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5 Essential Things Top Freelance Writers Invest in to Grow Their Business

freelance writing investmentsFreelance writers, be aware: there is a time for investment, and there’s a right and a wrong way of doing it.

Investing is like putting gas in your car, it can bring you to where you want, but it’s never long-lasting. It never was, it never will. You have to continually invest time, money and effort into your writing, and client relationship.

After talking with hundreds of freelance writers and interviewing professionals all over the globe, I know what they are mostly interested to invest in when it comes to growing their skills and business practice.

And I would like to share this with you. However, these are the most essential things top freelance writers invest in to catapult their business. It does not constitute a comprehensive “investing” rolodex.

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Investing in Outsourcing

Time is money and money is time. How do you think a freelancer best spends his or her time? Writing! That’s what makes the money.

However, some top freelance writers have the money and want to hire outsource parties to handle tasks such as web site design for their blog, or theme makeover.

Others need marketing and promotion to attract more clients, thus they invest in having other skilled writers create content they can use (e.g., articles, emails, and so on) to advertise their writing service.

Once they get the articles, they edit them here and there to fit their personal style, and use them to magnetize prospects and turn them into clients and raving fans.

Some writers have the wrong belief that their writing should never be outsourced. I am not. I outsource almost everything from web design to article creation and even product reviews. Not all the time, but when I do it, I do it.

It’s about a different way of looking at things: I am talking strategy, mindset and how you see this type of investment. I consider it not a cost, but a greater return, if you know how to do it right.

Investing in Technology

Not too many writers do this, yet, there are a few who are early adopters and use that in their advantage. I am talking about both offline and online tech. Include here the latest gadgets like iPad, iPhone and Flip Camera, and continue with laptops, and software services dedicated to making a freelance writers life better or more profitable.

I am talking about writing and editing tools, WordPress plugins, autoresponders, web hosting, webinars, LinkedIn, you name it. Most writers are not techie guys. Yet, they want to invest in the best tools and services dedicated to their business that will help them take their profit to the next level.

I think that anything which saves you time and makes money is a great investment, and technology usually helps with that, if and when used right. Do you agree?

Investing in Relationships

Follow-up marketing, if you are not hard selling and your aim is to find out the needs of your prospects and clients. Use email, phone, Skype, twitter, Facebook, snail mail, voice mail, etc.

A lady in the car selling business, said: sometimes it takes 2 or 3 years until she makes a sale, yet, she is in constant contact with her prospects and gets to know them better so she can serve their needs, at the right time.

A freelance writer makes a habit to build strong relationships with his clients after the first project or task. He listens to their needs, and often makes recommendations for other related services that tie in specifically with the client’s want or need.

You do not even have to provide these add-on services, if you do not want to, or maybe you do not have the skills, yet, some smart writers team up with other freelancers and businesses, where they can offer additional solutions to meet and satisfy the needs of his clients’ database.

Networking events, if your aim is to go out there and make new friends and get to know others, not sell your stuff. That comes afterward. Build relationships first, take money later. Plan the seed, and you should reap the gain, sooner or later.

Investing in Education

I like to study, learn and test new things in my fields of interest until I no longer breathe. What about you?

Workshops, seminars, trainings and conferences, events you should seek and go often. Like once a week or a month. Frequency is the name of the game. With each new visit and participation either as a guest speaker or attendee, you gain new knowledge and insights you can recycle into your business, plus – make new friends and contacts you can tap into over and over again.

Investing in books

I love books of all kinds. Real books. eBooks. Audio books. Whatever your preferred learning method books are the most cost-effective and fun way to learn new things and advance your business at warp speed. There’s only one drawback though. You have to take action and implement what you’ve read today, not tomorrow.

Postponing is usually the #1 killer in all businesses and freelance careers.

I like studying books of all kinds primarily self-development books and business related. Recently I’ve started to study the biographies of famous people like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander the Great to name a few.

You will not believe the insights and tips such books can add to your life and business. It will definitely impact your overall knowledge and skills, in a positive and flourishing way.

If you have any questions about “freelance writing investments”, feel free to leave your comments below and I’ll answer each one of them.

Article written by Codrut Turcanu, the most productive Internet Marketing copywriter dedicated to your business. He provides email copywriting, SEO and sales letter writing that increases conversions.

34 Comments on "5 Essential Things Top Freelance Writers Invest in to Grow Their Business"

  1. Michael @Blast4TrafficNow says:

    You really covered the best investments Onibalusi. Personally, I believe auto responder service is a great investment, because it helps to build strong relationship with clients.

    Aside writing for clients, by communicating with them regularly, you’ll be able to discover amazing ideas to make even more money. How? when they share their needs and problems, you would be more in tune with creating services that meets those needs.

    Keeping in touch with clients has several benefits. Just like you shared, freelance writers need to resort to this page more often, whenever they plan on investing or having a double mind.

    I’m glad I read this. Have a great day Oni and Goodluck in your writing career.

    • Sadly, some writers still think that doing their job right is all they need to keep the client, yet, they neglect the key element: constant contact and communication with the other.

      Thank you for commenting about this issue!

  2. Tom says:

    I’m a big reader on biographies. It’s good to see how people made it, their struggle, and a lot of wisdom can be learned.

    • Good. Maybe you could share your fave bio books, or authors? 🙂

  3. Roz Bennetts says:

    Yes, there’s nothing like hard work Oni and focusing on your customers’ needs to achieving success. Like your car sales lady I’m in constant contact with my potential clients and over the years I’ve come to know that people buy from people first – whether that be an actual product or even just an idea.

    • Good point. And how does that work for you? I mean, the constant contact strategy… what type of feedback do you receive as a result of your carefully created follow-ups?

      Some writers get nasty emails as they do not quite know/understand how to keep in touch, the right way… and too many emails would sound like spam.

  4. I hope I’m investing in the right way then, I will always do the writing part because this is the bit I do best of all.

    • Good for you. Try to master both skills and you should do even better.

      P.S. I like your blog btw, when did you start it and how well does it work for you? What would you say is your #1 challenge as a writer, and blogger? 🙂

      • Hi Codrut,
        I started this particular blog 2 years ago. I’ve been blogging for about 4 years. Thanks for the compliment.

        I don’t earn very much at all. I like the blog and because I’m a writer, I’m fine with the writing part and don’t have problems in the creative aspect of things.

        The number one challenge – by far – is to come up with a way I can earn a steady income from my blogs. I don’t want that much. $200.00 per month would be great. Doing it, however, is the problem! 🙂

  5. Mark @ Organic SEO Services says:

    I have been coming very close to outsourcing some of my more laborious operations, Oni.

    You just pushed me one step closer with this post.

    Thanks for confirming what I already knew…;)


    • We’re here to push you forward, whether you know some things, or not. The key here is I think to understand why a specific marketing or advertising method works (e.g. constant follow-up with clients, as a writer…) and JUST DO IT (then rinse and repeat) … 🙂

  6. sokun says:

    Great post, i think the education one helps alot.

  7. sam @ goa carnival says:

    Great ideas to investment but i think we should think and see much things before investment like how this money will work for us “will it be beneficial for us or not”.

    Beside that if we want to do any thing extraordinary then we will need to expense in some extra.

    • Good points. I’d say that if you see a specific method or strategy works for you and brings result, part of the money earned, should go into investing — whatever that recoups your money in 30 days or less.

      As there are good investments and bad investments, as well as good investments in good times, and good investments in bad times…

  8. Jesper says:

    Great advice. Though I’m afraid too many people read and read without doing. So a good advice must be to do what you learn before learning more things.

    • You are so right. Statistics never lie. A major portion of people reading this will think they already know / heard it. And will do nothing, still looking for the “magic pill” that will bring results overnight or with little effort.

      Did you know that about 80% of visitors of this post will only read the headline and exist?

  9. Samson O Abiodun says:

    Hi Oni, I love this post I can’t wait to start practicing all the instructions and guidelines, you are indeed a blessing to this generation. Thanks for sharing this…

  10. Kalen Smith says:

    Very good tips. Investing can mean many things. It can mean investing money, time, energy, sacrificing something you really want to do or simply taking a wild risk. Always make sure you network with other people and learn what you need to do to stay on top. Everything else will follow.

  11. I agree that online entrepreneurs should invest in their businesses. Another item freelance writers should invest in, is proofreading software.

  12. Ashly Lorenzana says:

    These are priceless strategies for any writer who wants to get serious about their freelancing career. I couldn’t agree more with the idea of making reasonable investments in both technology and relationships.

  13. Nice thinking , Good tips and tricks , Investing can mean many things. It can mean investing money, time, energy, sacrificing something you really want to do or simply taking a wild risk.

    • Glenn J Meade says:

      Hi, Monday afternoon, funny I read your blog. I feel that I am taking a wild risk now. Trying to start part time writing, a little freelance or what ever. Just tired of fixing automobiles now. Thanks for the note. Glenn

  14. Sylviane Nuccio says:

    Yes, writing is not the only thing. Relationships and self-development materials are so important.

  15. fazal mayar says:

    good tips, i would like to invest in my busines so it grows bigger and bigger 🙂

  16. Eleazar says:

    It’s more productive for freelance writers to outsource some works to free some hours that can be used to more productive work with least effort.

  17. Of course these investments need to be made when you already have some steady monthly earnings otherwise there are a few things freelance writers invest in. As for the top freelancers, is only normal for them to invest in ANYTHING that would give positive juice to their business.

  18. i personally like that part of Investing in Education 🙂

  19. Malok Mading says:

    Hi Codrut,
    Investing in book is a form of receiving the blessings from great minds of the past and I totally agree with you. The rest also are recommended!

  20. Kelli says:

    2-3 years to make a sale? I gotta eat!

  21. Darren Anthony Tynan says:

    I am a Freelance Writer and I like to keep up to date with the latest technology on the market today this is a very good idea for every writer today to invest in Netbook computers or Tablets PC.
    I use the netbook and have a laptop computer at home but my best one that I like using is the Netbook computer because it is light weight and easy to carry around with you in it’s own netbook case.

  22. Altair Goh says:

    Investing in relationships sure goes a long way. One needs friends to lend support and to spend a lifetime of roller-coaster ups-and-downs with. 😉 Education and books work wonders too.

  23. Glenn J Meade says:

    Hey All, thank you for the advice. I am looking to get a start into freelance writing. Been doing a lot of reading. I am Automotive Technician for 37 yrs. Looking for a new challenge. Out of work due to injury. Trying to learn as much as possible. Use my time wisely. Attending the seminars, workshops, writing groups. Glenn

  24. Nancy Badillo says:

    Great tips! I have been thinking of outsourcing majority of my duties. I appreciate the tips and will be using them for my advantage!


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