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5 Guest Posting Strategies you can Steal

This guest post is written by Grant Hensel

Guest blogging is quite literally taking the world by storm. The model makes perfect sense: the host gets free content and the guest gets exposure.

If you already knew that, congratulations! You’ve mastered Guest Posting 1.0…and it’s time to take your game to a whole new level.

The following 5 guest posting strategies have been implemented successfully by some of the best bloggers in the industry. Each approach by itself will make your guest posts far more successful, but used together they can provide a quantum leap in effectiveness.

Strategy 1: Multiple Objectives

The first major mistake many bloggers make when guest posting is focusing only on generating traffic or links or attention. A good post will give you all of those benefits, so why not maximize overall effectiveness?

Guest posts can provide all of the following:

  • Traffic
  • Subscribers
  • Credibility
  • Backlinks
  • Social shares

Create an excel spreadsheet to track the above metrics for each of your posts. Add another column describing everything you did to promote your post. Try to attach a dollar value to each metric – how much is a visitor or a subscriber or a link worth to you? After you’ve collected some data, determine which combination of topic, host blog and promotion produces the greatest overall return.

Strategy 2: The Guest Posting Blitz

Want to turn yourself into an instant celebrity? Go on a guest posting blitz.

Danny Iny used an all-out guest post barrage to catapult his Firepole Marketing website into the spotlight. The same strategy worked wonders for Josh Hanagarne, and earned him a chance to share his story on Copyblogger.
guest blogging on a blitz

Here’s how to launch a guest posting blitz of your own:

  • Build a list of 20-30 blogs you would like to post on. BloggersPassion has a great list of blogs that accept guest posts.
  • Browse each blog and develop headlines for potential posts. Try to have 2-3 post ideas for each blog. Make sure your topics are those relevant for the host blogger’s audience, but are ones which haven’t already been covered.
  • Send email pitches to the first few bloggers on your list. Start with a personal introduction to demonstrate you know who the blogger is and what they write about. Conclude with a request to publish a guest post, proposing the headlines that you developed in the previous step. Include links to samples of your past work if you have them.
  • Research and write like crazy! Once bloggers start accepting your requests, get to work! These posts are your first contact with the host blogger and his or her audience, and you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

Strategy 3: Join the A-List Conversation

This tactic works amazingly well in conjunction with the strategy that we just discussed. As Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz and the Blog Tyrant will tell you, use your guest posts to join the conversation!

Presumably all of the bloggers on your list for the Blitz strategy above are in the same niche. If you used their blogs to research your guest posts, give them the credit they are due and reference their work with a link. This demonstrates your industry knowledge and shows that you have something to add to the conversation.

After your post is published, send a quick email to the owner of each blog you referenced. If your original post was successful, you can even propose writing something for them on a related topic. This strategy allows you to leverage each of your posts to gain access to increasingly prestigious blogs. It also allows you to build your skills as you go, so that when someone like Chris Brogan finally accepts your pitch you’re ready to knock his audience’s socks off!
guest blogging strategy

Strategy 4: Jaw Dropping Value on A-List Blogs

This is my favorite strategy because the potential return is absolutely astounding.

Despite its power, this approach is theoretically quite simple:

  1. Write an amazing, jaw dropping post
  2. Pitch your post to bloggers at the very top of the food chain

As an example of what I mean by ‘jaw-dropping value,’ check out this post on Chris Brogan’s blog, which was shared over 100,000 times. It’s a mammoth of a post, the topic is general enough to appeal to all audiences and the quality of the content is mind-blowing. In a follow-up post on Income Diary, Tommy explains how he managed to write this masterpiece.
guest post on Chris Brogan's blog

What’s the takeaway here? Sometimes one amazing post on a huge blog is more effective than hundreds of guest posts on smaller websites.

Strategy 5: Give Your Readers Something Special

Here’s a secret: Maneesh Sethi was the first person to truly convince me of the power of guest posting. Maneesh wrote a great post on Scott H Young’s blog and gave away enormously valuable information at the end, exclusively for Scott’s followers.

This strategy not only built Maneesh’s email list but provided his readers with an incredibly valuable eBook as a special thank-you present. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your posts while building your business at the same time.

My Special Gift for WritersinCharge Readers

This approach made such an impression on me that I’ve decided to give 1,000 copies of my new eBook, “One Question that will Transform your Struggling Blog into a Titan” completely free. Skip the sales page on my blog by using this backdoor link, which will let you pick up the eBook for free. Get your copy before they run out!


Don’t just read and move on, it’s time for you to put these five strategies to work! What can you do right now to optimize your guest posts for multiple goals, go on a posting blitz, reference A-list bloggers, create posts of amazing value and give your readers special benefits?

Implement these strategies and I promise your blog will never be the same. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the free eBook!

About the Author: Grant Hensel is the CEO of a startup that allows experts in any field to create and sell online courses. You can read more of his work or contact him through the Viibrant Expert Blog.

P.S. Grant has also been deeply moved and inspired by Bamidele’s work ethic and success – congratulations on finding his amazing blog!

44 Comments on "5 Guest Posting Strategies you can Steal"

  1. boachie pius says:

    wow thanks alot Grant i was actually planning on working on my guest blogging this month and this is a must read for every blogger out there.

    • Grant says:

      Thanks – glad I could help!

  2. Sheyi @ says:

    I learnt about giving a special stuff to readers of the blog where you are guest posting from Ramith Seth’s brother – the guy at hack the system!

    Lovely post and well written.


    • Grant says:

      Yeah, I love Hack the System too – thanks for reading!

  3. Lauren Aloise says:

    This is some fantastic advice. I love the idea of a blogging blitz and making a spreadsheet with topic ideas. I’m going to be putting this to use for sure!

    • Grant says:

      Thanks Lauren – tell me how the blitz goes!

  4. rambabu seo says:

    i must keep these nice steal strategies into my tips box!

  5. I’m trying to fit guest posts in every free space I’ve got between editing my books. These are really great tips, especially your idea about referencing other bloggers in posts – marvellous!

    • Grant says:

      Thanks Anne! Best of luck with the books and blogging – if I can ever be of any other assistance just let me know!

  6. Kevin Ryan says:

    Always working on getting better at posting and guest posting, thanks for the valuable information

  7. I’m always afraid of guest posting, but with these strategies I’m confident enough to make most out of it.

    • Grant says:

      Don’t be afraid! Nothing to lose and literally everything to gain 🙂

  8. Joe Boyle says:

    It’s all about quality, quality, and more quality. Your guest posts should be better quality then that of your own blog. You want people to look at the article and think, “wow, that’s probably the greatest article I’ve ever seen.” It’ll make people go crazy over the work.

    You essentially want people to share the article as many times as possible, therefore increasing the traffic to it – also increasing the chance that people will cross streams and visit your website.

    • Grant says:

      Thanks Joe – I totally agree. Guest posts are the first contact people have with you and your brand, so your post better blow them away!

  9. Bill says:


    You just found someone that’s going to do a little experiment for May. My blog is pretty thick with good content, so I’m gonna go on a guest blogging blitz. I’ve even got a couple of pretty good eBooks that have been well received by my friends and family to give away.

    I’ll tell you how it goes in 30 days.

    • Grant says:

      Awesome Bill – great job taking action and definitely keep me posted!

  10. John Ernest says:

    This is a really great blog! Guest posting is pretty hard. I mean, you even have to establish a relationship with the blog owner so as to have their approval.

  11. Goa casinos says:

    Yes no doubt in that guest blogging is the best source to get backlinks as well as traffic but it should be perfect from readers point of view only then it would be prove better for you.

  12. Donald Brown says:

    I can definitely identify what what was said here because i also believe in providing jaw dropping content that people will want to read. The better the content is even on a gust post, the more likely people will return to that blog to read more.

    You want to make your information totally irresistable so that people will return for more because by doing that, you not only help to increase the value of the blog itself, but you also help to increase your level of expertise in your niche and establishing yourself as an expert.

    We all want to be recognized as an expert in our fields, and guest posting can definitely help you to accomplish that and so much more. So it isn’t just about building back links to your site, but it is also about building long lasting relationships with people too.

    Blogs are an excellent form of digital communication, and unlike texting, or Tweeting, you can say a lot on a blog. Blogs are still journaling in a way, but with a different twist than traditional journaling. With more traditional journaling, you write about yourself for yourself, but with blogs, the journaling is done by you for others to look at and learn from.

    The more professional you are with your guest posts, the better it is for you and the blog owner. The last thing that the blog owner wants are posts that sound like they were written by a 5th grader. Blog owners want guest posters to write in a professional mannor and in a toan that is easy to understand and not offensive in any way.

    If you have the right to guest post on the blog, by all means, don’t abuse that right by putting links throughout your posts because that will look bad not only on you but for the blog owner as well. It will appear as if you wer just trying to make sales and not provide quality information for the readers.

    Even though comments on blogs aren’t really posts in the same respect as what a guest poster would publish, the same rules still apply. If your comments are filled with link after link and very little content, the more than likely, that comment will not be approved.

    I am one that loves to provide rich content on a blog whether I am the guest author, or the commenter. I never ever leave very short and brief comments because I want the reader of that blog to receive excellent and meaningful content from me that will not only benefit them, but the owner of that blog as well.

    Let’s face it, if you’re going to leave a comment, or a post, doesn’t it make sense to write something worth reading? Before I go here, let me tell you all a little story that happened to me concerning my blog and a comment that someone had left.

    One day I was going through the comments that people had left, but weren’t yet approved, and I came across one of the most lame and shortest comments I have ever seen.

    All the commenter wrote was the following, “beautiful blog”. Now I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t do anything to me or my readers, and if I were to actually approve that, then it would make my blog look like a rubbish pile of useless information that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

    So, I didn’t publish that comment at all, It was never approved. However, it just goes to show that some people really don’t know what making a real comment is, and how valuable it is to make one.

    If you really consider yourself a writer and a professional one at that, then you need to write comments and posts that are really worth reading as well as engaging for the reader and the blog owner.

    • Grant says:

      Thanks Donald. You certainly practice what you preach in terms of writing thoughtful comments 🙂

      And I’d agree that expert’s blogs are very different from journals. The big question readers are asking when they approach every post is “what’s in it for me?”. Journals aren’t very good at answering that question.

  13. usman says:

    Many thanks for the article. I have never done guest posting. I will try to do some guest posts and see the results.

  14. wilson says:

    Thanks for sharing! I believe that there is no secret strategy. All it takes is to take massive actions and tweak along the way:) By doing so, we will then be able to know what works and what don’t works.

    Even if we are doing the wrong thing, we are going to realize it as time goes by. Also, we would need to be learning every single day to ensure that our time is well-spent even though we are not taking action for the day itself.

    • Grant says:

      Good points. As long as you keep making progress you’ll get there eventually.

      I’d recommend learning and taking action every day though 🙂

  15. Guest posting is definitely a great strategy, thanks for sharing, specially your levelup strategy, I really like the concept behind that and will give it a shot.

    • Grant says:

      Thanks for reading and taking action Jamie! Tell me how it goes 🙂

  16. Kalen@Learn Internet Marketing says:

    Some really cool stuff there Grant! I have been trying to get back into my guest blogging rhythm. It provided great results, but I really need to put the time into it once again.

    Doing a guest posting blitz sounds like a phenomenal idea. It is one heck of an investment, but I am sure it is definitely worth it in the long run!

    • Grant says:

      Glad I could help! Tell me if you get a chance to implement any of the strategies 🙂

  17. Alamin says:

    Thanks Grant Hensel,,,, All of those 5 guest post techniques was great. I really liked

  18. Krishna Kiran says:

    Hey.. Thanks for the valuable info dude.. it sure helps me drive traffic.. By the way.. your site design is awesome buddy.. Can you tell me how often to write guest posts..?

  19. Navneet says:

    Hey Oni after few months i am now again reading your awesome blog.Thanks for all your strategies given by Master of Guest Posting.However congrats on your Home Office noticed its pics on facebook few days back.

  20. QubeHrm says:

    Hey thanks for the informative post. As a blogger i am keen to increase traffic to my blog. And guest posting is a one of the better away to drive traffic. Learnt new things. Thanks for the information.

  21. Thanks for the tips and especially that list of blogs that allow guest posting!! This should make a huge difference in my SEO marketing strategy.

  22. The exclusive ending giveaway absolutely rocks it, Grant 🙂

    Great summary of guest-post strategies, man, so glad Danny Iny linked me to this 🙂

    • Grant says:

      Happy I could help Jason – really glad that Danny liked it as well!

  23. Edna R. Aluoch says:

    Great post! I especially like strategy 2 and 5.

  24. Tho Huynh says:

    Great post 🙂
    I think to make the most from Guest-blogging, you should provide content that values readers and draw them from the blog to your own site

  25. Mike Jones says:

    I learnt about giving a special stuff to readers of the blog where you are guest posting from Ramith Seth’s brother – the guy at hack the system!

    Lovely post and well written.

  26. Anny says:

    I also like to view Featured/Popular post of the blog I’m gonna write to. It helps to find the most suitable topic for the guest post.

  27. reeha@inkjet says:

    Fantastic list. I agree with all these points however the main point on which i rely that most is giving something special to readers. this will bring more readers and their full attention towards the post. all other points are also very useful. thanks for this interesting to read post and best gift post for all bloggers.

  28. Becca says:

    Guest posting is certainly a great way to attract targeted traffic in quick time, however no one can ignore the power of social media but generally it takes huge efforts and time to generate result.

  29. Dipendra@Givemegoal says:

    Guest Post has a great value. I admire that but I find it difficult to find any page on sports that accepts guest post.

  30. Joe Karl says:

    Excellent Post Thanks for Sharing your knowledge!!

    I also think Guest blogging is quite literally taking the world by storm. Especially after panda and penguin.



  31. Jovie Onyema says:

    i think i like the blitz approach. people’ll begin to wonder “where did this guy come from all of a sudden?!”

  32. Elisabeth Shue says:

    I have been trying to get back into my guest blogging rhythm. It provided great results, but I really need to put the time into it once again.Many thanks for the article. I have never done guest posting. I will try to do some guest posts and see the results.


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