Freelance Writing Jobs: The Practical Writer’s Guide to Getting Freelancing Jobs

Get Freelance Writing Jobs: A Practical Guide to All You Need to Know

The what

Freelance writing jobs can provide you with money to sustain yourself and live the life of your dreams at the comfort of your home, but, unfortunately, succeeding as a freelance writer isn’t as easy as many people would have you believe. To make a successful living freelance writing, there are certain steps you need to take; the search for these steps usually leads to another problem: information overwhelm. There’s so much information that you don’t know which one is right and what you really need to do.

What if you can have all the information you need to be successful as a freelance writer, getting more writing jobs than you can handle, in one place… at no cost to you? This guide gives you exactly that.

In short, this is a complete step-by-step guide on how to build your freelance writing career. In it, you will find info on: how to get started, how to construct your offer, where to find clients, how to convince them to throw a project at you, and finally, how to deliver on your promise and make money along the way.

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Chapter 1
The Things You Need Before Anything Else

Chapter 2
Types of Freelance Writing / Specializing

Chapter 3
Your Rates and Earnings Potential

Chapter 4
The Boring Legal Stuff

Chapter 5
Your Website – Do You Still Need It in the 21st Century?

Chapter 6
Your Tools


Chapter 7
Finding Your First Gigs

Chapter 8
CLIENTS and Their Natural Habitat

Chapter 9
The Art of Planning Your Work

Chapter 10
Troubleshooting and Other Things You Didn’t Know


Chapter 11
Freelance Writing Resources and Tools – The Master List

Chapter 12
Cut-Out-‘N-Keep Checklist


Why did we create this guide?

If you’ve been researching this whole freelancing thing for any amount of time then you surely know that there are hundreds, if not thousands of blog posts talking about freelance writing this or freelance writing that. But at the same time, there’s but one complete (or close to complete) resource on freelance writing as a real career opportunity. Most people in this space are really left alone on their journey and forced to figure things out themselves.

This is the situation we were in a couple of years ago. And yes, various articles around the web do help, but there’s always this one question in the back of your head whenever you encounter an interesting method or technique: “Should I really be doing this right now or maybe some other thing would be more effective?”

This is exactly why we’ve decided to create this guide, to help everyone solve this mystery. And we really devoted time to making it the ultimate guide on getting freelance writing jobs, not just a bunch of ideas cramped together on a couple of blog pages.


Is this for you?

This is where I should probably give you a nice marketing pitch like: “Have you ever wondered why some people are able to build great careers as freelance writers while others fail to make more than $5 per article?” or “Do you want to leave your crappy job behind for the freelance writing dream?

But since we’re not after selling a dream here, I’m just going to be plain instead. This guide is for:

  • Everyone who wants to start a freelance writing career and learn how to exchange their skills and time for real money effectively,
  • Everyone who wants a structured step-by-step and tested advice from real freelance writers, based on their experience and the real world feedback,
  • Everyone willing to put in some hard work and dedication into this whole journey (sorry about that, but hey, just being honest, this isn’t any “build a profitable business overnight” -type of scheme).

How to consume this guide?

(Most importantly, this whole guide is free, and there’s no obligation on your part to access the information provided.)

Reading it from start to bottom would be the best approach, but we’ve got some more options for you.

  • Each chapter is divided into a number of pages, and each page talks about a single idea/technique/method that will position you to get more freelance writing jobs than you can handle.
  • If you’re feeling confident, you can pick just the sections that interest you the most and pay close attention to the action points presented at the end of every section. They will give you guidance along with a list of the crucial things to do at each step of your freelancing journey.
  • Also, each page comes with one main thought and a one-sentence takeaway to give you a bird’s eye view of what’s being discussed.
  • Finally, at the end, there’s a handy cut-out-‘n-keep checklist with all the most important action points and details, which you can…well, cut out and keep.

Let’s get this thing started, click here to proceed to the first chapter:


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