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How to Use Guest Blogging to Grow Your Blog

blog marketing - guest bloggingAfter taking a look at my overall traffic and comments stats for this blog I noticed almost every post I write about guest blogging bring great results, people are always ready to read it, people always have something to say when I write about guest blogging and people always have more questions. Some people have even asked me to be writing about guest blogging on this blog more often, and while that isn’t feasible I have decided to be sharing any new thing I learn or what I think people really need to know about guest blogging on this blog once in a while. I will try to make this post as detailed, informative and practical as possible, and even if that means I have to display the emails I sent to various bloggers, so be it.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

I’d ask the same question if I were you. How can you trust that I really know what I’m saying when it comes to guest blogging or how do you know that I’m not just writing this post for the sole purpose of having another popular post?

I believe having results is what matters and you shouldn’t be teaching someone what you have no experience about. I have written hundreds of guest posts in the past 1 year, my guest post has been featured on several big blogs including Business Insider, ReadWriteWeb, Problogger, SmartPassiveIncome, Maxblogpress, DailyBlogTips and My guest post has been featured on countless other blogs and till date, referring sites are the major traffic sources to my blog. Most of the above blogs have sent thousands of visitors to this blog and I’m here to share the same tips that helped me get published on them.

There Are Many Approaches

I’d like you to know this first because irrespective of the subject you plan to learn, the teachers are different and the approach used will be different. I’m not the ultimate when it comes to guest blogging and there are many others who have invested their efforts into guest blogging and have gotten far better results than I have. The most important thing I’d like you to know though, is that, I’m not writing this post by reading and getting points from some other blogs about guest blogging, or from reading one ebook or the other, I want this post to be as personal as possible so everything you read here is a product of my experience. So if you follow the approach in this post you’re following the “Onibalusi approach”.

Another reason I’m writing this section is that I wouldn’t love to be criticized or condemned after writing this post. I don’t claim my strategies are the best and it is not a must that you follow them. Everything in this post is a product of my experience and my sole purpose for writing it is to help you get the best result from guest blogging.

The Time Factor

When some people see my guest posts on other blogs they’re usually of the opinion that I have a secret to getting my guest posts published fast and they have a believe that my guest posts are published as soon as I submit them. I’d like you to know that this is nothing close to the truth. I get a lot of guest posts on this blog and it sometimes take months for some guest posts to be published and I only get a fraction of the guest posts some other bloggers get. You need to understand the fact that the blog you’re trying to write a guest post for gets a lot of submissions and it might take some time for your guest post to be published. When it comes to guest blogging what matters most isn’t the time, but the results you get. It took months for my guest post to get published on Smart Passive Income, but when it was, it brought stunning results. It took months for my guest post to get published on DailyBlogTips, but when it was, it brought get results for my blog.

Guest Blogging Isn’t Only About Traffic

You might find it difficult to believe that some of the biggest blogs I wrote for only sent me a few visitors. I got less than 30 visitors from some of the big blogs I wrote for and some didn’t send more than 50 visitors but one thing I’ve come to learn the hard way is that guest blogging isn’t about the traffic alone, but the results. The fact that a guest post of yours published on a big blog only sent you a few visitors isn’t a reason to be discouraged because something more important happened, you were featured in front of the thousands of the visitors of that blog and the credibility attached to that blog would be attached to you. Some people didn’t visit my blog from my guest post on Problogger or from another big blog even though they read it there but suddenly they will see my guest post on one small blog and they will tell me that seeing me on Problogger brought me to their attention and seeing me on another blog made them visit and subscribe to my blog.

What I’m trying to say here is that one of the most important features of guest blogging is that it helps you build your brand. It helps put your name in front of a large new audience and it brings in an influx of direct traffic. If hardly anybody visits your blog in a month by searching for the name of your blog, then it’s time to start some serious guest blogging. I’ve noticed that the more big blogs my guest posts are featured on, the more search engine visitors come to my blog by searching for “WritersinCharge” and the more direct visitors I get to my blog – You might be wondering, what now is the point of guest blogging? Even though guest blogging is great and can send you a large number of visitors, it isn’t half as effective as word of mouth marketing so what your focus should be on is people telling others about your blog, and others telling others about your blog till your blog becomes really established.

Overcoming the Guest Blogging Fear

One thing I noticed from relating with a lot of people when it comes to guest blogging is that they have a particular fear that makes them believe it is impossible to get featured on an A-list blog, they believe getting featured on an A-list blog is only for some people so they stick to the ground and they only focus on small blogs that have little results from them. Take it from someone who’s been there, I’ve written hundreds of guest posts for smaller blogs before deciding to give the A-list blogs a try but after my first few guest posts I started thinking it was a mistake targeting small blogs all this while. It takes the same effort to get published on a big blog as it takes to get published on a small blog, the only thing that makes the difference is your mindset. As human beings we have the ability to influence our work and anybody that comes around it, either positively or negatively, and if you write a guest post with a feeling that you will never get published it will reflect in your post and prevent you from being published.

Be Polite

I got an email from one blogger recently who wanted to write a guest post for this blog, what preceded his contact was his disagreement with one of my guest posts on another blog without any valid reason. He sent me an email in which he started telling me how he admires my guest post and wishes to get published on this blog. This blogger was really rude in his emails, after a few emails I told him about the standards of guest posts on this blog and he replied with something of the line…if I don’t publish his guest post he’d look for another better blog to do so. I already knew he won’t be published on this blog and to make everything worse, his guest post was of very low standard compared to what I will publish on this blog. Why am I telling you this? I’m not trying to tell you this to gratify my ego (at least it has happened for some weeks now) but I’m trying to tell you this so that you know that bloggers are humans too. It doesn’t matter how great you or other people think your guest post is, this is my blog and I decide who gets published or who doesn’t. Some other bloggers don’t see it that way, but the funny thing is they are very few. Being successful when it comes to guest blogging is all about you understanding humans and how they work: A blogger you offend might not even bother reading your guest post before he rejects it, so make sure you’re in good terms with a blogger before you attempt submitting a guest post to him.

Know the Key Person

This is a new strategy I’d like you to know. My guest post would not have been published on some of the big blogs I listed above if not for using this strategy and one thing this strategy is trying to tell you is that you must be conversant with a blog before you approach the blog with your guest post. A lot of people complain about trying to submit a guest post to Darren Rowse of Problogger and it being difficult, the reason for this is that Darren is a very busy person who also receives a lot of emails and the last thing he’d want to be dealing with is guest post submissions so he has an editor for this, it doesn’t matter how many guest posts you have or how great your guest post is Darren will still have to forward it to his editor, so instead of you bothering Darren at all why not submit the guest post to his editor directly?

The key person when it comes to most big blogs is not the blogger but the editor. Brian Clark isn’t the key person when it comes to guest blogging on Copyblogger, it is Sonia Simone, and Darren Rowse isn’t the guest blogging key person for Problogger but Georgina Laidlaw. The same principle also applies to some big magazines so instead of wasting your time trying to submit your guest posts through the general emails or contact forms, why not look for a way to build a relationships with the editors and then tell them about your guest post. You should also know that knowing these people doesn’t mean they will publish your post if it is crap, they are the editors of the blog, the blog has a standard and they must follow that standard so make sure your posts are up to their standards.

Look at The Guest Posts Pattern

This particular strategy helped get my guest post published on DailyBlogTips, it helped me get published on Problogger, it helped me get publish on SmartPassiveIncome and it also helped me get published on Business Insider. My point is, this particular point is too important to be ignored or underestimated. If you really want your first guest post approach for a big blog to be fruitful, then focus all your efforts on this.

When trying to get published on big blogs try to observe the pattern of the recent guest posts on the blog, the recent posts on the blog, the most popular guest posts on the blog and the most popular post on the blog. Doing this will give you an idea of what really works and what can never be rejected on such blog. Last year, I had been trying to get my guest post on DailyBlogTips but every single guest post of mine was rejected, I decided to follow this approach and my guest post was accepted immediately. The most common post trend on the blog you’re trying to get published on might be list posts, it might be top 10 posts, it might be resources posts and it might be case study posts. Try to observe what is most common among all the posts on that blog, write a very useful post of that nature and then submit it to the blog you’re trying to get published on.

How to Write Guest Post Emails that Get Read and Replied

I have written several guest post emails to other bloggers, some were never replied (I guess they weren’t even opened) and there is a particular email format that always brought me replies, you can bet it is what I’m using till date!

It will be a great mistake to send an email to a blogger with the title “Guest Post”, especially if it is a big blogger, because they get a lot of emails of this nature and it does nothing to arouse curiosity on them so they will keep on postponing the day they should open it and this will also affect your guest post. What you need to do now is create an email title that distinguishes your guest post from every other guest post and that arouses the curiosity of the blogger concerned. It is easy for you to ignore an email with the title “Guest Post” because you don’t know what is in it but it is impossible to ignore a personalized email that tells you more about the guest post. The email format I use is this, “Guest Post for {The Blog Concerned} – {The Title Here}” e.g. “Guest Post for Problogger – 10 Little Known Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog”. Believe me, I haven’t written a single email in this format that wasn’t replied.

Another important thing you should do is to make sure your email isn’t selfish. It is one thing to make a blogger open your email, it is another thing to make them reply it. Bloggers get a lot of emails every single day and your email needs to be special for it to get their attention, everybody believe they are special so your email should be more about the blogger than about you. It will be absurd to write an email like this:

Hi Blogger,

I am Mark John from I really love your big blog since you have a big audience and it has been my dream to get featured on so many big blogs so that I can get a lot of traffic. I have attached my guest post to this email and I hope your blog sends me a lot of traffic from it.

Best Regards,

Mark John

When a blogger reads an email like this the first thing he does is press the trash button and if you start disturbing him or her and your problem is becoming intense he might decide to blacklist you. A good email must be for mutual benefit and when it comes to a blogger very busy and more successful than you you must show him/her that you care by focusing your email more on him/her. Here’s a sample email that helped me get my first guest post published on Problogger – You can copy it if you want but I’d advise you to be more unique in order to get the best result from guest blogging.

If you take a look at the above email you will notice that it is in no form selfish and I focused on what is in it for her and Problogger readers. My first paragraph showed that I cared about the person I’m talking to and I’m not just a folk sending the same email to several bloggers so that one could work. I also gave her a little insight into the post and how controversial some of my points are…I can bet the first thing that will come to her mind is to read and see if the post is really controversial. Believe me, this email worked for me and my first guest post on Problogger was published exactly 9 days after I submitted it. I’ve gotten published on Problogger again and I used the same approach…what this screams is, IT WORKS!

Write Great Content

I know you will always see this point in any guide about guest blogging but my reason for including it again is that any guest blogging guide without this point is incomplete. The reason my guest post was published on Problogger wasn’t because of my email or me asking about Georgina’s weather situation but because of the content of my guest post, and to prove it, my guest post was retweeted over 500 times after it was published, it got a lot of comments and it was the number one most popular post on Problogger for at least one week after it was published (according to the Problogger “Current Hits” widget).

You will never go far with the best networking strategies if you have nothing to offer so your efforts shouldn’t be focused on manipulating a blogger but trying to be as helpful as possible to his/her audience. Your guest post can open doors. My first guest post on Problogger was really successful with over 500 retweets, my second guest post was too, do you think I will be rejected if I have something great to offer again? I bet not.

There is no guide to writing great content other than understanding yourself and knowing how you can help other people achieve the results they desire. Doing this will make your posts as unique and helpful as possible and your posts will never be rejected anywhere.

How to Get Published on Big Blogs

The key point to getting publish on any blog no matter the size is understanding the audience, the type of post that get published on the blog, who is in charge of the blog content and giving the best of your content to the blog. Every other thing is secondary and doing the above will help you get published on any blog.

Spread the Word!

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    This month, I mailed Oni to send me the email address of the problogger editor, Georgina Laidlaw because I wanted to submit a guest post on problogger. I was bold to ask for this email address because I was certain the content I wanted to share was great and would highly benefit the community at problogger. I sent this mail on the 2nd of March and got a reply that same day from her telling me how much she loved the post and would be featuring it on problogger on the 14th of March!

    What does this say about the principles Oni shared? That they work. Her reply has inspired me to start writing a second guest post for the problogger community, why? Because, there are so many things I want to say about blogging, but because I run a business development blog I am very careful about misdirecting my readers knowing that not only bloggers read my blog. So, I have chosen problogger exclusively as the site where I will constantly be sharing my blogging experiences and lessons for other bloggers.

    The winning formular for guest blogging, if you ask me, like Oni said above is GREAT CONTENT. These blogs are not mediocre blogs, they want solid work.

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