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Get Free Traffic And Clients From Facebook

By Anne

There are more than one billion Facebook users (according to recent surveys). This means that in one year, you can potentially (and easily) expose your online business to at least one million people if you work constantly at it. If you have 500 Facebook friends and they have 500 each, every time one of your friends interact (‘like’ or comment) with your blog on Facebook, all their friends will see that in their feed. A few of these can be future clients looking for exactly the service you offer.

Within months you can have people you’ve never heard of visiting and ‘liking’ things you do and the writing services you offer on your blog. Of course, not every one of your friends – or each one of their friends for that matter – will be interested in what you do, or want to hire you. However, numbers soon add up when friends of friends (and their friends in turn) see something they can make use of on your site.

This domino effect system makes Facebook the most important free site from which to get traffic. No other social media works like Facebook, and if you know how to leverage this potential gold mine to attract visitors, you can get a constant stream of people interacting with you and what you do online. Here are some ways you can get free traffic for your blog from Facebook.

Make friends first

This is the first step in getting free traffic for your blog. You have to make friends with people. Although Facebook discourages making friends with people you don’t already know, this is not strictly adhered to by anyone there. You can do a search to find people interested in your niche and the subjects you write about and befriend them. When doing a search, (for ‘writing’ for example) you will come up with results that show you writing groups and pages. Join these groups and pages and make friends with some of the thousands of people already there. Any time you click on a group, you’ll see several similar ‘suggested groups’ listed on the right of your page. Some of the people you reach out to will respond and others won’t. Be careful and sensible with this though, you don’t want to go overboard because you may be reported as a spammer and have your account suspended.

As a rule, try to befriend people with whom you have a friend or two in common. This won’t be difficult to do when you start making friends within the groups/pages you frequent. This will help you when you do the next step below.

Set up your own Facebook page or group for your blog

Once you have a good-sized network, it’s time to set up your own Facebook page or group for your blog. Send invitations to the friends you’ve made and ask them to ‘like’ your page. No one would know your page exists unless they get your invitation, so don’t be shy about being outgoing. You may want to send out a few dozen invitations each day, rather than send out hundreds at the same time.  Make your page attractive with lots of good links and interesting photos which relate to your niche. Make sure you’re posting on your page regularly so that your work and services are fresh in people’s mind and they can regularly see you in their news feed.

The trick is to provide helpful information and service within your niche, even if this comes from other respected blogs you read and frequent.

Remember there’s the option of using Facebook as ‘yourself’ or as ‘your page’. Keep this in mind when posting material and make sure you’re switching to ‘use Facebook as [your page]’ before you do so. This can be done by clicking the snowflake icon on the top right of your Facebook page. The drop down menu gives you these options.

Traffic to your Facebook page translates into traffic for your blog.

Be active in groups and pages within your blog niche or within the niche of the services you offer

It’s always great to leverage the traffic that other pages receive. To be fair, you can’t just share your posts/links on someone else’s page and run off. It’s better online etiquette to be active in a group or page answering questions, responding to comments and ‘liking’ posts if you plan to share your stuff there. Not only will this mean better reception for your links, it’ll expose and introduce you to the people who frequent the page. They’ll feel like they know you, therefore will be more inclined to trust and click through on the links you share. They’re also more likely to recommend your services if and when the opportunity arises.

This is also an opportunity to make yourself and blog known to newcomers on the page – people you may have never been able to make contact with otherwise. If you’re a writer offering writing services in the gardening niche (for example), you may want to join a gardening group because this is where your potential clients will be hanging out.

Make use of Facebook’s plugins

Facebook has done all the work for you and have created various buttons and plugins. You can find them here: Once you’ve made friends, created your page and are active on related pages and groups within your niche, you need to place a Facebook ‘like’ button on your site. This will enable other random visitors to like your page while they’re on your blog. If you don’t have a Facebook like button or equivalent on your blog, you’re sorely missing out. Remember that if someone you don’t know ‘likes’ your page, all their friends will see this action in their stream. If their friends are interested in your niche/services, they’ll visit your site without you even having to get involved.

Go easy on the ‘marketing’

Always remember that Facebook is used mostly for social interaction. Most people don’t want to be bombarded with ‘marketing’ when they’re there just to see their friends’ updates on what they may or may not have had for supper.

When marketing, do so advisedly. Make a ‘marketing’ update only after you’ve made a few ‘non-marketing’ ones.

So now you know of some ways to get free traffic and clients from Facebook. Have you ever tried any of these and do you think they could work for you?

Anne Lyken-Garner is part of the team at Writers In Charge. She’s a published author, blogger and editor. She works with non-native English bloggers and others who need this kind of specific help. If you need her services you can see what she does here

13 Comments on "Get Free Traffic And Clients From Facebook"

  1. Dean Saliba says:

    It took me a very long time to crack Facebook, but I think I have finally managed to get some reward from the site, I mix up my promoting of my articles with statuses that are about me or something that has been happening that day, it seems to be working as Facebook and Twitter are now third and fourth respectively in my monthly traffic stats. 🙂

  2. Anne Lyken-Garner says:

    That’s great news, Dean. Is there anything you do that I didn’t mention in the post? Please let us know.

  3. Peter k says:

    Anne this one is great. Havent perfected my facebook socialmedia strategy though on have been quite able to crack twitter. Will work at perfecting my facebook social media strategy

    • Anne @ DIY Projects says:

      Hi Peter K, thanks for stopping by. I think that we all need to decide which social media site works best for us and focus our skills and energy on that one. Personally, twitter is not my thing (even though I have an account there and tweet from time to time).

      Each site has its own advantages and sometimes it depends on the kind of blog you have. For example, home decorating and craft blogs do well on Pinterest because they’re more image-based.

  4. Andrius says:

    Looks like your isn’t very popular on facebook ;D It’s not so easy to get traffic from facebook… You must write really good content or post stupid pictures on your timeline…

  5. Samuel Chibuike says:

    I think joining Facebook groups will be a major traffic-puller. It has made my a few of my blog posts go viral. In fact, there was a time I got 2,500 pageviews on a single article within 24 hours; all thanks to Facebook.

    • Anne Lyken-Garner says:

      Hi Samuel. Thanks for your comment and your example. It just goes to show that Facebook can indeed provide you with lots of traffic.

      • Samuel Chibuike says:

        You’re welcome, Anne.

  6. Camella Davao says:

    Its wonderful to know about this one. That Facebook also have traffic.Thank you for the writer of this article.

  7. We have choose facebook groups wisely as there are so many number of groups.I joined more than 10 groups but I am not able to generate traffic. Then I selected 2,3 groups which are active Now I am getting decent traffic.I hope in coming days traffic might increase.

    • Anne Lyken-Garner says:

      That’s true, Arunkumar. We have to choose carefully according to our niche and our audience. Thanks for letting us know this.

  8. Victoria Terrinoni says:

    I have a Facebook page to keep up with friends and family. Should I have a second one for my writing and blogging?

  9. Kyriakos Tofi says:

    Regarding being active to blogs/facebook pages sharing the same niche, isn’t it like stating your presence to a competitor or being humble enough to actually engage with their content?
    Furthermore, by giving them eyes to your blog and resources, isn’t it like giving them content to write about?


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