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Freelance Writing Jobs: 12 Quality Job Boards Freelance Writers Should Know

Tens of thousands of people throng the internet every month looking for freelance writing jobs, but unfortunately many either fail to find writing jobs or they fall victim to low paying gigs. One of the best, and guaranteed, ways to get freelance writing gigs is by applying to jobs posted on job boards. I’m not talking about job boards like Upwork or Instead, I’m referring to real job boards that enforce a process that ensure freelancers are paid well.


Usually, the most popular freelance job portals are Upwork, Guru and the likes — and there’s a good probability that you already know them. Unfortunately, these sites encourage clients to pay freelancers a pittance, and I usually recommend that writers find better alternatives to sites like Upwork.

These 12 job boards will help you secure better freelance writing jobs:

Get Paid Writing Jobs: If you’d like to earn a good living writing for sites that pay writers, be sure to check my list of 110 websites that will pay you to write.

I’ve also made notes below the websites to let you know what to expect.

Here’s what each indication mean:

Job Quality

Quality: Good-paying offers and must check out; pays more than industry average.

Medium: Not as attractive as a “quality” offer, but still worth checking out.

Unsophisticated: Offers aren’t that attractive, or little about the pricing is revealed on the site.

Update Frequency

Regular: Updated at least 3 – 5 times a week, on average.

Once in a While: Updated less than 3 times in a week.

1. Problogger Jobs Board

Job Quality: Medium

Update Frequency: Regular

The Problogger jobs board is one of the best job boards online for bloggers. My favourite thing about this board is the frequency with which it’s updated. With the Problogger jobs board, you should expect an average of a job a day.

Most of the jobs are blogging-related, but jobs for other writing markets are also posted every once in a while.

The average pay for most jobs isn’t bad, but you’ll occasionally see offers from people who want you to work for little to nothing.

2. BloggingPro Jobs Board

Job Quality: Medium

Update Frequency: Regular

Similar to the Problogger jobs board, the BloggingPro jobs board is also often populated with jobs for bloggers and writers, and the pay isn’t usually bad depending on your skills.

3. Writing Gigs Category

Job Quality: Medium

Update Frequency: Regular is one of the top websites online for freelance writers, with guides and writing resources added almost every day.

The “writing gigs” category regularly features freelance writing jobs from various job boards across the internet on a regular basis.

Most of the gigs listed are well-paying gigs, but you should also note that a lot of the jobs come directly from Craigslist.

4. The Freelance Writer’s Den Junk-free Job Board

Job Quality: Quality

Update Frequency: Regular

In my opinion, this is the best among them all, but it comes with a price. After all, you can only get so much for free.

The Freelance Writer’s Den is a freelance writer membership site created by Carol Tice. Membership costs $25 a month, and one of the advantages of joining is the “junk-free job board”.

Carol is a proponent of the idea that writers shouldn’t be underpaid, and she even emphasizes the fact that no writer should be paid less than $50 per article. This is also reflected in the job board; plus you get tips and advice on how to pitch in a way to ensure acceptance.

I’m a member myself, and it curates the best writing jobs when compared to all the other sites above.

Before checking it out, you should know that I’m an affiliate, but that doesn’t affect my opinion of it.

5. FreelanceSwitch Jobs Board

Job Quality: Quality

Update Frequency: Once in a While is the most popular freelance website online, and they’re also very popular for their jobs board.

The FreelanceSwitch jobs board is a general jobs board for programmers, designers, and writers, but you can subscribe to the RSS feed for the “Writing Category” if you only want writing offers.

The job board is used by a lot of big brands that you’re probably aware of. You can see the latest job listings by visiting the jobs page, but you have to pay a $7 membership fee to apply to any of the available jobs.

The main job board is updated frequently, but the writing category is only updated every once in a while.

6. Krop Jobs Board

Job Quality: Quality

Update Frequency: Once in a While

Krop is a jobs board for designers and programmers, but writing jobs can also be found on it.

You can locate writing jobs by searching for any of these keywords or related ones using the search box provided; “freelance writer”, “writer”, “writing”, “copywriting”, “technical writing” etc.

Most of the jobs are quality jobs, but writing jobs aren’t added that often due to the fact that it is a jobs board for programmers and designers.

Krop also allows you to subscribe via email so that you can get jobs related to a certain keyword as soon as they are available.

7. Sologig Jobs Board

Job Quality: Medium

Update Frequency: Regular

Sologig is a jobs board for professionals, but it is linked above to the “writer”-related jobs category.

The offers aren’t that bad, and you can benefit from the fact that they have a lot of offers.

You can also search for related keywords to find more targeted offers that you can try.

8. Jobs Category

Job Quality: Unsophisticated

Update Frequency: Regular

The offers here aren’t consistent in terms of price, but you should find a few quality jobs if you dig deeper.

Jobs are added to consistently from some of the top freelance bidding sites.

9. Simply Hired Writer Category

Job Quality: Quality

Update Frequency: Once in a While

Quality writing job offers are being added to Simply Hired every once in a while, and I have linked to the “writer” search for direct writing-related jobs.

You can modify the results you get by searching for any writing related keywords you might be interested in.

Simply Hired has an option for you to be notified whenever new jobs are available in a new category, so make sure to scroll down to check that out.

Most of the jobs are directly from other reputable organizations, but I believe the pay is fair for most freelance writers.

10. Flex Jobs Writer Category

Job Quality: Quality

Update Frequency: Regular

Flex jobs is a popular professional job board, and there are lots of great offers available for you – depending on what you have to offer.

Flex jobs is a premium job board, though, and you will be asked to pay a monthly fee of around $5 to be able to apply to jobs.

The link above goes directly to their “writer” section, and you can get a different result by searching for new keywords.

11. Morning Coffee

Job Quality: Quality

Update Frequency: Regular

This is the jobs category, with new freelance writing offers added every Tuesday.

You can subscribe to the newsletter to get offers directly to your inbox when they’re available, or you can visit the site every Tuesday for a list of available jobs.

Almost every offer available in the “morning coffee” section of is well-paying, so you just need to apply to the job that suits you best.

12. Whisperjobs

Job Quality: Medium

Update Frequency: Regular

Most of the job offers available on Whisperjobs aren’t that bad, but you should make sure you understand which job you’re applying for – so that you are not underpaid.


Since you’ve gotten this fair, I think it is only fair to reward you for it. Here are 4 more resources for getting this far.

#1: 110 Websites that Pay Writers

This is a free PDF I compiled that features 110 websites that pay writers really well. Many of these sites pay $50 or more per article.

#2. Job Board

This isn’t as sophisticated as all the other job boards listed above, but it contains a lot of offers, and you should get a good offer if you dig deep enough.


This is another freelance job board you should check out. It isn’t as sophisticated as the original 12 job boards in this article, but it contains a few quality offers you might be interested in.

The jobs aren’t listed on the main page, so you have to get to them by searching for related keywords like “writer”, “freelance writer”, “copywriter” etc.

#4. Most Hired Jobs Board

Most Hired is another jobs board you might be interested in.

It is used mostly by designers and programmers, but you can get a few good offers by searching for writing-related keywords.

The Reality You Should Understand First

Before applying for jobs on any of the above listed sites, you should understand one thing; applying is no guarantee of acceptance.

You’re probably reading this post alongside thousands of other people, and some of the jobs boards above are already popular, so you have to apply to as many jobs as you think you’re qualified for to get a good offer.

Most of these jobs boards are awesome, but you need to put in effort to get results.

If you have any other job board you might want to add, or if you have any comment about any of the above-listed job boards, feel free to comment below.

PS. Please spread the word about this post on Facebook and Twitter to get more people to benefit from it, and to motivate me to write more posts like this.

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Now that’s a goldmine for every freelance writer, especially ones who are only starting out!

It was also very timely to me, since I’m looking to expand my client base, and I didn’t know most of those job boards before..

Thank you, Onibalusi!


Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thanks, Agota!

I’m glad those job boards could be of help to you 🙂

Thank you Onalubisi for this useful post. You have rightly distinguished yourself from 95% of writers who do not believe much in quality work.

And thank you again for the disclaimer you placed in you conclusion because most peolpe will really think that all this site are goldmines that just need no work before getting the job they deire.

Thank you once again.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Hi Kennedy,

I’m glad you enjoyed the list 🙂

About the disclaimer, I just wanted to make it clear as some people will expect automatic results after reading the post.

Great info Oni!

While some job boards are familiar, I do need to check out the others you mentioned here, some of which are completely new to me.

Yes, there’s never a guarantee that applying for the job means you would get it, but I guess all we can really do is give things a try – isn’t it?

Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful resource with all of us. I think this takes care of my weekend 🙂

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Hi Harleena,

Thanks so much for the comment, and I’m glad this list can have an impact 🙂

You’re right, we have to make a move to get results.

Best Regards,

I don’t think there are so many places for Freelance Writers bro.
This is a great information for writers and blogger of course, thanks.

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

I’m glad I could help 🙂

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Hi Carol,

Yep, I really dig the junk-free job board!

Thanks so much for adding the Facebook page, I’m sure it’ll help a lot!

yes these are some of the best places where one can sit there for writing! nice list !

Really stunning post, Oni. I’m checking some of them out now. Definitely worth shares in my opinion and I’ll gladly do so.

Hy. oni, Great collection 12 job board.


Goa casinossays:

One thing is sure in today’s era if someone have talent inside himself then no one can stop him to achieve success but often all things are not prove in our favor but we shouldn’t take it in negative way and we should have enough believe in ourself and after some times you will see these kind of sources which all mentioned in this article will open for you in market for prove your talent.

Hi Oni, before this post. I only new about Problogger Jobs board and blogging pro jobs board. Must say, i was missing a big part of my income due to those medium quality jobs boards. I would now try on all of these. Thanks for this ultimate post.

Am so happy about the blogging stuff but the problem now is i do i get paypal acct cos most of this blogging or writing site needs paypal to get started so is it possible for me to get an acct, coz we all know that Nigeria is from a rare Country that uses paypal. Thanks

Kudos to you for providing these websites. I hope that many article writers will find this and that you’ll be able to help many of them.

Larry Jamessays:

I have tried freelance job boards, but the jobs I see offer are for very little pay. And it is very difficult to get hired for the first job without building a reputation first. I have tried and I will try some of the sites you mention and see if I have better luck.

Hi Onibalusi,

I haven´t been by your for a long time, but here I am again and as always astonished by your production!
I don´t see how you do it really! And touching that subject, what are your experiences and recommendations on outsourcing?
I´m realizing that soon, this must be something I´ll need to do.

I hope the sun is shining on you today, wherever you are!

Greetings fro your Swedish “Granny”,

thanks a lot for sharing this. May God bless you more sir!

Thanks for the resources Oni. I tended to work with the Problogger jobs board as the main source for jobs when I used jobs boards. I got a couple of jobs off of Blogging Pro, but they didn’t seem quite as good. However, I wouldn’t say jobs boards are necessarily the best way to get work. Networking is the best solution as you’ve said before and as I have found personally. But jobs boards are a good place to get started, make some initial connections that can lead to more down the road and help you build up a killer portfolio.

Great post.
I just became a reader of your blog
Thanks for sharing

Very interesting article that you’ve posted. Found the views to be quite informative for every freelancers. Thanks for sharing.

Good afternoon Oni!

Not only a good post, but your care for the discipline shines through too. Like everyone else commenting, I’ll certainly be having a look at these boards.

Elance is one I’ve used with some good results.

Thanks for sharing this great information, a really nice collection of links to job boards, very helpful.

saurabh jainsays:

her great material thanku .

Deborah Andersonsays:

Great list. Many of these I was already aware of, but you have provided quite the exhaustive list. Thanks!


Bamidele Onibalusi i am very new to blogging and i must say that you impressed me alot. I wanted to earn some money via writing content and your article will help me. Thanks

Hi Oni,

I am mostly familiar with Elance, too. Great job board for writers.

GADEL | All Things Ghanasays:

Thanks my brother Oni for these list. I know these job boards would benefit a lot of people at these trying economic times.

Hi Onibalusi
I was just looking for the same.I have tried whisperjobs and journalismjobs, i will give a try to other sites that you mentioned. Thanks for sharing such wonderful information.

Michael Rabb Newton MAsays:

Thank you Onibalusi for great information. Before checking your post, it is very happy to know that many numbers of boards are available for freelance writers. I think this would be helpful for every professional writer.

Omg!! Never knew there were so many around. Thanks for this wonderful post, it did come out as a ‘solution’.

Dainis Graverissays:

Really helpful post for writing gigs, but don’t you think it’s better to search for blogs directly to write for? Not search for writing gigs on freelance boards, but blogs you would be really excited to work for?

Though I get the point, maybe many bloggers won’t search for regular writers and regular expenses.

I posted myself offer to Problogger and Freelanceswitch however, but a lot of guys were just sending me canned responses and they didn’t have any good experience or skills. At least I for hiring would search in other places then job boards, instead posting on Twitter, because there I get better guys who already are fans of my site.

Posting on job boards got me like 150 emails, but maybe 1-2 good ones, felt like big waste of time for searching writers (even easier for interesting ones to stand out by researching each offer).

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Hi Dainis,

It’s really great to see you comment here, and I so much appreciate the support!! 🙂

You’re right about searching for clients directly, as that can be more recent and effective, but most of the time a lot of people don’t know how to go about it and I think these jobs boards will be useful.

I’m really surprised to hear about the crap submissions you’re getting by posting on job boards, and I can only say one thing; that sucks!

If only freelance writers can spend more time on their pitch and portfolio, things will be easier for both they and their clients.

Best Regards,

Dainis Graverissays:

Hey Onibalusi,
no problem 🙂 Sometimes I get time to read some blogs in my RSS feed 🙂

Of course, this is an awesome starting point. And by sharing my experiences with these job boars as client I just wanted to show how easy it would be to stand out and get a lot of writing gigs just if you spend a bit of time to show you are unique and clients will be able to rely on you!

If you are looking for earning money as full-time writer, job boards can be best starting point. If you have a blog and you are looking to promote it, spread the word and earn some extra money – looking directly for high quality blogs can be better strategy!

Really depends from goals! 🙂 Good luck! 🙂

Thanks for such a wonderful list. I was completely unaware of the names that you have included. I knew about some of these like and Sologig Jobs Board. The other names are new for me. i would definitely give a try to all of these. Thanks once again.

Hello Oni,

Yeah! Job boards are goldmine for freelance content writers and also for other freelancers.

Before reading your post I only knew about 3 or 4 job boards to find some work, but now I’ve a good list of it.

Awesome list Oni. Thanks for sharing it with us.. 🙂

Romy Singh,

Really Impressive. You have given perfect information about so many freelance job boards that any freelance writer who doesn’t have work currently will love to go through all the freelance job boards mentioned by you and get work with the help of any one of them as soon as possible.


Great lists Ola. Though i dont do more of articles writing but i enjoy your collections, I may want to give them try when outsourcing my works

I have Personal Experience with Problogger Jobs Board they Provide reliable writing job you should give try to this board also

Laura Cerratosays:

Great post! I have also launched a site wherein I post daily quality freelance jobs, and inhouse jobs. My site is I would be honored if you checked it out!

Marisa Norwellsays:

Thanks for the great post, Bamidele! I have made a long search among all existing job boards for freelancers before I found my perfect freelance opportunity at Freelancercareers. It is vital i think to know the right source for finding freelance writing gig.

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