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The A to Z Guide to Writing Quality Content

By Seun

Successful writers and bloggers have one thing in common; and that is – they provide “quality content”, period! Quality content is simply articles, blog posts and nuggets of literature that is “worth reading” by any standard. Seriously, why would anyone spend their valuable time reading content that is packed with fluff and would (in no way) add any value to them?

Everybody knows that quality content writing is loved by ALL search engines. So it is important that you know the techniques that will assist you in creating quality content.

You Must Know This: when you write original content you will automatically gain credibility and be perceived as an expert in your chosen niche.  When your readers love your work, they will not just keep coming back to read your newest updates, they will also tell others about your blog.

Here are my tips for writing quality content:

1. Improve your Writing Skills
Yes, we all have fallen victim to the occasional typographical error, but if your blog posts or articles are consistently filled with typos, spelling errors and bad grammar; you will make people lose interest in reading your content. Ensure that your spelling and grammar are impeccable; and if you are not sure about your grammar, spelling and punctuation, you can always hire a proofreader.

Note: If you are not a native English speaker, and you are not particularly sure of your writing credibility, you should consider hiring a proofreader. With time, you will be able to master the art of writing articles that are very well written.

2. Provide Fresh and Informative Content

One of the things that I strive to do as a blogger is to ensure that I write informative content. Most people are open and willing to learn new and interesting things. I ask myself “what will my readers learn after reading this blog post?” You need to work on building a reputation for sharing knowledge that readers find interesting.  I have found that writing about personal experiences can make topics fresher and more engaging for discussions.

3. Use Easy-to-Understand Grammar

Using fancy words may seem really cute, but will your readers understand what you are trying to portray? Not everyone has the time or patience to Google words or reach for a dictionary in order to decipher what you’ve said in your articles or blog posts. You need to understand that the attention span of an average internet user is very short; so, you do not want to put off your readers by using too many “big words”. There are articles on my blog where I write in Yoruba (my native language), but I ALWAYS make sure I translate these words – obviously, not everyone can read Yoruba.

4. Use Captivating Titles

Like I mentioned earlier, the attention span of internet users is really short; so you need to arrest their attention using titles that are captivating. Using a captivating title is not enough; you need to ensure that you write content that is relevant to the title you have used. For instance, you will be pi***d off if you see a title that reads “Lose 2 Pounds in 3 Days”, only to find out that the writer actually wrote about prepping the body for three days before getting ready to lose weight. Being deceptive can actually make readers really angry and make them NEVER want to visit your blog ever again.

Writing Quality Content – The Sbabzy Way

In one of my popular blog posts “How I Achieved Google PageRank 3 & DA in Just 3 Months“  I explained that one of the ways that I achieved a high page ranking on Google is by writing only quality and unique content on my blog. I know for a fact that if a website is filled with duplicate information already found on many other sites; then Google will definitely penalize you, which will affect your page ranking and cause you to lose a considerable amount of your website traffic. So it is of utmost importance that you only choose to write top notch content and NEVER post plagiarized content on your website or blog.

I am inspired to produce quality content by following these steps:

1. Educating My Readers

I want my readers to learn a lot from reading the articles that I post. There are times when we take a moment to be grateful for learning something new or different – I want my readers to be thankful for learning something that they can use in their life’s journey. One of my readers wrote a very touching email to me. She said that she learned (from my post) that shirking off one’s parental duty can do a lot of harm to a child, and that she is now interested in knowing the friends her children associate with. I have come to understand that learning is part of life, and if we refuse to learn, we simply choose not to grow.

2. Sharing Personal Experiences

I love sharing personal experiences in some of my blog posts. I noticed that it encourages discussions on the topic. A lot of people see a piece of themselves when they read the real-life stories I share on my blog, and want to share their thoughts on the subject.

3. I Write from My Heart

Never underestimate the intelligence of people who take their precious time to read your blog post. I write from the core of my being – yes, it may sound strange. But, I realized that a lot of people can tell if you simply copied content from somewhere and try to pass it off as yours. When you write from your heart, your readers will connect with you on a spiritual level and would feel like they are reading content that was written by “a friend”. There is some kind of “magic” that comes from writing from your heart.

So start producing quality content today and you will be glad you did! I wish you the very best of luck in creating quality content.

Oluwaseun Babajide is the CEO & founder of, a source of unique Blogging, Personal and Professional Tips, apart from featured Interviews with Top Bloggers. He loves working on the internet, golfing, researching, writing articles, and meeting new people.

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