Get Clients Without Bidding

$3, $5. That’s the best you can earn per article by bidding for jobs on most freelancing sites.

In fact, for most writers, it would be a dream to get a $10-article gig.

This isn’t supposed to be…

…especially when you realize that there are several proficient freelance writers earning hundreds of dollars per article, just because they are playing their game right.

With freelance bidding sites, you are destined to fail from the start. This is because of one simple fact: your environment is INTENTIONALLY designed to not be in your favor.

Most freelance bidding sites are built to add cash to the pockets of the clients and the owners of the site, with absolutely no consideration for the freelancer providing the service.

When this is the case, there’s little you can do to change things.

You don’t have to worry, though, because you are not alone.

With my FREE and practical 22 pages ebook, 8 Ways to Get Freelance Writing Gigs Without Bidding, I put the power back in the hand of the writer.

By downloading, reading and taking action on what is presented in this ebook you can:

  • Learn to get better gigs without ever having to bid again
  • Get paid $100+ per article you write for clients
  • Determine how to get your clients as well as how many clients you want to get
  • Be in control again, and never have to slave off and burn out just to earn enough to pay the bills

This ebook is free now and will be available until I decide to pull the plug on it. This can be any time, and seeing how capricious and unpredictable I can be, it could very well not be available for download again tomorrow.

So, make a commitment to change things and take your freelance writing career to the next level. Click the download link below, enter your email address below, and download this free ebook on how to get clients without ever having to bid again.

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