of the globe. It also provides insights into the beginning and end of cultures. This publication encourages writers to pitch their article ideas to the editor via email, and payment will be discussed.

Archaeology Magazine expects their freelancers to have significant knowledge about their chosen topic, so highlight your qualification (for writing your piece) when querying.

4. Canada History

Pay: Unspecified

Canada History publishes articles that illuminate the diverse experiences and complex characters that through time, have shaped Canada. They encourage freelancers to submit articles between 600 and 3,000 words in length.

Payment is discussed upon pitching the magazine, and made upon publication. This magazine has strong, direct guidelines on their page, so do read all of this before deciding whether or not your work fits their description.

5. Early American Life

Pay: $500

Early American Life covers everything related to history, architecture, antiques, studio crafts and travel. Their call for submission is for articles between 700 and 2,500 words in length. They pay $500 for features by new writers. Skilled and experienced writers can earn more.

Payment is upon publication, and photographs are also welcome.

6. Good Old Days 

Pay: Unspecified

Good Old Days is dedicated to publishing real stories on people who lived and grew up between the years 1935-1960. They prefer articles between 300 and 1,000 words. Good Old Days expects you to pitch your ideas via email or post, and payment is negotiated upon submission.

This publication has specific topics reserved for freelancers, so make yourself familiar with their site and guidelines before writing.

7. History Magazine 

Pay: 8 cents per word

History Magazine covers a wide range of topics related to particular phenomenon, events, battles, wars and biographies. They expect articles to be between 400 and 2,500 words in length. They pay 8 cents per published word, and payment is made 60 days after the issue is published.

This publication encourages prospective freelancers to query them before writing anything.

8. Range Magazine

Pay: $400

Range Magazine is a widely-read and respected publication, covering issues known to threaten the West. They like articles to be between 500 and 2,000 words in length. They pay up to $400 per article – upon publication.

The Range Magazine requires writers to submit photos with their copies, so please be aware of this. More details about this aspect can be found on their website.

9. True West Magazine

Pay: 25 cents per word

True West focuses on capturing the history of the American frontier, through literary non-fiction. Their call for submissions is for articles between 450 and 1,500 words in length. This publication expects writers to pitch their ideas via email or phone. They pay 25 cents per word – upon publication.

Please note that this magazine uses a specific way of submitting articles and queries. Do check out their site for a detailed description.

10. Western Pennsylvania History Magazine

Pay: $250

Western Pennsylvania History is a well-respected publication, which focuses on the original analysis of current and historic events. They prefer feature articles to be between 3,000 and 4,000 words in length.

Western Pennsylvania History Magazine invites writers to pitch their ideas via email. They pay a flat fee of $250 – upon publication.

11. History Today

Pay: Unspecified

History Today Magazine covers a wide array of topics related to history. They like each piece to offer an authoritative and engaging take on a historical subject. Articles are expected to be between 600 and 2,200 words in length.

Payment is negotiated upon pitching the magazine. This publication entertains three types of articles, so please check their site to see which one you’d like to work on.

12. Michigan History

Pay: $400

Michigan History is a long-running publication, marketed to readers who love to read about Michigan’s colorful past. They invite prospective freelancers to submit manuscripts or articles, which are no more than 2,500 words in length.

Article ideas should be sent via email. They pay between $150 and $400 per article – upon publication.

13. World War II Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

World War II Magazine publishes material related to the second world war era. They also cover articles on the American civil war, American History and more. There is no specific word count, but freelancers are asked to pitch their ideas by email to get a commissioned article.

Payment is to be negotiated upon pitching the magazine. Please note that most of this publication’s work is covered by staff writers, so do a thorough research before querying.

14. Naval History

Pay: $150

Naval History Magazine is a widely-read publication, dedicated to Naval History in the US, ranging from battles to events. They expect articles to be no more than 3,000 words in length, and like potential writers to pitch their ideas via email.

Naval History pays up to $150 per 1,000 words – upon publication. There are stringent qualifiers on their site, directed to prospective freelancers, so do study these carefully before writing anything.

15. Wartime Magazine

Pay: $300

Wartime Magazine is an Australian history magazine focusing on the Australian experience of war. There is no specific word count for articles, but they like writers to pitch or send their ideas to the editor to get a commissioned article.

This publication pays $300 per 1,000 words, and payment is made on publication.

16. Pennsylvania Heritage

Pay: $500

Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine is dedicated to illuminating the rich culture and legacy of the state of Pennsylvania. Articles should be no more than 3,500 words in length, and they expect you to send your ideas and articles to the editor.

A payment of between $250 and $500 is made upon publication. Pennsylvania Heritage has a particular voice, so freelancers should make themselves familiar with this before writing their piece.

17. New Mexico Magazine

Pay: 40 cents per word

New Mexico Magazine strives to create awareness of the state’s multicultural heritage, climate and environmental uniqueness, to its visitors. There is no specific word count, but writers are encouraged to pitch their ideas and synopsis to the magazine.

Payment is negotiated upon submission, and made upon acceptance. There are dense and detailed guidelines on the site, so do read these before pitching this magazine.

18. Traces Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Traces Magazine is widely-read publication, covering articles related to biographies, immigration, family and cultural heritage – including Indiana history. They invite potential freelancers to submit articles between 600 and 4,000 words in length.

Ideas should be pitched via email. Payment is negotiated and made upon publication.

19. Gateway Magazine

Pay: Unspecified

Gateway Magazine is a widely-distributed publication, dedicated to St. Louis’ and Missouri’s cultural, historical, social and political issues. They expect essays to be no more than 2,500 words in length.

Please pitch your ideas via email. Payment is negotiated. Their preferences for submissions are listed on their site, so please take a look.

20. The Country Connection

Pay: 10 cents per word

The Country Connection focuses on content about Ontario’s history, nature, environment, heritage, travel and arts. They like to receive articles between 1,000 and 1,500 words in length.

Do first pitch your ideas to the magazine before writing. They pay 10 cents per word within 90 days of publication, but be aware that topics and themes for future issues are stated on their site. This means that writers have to plan their articles way in advance.

21. Sojourns Magazine

Pay: $1200

Sojourns Magazine is a widely-read and extensively-distributed publication, dedicated to exhibiting the natural and cultural history of spectacular lands in Colorado. They prefer prospective freelancers to first pitch their ideas to the magazine and be commissioned for a piece. They pay between $500 and $1,200 per article.

Please be aware that they have extensive submission guidelines on their site, so make yourself familiar with this before querying. Photographs and artwork are also welcome.

22. Our State

Pay: Unspecified

Our State Magazine is a long-running publication that publishes information on history, places, culture and the people of North Carolina. Their call for submissions is for articles averaging 1,500 words in length. Writers are invited to pitch their ideas to the magazine before writing.

Payment is negotiated and made upon publication.


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