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Guest Blogging: It’s all about fitting in

This is a guest post by Amanda.

The blog world tends to pick up new and exciting trends with unerring accuracy. One such trend is that of guest blogging. A guest blogger is someone who is invited to write a post for another blog. Typically the guest blogger blogs elsewhere on topics related to the blog he is a guest on. New bloggers often get a break by being invited to do a guest post on a more popular blog. In other times, it is the other way around where a popular blogger does a guest post on a lesser read blog and gives it greater credibility and readership. Either way, guest blogging is an excellent opportunity for all parties concerned to get their views out to a larger audience and add value to the social networking efforts of each other.

With all such trends, there comes an issue of responsibility, ethicality and etiquette. As the concept works very well, many people tend to try and take advantage of it without paying any heed to the correctness or effectiveness of what they are doing. This can and does lead to dilution of the entire process and also deters readers from returning; why would anyone want to fall for the same trick again? Here are some simple protocols that you have to follow in order to maximize your benefit from guest blogging.

Use Your Best for Guest Posts

Whether you are a newbie being invited to a more popular blog or a pro trying to help a new blog stand on its feet, always put out your best for the guest post. Not only does it showcase your blogging on a platform that can get you new readers, it reflects your commitment to quality and towards helping others.

Do Not Experiment

Guest posts are not the place to try out new styles and techniques. Keep those for your own blog. Remember the basic principle of being a guest. Put on your tested best writing behavior.

Be Yourself

While you might be tempted to adopt a stance different from your own in order to fit in with the editorial slant of the blog you are doing a guest post for, keep in mind that your chances of making a mess of conveying your ideas is very high in such instances. It is much better to acknowledge your own stance and write the way you normally write. A guest post automatically sets your post free from the expectations that the blogs readers might have of a certain style or viewpoint. Utilize it to your advantage.

Link Sparingly

If you are the guest, be sparing with the links in your post. You must remember that the only payback in guest blogging is the links. If you go overboard on them, your post will come across as nothing more than a desperate step to corner traffic.

Be Accommodating

If you are the host, make sure you do your best to help out the guest blogger. Let them know if there are word limits or stylistic requirements for your blog that they need to be aware of. Ask them for permission to edit. The same principle applies in reverse if you are the guest. Fitting in begins with finding out about the requirements and protocols of the blog you are going to guest post on.

Promote Like Crazy

The world of blogging is one where cause and effect are tightly linked. Promote the guest post more than you would promote your own posts. The dividends from this process will accrue exceeding your expectations. Follow the simple maxim of doing unto others as you would have had done to yourself. Be generous (but not cloying) in your introduction and the bio. If you run multiple blogs, link back from all of them.

Be In the Present

Do not treat your guest post like a short term investment and keep checking traffic statistics. Instead, use all your resources to endorse the post and the guest blogger. The value that you attach to the post and the effort you put into promoting it and making it the best post out there will determine what it brings back to you.

A common mistake is to look at guest blogging as a shortcut to links and traffic. Most guest blogging efforts of this nature typically end up adversely impacting readership. After all, readers are not fools and would not like to be taken for a ride. With these basic rules for fitting in, you can use the concept of guest blogging to position yourself as a responsible, creative and genuine blogger, building a reputation that will serve you for years to come.

Amanda Kidd is a blogger who is in awe of technology and loves collecting them. Recently she is planning to write on space hotel.

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17 Comments on "Guest Blogging: It’s all about fitting in"

  1. Irfan @RealTimeTricks says:

    I like your point “Be Accommodating”. I too thinks the best part of it is to be Accommodating. I you place your “i’m a successful blogger” image a side and stay Accommodating with your guest it will be nice for your business.

  2. Jane | Problogging Success says:

    You’re very right about experimenting. Guest blogging is not for experimenting. All extra care should be taken that we don’t try anything new over on a guest post.

  3. fazal mayar says:

    thanks, guest blogging isnt that easy it takes dedication and a right approach. Thanks a lot for this post.

    • I enjoy writing guest posts, because it widens my audience. It is all about quality and how targeted you are.

  4. Vert Studios says:

    This is a great article, and I think this has a lot of truth. If you are a guest writer you should show your personality without straying too far from the norm of the blog. Thanks for these tips!

  5. Sarah says:

    These guidlines are really nice. I think being yourself when you write is the most important tip to create quality content!

  6. Cool tips for rookie bloggers

  7. Ayoonis says:

    Hi Oni,

    I love this your new design. It’s supper great!

  8. Great post! It’s so true, reputation management is everything. Controlling how you look when you’re doing work on someone else’s territory is so important for your success.

  9. cash4wealth says:

    Guest posting is definitely the right channel to show case the writer so putting in your best as a writer is not something to a financial writer i ve always try to give the best for my readers.

  10. Great post and site design!
    Thanks should go for Amanda(for post)and Oni (for giving new look to this site).
    God bless you

  11. Unfortunately I’ve seen plenty of guest posts on other blogs just talking nonsense about nothing in particular but throwing link all over the place like its Christmas, its a big turn-off when I see something like that and I quickly “exist”.

  12. I recently started guest blogging, I am not a good writer, but definitely results are good. Very much depends on the topic I am choosing.

  13. googler says:

    Awesome tips Amanda! This will a very helpful guidelines as I will be starting my guest blogging venture. Thanks!

  14. rakesh kumar says:

    Still, I am not convinced about guest post. If you have something very special in your hand why you are trying to give it some-one else. only to get few visitor. The more popular the blog, The more easy it will be washed away from the home page as well as your hard written post. If i am any where wrong please correct me.

  15. I agree Guest blogging is not about experimenting, its makes you popular. I will soon start guest post on my blog.

  16. Tech Support says:

    Guest blogging is quite popular nowadays, do you have any recommendations for sites that accept guest blogging, for not so good article writers? or newbie article writers?


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