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7 Ways to Write a High Impact Blog Post

This is a guest post by Adarsh Thampy.

We bloggers and content marketers believe in the power of content.

Content can provide value, create trust and build relationships.

However, have you ever wondered about the kind of content you put out there? I have no doubt that you will deliver quality articles packed with information. But is your content conveying the right message to your readers?

Does your content have the oomph factor in it to entice your readers to take action?

7 Ways to Write a High Impact Blog Post

#1: Don’t write like you talk

When you blog, you definitely need to maintain a conversational tone.

That doesn’t mean that you can simply write as you talk. When we talk, we use a lot of slang, short forms etc. Cut that out in your writing.

If you are using a lot of abbreviations or acronyms, just spell it out. Make it easier for people to comprehend all the information from your page.

Your content must come off as professional, yet conversational.

#2: You needn’t be a native speaker to write compelling blog posts

For most of us who are non-native speakers, writing good English is always a challenge.

Since we don’t have the natural English-speaking or writing ability as our native English-speaking peers, how do we make sure that our content is just as compelling – if not more – than theirs?

Many non-native speakers like to express their knowledge of the English language vocabulary at times. It’s something like an ego boost for us 🙂 After all, we tried hard to learn a new language, built up vocabulary, and now it’s time to show others that we rock!

While it’s absolutely wonderful that we all spend so much time and effort learning the language, sometimes it can turn against us. We assume that when speaking to the English-speaking audience, we need to follow every grammar rule and use the greatest and the most intelligent sounding words in the dictionary to impress our readers.

Nothing can be farther from the truth.

Did you know that most native speakers are not fully aware of the grammar rules themselves? Nor do they know most of the words in the dictionary.

Leave the native and non-native thoughts for a while. Take your native language for instance.

Do you know all the grammar rules for your native language? Do you know tough sounding word meanings? I don’t. I suppose you are not a language pundit yourself either.

So stop assuming.

Write blog posts in simple English – something which high school kids (or younger) can easily comprehend without needing to look up the word meanings in a dictionary.

#3: Jargon needs explaining

Sometimes, you simply can’t avoid using jargon in your article. In that case, make it clear what the jargon means.

You can either explain it the first time you use it or you can use the define HTML tag to help people who are not sure what it means. If you are too lazy, point them to another page which explains it in detail, maybe a Wikipedia article.

#4: Proofread at least 2 times

Proofreading is a tricky business, especially when you are proofreading your own content.

It’s amazing how easy it is for us to neglect our typos.

The trick is to proofread your content immediately after you write it. Wait a few hours, then do a proof-read one more time. You’d be surprised at the mistakes you missed while proofreading the first time.

Still, it’s not fool-proof. So if you have the time and resource, get someone else to read it for you. Other people can easily spot your mistakes that much better than you.

#5: Ask yourself; is your content worth the time?

That’s a very tricky question.

Sometimes we just assume what we have to say is extremely valuable to others. While it might be true in most cases, sometimes we can be very wrong. It might even be counter-productive.

Most of the content that falls in this category are self-promotional type posts.

People don’t want to hear about you. They need to know about how your articles can help them. So make it less about you and more about them.

#6: Make it an evergreen piece of content

In my opinion, there are two types of content.

  1. Evergreen content – Ones those are relevant for several years even after they’re written
  2. Time sensitive content – worthwhile for a short period of time (news, algorithm exploits, and so on)

Your goal must be to produce maximum evergreen content. Time sensitive content is good, but they have a short shelf life. Wouldn’t you want to create something that’s relevant for several years to come?

Of course, not many people can do it. Certain industries make it almost impossible to write evergreen content since the industry constantly changes. But even in those industries, there are some basic principles that do not change. You should focus your efforts on coming up with evergreen content in those areas.

#7: Make sure your content requires your reader to take action

I made this mistake for several years in the past. I’d simply go on blogging without having any purpose for the post. But that’s not what you want to do with your posts.

Your blog posts must have a purpose. It must ask the reader to take some action. Write a comment, sign up for your newsletter, or download your e-book. It can be just about anything. But your post needs to have a clear call to action.

#8 (Bonus): Listen to Copyblogger & WritersinCharge

Brian from Copyblogger and Oni from WritersinCharge have some insanely useful articles on this topic. Some of them are linked to below

  1. How to Write Headlines That Work
  2. How to Write Content That Gets Read
  3. Five Ways to Write Magnificent Copy
  4. 21 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue
  5. 10 Productivity Tips for Writers

Over to you:

What do you think is the best way to write high impact blog posts? Let me know in the comments.

Adarsh Thampy is a hard-core content marketer and advises businesses on using content marketing strategies. You can add him to your Google plus circle to take the conversation to the new social media platform.

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58 Comments on "7 Ways to Write a High Impact Blog Post"

  1. Kenny Fabre says:


    these some great writing tips. For me the most important tip here is #5: Ask yourself; is your content worth the time?

    the reason is because when you ask yourself that question, you will look to see if what you are writing has any value in it

    • Adarsh Thampy says:



      As a content marketer sometimes I get tired of preaching about the need for “value” in the content 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    • Latha says:

      Yeah, point #5 resonates with me as well. Thanks for sharing

  2. Jeevanjacobjohn says:

    Hey Adarsh,

    Great Points!

    I agree with all of your points. It is important to craft our content carefully so that we can get the most out of it. These 7 steps will surely help a blogger to write better posts. Note: One thing I would like to add is the importance of networking and marketing. No matter how great your content is, without these two these, you are not going to succeed with blogging.

    Anyways, thanks for the post,

    Jeevan Jacob John

    • Adarsh Thampy says:


      Thanks for adding your insight into this post.

      Networking is really an important part of blog success.

  3. Amit Shaw says:

    Hi Adarsh,
    Excellent Tips. For me the most important tips are
    #4: Proofread at least 2 times and #6: Make it an evergreen piece of content. Because i saw some site still they are getting good visitor from googles only for Evergreen piece of content. Awesome Article Adarsh. And proofread i already read this aritlce 2times :). Thanks for sharing.

    • Adarsh Thampy says:

      Hey Amit,

      Thank for stopping by.

      If you take the logs for most blogs, you’ll see that 80/20 rule applies. 80% of the traffic comes to 20% of the blog posts. And there is a good chance that 90% of those 20% posts are evergreen content.


  4. Bharat says:

    This is really a high impact post oni, keep on posting like this.

  5. David Head says:

    Thank you for your tips on blogging. Have you got a list of good sites I can go on for food blogging. We have recently started to comment on them,and not sure to what benefit we get .Can you help on this please.
    Kind Regards
    David Head

    • Adarsh Thampy says:

      Hi David,

      I am not sure what you are talking about here. Are you looking for a list of food blogs or do you want to know how to write a better food blog which you own?

      Do a simple search on Google. “Food blog” should get you started. If you are looking for more niche food blogs try something like “Food blog ”

      Good luck.

  6. Goa casinos says:

    Yes this is nice list for all which will be help lot to add some new things in blog post.

    From my opinion “”Content”” is most important part of any blog post to attract many readers and i am totally agreed with you content should be totally unique and original only then readers will show their interest to read and comment on that.

    • Adarsh Thampy says:

      Yes. Content is definitely the most important part!

  7. I’ve enjoyed this post so much. You’ve done well Adarsh and it shows you know what you’re talking about. Your post has meaning, it’s helpful and any writer can take this home.

    The point I like so much is #4, proofread twice: immediately and few hours after this time to locate other spelling and grammar error. I’ve never done this really. I only proofread ones and that’s why I still see slight errors here and there.

    I shall surely put your tips to work, you’ve made my day. I’m glad Oni featured this post. Have a great day.

    • Adarsh Thampy says:


      You are too kind with your words. Thank you.

      More than anything, I am glad that you were able to get something of value from my post.

      Keep rocking.

  8. Mohsin Ali says:

    Writing a one evergreen post in a week is most valuable than 7 causal posts in a week. So less but quality posts means more traffic.

    • Adarsh Thampy says:

      Very true.

      Quality always wins over quantity (except in news industry)

  9. I certainly agree with re-reading your posts. There are a lot of badly written posts on the Internet. A tiny bit of editing could go a long way to making those posts stand out.

    Another great way to make your post stand out is to mind HOW you give instructions. A lot of writers who write ‘how to’ posts tend to become condescending after a while. If you read 10 ‘how to’ posts 8 of them talk down to the reader.

    Readers soon tire of being talked down to and move on. People don’t like feeling stupid – even if we are. Most of us have our downfalls, but we all have our talents too. Not because we’re not good at carpentry it means we’re rubbish at art. I’m sure you get my drift. I think we can make an impact by truly giving good advice in a way that says we care.

    • Adarsh Thampy says:


      I totally understand you.

      Recently I stopped following a popular SEO blog because the tone of the blog became so arrogant that each blog post was bashing us readers or someone else in the industry and portraying the guy like being some SEO God.

      Thanks for sharing your insights.

  10. Hi Adarsh,

    Thanks for your sharing your information. I hope in future you can create more and more like this interesting posting.
    I like your post so much. I have no blogs for write my own content. Now, I will think about I am creating my blog and i will remember your points and I am start writing content

    • Adarsh Thampy says:

      Hi Himali,

      Appreciate your words and I hope I can keep creating valuable content in the future.

      Good luck with your new blog.

  11. Lanre says:

    The advice you gave in this post is definitely something every blogger should apply. I have not been following some of these rules but I always try to proofread my posts continuously and provide helpful content. I completely believe that my content is worth the time and yes, I take blogging and freelance writing lessons from top blogs, including YoungPrePro.
    Thanks Adarsh, I’m sure to refer to this post again.

    • Adarsh Thampy says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts Lanre.

      Not many of us follow all rules possible. I don’t think even Brian or Oni does follow each and every grammar rule or writing conventions.

      As a writer, I believe in getting things done rather than spending days making things perfect.

  12. Wasim Ismail says:

    Hi Adarsh,
    Thanks for the great tip, I also believe, that you should portray your personality in your writing. Ideally you want your content to flow naturally.

    • Adarsh Thampy says:

      Hey Wasim,

      I am not so sure about how we can forcefully portray our personality in writing. Unless we try to imitate others, when we write naturally, it shows, right?

      • Wasim Ismail says:

        To do that we just need to write in our own styl, and voice.

        • Adarsh Thampy says:

          Ah. I get your point now.

          While you are writing in your own style, make sure to adopt better writing style if you come across it. At least be open to it. That’s what I have learned.

  13. Good post Adarsh, I need to try and do more evergreen, some niches are harder though because they focus on events or in my case hockey games.

    • Adarsh Thampy says:

      That would be tough. But still you can go for topics like hockey game rules, hockey game beginners guide, tips etc. Not many, but still you can come up with a little bit of evergreen content. Nice seeing you here Jamie.

  14. Janus says:

    I think of the most valuable tips I took away from this post is #7: requiring your readers to take action. I will implement this strategy in my future posts. This is excellent content! Thanks for the great work!

    • Adarsh Thampy says:


      Not asking your readers to take action is a big no no.

      Thanks for your comment Janus.

  15. Okto says:

    I am second opinion with Kenny Fabre.

    And I think this post is great. It has details in step by step guidance that very useful for bloggers to implement

    • Adarsh Thampy says:

      Glad I could help Okto.

  16. Tim says:


    I read the second point and feel as if you talked to me Several years ago I tried to write on eZine, but got rejected because they said my article didn’t sound natural like a native speaker. Well, maybe my grammar was poor at that time.

    According to your experience, do or did your clients as you to write as natural as native English speakers do? And how do you solve the problem? As I see some websites still require that for their writers or guest bloggers.

    • Adarsh Thampy says:


      I haven’t had a single instance where I was rejected for being a non native writer.

      But, if you are writing for high profile websites or blogs, their threshold would be very high in terms of language and content.

      When I started off, my English was below average. Now I suppose it’s OK. I still have a long way to go to reach the native writer style writing. But who cares?

      Most people find my writing good enough to publish on their blogs. Even though I continuously try to improve, it doesn’t stop me from submitting guest posts to high profile blogs.

  17. Ken says:

    Hey Adarsh,

    After reading this post, point #6 came to mind – evergreen content. What you wrote is what good writers have been preaching for 30 years more, but the points need to be made again and again, which is why I point to tip #6.

    Nice job!


    • Adarsh Thampy says:


      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Evergreen content is one of the best content we can produce. If we are doing business, then evergreen content is so much more valuable in the long run.

    • Carla says:

      hi Adarsh and Ken,

      i agree with you in this point. good and unique content with news are the basic for blogging.

  18. Android Application Development says:

    Great post Adarsh. Even though these are very general point, we tend to skip them while writing. There is one point which you might have missed out, even though you follow it.
    A high impact post requires qualitative engagement through commenting by the writer of the post. Something that you have done very well.
    Cheers !

    • Adarsh Thampy says:

      Engaging with commentors is something you should do. Thanks for the pointer.

  19. wilson says:

    I agree with #5. It is not easy to create content that can capture the readers heart totally. Having a strong passion to create value will be the only way to make your content worth the time reading.

    • Adarsh Thampy says:

      Right you are Wilson!

  20. Faisal Reza says:

    Hi Adarsh,

    What a great content, I like all of your point of ideas. Especially the point need us to take an action. Yes, definitely we need the readers take action with our sharing. That most important.

    I am enjoying your post thanks again

    • Adarsh Thampy says:

      Glad to know that you enjoyed it Faisal.

  21. Sherry Aziz says:

    Hi Adarsh,

    This is very 1st time I visiting this awesome blog. Nice tips and great sharing with useful content. Thanks for sharing.

    • Adarsh Thampy says:

      Hi Sherry,

      Great to know I could deliver useful content. That’s what we content marketers strive for.

  22. Thanks for your post Adarsh Thampy,

    Those are all great way’s to write High Impact Blogposts.
    An other thing that I do think can help to Improve the Impact of Blogspots is to write them with a Content Strategy
    in mind.

    Having a clear idea about what kinds of value and experience you want to give your readers with all your Blogposts, because I do think that it can help as a Guiding Force and give Direction to writing high Impact Posts. (Btw I do think that that way it’s also possible to do Topics Research very Efficient that way) Although I must admit that on my – Writer’s Lifestyle – Blog I currently still don’t really have a very tight Content Strategy yet, because of the many types of writing that I like to write about.

    However I do think that for example on my – Home Business Lifestyle – Blog (Btw. you can find a link to it near the top of my happywriting blog) the Content Strategy is already a slighly more – tight –, giving you as a reader all kinds of Ideas, Tips & Tools for Making Money with writing High Impact Blogposts and (pre) selling Products
    with doing Affiliate Marketing.

    • Adarsh Thampy says:

      Great to know that you love writing and have a tight content strategy for your main blog.

      Cheers 🙂

  23. Adarsh Thampy says:

    Nice to know that I could help!

  24. Thanks Adarsh.
    Some useful tips here as I am a beginner in content marketing. I think your suggestion on second proofreading is on point. At first glance we may tend not to notice some typos, but giving it some time and getting back to it with fresh eyes can really reveal some mistakes.

    And you did well being someone who had to learn to write in English. Well done!

    Oh and thanks for suggesting the infographics on copyblogger was a very interesting piece of information. I liked the using movie, music and super heroes examples to come up with post ideas.

    • Adarsh Thampy says:

      Thank you for the kind words Kemi.

  25. Sylviane Nuccio says:

    Hi Adarsh,

    That’s great advice you are giving here. As a matter of fact a lot of English speakers don’t know all the rules of the English language, indeed. I see that a lot. English is not my language either, yet, I do write for people from here who can’t write that great.

    The fact that your language is not English has no impact on how good a writer you can be if writing is something you do well, regardless of the language as long as you know the language well, or course.

  26. Henri Christophe says:

    thank you for this article. Being a non-native english speaker, in the past, i did struggle a bit trying to use strong words only to realise that i was fighting myself.

  27. Jack Coxill says:

    Loving this post Adarsh Thampy!

    I certainly agree with you about keeping a conversational tone, yet not going to wishy washy with your content.

    My personal addition here, would be to always maintain a good amount of professionalism. Although blogs almost act as people’s persona’s on the net, you don’t want to become a chatty teenager with them, being respective, approachable and grown up can help a lot. It shows you are professional yet still know how to have fun right? It’s engaging for the reader.



    • Adarsh Thampy says:

      Very true Jack!

  28. Adarsh Thampy says:

    Great to hear that 🙂

  29. Rosemary Jayne says:

    Number 2 is the one I see not being implemented and it bugs me a lot. There are 2 or 3 blogs which say “Avail my services” when actually it should be “avail yourself of my services”, if it’s unusual wording then stick with the simplest form – you’ll find native speakers will understand it more too!

    My tip for proofreading is to read on a different device or in preview mode on your blog or similar – a different look can often help you to spot an error.

    Great post!

  30. Santosh Mishra says:

    Blogging about a niche topic or subject may help you leading your blog in the search engines. Such blogs have advantage of interesting materials.


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