The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging

guest blogging guideI have been guest blogging for almost 2 years now and within that period I have written several hundred guest posts, many of which have been featured on some of the biggest blogs in my niche. A lot of my guest posts were written solely for the sake of getting traffic and subscribers, and to improve my sphere of influence. Others were written solely for the purpose of experimenting and learning new things as far as guest blogging is concerned.

To say I haven’t learnt anything when it comes to guest blogging would be a lie. To say I can’t teach others how to do the same would be an even greater lie. I have decided to write a complete guide, giving the best and most practical information I can provide in a blog post. With time, I hope this guide will be the ultimate guide to guest blogging.

What is Guest Blogging?

The first question that will come to your mind when guest blogging is mentioned is, ‘what exactly is guest blogging?’ A lot of us know that forum marketing is the act of marketing our blog/website on forums. Most of us know that blog commenting is the act of commenting on other blogs. But what is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is the act of writing for another blog, with the hope of getting quality back-links, getting traffic, gaining exposure and building relationships.

Who Can Use Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging definitely has a lot of advantages, (which I’ll be getting into soon) but one major concern I have been getting from readers is that they only see guest blogging being used in the make-money-online niche. They ask me if it is really effective in other niches. Since guest blogging is based on you giving away free content with the hopes of getting link/traffic/exposure, it is really practical and effective in other niches.

The problem is that it might be a little difficult to find blogs to write for in niches other than the MMO niche. However, this also means that the blogs you’re after would’ve only had a few guest bloggers competing to write for them.  This gives you the chance to get even more results from your guest posts.

Anybody can use guest blogging, in any niche: as long as there are blogs within your niche – guest blogging is possible.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

There are various reasons to guest post, and I’m a firm believer in the fact that your reason for guest posting will determine the kind of guest post you write, and the kind of blog you write  for. I’ve written a previous post on some of the major benefits of guest blogging but I also think it will be better if I highlight some of the major reasons why I personally guest post below.

  • To Gain Quality Traffic: In most cases this is the only reason I guest post. From my observation I have discovered that guest blogging is one of the best ways to get quality traffic that sticks and converts into subscribers. A recent guest post of mine on Problogger sent me over 1000 visitors in less than a week with very low bounce rate and quality time on site. So many of these visitors even go on to engage with me in other places. Guest blogging is by far my best traffic source.
  • To Gain Subscribers: To me, this is the joy of guest blogging because there is no point in having traffic that doesn’t stick. I have gotten as much as 2000 visitors in one day from Stumbleupon alone, but you’ll find it difficult to believe that none of those visitors subscribed to my blog, and even though my guest posts on big blogs send me an average of 400-500 visitors I still get over 100 subscribers from each and every one of them. In fact, my recent guest post on Problogger (which is my highest-performing one ever) sent me over 400 subscribers in the first 3 days – and I keep on getting subscribers from it every day.
  • To Build Backlinks: I once started an experiment (which has now been paused) to see how effective guest blogging is for link building. Guest blogging is the easiest and most effective way to build quality and authoritative backlinks to your blog. For this reason some of my posts are ranking on page one of Google for their desired keywords, most of my posts are indexed and ranked as soon as they’re published, and I now get over 4,000 visitors from Google alone every month. Guest blogging is definitely the best way to build authority backlinks to your blog and domain name – and the fact that it is also the easiest makes it the best.
  • To Gain Exposure: Do you know that Problogger gets as much as 40k visitors every single day? Let’s say I was able to get a guest post published on Problogger. In a matter of one week the guest post would have been viewed by at least 10k people. This means that number of people have also seen my name. You might not see great value in this but considering the fact that people have to see a brand at least 7-8 times before they become really familiar with it, you will easily gain exposure and build your brand by repeatedly getting featured on the top blogs in your niche.
  • It Helps Build Your Brand: Even though I get thousands of visitors from search engines every single month my blog name and my name are the most searched keywords readers look for. This is mainly as a result of my guest blogging (because I get the most searches when a guest post of mine is published on a big blog). I have also noticed that visitors who arrive from the search engines through  my blog’s name (or my name) are those who end up spending the most time on my site. So, it doesn’t matter what people think works or not, guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to build a great brand.
  • To Gain Credibility: What is the best way to start making a lot of sales when you launch a new product? Or what is the best way to get a lot of affiliates to jump on board? The truth is your traffic counts but the big players will only help you promote your stuff when they know they can count on you. There is no better way for people to know they can trust you than for them to repeatedly see your work on some of the biggest blogs in their niche. Guest blogging helps build your credibility and makes it easy for people to trust you and take your word for it.

I’ve done quite a job explaining the benefits of guest blogging and considering this isn’t the main area we’re touching  on today, let’s move on.

Proof that Guest Blogging Works

Just so you know I’m serious when I talk about guest blogging (and that I get results from my efforts) I’ll show you some screenshots from some of my successful guest posts.

While you’re at it, I’ll also like you to know that even though my results might be mouth watering, they aren’t typical. I have seen people get more/fewer results than I do. This post will be based on my approach to guest blogging and I believe that by following my approach you will be able to get better results than I did.

Over 1K Visitors from Only One Guest Post

Problogger guest post

Guest Posts Contribute to My Top Traffic Sources

top 10 traffic sources

Over 400 Subscribers from One Guest Post in Less Than One Week (to my email list only)

email subscribers from guest post

The above are just some screenshots. You can do the maths and see if guest blogging is for you!

How to Get Started Guest Blogging

When I started guest blogging I made the typical mistake that many guest bloggers make. That mistake was writing a lot of guest posts on several blogs without thinking about the benefits or consequences. A lot of people will think that’s a great way to go, but I’d like you to know that it is not effective at all. You shouldn’t just start guest blogging because others are doing it or because you think it is the right thing to do. With blogging and internet marketing there is hardly anything called luck. Everything must be effectively planned from the beginning.

The first thing you need to know when you’re about to start guest blogging is your reason for guest blogging.

I have listed some of the major benefits of guest blogging above which include, traffic, links, subscribers, exposure, credibility and brand awareness. So take a look at these six reasons to know why exactly you want to guest blog, once you understand your reason for guest blogging you can then move on with this post.

Deciding Your Approach

When it comes to guest blogging you don’t just choose an approach and start to guest blog. Even though choosing an approach and working on it straight away might help you get results, it won’t be the best use of your time in the long run so you have to calculate everything you’re doing to ensure you’re getting the best possible from your time and efforts.

For example, if you’ve determined that your main reason for guest blogging is to get traffic and subscribers it will be a complete waste of time to guest blog on small blogs. And if your main aim for guest blogging is to gain backlinks it might not be the best use of your time to target big blogs.

Here’s how it goes. I will be giving you an insight into the value of guest blogging below so you can have a better understanding of what I mean. I’ll highlight the reasons for guest blogging and what results you can get.

how guest blogging works

If you take a look at the above graphic you will notice that the single best use of your time when it comes to guest blogging on small blogs will be to build backlinks. Yes, I know people will dispute that based on the fact that big blogs have more authority, and I’m not against that, big blogs have more authority than small blogs. However,  a big blog like Problogger won’t give you the same results as 5 high-quality pagerank 4 blogs with varied anchor texts to the same page. I’m not saying this based on ‘guestimation’. I tried and tested this and it’s what works for me.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you want to try to get subscribers, credibility, exposure, brand awareness or traffic, spending your time guest blogging for big blogs will be the wisest thing to do.

My 5 Rules for Guest Blogging

I have rules for guest blogging, and my rules have never failed me. This particular rule has helped me get my guest post published on some of the biggest blogs in the blogosphere and I hope that by following them, you will be able to achieve the same thing.

My 5 guest blogging rules are Research, Writing, Proofreading, Submitting and Interaction and I’ll be explaining them below.

  • Research: When getting ready to guest blog the first thing I do is research. And when I refer to research I’m not just talking about researching the post idea or anything of that nature – but researching the blog itself to be familiar with it so I can get my first submission published. I know my first efforts didn’t get me published on most big blogs and that is exactly why I formed this rule. Effectively researching before submitting your guest post makes it easy for you to understand how a blog works, who is the key person behind the blog, what kind of content is allowed, and what you must do to easily get published on the blog. For example, if I’m just trying to get published on a big blog for the first time I will take a look at the last 30 posts published on the blog (both by the blog author and guest bloggers), because that will give me an idea of what is accepted and published there. I’ll also read the most recent guest posts to have a better idea of what is common among the guest bloggers. For example, I see writing completely different, specific and unique posts works best on SmartPassiveIncome. Highly informative list posts work well on DailyBlogTips. And looking for new ways to effectively present your ideas work well on Problogger. By researching, I have also noticed that DailyBlogTips don’t accept SEO’d anchor texts, and Problogger has no problems with links within the content of your guest posts, as long as your links are highly relevant. Every blog host is different. They have different rules and beliefs and you have to understand that before trying to write for their blogs.
  • Writing: Even though I have a standard for writing when it comes to my blog, I try to raise my standard when it comes to my guest posts because I know there are a lot of people competing for the attention of my potential host, so only the best guest posts will stand out. I try to research effectively when it comes to my writing. I also do my best to ensure my guest post is unique, detailed and informative. As a result – every one of my guest posts on big blogs are thousands of words long. This is not because I am specific about the length but because I try to do my best to make my content as detailed, informative, practical and as presentable as possible. Another thing I have noticed is that the more unique and informative my guest post is, the more results I get from it.
  • Proofreading: I always fail whenever I try to submit a guest post to a blog without proofreading it. What this shows is that my writing isn’t perfect – none of us are. Proofreading your guest posts makes them as clear and as presentable as possible – thus making them easy for your host to read. I have published guest posts on this blog just because of how effective and clear the grammar is, and I’m sure a lot of bloggers will do the same. I often take more time proofreading my guest posts than writing them because the secret lies in proofreading. Your guest post is never complete without you proofreading it.
  • Submitting: This is one of the most crucial aspects of guest blogging. Some people believe in pitching before writing but I believe in writing before pitching and it has always helped me. So many bloggers prefer it too because it is a time saver. If you tell me you have a guest post for me and I tell you to go ahead and write it, you will be more disappointed if I don’t accept it. But if you send the post along with your first query email I can easily give it a quick scan to see if it is right for my blog or not. It is also important that you do your best to make sure you’re as polite as possible in your email. Bloggers hate rude guest bloggers so they won’t even bother replying you if you’re rude. Just to give you an idea of which kind of email works I will be attaching two of the emails I have sent to bloggers below.
    Sample Email for DailyBlogTips Guest Post
    dailyblogtips guest post sample email
    Sample Email for Problogger Guest Post
    sample email for problogger guest post
  • Interaction: I know some of you who are familiar with my guest posts on Problogger and DailyBlogTips will say I don’t interact in the comments section. This isn’t because I don’t want to, but because my IP has been blacklisted by Akismet and these blogs get a lot of spam comments every day. It will be very difficult for me to constantly disturb the bloggers to fish out my comments from their spam section. Otherwise, I always interact in the comment section of my guest posts because a lot of my readers told me that’s how they found me. It is a good thing to get your guest post published, but interacting in the comments section of the blog that published your guest post is really important because it tells the readers of that blog you really care and are not just there for the link or the traffic.

It’s that simple, the above are my five rules for successful guest blogging and I’m so optimistic about them working for anyone who tries to use them effectively.

We’ve talked about the process of guest blogging so it’s now time to visit some other important aspects.

How to Find Blogs

Depending on how you want your guest blogging to be, finding blogs can be a pain in the ass but it should be a little bit easier by the time you finish reading this blog post.

  • Technorati: One of the best ways to find the top blogs in your niche is by making use of the technorati blog directory. Even though this isn’t a great way to find smaller blogs, it is one of the most effective ways to discover the big blogs in your niche (should you decide to start guest blogging on big blogs).
  • Alltop: This is also one of the best blogging directories. Alltop is a site which displays links to the latest posts on some of the best blogs online. This directory has links to blogs in almost every niche. It also has links to thousands of blogs, and it doesn’t just accept any blog (so you can be sure of finding only authority sites there).
  • Google Blog Search: Another great way to find the top blogs in your niche is by making use of the Google Blog Search Engine. All you need to do is type the name of your niche (considering the fact that this search engine only indexes blogs, you will find it easy to discover blogs in your niche). Once you’ve found a list of some top blogs you can then check to see if they have a guest posting page. If they don’t, you can get in touch with the blogger to ask if they accept guest posts.
  • MyBlogGuest: There are a lot of blogging communities and I prefer quality over numbers. MyBlogGuest is the best guest blogging community EVER (in my honest opinion) and what makes it even better is that it isn’t just one small quality blogging directory but a great blogging community with over 10,000 members. It also has a lot of features that almost automates guest blogging. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, my blog guest is right for you!
  • Search Engines: It could be Google, Yahoo or Bing, it doesn’t matter which one it is, search engines are one of the best ways to find targeted blogs in your niche. All you have to do is use some search engine operators and some common guest blogging key phrases to find blogs accepting guest posts, below are some examples (make sure you replace “your niche” with your main niche):


Your niche + submit guest post

Your niche + write for us

Your niche + contribute

Your niche + submit post

Your niche + guest blogging

Your niche + submit your post

Your niche + submit an article

Your niche “submit post”

Your niche “write for us”

Your niche “guest blogging”

Your niche “guest posting”

Your niche “submit an article”

You should know that there are a lot of other effective search terms that can be used in cases like these but the above should give you enough blogs for you to guest post on, and as you keep on writing for more blogs you will become aware of the most common terms used so you can easily modify those terms to get more results.

How to Develop Content

A lot of people call me a content machine whenever they hear that I wrote over 300 guest posts in 2010 alone. Even though almost all of my ideas come naturally I also have resources I use whenever I’m stuck and I will be giving you some of those resources below.

  • Top Blogs in Your Niche: Whenever I’m stuck of ideas on what to write  for both my blog and my guest posts what I do is visit some of my top blogs (especially Copyblogger, Viperchill, Problogger and SmartPassiveIncome), I’ll then visit the sidebar of these blogs to see which posts are the most popular. I’ll also read some of their recent posts. These actions give me enough ideas to write at least 10 quality guest posts.
  • Yahoo Answers: This is something I started using recently and it is one of the most effective tools for generating blog post ideas. Why? Because it is full of questions people want answered. Search effectively through it you will be able to note a common question asked by users there. You can even copy the question directly as a blog post title and then answer it as a blog post. In most cases the people (asking the questions) would have tried search engines but might not have found the answer to their questions. Your blog post will be one a lot of people want to read. It would also increase the chances of your blog/guest post getting more traffic on the long run.
  • Social Media: Another effective way to get more blog post ideas is by being alert on Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Stumbleupon and some of your favorite social media sites to read the latest posts shared by users there.
  • Blog Comments: You can also get blog post ideas by taking a look at the comments section of your favorite blogs to see what questions are being asked the most on the latest posts. This will also give you ideas on what to write about.
  • Forums: If you’re subscribed to one or two top forums in your niche, that is also another potential content generation hub for you. All you need to do is look through some of the most recent threads to see what people really want to know more about. Use this to come up with blog posts and you’ll have created answers to the problems a lot of people have.

There are countless ways to generate blog post ideas but the above are some of the most effective ways. By making use of them you will have enough tools, resources and ideas to generate thousands of blog posts.


Even though I have written a lot about guest blogging, the best way to truly get results is by getting started right away. Stop reading now, follow the tips in this article and get something done.

Let Me Help Your Business Grow With My Guest Blogging

If you’re a small business, individual, or SEO agency that needs help with guest blogging, this is up my alley!

I’d like to use my skills with you, so kindly get in touch via my hire me page so we can discuss!

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I still can’t figure out how I forget to add MyBlogGuest. It’s the best guest blogging community I know of and I have just updated the post to reflect it – I’m pretty sure a lot of guest bloggers will benefit from it.

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Keep up the good work.

I read your post really very informative information thanks for sharing this great article

hi, i got to know that you are from Nigeria and you also write for Demand Media.

But Demand Media only accepts US and Canadian members. Then how you are able to write for them.

I am asking this question because i am from India, and i also want to write for them, but they only accepts US freelancers.

I don’t write for Demand Media.

okey, but can u then recommend me some of the best sites for freelancers to write

William Tha Greatsays:

Hey Oni,

Thanks for the awesome guest blogging article! Anyone who has followed your blog for any length of time should know that when it comes to guest blogging you know what your talking about. I will most surely be refering back to this blog post as I get back into my guest blogging groove. I have been slipping up lately and haven’t been doing much guest blogging, but I know the benefit of it. I believe it matters most which blogs I guest write on.

God bless,
William Veasley

Thank you very much for this detailed guest blogging post. I also had a great experience with it and i advise everyone to do the same. I usually use to find good opportunities.

Jarod Billingsleasays:

Hey Oni,

I know this is an off topic question, but didn’t you have a “subscribe” feature right below you post? I swear I saw one before, and it was green. Weird. THIS ISN’T SPAM THOUGH I SWEAR!

Back on topic…

I think this would fit your next ebook perfectly dude. It’s going to be sweet! *delicious*

By subscribe feature you mean the green email subscribe form below my posts?

Concerning fitting my next ebook do you mean this post?

Thanks so much for the awesome comment!

I wrote a guest blog for a sales skills site a few months back and it generated quite a lot of traffic to my blog (though I haven’t done it again). The tips here are great and it’s inspired me to do another one and even invite people to do the same on mine once it gets more established.

Thank God I’m back!

Hi Oni,

Your guest blogging guide is really very useful to me. Thank you for sharing it and I want to start working on it with your guidance.

I just got back online for being IDLE online for almost 2 months. Now that I am back, I will now do everything to promote my blog and help other bloggers with my experience as a blogger, niche marketer and Virtual Assistant.

Being a VA was really helpful because I am exposed and been through in to various Internet Marketing training that my employers assigned me to.

I also experience to used various IM softwares like SENUKE, Market Samurai, Traffic Travis, Rapid Rewriter and other stuff that are very useful in online marketing.

Once again, thank you very much for this post.

– Felix

Kalen @ Learn Internet Marketingsays:

I have worked as a guest blogger for Consumer Media Research. One of the biggest frustrations was that bloggers did not always respond to my pitches. Even if you are writing a great article for them they are often reluctant to take pitches if they don’t know you. The key is to build a relationship with them ahead of time. They are more open to working with you after.

Wow Oni, this is truly “the ultimate” guest blogging guide. As usual, all I can say is that this is by far one of the most complete free guides on the subject – better thank some paid products.

It’s so detailed and full of actionable points that any one can start getting rapid results from guest blogging.

You should consider making a PDF version. I love it:)

Thanks for putting it out for the price (Free).

Thanks for your comments. I read your post and agree with what you’re saying. I don’t see the point in having a blog and then allowing it to become over-populated with other people’s articles. The odd quality guest post here and there that adds value is fine but they shouldn’t take over completely.

Your article includes the information that i was looking for. Your post includes great tips and you managed to keep it simple and understandable.Your post helps me to understand this, and i will surely recommend it to other people.Thanks and keep up the good work.

A lot of bloggers and experts and ebooks talking about guest blogging and I am sure most of bloggers know how great it is, however, what can help you to gain more exposure to the world is “Take action now” 🙂

I can’t agree more 🙂

It’s a great guide. I totally agree with you that you gain more visitors who actually wants to read your blog from guest posts and then you’ll get subscribers. So I think that guest blogging about the topics covered in your blog has a great advantage. Guest blogging is bigger commenting 😉

wow! you really are something dude.
i love this article..for me its a complete guide-what,how,why..

this article is really awesome! i love to read it. thanks 🙂

Chukwuka Okwukwe Chukwukasays:

Great informative article. So glad to see you are representing motherland well.

Don’t rest on your oars.

By the way, i love guest blogging and hope to get 5 for a start. My hands are begging to write, you know what I mean, right?

After setting up my blog I was just thinking about guest blogging to drive traffic and future page rank and find your blog. You have written really really good article about how and why to start guest blogging.

Hi Onibalusi

What a great and informative blog post you have here – you should really make an ebook of it if you haven’t done so. Thanks again for sharing such great and wonderful information with us all

Best regards

Thiet ke logosays:

Your article is very good. The article information is essential for bloggers.
Thank you!

London Adamssays:

I’ve done some research on guest blogging, but must admit that your post is especially informative. I particularly like the graphics you’ve enclosed. They depict and support your points perfectly. I will definitely reference your work in the future.

I have quite an experience in the field so all I need to do was strive to write the best post I can on it 🙂

Prasenjit @ Successful Article Writing Tipssays:

Absolutely. Who else has got a better experience with guest blogging than Oni.

Thanks Oni for this wonderful post once again.

Yeah, I think that made it more practical and realistic 🙂

Cash Kingssays:

The case study you presented shows how beneficial it can be to guest blog. You covered all the points, very impressive.

Olawale Danielsays:

Thanks Oni for sharing this awesome information. I will begin to put them into practice.

I am very glad to here. I really like your explanation. You had covered most of thing of Guest blogging and also good guide it. Thanks Onibalusi for sharing this valuable information.

Technology Blogsays:

Thanks for reading @HandiWorld.

Tim at IMMsays:

Believe it or not, a lot of regular computer blogs will not accept guest posts from writers in the Internet Marketing arena, even if their posts are very computer related! It’s as if they think there’s something dirty or disreputable about Internet Marketing!

I think the niche is pretty selective – I try to submit guest posts in other related niches but it seems they aren’t that used to the concept of guest blogging.

Technology Blogsays:

That’s mostly common truly but you have to let them know the benefits their readers can get from reading your post. People at times wants to be convinced before they give you chance and you can do this…I believe you can @Tim.

Thanks for sharing your experiences here.

Hey Very good in depth post, I am looking at guest blogging from the reverse angle, I am trying to attract guest bloggers for a project I am currently doing.

Any adivce on how to attract gues bloggers, what should I offer? A do-follow link, what else?

Nice work

Tim at IMMsays:

Matt, join MyBlogGuest (free) mentioned on this post. It’s a community where you can both attract guest bloggers and find blogs to post for.

Wow! Learned so much. Really didn’t know so much went into guest blogging. I am glad I came by and read your post before I began. I really feel better equipped now to be effective in my task. Thanks so much!

I have not seen such a detailed article on guest blogging. Hats off to you and you will go very high in life.

Really a huge traffic

Great info! I’ve seen tons of ways to market and most make me squirm and feel icky, but this is a more natural approach to me. I recently came across your blog via Problogger and you give excellent, straight to-the-point advice. Thanks for helping me see an example of blogging at its best 🙂

When we write for other blogs, our main aim is to make the post as good as possible so their readers are attracted to our blog. We try writing the article in such a way that it is long, fully informative, without even slight errors, etc.

It’s going to take a while before i come up with some good guest posts but great points about guest posting.

Michael Chibuzorsays:

This is amazing Oni, you’ve really gone far in your blogging career. One of these days, I’m going to leverage on guest blogging for richer traffic.

hi, All i am new in blogging , just iam using back link every week 5 to 10 is it ok or i nned more. plese some can guide me. Thanks.

Thanks for such an informative post. I’m glad I clicked on your comment on Michael Douglas’s blog. That’s what brought me to your blog and from there I made a decision to subscribe. I know that you will help me to grow my new blog. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it.

I’m happy to have you here June 🙂

Hi Onib,

Nice post! Never thought of the Linkbuilding tactics this way!

Your article is good! I’m trying to make efforts on this field, but you know, it is difficult. Little website of well pr and traffic will accept your articles. Of course, I will keep on doing it.

Great article regarding guest blogging, I specifically like how indepth you went on about the subject as this is something very new to me!

Hi Onibalusi

only recently became aware of your site.
absolutely great content! I especially love
the advice, resources & contacts you provide as a
writer, far away from the $5 an article, that you see so much of in internet marketing. I still can’t believe your only 17. Keep in touch, speak with you soon.

Ciao Onibalusi,devo dire che sono rimasto impressionato positivamente,bel post,sei uno scrittore bravissimo nonostante la tua giovane età e ti faccio i miei migliori complimenti.Mi stai dando veramente delle informazioni preziose,continua così e grazie ancora.I miei migliori Vincenzo

Thanks Vincenzo 🙂


So correct me if I am wrong, guest blogging is not simply posting comments on a blog, but rather posting for someone else on their blog as an author?

Hi Onibalusi, I have a question-how do you track the traffic that turns into subscribers versus those that don’t? I’m going to start my own guest posting next week, and I want to be sure my google analytics is set up to track the stats as much as possible. How do you track a visitor from another site signing up (now going to aweber or whatever service you use) versus those that read but don’t sign up? Are you just guestimating this based on the burst of signups you receive after a post goes live, or is there an actual way to track this? thanks so much for your great info!

Hi Lara,

I set up a special link to capture subscribers from my guest posts and I track the number of people who subscribed through it. It’s like creating a new landing page mainly for getting subscribers and then tracking the number of people who subscribed through it.

Kindly let me know if you have any more question!

Nice post and it seems applicable to all niches, though small business and internet marketing seem to be the most allowing for guest posts. I didn’t know problogger was so busy.


Thank you for the helpful post. Very nice use of examples and life experience, as well as real resources on how to find guest blogs in your niche.

Thanks for this helpful post. I think the site owners who have started guest posting sites should also use guest posting for making their site as a brand.

Bakare Oluwabamisesays:

Thanks for this very useful post. I cannot really show my appreciation enough for this guide. I’ve been looking for this kind of guide for long, and it is so detailed. I will just start work on it right about now. I’m grateful. Thanks and God bless you.

Most comprehensive guest blogging post I’ve seen thus far, thank you for sharing. Although I do find that poetry-based blogs generally attract less traffic?

Hi Oni.

I’ve been guest blogging for almost one year now. Your tips will help me take it to the next level. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Charles! I’m glad my tips could be of help! 🙂

Tony Vinyohsays:

Never seen anything like this,informative,clear and thoroughly researched on blogging,not even on,it makes it easier for us who are passionate about writing but daunted by technical details,I’m proud you’re just across the border.

Hi, Oni. Love this great post. Its detailed and never secretive. I would like to ask, how can a newbie like me get a chance of publishing in guest posting in top blogs in my niche.Don’t you you think the total number of subscriber that follow my blog can pose a challenge.Great to have a reply from you.

Oni, you are doing great. Love this post. You give out ALL without keeping a secret. Sure you are heading for the TOP. Pls, I would like to know how I can overcome the challenge of making my article being accepted to other blog as a guest post. Because, I do run a blog that hasn’t got followers. Thanks.

Hi Annavi,

The number of followers you have doesn’t matter. Just write your best content and submit it to those blogs – they will be happy to accept it.

What a great guide, Oni! You have shared everything important about guest posting. Thank you so much for sharing your experience in such a well written and comprehensive guide.

Thanks Janus! I’m glad you enjoyed reading it 🙂

Thank you Onibalusi for writing such a great guest post for my blog. I still have some more lists I am going to promote it to. If you have any of your disciples who are looking to post guest post I would appreciate you letting them know about my opportunity. I am actively looking for guest bloggers. Thank you. Matt.

Trung Nguyensays:

I believe that there are thousand of bloggers want to increase traffic by guest blogging but just a few of bloggers know how to use it in the right way. They clearly need to read this post.

Yes you done well and give a complete idea about guest post. I was thinking that the time using for a guest post is a loss. But now I realize that it is not a loss it is only beneficial 10 fold and 100 fold. Thank you

Probably one of the best articles I have read about guest blogging.
Gives me new inspiration. Thanks.

I’m glad to hear that, Jack!

I wished I had read this article earlier. But then again, it wouldn’t be too late to start guest blogging now, right?

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Yep. It is never too late 🙂

That’s one excellent guide you have written for us Bamidele. I completely agree with you on post submissions. I have a few blogs that get a few guest post requests a week, and as you said, it make life so much easier for everyone involved to have the post written before you ask…

Thanks, this is a good introduction to guest blogging for me.

A very good guide for blogging indeed. But the readers should be clear with the fact that to build back links or gain higher PR should not be the main objective. They have to create unique and interesting content on hot topics.

Thanks for this blog post, resourceful article. Guest posting is best source of backlinks. I’m thinking to submit some guest post on your blog if possible 🙂

I love doing guest blogs because I get a chance to read other articles through which I can gain knowledge. Your article was too good to read and you have elaborated Guest blogging to the best.The benefits of guest blogging as you have pointed out is true to an extent.

Guest blogging is a great way to brand yourself, earn extra authority , drive targeted traffic, while building quality backlinks to your site. Site owners get free quality content so everybody wins.
I think you have summed it up very nicely.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

I don’t see Google penalizing guest blogging anytime soon, and it doesn’t matter even if they do.

Guest blogging is far more than Google; it’s a way to gain exposure and brand relationship, as well as build connections with other people in your niche.

Also, if Google were to penalize guest blogging blogs how will they go about it? What will be their reason/excuse for doing so and how will they determine the good ones from bad?

The idea of “Guest Blogging” to generate backlinks and traffic is perhaps the only method l have never tried so far. Now, almost going to 4yrs of professional blogging, still l don’t fancy. All the same, its still a method favored by many. Nice post!

Very nice post. A lot of detailed information. I’ve always thought about guest posting, but never really set my mind to do it. I think I’m gonna give it a shot though.

Joydeb Choudhurysays:

Dear Sir,
I am very glad to learn the article and and impressed. I am a developer and i have just started blogging near about six month but my posts are copied text but when i came to know that it is not right way to bloging then i stared writing in different way after reading the latest news. But again i came to know about niche. My blog contains the mixed content can i make it niche if i write the blog on latest content about on topic
my blog is If you guide me then it would be very greatfull.

Excellent job Onibalusi, this post is indeed a ultimate guide or help to guest post opportunity. I especially very impressed with your highly five insight (backlinks, traffic, brand, credibilty and subscribers) on this to let us why this is so beneficial for us . .i amreally glad and luucky to read this very informative post . .

thanks for this awesome post, hope to see my blog having a good natural backlink and getting more subscribers to my blog 😀

Wonderful tips. Thanks. At PR 2 this is going to be my next focus on the blog I’ve taken over. Thanks for the thoughtful tips and how to section. This should be an ebook. Make it an app!

I have not started with guest posting too nor invited anyone to guest post in my blog. But I’m contributing articles now and of course the backlink is a must.. Hehe anyway I’m contributing for free. 😉

Onibalusi this is the best informative article i read in last 3 days about guest blogging, it’s really comprehensive and concise.

But i’m getting very less guest blogs in my niche which is “Dubai Property”. Do you have any suggestions ? If yes it would be extremely appreciated.

Thanks for this helpful article. I think the site owners who have started guest posting sites should also use guest posting for making their site as a brand and they also got huge social media and referral traffic from they publish it.

The most difficult thing I find about guest blogging is where to actually do it. It’s easy to say that you want to guest blog, but much more of a challenge to find the right place to post.

Its a complete guide Onibalusi, this is the first post about guest blogging I’m reading on the new year and it was very worth reading. I’m planning to guest post things year, I love to reach out to new bloggers and make lots of bloggers friends.
Wishing you a very happy new year with lots of success and progress ahead.

My new year resolution is to start guest posting on other sites,,hope i will achieve it

I think after Panda And Penguin Updates , Guest Blogging is the safest way to get some decent backlinks .

I brought an ebook on CJ regarding Guest blogging, but didn’t get any clear answer. thanks a lot for this free guide, as it’s better than the paid ebook.

BCS Window Repair Birminghamsays:

Good article, I have been playing with this as an idea instead of doing my own blog, as I don’t know if I could devote regular time to it. But perhaps with guest blogging I could have both.

Truong Nguyensays:

great guides, see all Benefits of Guest Blogging, that make me more thoughts about GUEST Blogging 🙂

Hello Onibalusi
You have really described everything about Guest Posting. A really long and detailed post. Before a few years I used to think Why do people waste their efforts and guest post at other’s blog. I never had any Idea that it could be such fruitful. Time to take Guest Posting seriously 🙂

Awesome article. Thanks for the tips on how to find guest blogging opportunities.

Amy @ Ford Powerstroke Diesel Toolssays:

Thanks for this great post…You offer great suggestions for finding blogs to post to – what are options for those of us in niche industries looking for bloggers to blog on our website? We’d love to make some connections in the automotive industry in order to do this. It sounds beneficial for all parties.

Great! I’ll consider guest blogging in my promotional plans now.

ery useful post dude. It is the first time I visit dis blog and honestly saying, I am very much impressed by your efforts. You have discussed many unique points about guest posting. I would like to share my experience too…..Till now I have submitted 6 guest posts to PR 3 blogs (mine PR is 1) and never get any rejection. Should I be happy for this ? Or you are talking about much more higher PR blogs ?

Aqib Shahzadsays:

I think now only the best and safe method to create backlinks is guest blogging as well as tier link building after Google panda,penguin and humming bird updates


Wonderful tips. You have added a lot of detailed information. Guest posting is best resource of backlinks. . I am going to apply that you suggested.

Great article Bamidele. Guest blogging probably is the best way to get backlinks, traffic and credibility all at the same time. will definitely put to use.

Thank you for this post, Bamidele. The Technorati link no longer works. After going through their site, I don’t think it serves as a blog directory anymore.

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