The Ultimate Guide to Freelance Writing Jobs

Everything you need to know about getting freelance writing jobs

"How do I get freelance writing jobs?"

This is by far one of the top questions I get from freelance writers at all levels, and I haven't been able to give them a definitive answer... until now.

I invited Writers in Charge team member and successful freelance writer, Karol Krol, to create what will be the definitive guide to getting freelance writing jobs, with input and feedback from me.

With months of work of effort, over 30,000 words and several thousands of dollars spent on this project, I can authoritatively tell you that this is the best resource you will find on how to get freelance writing jobs.

The following comments from readers validate my assertion that this guide is the best resource on how to get freelance writing jobs:

You have done an amazing job, Karol by making this guide. I think it is a true gold mine for any freelance writer, who are just kicking off their freelance path."


You are officially my Hero Bamidele. Mega gold star for putting together a fantastic resource for freelancers. I've found lots of ideas for finding regular clients. Thank you from a struggling and frustrated freelancer.



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Karol KKarol Krol is a successful freelance writer who has been in the game for more than five years now and, as far as getting freelance writing jobs is concerned, Karol is one of the best in the game!

Karol is regularly overbooked with work, and he's so good that he convinced Bamidele to hire him as part of a Writers in Charge team Bamidele had no intention of starting.


Bamidele the founder of top freelance writing blog, Writers in Charge. He has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, The Huffington Post and several local and international newspapers and publications.

As with every product released by Writers in Charge, this guide comes with our 30 days iron-clad money back guarantee.

If for any reason you do not like this guide, you have up to 30 full days to ask for a refund. We're confident you will not have to, though.

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