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How to Get Clients for Your Business

business clientsThe internet can be a great way to make money online and that can be evidenced my by December 2010 income report.

From my experience with interacting with people who want to be making money online offering services a major problem most people face is getting clients.

A lot of bloggers/internet entrepreneurs spend a large percentage of their time on freelancing websites and are ready to collect a relatively small amount compared to that they’re supposed to collect yet they find it difficult to get clients, so many people do their best yet it seems they’re not getting results from their efforts.

While I have stopped accepting paid clients and I have stopped marketing my services I still get emails from people inquiring about my services. This post will be giving you tips to make sure you’re always getting clients to your online/offline business.

1. Have a Professional Blog

I doubt if I would have gotten a single client if not for my blog. Many people are new to the world of freelancing, they have great skills and they believe it should be very easy for them to get clients for their businesses but the otherwise is the case. Having a blog is highly important if you really want to get clients to your business because potential clients will want to have a feel of what they will get from you.

When talking about having a blog it should be in two phases; first, your blog should be professionally designed and second your blog should be professionally written. We all get various ideas and inspiration everyday, we get inspirations to start a business and we also get inspiration on who to hire. I will be more inclined to listen to and hire you if I love your work than if I don’t.

Your blog doesn’t necessarily need a lot of traffic because I will be giving you tips to get clients irrespective of your blog status but the main purpose of your blog is to showcase your work. Potential clients will be inclined to go with you if they know what you’re cable of than if they don’t.

2. Focus on Referrals

When I’m talking about referrers I’m not trying to tell you to be utilizing affiliates but to focus on natural referrers. I’m planning to redesign this blog and it will be costing me $1,500, I didn’t choose my designer from a job board or a forum or from some Google Ads but I discovered the designer from someone I so much trust and I’m happy to pay that much. I didn’t even think twice before selecting the designer because a trusted person recommended him to me.

The best form of advertising is personal recommendations and people will respect the recommendations of their family members, friends, co workers and close associates than from an ad so you shouldn’t focus all your effort on advertisements but, rather, do your best to make sure people keep on recommending your service.

This can be in numerous ways and the greatest way to make this possible is by making sure you are giving the best as far as your service is concerned. Giving the best makes you trusted and it will lead your employees to recommending you to others, it will also help new clients discover you and before you know it you will  be established in your field.

Another way to make sure people recommend your service (s) to others is by encouraging them to do so. If you have a new client which you just offered the best of your service, if this new client shows appreciation for your work you should thank him for his compliments and also tell him to help you spread the word if he sees others in need of that particular service.

You can also make it easy for people to recommend you by giving them incentives, for example, you can tell your clients that for everyone who brings a new client you will give the person a sort of discount on his services or if probably offer him some free services. Doing this will make it easy for them to recommend you because even if they recommend others they have nothing to gain. While following this approach might work to some extent I will like to tell you that the best incentive is to give value and over deliver in your work, giving value will make people recommend you without you asking them.

3. Pitch Potential Clients

If you take a look at point no. 2 you will notice that people can only recommend someone they know. There is no how someone will be able to recommend you if they don’t know you so this point is most useful for those who have no clients at all and also for those who want new clients.

When trying to pitch companies, especially for job opportunities, it is highly important for you to learn how to send good and polite emails first because doing otherwise will make sure your email ends up in the trash.

When trying to pitch potential clients it is also highly important to choose those you will be pitching carefully because some people are only out to waste your time. Choosing who to pitch wisely will make sure you get the best results.

When trying to pitch potential clients make sure you select your clients wisely.

You should also make sure you choose companies who are ready to pay you for your services; I’m talking from the perspective of a freelance writer. You shouldn’t just go with clients that will pay you a fraction of the real thing or that will eventually go bankrupt, make sure you’re going with someone who’s reliable.

There are many factors to gauge the financial capacity of your clients, some of them include:

  • The client niche
  • The client income potential
  • The client authority/reach

Once you’ve considered the above factors you will find it easier to get things done.

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23 Comments on "How to Get Clients for Your Business"

  1. silpada says:

    Professional blog can be proved a good source of income as blogger can earn in many aspects from blogs that is by ads, from adsense , from affiliate marketing etc.

  2. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Oni,

    I like your tips to attract business clients.

    Your blog is your online home. When someone cruises by your home it makes an instant impression. The impress can be either positive or negative. The design of your blog plays a large part in this area.

    Make sure your content is top notch. For a potential client to request your services you must be competent. Help your readers with your content. Solve problems for free and you increase the chances that you might solves client’s problems for pay.

    Agreed fully on word of mouth advertising. You can be hired if someone trusts you. We tend to trust our family members, close friends or business associates before some dude off of the street or a random online ad. Do the best job you can do if you have clients. If you don’t have clients, keeping adding value with your blog posts, videos and articles. Network in your niche. Persist. Eventually the clients will come if you keep at it.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.


  3. Samuel says:

    Awesome post bro. Having a proffesional blog serves as a proof to your clients. And when you get a client try to fight for the word of mouth. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Olusegun says:

    Hi Bami,

    Very correct. You obviously are using your blog as a platform to earn online – a very organic online business model.

    Which services do you offer?


  5. Dave Grimes II says:


    The point about having a professional blog is good, but didn’t touch on one of my favorite ways of gaining potential clients, and bringing in repeat visitors. It seems to work for everyone, to have something you provide for free. I’m not talking about an incentive for signing up for the e-mail list, or anything like that. I’m talking about providing valuable content on your blog for free. Giving people something they can use and learn form (much like you do).

    I think the reason most people skip this step is that they are afraid to give anything away for free… but it will pay off. Thanks again for another great article! Keep ’em comin’!

  6. Hi Oni, Thanks for your tips, i think like your phrase Your blog doesn’t necessarily need a lot of traffic ……

    Waiting for your next tips!

  7. Jonathan says:

    Absolutely agree with this post. However I still browse through forums to see if I can find some businesses lots of people seem to rave about. I got my website designer from a business directory and he did a great job. His reviews were very good so you can also rely on strangers. Just look to see if they have good reviews.

  8. Hector Avellaneda says:


    Love the fact that you dedicated so much attention to referrals. I absolutely agree with your insights here. Asking for referrals, as an internet entrepreneur, is in my opinion one of the greatest ways to grow as an entrepreneur and establish yourself.

    If you’re great at what you do, referrals are personal recommendations that generate instant credibility.

  9. Oni – Great tips on getting more clients for your business. The tip that stood out the most to me was number 2 “Focus On Referrals”.

    You made a fantastic point in saying that the best form of advertising is personal recommendations.

    Giving away incentives is one of the best things you can do to get people to recommend you, and it’s so easy to do I’m surprised more people don’t utilize this strategy. Thanks for the tips Oni, I’m sure I’ll be putting this to use in the coming months.

  10. TsarShu says:

    Personal recommendations are very important especially nowadays when the market is full of offers to choose from. I prefer dealing with companies that were recommended to me by my partners and friends. So, this point really works.

  11. technosuman says:

    Oni!, Getting clients for any business is not an easy task. It requires a lot effort and time. No client will trust you so easily, you have to get your acts together.

    I do agree with your third point of pitching potential customers. Because if you can pitch rightly and the customer is convinced then he is going to be your client.

    Thanks Oni!

  12. Trish says:

    Thanks for sharing! I really appreciate the tips. As a new blogger it is so exciting and inspiring to learn from others!

  13. Referrals a very, very important, but can be difficult to secure. Step one will help you get there over time though, once you develop a good base and reputation for yourself.

  14. Very first thing that you will notice is the design of the blog, if it is in a professional way then there is customers for it, also i would check the reputation across. so referrals also counts

    Good one dude

  15. karisma says:

    Great article. you writen a very informative and helpful tips

  16. Stuart says:

    Thanks for sharing these ideas Oni! I wasn’t planning on going down that road in business yet, but reading this post has ‘bucked up’ my ideas and helped me out. Thanks!

    Hope you’re well 🙂

  17. Bishwajeet @Comptalks says:

    You need to connect with the people and network more with bloggers to get some clients.

  18. Eleazar says:

    Having a professionally-looking and well-written blog is like a resume and most clients look at these before hiring freelancers.

  19. Nico Julius says:

    When I started as a freelancer I didn’t have much clients. As a webdesigner, there is also very much competition. Until I turned my website into a blog. Since then I never had to search for clients anymore.

  20. Thanks for referring me to the post man. Totally appreciate it. Would be definitely following your tips 🙂

    Any idea if adsense could chase potential clients away?

    • Onibalusi says:

      I doubt 🙂

  21. Based Hand Sanitizer says:

    Thanks dear…. yes to get client everyone needs o have a professional blog.


  22. vinodh says:

    I agree with your point(and that of Nico’) that having a professional blog is useful. but what to write each week. stuck with content ideas. any clue ?.


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