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Get More Clients! 7 Quick Steps to Create a Hire Me Page that Converts

Blogging is an effective way to position yourself as an authority, eliminate the competition and get quality clients to reach out to you.

However, when blogging for the purpose of attracting freelance writing clients one of the most damaging mistakes you can make is not having a hire me page, or having a poor and unprofessional one.

Your hire me page speaks volume about you and what you can offer to clients so it’s important to make sure it is designed to capture your readers’ attention and encourage them to get in touch.

Here are some quick tips for creating a high-converting hire me page on your blog:

1. Come up with a List of Services You Offer

The first step towards creating a good hire me page is to identify the services you want to offer; depending on how many services you plan to offer, you might want to identify only the key ones.

It’s important not to ignore this step; most people make the mistake of having a simple page that includes 1 – 2 paragraph of text that asks interested clients to get in touch via email. This approach does a disservice at representing what you have to offer so make sure you clearly identify your services; you need to know these before you can effectively market them to clients.

As a freelance writer, here are some example services I might offer:

  • Blogging service
  • Website content creation
  • Guest blogging service
  • Landing page content creation
  • Sales letter writing
  • Newsletter writing
  • Ebook writing
  • Ghostwriting services
  • Newsletter writing

There are many more options but the above are just some examples you could use if you’re a writer who want to get clients from your blog.

2. Come up with a Compelling and Descriptive Headline for Your Hire Me Page

When creating a hire me page, it’s natural to have an headline that says just “Hire Me” or “Services”, after all isn’t it a “hire me” page?

However, by split testing variations of my hire me page, I’ve realized that a hire me page with a plain headline is boring and ineffective.

Of course, your reader is considering the possibility of hiring you or else she wouldn’t be on your hire me page. However, why exactly should she hire you?

While you’ll clarify this in your hire me page copy, it’s important to communicate the value you can offer in your headline. Since your headline is the first thing a potential client will see, it’s important to use it to hook her into your copy and as a result make the decision to hire you much easier.

Based on split tests of my hire me page, a hire me page with an headline that says “Let Me Help You Get Results by Writing Quality Content and Guest Posts for You” resulted in 200% more conversions compared to the hire me page that says “Hire Me“.

Here are some qualities your headline should have:

  • Clarity about what you can do for clients
  • A focus on the fact that you can get results
  • Specificity, especially if you have one or two main services you offer

You should also make sure it has the qualities of a magnetic headline. The “Magnetic Headlines” series on Copyblogger is a good starting point if you’re looking for quality information on how to write headlines that get results.

3. List Your Services on a Page and Expand on Them

Make sure you properly explain each of the services listed.

Obviously, most of these services are self-explanatory but the importance of explaining your services lies in helping your clients capture the benefits of each service you offer; why should they choose your blogging service over your landing page content creation? Is there data to back this up?

This might sound obvious but it’s easy to change a client’s mind by using more information and data to back up the effectiveness of each service you offer; the last thing you want is problems after you’ve started working with a client, or a client quitting because she doesn’t have clarity about what you offer.

4. Back up Your Services with Research if Possible

Try to use research or studies to back up the importance of using a particular service you offer.

For example, you can find studies that prove that blogging is effective for generating leads and revenue for businesses. You can also find studies that prove that email marketing generates significantly more revenue than other types of marketing.

These are example studies you can cite on your hire me page, in your service description, to back up its effectiveness and encourage clients to hire you.

5. Allow Your Clients to Choose a Budget

Make sure you allow your clients to choose a budget on your hire me page; if possible, give your clients an idea of what an estimated budget will be for using a particular service you offer.

The idea is to eliminate every objections and help a client realize what she’s getting into; you might be afraid that a lot of people won’t contact you but what’s the point in contacting you in the first place if they can’t pay what you charge?

You want to prevent people who aren’t willing to pay what you’re worth from contacting you and one of the easiest ways to do this is by hinting at your prices.

6. Include as Many Contact Options as Possible

Personally, I prefer having a contact form on my hire me page since potential clients can easily fill the form without having to go to log in to their email account.

Depending on how comfortable you are with it, you might want to also include options to contact you via Skype, via telephone or your direct email address on your hire me page.

Make it easy for clients to contact you no matter what their choice is.

7. Discourage People From Getting in Touch

Truth is, you don’t want everybody to be your client.

The thought of having to scare some people away from hiring you is scary but it’s often the best thing to do because it will save you time you’d have spent communicating with people who won’t use your services as well as energy you would have wasted proving yourself to people who are trying to lowball you.

By letting people know the kind of clients you want, you’ll be better positioned to attract these clients while discouraging people who don’t really need your services from getting in touch.

Struggling to Get Clients?

What’s the next step once all the above are in place? It’s making sure your blog is well-optimized to attract clients.

Stop Pitching Clients is a program I designed to help you optimize your blog to attract clients to you; it has been proven to work, and it is detailed and practical. Be sure to check it out!


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