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Happy Birthday to a Loving Mother

happy birthday motherToday is really a great day for me, most importantly, for my Mother.

Today, my mother clocks 51 and I just don’t know how best to help her celebrate it than telling it to the world 🙂

The love of a mother for her children can never be explained, the love is so unconditional.

It is my mother who had me in her womb for 9 months and I know how painful it is when women are in labour, still, my mother held the pain, so that her little son can come to earth.

It is my mother who breast-fed me even when I didn’t have a tooth, not alone to think about eating, it was this same mother who made sure I am alive till this moment (through the help of God) – by making sure I don’t lack food.

When I needed strong advice, my mother was there for me, when I was doing what was wrong thinking it was right, it was this same mother who stood there to make me know that what I am doing is right.

My mother bore my shame and my pain, my mother has an unconditional love for me.

I remember when I was a little bit younger (around 10,11 years old), and I am always falling sick, it is this same mother who will put me on her back to the hospital – which kind of love do you think this is?

There is nothing else that makes me more happy than my mother being happy.

It is 9 years now that my father died but my mother was there for me and I never even looked like I have no father (except when thinking about my father’s love ;)).

It was my mother who sent me to school, just to make sure I have the best, just to make sure I am not a slave to my equals – Her love is just unconditional.

Today is a very glorious day for me and remembering that 51 years is not a child’s play.

I will really appreciate if you could just say in a word or two HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOTHER – Remember, Her joy is mine.

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13 Comments on "Happy Birthday to a Loving Mother"

  1. Nabeel | Create Your First Website says:


    A very Happy Birthday to your mother!!

    I sincerely hope all the best for your mother and you.

    May she see many happy days ahead!


    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Hi Nabeel,

      Amen! Amen! Amen!

      Thanks so much for your nice words, I an my mother really appreciate it.

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  2. Gary David | Build Your List Fast says:

    Hey Oni,

    Happy 51st birthday to your mom! Enjoy your time with her, give the love that she deserves.


    Kind regards,


    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Hi Gary,

      Thanks so much for your nice comment, I and my mum really appreciate it.

      Thanks a lot,

  3. CJ says:

    Really thoughtful post man!
    Looks like you’ve definitely got unconditional love for your mother as well.


    CJ’s last blog ..Grow Your Online Income, Not Your Rear End!

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Hi CJ,

      Yeah! I so much love my mum.

      Thanks so much for the nice comment,

  4. KS Chen says:

    Happy birthday to Onibalusi’s mom! Great article to express your gratitude to your mother Onibalusi! My mother’s birthday is coming soon too. I wish that i can do the same as what you did today! 🙂

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Hi Kok,

      Yeah! I will be awaiting your great post about your lovely mother’s birthday.

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  5. Febap Liew | Making Money Online Today says:

    very thoughtful script oni. I am not too sure if the birthday’s over but anyway, even so, i sincerely wish your mom a very happy belated birthday.
    I myself too am doing all i can to show my gratitude to my mom. in future, i hope to be able to provide back what my mom has unconditionally done for me.

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Hi Febap,

      Thanks so much for your nice words.


  6. Kimi says:

    You know, i have tears in my eyes when i read your truly loving post.

    Because i remember my own mother who has the only daughter, which is me, and she lives far away in Asia while i am in Germany.

    Indeed mother is very important to our life, and i am a mom myself.

    Truly and sincerely, Happy Birthday to your mother, all the best wishes!

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Hi Kimi,

      That is so great to hear. The love of a mother is truly unconditional.

      Thanks so much for your nice words,

  7. Your mother must be very proud of you, for raising a son who knows how to acknowledge his mom’s love and sacrifices. Keep it that way and happy birthday to your mom.


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