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Are You Making These 9 Guest Blogging Mistakes?

Guest blogging can be a very potent method for building a successful blog, and it has  been the sole source of marketing my blog for almost a year now. It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual wanting to build an audience for your blog, or a company looking for ways to bolster your growth, guest blogging can be a solid marketing tactic for any web business. However, it’s important you realize that guest blogging isn’t just about writing a quality guest post and expecting the traffic to come. You have to take some steps, and you also have to avoid the common mistakes most people make, in order to ensure maximum results.

I have been writing guest posts for almost 2 years now, and within this period I have written over 500 guest posts for this blog personally. Some of these guest posts were published on some of the biggest blogs online, and some were published on smaller blogs. One thing is without doubt, though; I have made a lot of mistakes, and I have learned a lot. Some of my guest posts are complete failures, and some resulted in thousands of visitors and hundreds of subscribers. In this article I will be  sharing some of the most common guest blogging mistakes I think you should avoid.

#1: Assuming the Host’s Audience is Your Audience

One major mistake I see a lot of guest bloggers make is that of assuming the host’s audience is theirs. In other words, they will be referring to past events that only a fraction of their audience knows about as if the host’s audience should also be aware of it.

Face the fact; you might be popular in a lot of places online, and you might have a gazillion visitors, but everybody doesn’t know you, and it will be a very dangerous mistake to assume the audience of the blog you’re writing for already knows you.

Solution: The solution to this problem is simple. Take a minute to explain an event that you think will give your guest post more clarity in a few words. If possible, link to a post on your blog that explains better. No matter what, don’t assume the audience of the blog you’re writing for knows you already. Instead, link to previous articles that can help them better understand your points.

#2: You Don’t Have a Strategy

Have you ever taken a moment to ask yourself this simple question: why am I guest blogging?

Take a moment to answer the above question. Is it because Onibalusi says it is effective? Is it because it is the new buzz online? Or is it because it is an integral part of your online marketing strategy?

Solution: Writing guest posts because everyone says it is effective alone won’t work. You need to develop a strategy for your blog to help you maximize your traffic sources, and guest blogging should only be a part of that strategy.

#3: You’re Writing Your Bio Poorly

Whenever you submit a guest post to another blog do you just end your post with a bio saying: “Visit Onibalusi’s blog to learn more about him at” Do you end up with just any bio for the sake of having a bio? Or do you have a clearly defined bio that tells the readers of your guest post a little about you and gives them a reason to visit your blog?

Solution: The key to a successful guest post bio is giving people a reason to click to your blog. You don’t want to sound like a stranger; instead, you want to give them a little insight about yourself or your blog. You want to arouse their curiosity by asking a question or letting them know the solution your blog presents, and you want to do this with as few words as possible.

#4: You Don’t Have a Funnel

Another deadly mistake you can make as a guest blogger is not having a funnel.

Do you just write your guest posts and link to your homepage, or do you have a carefully planned system to make visitors from your guest post repeat readers?

Guest blogging isn’t about the occasional spikes in traffic you get; instead, it is about looking for ways to get people to visit your blog repeatedly. Guest posts you write shouldn’t be with the aim to just get traffic; it should be with the aim to get repeat visitors.

Solution: Get a quality design aimed at getting you more subscribers, or better yet, focus on creating a special squeeze page to help you get subscribers from your guest posts. Making visitors from your guest posts repeat visitors should be your ultimate goal, and one of the best ways to do that is by having a carefully designed funnel.

#5: Your Guest Post is all about YOU

While you might have been able to build a great connection with your readers that makes them really respect and want to learn from you, readers of your guest posts don’t know you and probably don’t give a damn about you. Make your guest posts about them, and you will get a lot more results.

Mind you, I’m not trying to tell you to remove yourself completely from the guest post. I’m only saying it will be best to do it in a way that will benefit your readers.

Solution: Stop focusing on you; start focusing on your readers. If telling a story about yourself will help your readers learn, then don’t be afraid to tell it.

#6: Your Guest Post is Too Long

Yes, I’ve heard all those myths about how long posts bring great results, but you’ll be surprised to see how ineffective that advice can be. The long successful posts aren’t successful because they are long; they are successful because they are detailed and well-researched.

Solution: Don’t focus on writing long guest posts; focus on writing valuable guest posts.

#7: You Don’t Have an Attractive Title

You might think this is bullshit! After all, the blog you’re targeting has over 100,000 subscribers. Well, you will be surprised! Take a look at some of the biggest blogs online and you will notice they publish guest posts every day. This means they have to publish guest posts from different authors to the same readers, thereby reducing the chances of you really getting traction for your guest posts. Some blogs even publish more than one guest post in one day, and irrespective of their subscriber count, the only way to get results is by having the right headline.

Solution: Look for a proven headline formula that works, or spend more time writing your headline than the guest post itself. The better your headline, the more chances of it being read, and the more likely you are to get better results.

#8: You’re Writing Too Many Guest Posts

…To an extent of allowing your blog to suffer.

You might think getting quality guest posts published on all the big blogs in your niche will make a huge difference irrespective of what happens on your blog; but you’re wrong! Your guest blogging process doesn’t end with your guest post on another blog, it also continues on your blog, and that means the content you publish matters.

Solution: Develop a consistent posting schedule on your blog, offer the best content you can and encourage new visitors to stay and invite their friends.

#9: You’re Not Reading this Blog

Okay, that was only a joke!

In reality, guest blogging is always evolving, and the only way to get a lot more results from your guest blogging efforts is by learning more about it. You don’t just need to learn more about guest blogging; you also need to learn more about writing well and online copywriting, and your guest posts will eventually pay you back.

Solution: Knowledge is power. Don’t get carried away with writing guest posts to the extent of forgetting yourself. If you’re ready to learn, you can get more results from one guest post than you will from five. Focus on improving your knowledge and you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

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34 Comments on "Are You Making These 9 Guest Blogging Mistakes?"

  1. Samson Abiodun says:

    Whao, what a quality and informative article you have placed here,i can’t wait to start correcting my errors to get a perfect blogging experience.

  2. MIchael @Blast4TrafficNow says:

    You really strike a balance and I love the solution aspects of it. But you forget to add something very important, most guest bloggers do not optimize their articles for search engine.

    You encouraged us to focus on repeated customers. I think the best way to get them coming back is to rank highly on Google top 10. When a guest post is ranked like that, getting fresh and repeated prospects is very easy.

    So, keyword research is vital before writing a guest post. No, you don’t have to stuff keywords, but add it on the title, probably at the start and few times within the body. Write naturally as you talk and you would experience better results.

    Oni, you’ve built a very powerful blog for writers. I can’t thank you enough and wish you success. I hope my comment is ideal for this post?


    • Hi Michael,

      This is really great piece from you. You really made the right point but one thing I can say concerning having a reader’s blog is that, you should focus more on giving your best like what Oni told us and not just to focus on #1-10 on Google. Everything will work well if you make proper use of this tips.


  3. This is a great post for anyone getting into guest posting. Congrats on writing and researching it. I agree that writing too many guest posts can extremely damage your own sites. You’re giving away your best work, so you really have to be careful to strike a balance. Many people don’t know how to do this.

  4. I rarely submit guest posts, probably about 1 post a month and that’s it. Generally concentrate on the content of my website, as well as link building and web development. Actually I hope that next year I will prepare proper guest blogging strategy, as this is another great way of brand and link building.

  5. Brankica says:

    Really enjoyed reading this one, Oni (also including it in the next round up). When ever I need some guest posting idea, I come here for advice 🙂
    I don’t really have a plan for guest posting since I can hardly catch up with some of my projects but I do have one blog in mind, where I really want to post so I am gathering ideas and guts (ha ha) to actually try it there. If I make it, I will come here to thank you for the motivation!!!

  6. sam @ goa carnival says:


    Nice info no doubt in that guest post is play important role to get backlinks but we should aware from that from where we are getting backlinks these are good sites or not.

  7. Rakesh says:

    I have not start writing guest post as i am busy creating contents for my own blog/site. These are the great tips for any blogger, just want to write guest post.

  8. Raj says:

    I know people who write too many guest posts. Where ever one goes, they are sure to come across a guest post written by them! So, it becomes quite normal, you know! Good points – All eight of them.

  9. rick owens jackets says:

    Oni…another great post from guest post star…. Those mistakes are very common. Hope all of us will try to ignore those mistakes

  10. Joseph says:

    Great Post Oni,
    I think building your blog Content along Guest posting with having a proper Landing Page is very important to keep your Visitors coming back.
    BTW, This post is a timely Post, cos am planning to Submit a Guest Post to a Big Blog Tomorrow.

  11. It is just not about guest posts. Too much long posts always turn me off,until and unless they give the information that is worth investing

  12. cash4wealth says:

    in everything it is expected you strike a balance so it is with quest posting so your own blog is not relegated.

  13. I will use Guest Blogging as part of my strategy to build natural traffic and good baclinks. Sorry to say, but I do love the number #9 mistakes.

    Your blog are giving great content about Guest Blogging. Thanks Onibalusi. 😉

  14. Josh Sarz says:

    I love the advice that you’ve given in this post, Oni. Especially the one about your bio linking to squeeze page instead of a homepage.

    Thanks for the good read. Happy Holidays.

  15. Naija Jobs says:

    Oni your posts are always great, thanks for taking our time to let people know this.

  16. SRK says:

    Excellent article. You have inspired many blog writers. This article explains in detail about the common mistakes while doing guest blogging. Keep it up!

  17. Andy says:

    As Usual, A great post. Oni yo are becoming my inspiration but I am not a good writer so I am not into blogging for Now. Any tips to be a better writer?

    By the way the things you have mentioned in this post is really great about guest blogging.

  18. Mak says:

    Great post on guest blogging. Hey Onibalusi, I want to ask you about the winners of writedone contest for best writer. who won?

    • Onibalusi says:

      Hi Mark,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

      The winners will be announced before Christmas. I’ll definitely be updating the blog if I win the contest 🙂

      • Mak says:

        Thats Great Onibalusi.I hope you will win This contest. All the best. Before christmas means..1 more day i have to wait… OH my God. I am desperately waiting for that. 🙂

        • Mark says:

          Oh I just saw that You are in the finalist list. congratulations.

  19. Ken Weiss says:

    I guest blog on a few health related blogs, and have found this to be an effective source of traffic. With Google Analytics I can track which blogs are driving traffic back to my blog. Also, rather than try to figure out the reader, I read other articles first to understand the audience and read comments. Then using this info I search popular keywords on the topic to drive traffic.

  20. Meronagar says:

    I am pretty sure that I do not mistake the last point..

  21. Atish says:

    Happy Birthday Oni.

    • Onibalusi says:

      Thanks Atish!

      • Atish says:

        Hey Oni, just saw that you are in the list of finalist at writetodone. congrats.

  22. Kent @ Internet Marketing Tips says:

    This just comes in handy as i am working on my first guest post.

    At least I am not making a mistake not reading your blog now. 🙂

  23. Trung Nguyen says:

    I have just read this post and I just want to say congrats.

  24. Odesanya Taiwo says:

    Great article coming from a great source.
    thanks Oni

  25. Karen millen says:

    This just comes in handy as i am working on my first guest post.

    At least I am not making a mistake not reading your blog no

  26. MedzPro says:

    write in our own blog is not bad at all,

  27. Gaurang says:

    Wow,,, These are the common mistakes which almost every guest blogger do. Thanks for such a nice article.

  28. Charles says:

    Great tips! Thank you for sharing.


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