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11 Traits of Highly Successful Bloggers

traits of highly successful bloggersBlogging is one of the best ways to achieve so many things at the same time, with the power of a blog you can make friends, influence people, build a name, make money and do much more. There is truly a lot to be gained from blogging but one question that comes to mind is why is that a large percentage of bloggers fail? The question is a bit difficult to answer and there is no best way to answer it than look at those who succeed and what they have in common, this post will be about the 11 traits of highly successful bloggers, you can develop yourself based on these traits and move yourself to a new height of blogging success.

1. They are Visionaries

Even though many highly successful bloggers are far more successful than they ever dreamed of, it is very clear they all knew what they wanted to be when they started blogging.

Many new bloggers just start a blog with only one aim, and that aim is to make money, money and money online. Highly successful bloggers are visionaries and before they even started blogging they knew where they wanted to be.

Your goals for your blog will determine how successful you will be, it will determine your near and far future.

It is very important to have a vision for your blog because this will ensure you don’t just setup your blog and expect luck to factor in but you will rather work hard on achieving your goals. A goal-driven man is a dangerous man and will always achieve what he wants no matter what.

2. They are Go Getters

Highly successful bloggers are go getters, they are always motivated to succeed and that is why you see them working hard to make sure they get things done.

Being successful is not just about you having goals and believing in time, it is all about you working hard to achieve your goals. Highly successful bloggers don’t care about what it takes and they are always ready to give it.

It doesn’t matter if it is money, time or any other thing it takes to succeed, highly successful bloggers are always ready to go for it.

Highly successful bloggers believe there is no time to be wasted and they avoid procrastination as much as they can. They know that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a footstep and they are always ready to take that footstep.

3. They Believe in Themselves

Successful bloggers firmly believe in themselves that they can achieve their goals and this is what drives them to work harder.

One major mistake many bloggers make is the lack of belief in themselves, it is very dangerous for you not to believe in yourself. Your mindset can limit you and if you lack belief in yourself any single sign of failure will stop you.

Successful bloggers don’t care about what others think about them, they keep moving forward. You will NEVER be successful if you are controlled by the belief of others in you.

Successful bloggers are always ready to give it a go when every other person says they are destined to fail, they simply don’t care whether the world is turned against them or not, they are ready to put in the efforts.

4. They are Focused

Successful bloggers are not easily distracted because they are blind to every thing that exists, except what they want to achieve.

Successful bloggers don’t allow anything to get on their way and that is why they are not easily sidetracked, their goal is their focus, they only see the future and all they think is how it can be achieved.

The strong focus highly successful bloggers have also makes them very wise and they easily discover and make the best use of opportunities that will help them get what they want.

You must realize that blogging is not what it seems, there will always be distractions every here and there and that is what makes successful bloggers different from the others.

There are some bloggers who don’t know what they are doing simply because they have no place to go and all they work on is to stop those who have a place to go, successful bloggers know this type of people clearly and they are always ready to avoid them, successful bloggers only focus on their goals.

5. They are Passionate

Successful bloggers are passionate and they know what it takes to succeed. They blog around their passion and they don’t care about the money it brings, which makes it very difficult for them to fail.

Successful bloggers are blogging because they love it and their blogs gives them something money can never buy, their blog gives them JOY!

Passionate people are not normal and that is why they always achieve what they want. Passionate people can go to any extent to make sure they achieve what they want, they simply don’t care about the consequences, what they care about is their passion. Passionate bloggers are ready to put in extra hours into blogging, they are ready to burn late night candles brainstorming how everything about their blog will be a success.

6. They are Persistent

Another great characteristic of highly successful bloggers is that they are persistent. They understand blogging isn’t a bed of roses but it is rather a do or die game. They believe in the power of try until you achieve so they keep on trying and trying until they achieve what they want.

Successful bloggers don’t get disappointed when turned down from something very important to their success but they keep on trying with hopes of them achieving it one day. Successful bloggers don’t care about the suffering in trying, they are totally blind to that and the only thing they see is what they want to achieve.

Successful bloggers don’t give up easily, they believe it is either they get it or no one gets it so there is no limit to what they can achieve.

7. They are Patient

Another great thing about highly successful bloggers is that they are patient, in fact, this is their motto. They believe any other thing other than BE PATIENT is rubbish so they keep on working hard while being patient for the results to come.

Take a look at all the successful bloggers in history and you will realize that they all have been blogging for years before they achieved success for their blogs. Successful bloggers understand that there is nothing called overnight success and anything other than being patient is suicide.

8. They are Determined

Nothing can stop the determined man, that is why successful bloggers are unstoppable. Highly successful bloggers are determined to get what they want no matter what and that is why you will see them putting in more efforts over and over again.

The determination of successful bloggers can make them very dangerous because they will readily crush anything that comes their way trying to prevent them from achieving their ultimate goal. Successful bloggers don’t play with time or anything that deals with their success and no sacrifice is too big for them to pay just to make sure they achieve success, they want it at all cost.

9. They are Networkers

Highly successful bloggers are masters in the game of networking and they don’t take networking opportunities lightly. Highly successful bloggers know that their blog can disappear one day, their audience can disappear one day, all they have and rely upon can disappear but their network can never disappear.

Highly successful bloggers also know that two heads are better than one and they know that if two or more people help them work on their project it will bring results in no time so they are always networking.

Highly successful bloggers know themselves and they are always ready to help each other, they so much believe in the power of networking that they know that without a network there is little you can achieve.

It is deadly to play with networking, it should be the backbone of every business and every networking opportunity should be embraced by every blogger.

10. They Learn from Mistakes

Highly successful bloggers are not perfectionists and they believe there is nobody above mistake so they are always ready to learn from mistakes. Highly successful bloggers readily embrace feedback and they are always ready to do things to improve their blogging career.

Highly successful bloggers are not afraid of being criticized and they always listen and act upon any form of feedback they receive.

11. They are Decisive

Highly successful bloggers are not just controlled by anything that comes their way and they are not afraid to offend people. Highly successful bloggers are always ready to take firm decisions that will help improve their blogging career.

Highly successful bloggers are hardly confused and they always know and do the right thing at the right time – they simply are not afraid of anybody.

It might be hard taking decisions as a blogger but once you realize your future is in your hands and nobody will face it for you, you will summon the courage and be more bold to take stronger decisions.

Sooner or later, you will have to take a decision, but the question is how will your decision be taken? Will it be taken based on what people say or will it be taken based on what you think is right? Your decision is all yours and it has a lot to do with your success. You will have to determine between success and failure and the question is, will you decide or let others decide for you?

What Do You Think?

Which of these traits do you think is the most valuable? Which of these traits do you have and which of it do you lack? What are you doing to make sure you emerge successful as a blogger?

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13 Comments on "11 Traits of Highly Successful Bloggers"

  1. Samuel says:

    Awesome post bro! to me all the above listed points are valuable! You are right bro! thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

  2. D Baker says:

    Great Post. I completely agree with all of the traits you mentioned. It is very hard to master all of them, but those who do, are really going to be successful.

  3. Lye Kuek Hin says:

    Hi Oni,

    Without any of the above listed is definitely going to affect their achievements. It’s a good list with all the traits we need to possess.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. says:

    This is great specially first one they are visioners
    also they are creative, they have laser light focus, they knows techniques and more importantly they take action

    I think I need to write a guest post here as I know more useful and unique points that can be added to this.

    Thanks For Share

  5. Patricia says:

    Comprehensive list that are a must to be successful. You continue to give us quality posts and I find it hard to say one thing over the others; although I have always said passion, persistance and perseverance have been what I have found to be important in my blogging journey.
    Patricia Perth Australia

  6. Andreas says:

    Highly successful bloggers usually also post trendy topics, topics that are currently hot and hitting on the nerve of the user at that moment, instead of posting the same old content that is publicised elsewhere.

  7. I would like to add we are generous. We help everyone get ahead…our readers and fellow bloggers;)

  8. Rahul @ MazaKaro says:

    Oh yes patience plays a very important role…

  9. These are great general tips that most successful entrepreneurs have, to some degree anyway!

    They also know their weaknesses and learn to delegate!

  10. Jennifer says:

    I’d say believing in yourself is probably on the top of the list. When you blog you’re putting yourself, your ideas, and your opinions on the line. You have to feel confident and believe in what you’re doing in order to possess the other traits. The next is being decisive. When you make a decision to move in a direction of your choice that’s a very powerful place to operate from. The other characteristics are quite accurate for blogging and being an entrepreneur! Thanks!

  11. alex says:

    Agree to all your 11 points. I understood, that I should work hard to become a successfull blogger.

  12. I think you are spot on! I have my blog running for a little more then a year now and it’s not easy walk in the park to keep it going and with quality content all the time. You must check all those points you mention to be on top of your game.

  13. Iroko@Bloggers Blog says:

    Sure way to gauge myself…If I want to be a successful blogger, consistency for me is what sums this up!


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