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Are you a Healthy Blogger ?

be a healthy bloggerThis is a guest post by Web-The Universe. If you’re interested in writing for WritersinCharge you can click here to learn more.

If you are thinking that Blogging is a great way to earn Money you’re totally right but that is if you go about it the right way..If you think that spending so much time on a computer can help you make more money online you are totally right but that is only if it is worked out the proper way.

I am not here to describe how to blog because there are many posts on the internet about making money blogging, if that is what you want to learn you might want to read my Blog Traffic Tips By Yaro Starak.

My objective is to help you learn how you can stay fit and active if you are a full-time blogger. Here are some great tips that must be followed by active bloggers… which can help you to be More creative, More active and More productive.. Let’s have a look on some “Healthy Ways To Blogging”…!

1) Take a sound Sleep:

  • It’s very important to take 8 hours sleep If you want to work on computer for 8 hours.
  • Go to bed maximum at 11 O’clock.. because working with computers at nights is not advisable by doctors.
  • Get up at 7 O’clock so that you can complete 8 hours sleep.
  • just follow this daily…It will definitely increase your productivity.

2) Do Work Out Compulsory :

  • Being a blogger you need to spend a lot time with your computer and for that you need to sit down for a long period of time which may increase obesity… and we know that obesity leads to laziness and tiredness which directly affect on your creativity and productivity.
  • So It is highly advisable to work out Daily for at least 1 hour.
  • You can either excercise yourself by Walking , Yoga, Aerobics or you can join some gym or any weight training center which can help you stay fit and healthy.
  • As humans our body needs some blood circulation, some little movements of every part of the body and also some relaxation so the best Option is Walking+Yoga; It will keep you healthy forever.

3) Take More juices & Avoid Heavy diet :

  • Again, as a blogger you need to be active and also need to keep your mind fresh so citric juices are highly recommended for this; take juices daily, especially during the day, as it is recommended not to work at night… so you need to take citric juices during the day time only.
  • Another thing is to avoid heavy diet during the day time because it will make you feel sleepy which can make you lazy and inactive so it’s advisable to take light food only and if you are hungry you can have juices, iced tea, some bites or soups…
  • You can definitely take heavy dinner because you don’t need to work at night. Going early to bed is a really important tip so make sure you follow it.

4) Be Spiritual with Meditation :

  • If you want to give your 100% in blogging it’s very important to get spiritual power… The Divine Energy.. which gives us so much strength.
  • The main reason behind this is that by being a blogger we need to sit with computers and we know that computer screen emits many glares which are harmful to our eyes and our health and the fact is, this for of energy is a negative energy.
  • So, to protect ourselves from this negative energy we need to get the positive power from meditation. It’s advisable to do meditation at night before sleeping or very early in the morning. Meditation gives us so much divine energy which keeps us healthy.
  • My favorite meditation is twin heart meditation; if you want a copy you can ask me by commenting on this post.

5) Entertain Yourself :

  • Spend one hour daily for some kind of entertainment.
  • It may be some indoor or outdoor games. If possible choose outdoor games because it will make you fresher.
  • Or you can dance to some of your favorite music, or watch your favorite movie.
  • You can also spend the time talking with your friends…anything you like that is done offline.
  • The important thing is for you stay happy for 1 hour so do something you like the most (don’t say that you like blogging only…because you have 9 hours for blogging but you have to spend 1 hour for some different activity).

That’s it friends, I am sure that for the above five topics you are not following a single one… or following the five healthy ways.. let me know by your comments. Also, Don’t avoid these because they’re really essential if you want to be a healthy blogger… and a healthy human being.

This guest post is by Web-The Universe.

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48 Comments on "Are you a Healthy Blogger ?"

  1. Stuart says:

    Some good pointers here, very useful. I must disagree about the amount of sleep though, I usually have 7 hours per night and that gets me by. Each to their own I guess 😉

    • vrunda says:

      hello Stuart,

      yup..everybody has different needs.. but i take 8 hours of sleep.. it keeps me healthy and fit..

  2. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Universe 😉

    Cool tips. I follow each, save the 8 hours of sleep per night, and maybe I don’t always get my OJ 😉

    Meditation is a core activity for me. I sit for 20 to 30 minutes upon waking. I usually relax my body and follow my breathing. Sometimes I visualize myself accomplishing my goals after meditating for a while. These visualization sessions are a wonderful confidence builder. When you see it in mind you feel it’s come real now, and you will be less stressed about day to day events.

    Have you tried sun-moon meditation? It’s a wonderful stress reliever and manifestation tool too.

    As for exercise I walk between 35 minutes to an hour daily. I also stretch most days and will toss in the occasional set of push ups here and there to get the blood flowing. As the saying goes, pray and move your feet. Physical movement is essential to a healthy life and balanced state of mind.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.


    • Onibalusi says:

      Aha Ryan, the name “Universe” is funny to me too 🙂

      • vrunda says:

        hello ryan and onibalusi..

        this is vrunda..

        my blog name is WeB – The Universe..

        thanx for reading the post and valuable comments..

  3. Mahendra says:

    But I just sleep for 6 hr at night zzzz….. & having mobile whole day in my hand.

  4. Samuel says:

    Awesome post web 🙂 you are right. Working on the pc all day long can make you hate yourself at the end of the day. Because you will get tired and lazy all the time. I hardly spend much time on PC but I do spend most of my time on phone :). Hanging out with friends does help. Thanks for sharing.

    • vrunda says:

      you are welcome samuel..

  5. Andreas says:

    My unhealthy lifestyle begins at 8 am in the morning when I boot up my PC and ends past midnight when I shut it down. In between there is a mix between hard work, blur and exhaustion.

    • Onibalusi says:

      :). I’m still laughing over here.

  6. Robert Dempsey says:

    This is a very timely post for me as I had to take the day off because I woke up so tired. Personally I find myself moving forward so quickly that I tend to neglect a number of items on the list, namely sleep and entertainment.

    I love to work – a double edge sword to be sure. And when it cuts the other way it isn’t good. But at least I don’t burn myself on a monthly basis as I did when I first started working for myself.

  7. tushar says:

    extremely important…new bloggers bookmark this post….
    after 9 months of blogging, i have specs on my eyes…
    does anybody need any more examples? i do not

    • vrunda says:

      take care tushar.. use anti-glare glasses as u already having specs..

  8. Pumama says:

    Don’t drink when you are thirsty! Sure, you should drink water after 45-60 minutes working. This simple tips will help you avoid tiring and stressing

  9. I totally agree with the importance of sleep – I look at it as a way to refresh my inner being and being able to tackle the next day of work.

  10. William Tha Great says:

    Hey Universe,

    Thanks for the wonderful post!

    I totally agree with your methods for healthier ways to blogging. You are right on with every point my dude. I have never tried it, but I’m starting to hear more and more that meditation is a great way to feel healthier and more energetic.

    I agree that our bodys do need sleep, but if there is and idea that is eating away at my mind I won’t be able to sleep! It will have to wait till I complete whatever idea’s on my mind. In times like those sleeping isn’t an option, because my mind runs like a hamster wheel.

    Just my 2 cents.

    God bless,
    William Veasley

  11. Dave Grimes II says:


    My business partner and I were just discussing this. We started taking a break at the same time everyday to go running and do some other exercising. (Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred… I know, girly… but it’s a killer workout and it will knock your socks off!) We’ve found that it really helps re-energize us for the second half of the day. We’re also more focused upon returning to our work.

    As far as the sleep thing goes… we’re working on it. We’re in different time zones, so our schedules are thrown by that… but neither of us gets nearly enough sleep. On the plus-side, we DO get a lot done late into the night. We just feel miserable the next day. You know, until we get our exercise in.

    Awesome advice overall though! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Jagan Mangat says:

    I have done all of my important works,whether that was blog content writing or blog customization or any i did it after 1am till morning 4-5am.I consider that time as the time in which you can put your maximum efforts to any thing.I know its not good for health,but i do heavy exercises and i can lift 35kg weight using my collar muscles in “Front Raise up” move……hahah am not unhealthy.

  13. John says:

    You made gave out some great advice when you recommended working out for at least 1 hour daily.

    It is definitely important to get away from the PC for a while and work on your body.

    I have discovered that when I return to the computer after working I fell more refreshed and ready to get things done. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Anne Sales says:

    Wow! Such a very important aspect to tackle really. It all makes sense. Health is wealth so we need to take good care of it. Great post! Well done!

  15. Brandon Yanofsky says:

    Sitting in front of computers all day is probably the biggest downside to blogging. But these tips will definitely help keep me healthy. Thanks.

    • vrunda says:


      you are welcome.. follow these.. they are really helpful..

      thank you

  16. Definitely good suggestions. I spend so many hours online, its about the quality of the work done, but most importantly the quality of the care you do for yourself. The mind and body has to stay in tip top shape for great things to happen!.

    • vrunda says:

      hey ocho.. you are totally right.. if your health is fit.. and you can keep rocking with quality work..

  17. AJ | The Big Blah!! says:


    It’s really important to keep a check on your health, even if you are running after your dreams. Nothing is more important than that. Like they say it, Health is Wealth.

    Only if we are fit, we can reap the benefits of our efforts.

    – Cheers

  18. I think these tips are applicable for everyone, it’s not necessary that one should be a blogger to do that. 😀

  19. Dean Saliba says:

    I’m possibly the unhealthiest blooger. I sleep during the day, I go days without eating and the only workout I get is walking the dog around the block.

  20. vrunda says:

    thank you for wonderful response on my post.. i highly appreciate all of you.. and thankful to Onibalusi as it’s my first guest post to youngprepro blog.

    I really like this blog. And friends many of you called me universe.. but my name is vrunda and WeB – The Universe is my blog.

    Thank you very much for such response.

    • Onibalusi says:

      Hi Vrunda,

      Your name is awesome and I’m glad you love YoungPrePro.

      Thanks so much!

  21. I must agree that a blogger has to keep themselves healthy especially using the computer. I presently am suffering from carpal-tunnel and find myself unable to stay online more than 2 hours, and even then that night I’m suffering with severe pain in my wrist and fingers. If you haven’t suffered from carpal tunnel then you really don’t know the pain that one goes through. I had always thought of c-t as one of those injuries that was used as an excuse for a lot of workers, I am now being paid back by the “man above” for even thinking that way!! So in conclusion I think we should also be reminded of our work area, how is it set up? Are our hands and arms in a position that won’t put pressure on the nerves and tendons that are being used when on the computer? When you think about it, we could be hurting ourselves permanently and may require surgery! Great post very useful to all of us. jj

  22. Bryan says:


    I just got back from a nice jog around my neighbourhood after a long day trying to work things on my blog. I think every blogger should take notice of their health and be aware that sitting in front of the computer for hours is not a healthy thing especially most of our chairs and keyboards aren’t the ergonomic standard.

    Great article to remind all of us bloggers here to keep watch on our health!

  23. LoveChic says:

    Blogging is percepted as hard work and these tips only prove my words – you have to control your working hours especially if you do blogging every day. I agree with all points, especially about obesity and … a bottle of beer near the laptop 🙂

  24. ankit says:

    Hey thanks for an awesome health tips.It will help all blogger to stay healthy and fit

  25. TsarShu says:

    I’m an unhealthy blogger 🙂 I would like to have enough strengths to follow all these useful tips. The very thing that I lack is sleeping. I feel it – as a rule I sleep less than 6 hours and I’m tired.

  26. Maryland Personal Injury Attorney says:

    I know how hard and tiring, the work of a blogger is. There are times where, they spend almost 20 hours, sitting on their computer doing blogs. And since, they were deprived of experiencing a healthy lifestyle, they must be responsible enough to reward themselves proper and healthy lifestyle. They must give space and time for it.


  27. DiNaRa says:

    I like the point about mediation and entertaining. I do think that ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ – if you are a good blogger (at least, if you want to be) you should know how to rest!

  28. Latief says:

    I try so hard to be a healthy blogger but it’s hard. I sleep only 6hs/night and I’m under pressure and kind of stressed. I have a great tip for being a healthy blogger, a tip that I hope I will have enough will to do…. JOGGING! Jogging while listening to music is 2 times great: 1. healthy, 2. relaxing. You should try this, I sure will. Cheers!

  29. Shaina Lavachquez says:

    a really conscious tips, good tips, real functional to every one, thanks for sharing

  30. Web Design says:

    I don’t get enough sleep, and I’m always chugging a soda. I guess you could say I’m not doing it right 😛

  31. TechDubDoob says:

    I am a healthy enough blogger. Definitely don’t do all these things but I do keep myself in line.

  32. Ali Mujtaba says:

    I personally have problems at all 5 chapters, but what can I say, thanks for the advices I’ll try to improve.

  33. Maria Pavel says:

    Hi vrunda,

    You’ve written a piece of art, extremely great and valuable information! I cannot consider myself a healthy blogger. And that’s why I will totally follow all these advices and try to live a more healthier life. I will start with: following a diet, drinking orange juice for vitamins, jogging, relaxing at least 1h/day and trying to smile and laugh more often. Thanks a lot for sharing this great piece of informations, they really helped me a lot and opened my eyes toward my healthiness.

    Best regards,


  34. John Mak says:

    I like your fifth tip: Entertain yourself!

    It is very important to leave the screen for an hour! Even if you can’t play an outdoor game just go outside and breath, look far away and if you can walk it will make it even better!

    Great article!


  35. seem i am not a healthy bloger,since i spend much time in computer

  36. Dell toner cartridge says:

    I noticed that many bloggers are obese. I wonder if blogging contributed to their transformation to obesity.

  37. Mosaic says:

    Very useful information, but the sad thing is I do need to work at night on computers 🙁

  38. Vera Wang bedding sets says:

    Great post!!! Now I know that I am not a healthy blogger….Thanks for your advice

  39. Nasim says:

    Yes ! I am a healthy blogger who likes to blog more along with the well timed resting period. For some days I was not aware of my increasing weight than untill I went for some physical and laboratory tests due to fever chills. By looking the reports online for my tests I got it that I have done everything online and less physical work is there.

    SO i have now decided to do more physical tests results in next 6 or 3 months.


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