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WARNING: Why Having a Back-End is A Must

Full RegaliaIn my recent post on making yourself a success, I got the following comment from Ming Jong:


Thanks for highlighting some of the common mistakes made. I think it’s probably time to rethink the strategies I’ve used so far.

Just one thing, you mentioned the back-end. I’m currently using RSS alone, and it’s not getting the results I like. Can you recommend or elaborate more abt other back-end strategies?

Ming Jong

After getting the above comment, I replied to Ming telling him I will be writing a post about that on that particular day, unfortunately enough, I had written the whole post only to click publish and to discover only 118 words was published (out of over 800 words), I do get my posts by inspiration which means I have no post backup, it was very frustrating and to write that same post that same day will be an headache so I decided to write it today :) .

Today’s post will be giving you some insights into having a back-end which is very important to your online business, so read on!

What is a Back-End?

According to me, a back-end is a place where you will be keeping your visitors details so that you can get in touch with them later. If you have a blog, your RSS feed or mailing list could be your back-end.

The major benefit of a back-end is that it allows you to get in touch with the same person over and over again.

It is very disastrous to rely on your daily,weekly or monthly blog traffic. A visitor can visit your blog once and forget about you totally, having such a visitor in your back-end will make it very easy to get in touch with that visitor over and over again.

It is true your RSS feed can be a back-end but in this post I will be analyzing the different types of back-end we can have and you will be able to come to conclusion of which one you want.

Why The Need For a Back-End?

Having a back-end is so important because it helps you to be able to get in touch with your readers over and over again. Survey has shown that normal visitors don’t easily turn customers until after 7-8 contacts – it means you should be able to get your message across to them several times before they buy.

Another great reason for having a back-end is that it helps you maximize profits, it makes your readers easily accessible to you.

I make most of my online income from my back-end – my mailing list.

If you are still not convinced, let me tell you this story that happened yesterday (22/07/2010):

I joined the famous bloggers contest recently and I submitted my guest post, it was published but everything was not going as expected, there wasn’t much comment and retweets on the post, I sent a mail to my list promising them an ebook if they could comment and retweet the post, I started getting results immediately.

PS: If you also want the ebook, the title is The Guide to Info Marketing – This ebook will help you on succeeding in info marketing, if you are still interested in getting your free copy, all you have to do is retweet and comment on the following post and send me your details (comment name and twitter status for tweeting the post), once confirmed, I will give you your free copy of the guide.

Types Of Back-End

This is what makes the difference, not all back-end are the same and a mailing list should NEVER be compared to RSS.

There are three types of back-end I know and they are listed in their order of responsiveness.

1. Mailing List – This is the REAL DEAL – The money is truly in the list. A great advantage of having a mailing list is because of its responsiveness and personalization, it is also very unusual and can me customized which leads to more conversion.

Unlike an RSS feed, a mailing list is super responsive and you can send any message, an RSS feed is only restricted to blog posts.

I have heard many people say they are building their list through feedburner, you are only deceiving yourself, you will never go far doing that.

2. RSS Feed: This is also another back-end but it has lots of restrictions.

3. Social Networks: Many people think this is not a back-end, it is! If you could create a base for your online business on your favorite social network, you are also building a back-end, but remember, this is not as effective and responsive as the two above.

My Last Word

Your back-end is not necessarily for you to make money online, you can even build a list in order to know more about your readers and build stronger relationships with them.

What do you think about having a back-end? Is it bad or evil? Any questions about having a back-end? Feel free to make your mind known in the comments section, retweeting and sharing this post will also be appreciated.

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