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Food Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

One of the joys of writing for food blogs is learning new recipes. You could even develop your culinary skills as a result. On top of that, this new experience can be added to your expertise, which could inspire you to write a recipe or cookbook.

Guest blogging can open up many interesting and useful doors. Think of the new contacts and connections you will be making. In addition, your brand will be given valuable exposure, as your website begins to make waves on the internet. Why wait? Get started now by choosing the most suitable blog from the list below to pitch your delicious food ideas or recipe.

Note: If you’d like to see more blogs that accept guest posts, be sure to check out our list of blogs that accept guest posts.

1.  Menuism

Domain Authority: 51          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Pitch a short paragraph of your intended post about food or beverage by email for review, and don’t forget to include a couple of sentences about yourself. The guidelines have more information about guest posting.

2.  The Disney Food Blog

Domain Authority: 51          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Read the blog to make sure your idea hasn’t been already covered. Check out the blog’s formatting style, then Email your topic ideas for review. Please follow the guest post policy and submission guidelines here.

3.  Food Sense

Domain Authority: 51          

How to Submit a Guest Post: You could become a  regular writer for this blog. Read and follow the guidelines carefully, which include how to submit a recipe. Email your proposed guest post with two samples of your writing, when you’re ready.

4.  Eat Drink Better

Domain Authority: 53          

How to Submit a Guest Post: This is your opportunity to write about food justice, politics and policies. Answer the questions on the guidelines page in the contact us form. To apply as a guest blogger, send an email and attach three writing samples.

5.  The Kitchn

Domain Authority: 84          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Share your kitchen project or ideas by ticking the relevant boxes on the submissions page. Afterward, simply click on the “Send Us Your Request” link on the submissions page.

6.  Scottish Mum

Domain Authority: 34          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Pitch your guest post for review by filling out the form on the submission guidelines page. Do read the blog to check out the published content first.

7.  Type-A Parent

Domain Authority: 50          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Your article must be high-quality and relate to parents who blog. The guidelines are strict, so please follow them carefully. Here is an example of a food post on the blog to get you started.

8.  The Master Cleanse

Domain Authority: 44           

How to Submit a Guest Post: The topics are about cleansing and detox diets. Here is the articles wanted page with a list of topics. Follow the guidelines to find out how to contribute your post.

9.  Bargain Briana

Domain Authority: 52          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Posts must be original with topics of relevance to the readers – and fewer than 400 words. Check out the recipe index page to see what’s already been published. Before submitting your post or ideas, do read the guidelines.

10.  Babble

Domain Authority: 88           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Go through the site to make sure your topic ideas haven’t already been published. In the subject line of your proposed topic idea, indicate the section you’re aiming to write for. Send this by email to Megan Sayers. Please read the guidelines for more information.

11.  BonBon Break

Domain Authority: 56          

How to Submit a Guest Post: The three types of submissions required are featured posts, original posts or syndicated posts. Examples of each are on the submission guidelines page. Submit your guest post here and it will be published if it’s a good fit.

12.  Elephant Journal

Domain Authority: 70          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Read the blog first to get a feel for the types of articles the readers enjoy. Next, check the detailed guidelines with information about submitting to this site. Fill out the submit form with your story ideas when you’re fully prepared.

13.  Family Corner

Domain Authority: 50           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Proofread and edit your article before submitting it. Once submitted, you give Family Corner rights to reprint it on other websites and newsletters. Please follow the guidelines for more instructions. Email your article ideas for review.

14.  Hint Mama

Domain Authority: 32           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Share your hints to take the stress out of parenting, such as mealtimes for children. Simply send an email with your tips when you’re familiar with the kind of topics that do well on this site.

15.  Midlife Boulevard

Domain Authority: 49          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Read the food category for the types of food articles published on this blog. Create a Gravatar if you haven’t got one, then fill out the form on the submit page after reading it. Email any questions you may have to Andrea.

16.  Untrained Housewife

Domain Authority: 41          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Register as a WordPress subscriber of this blog first. Read the Untrained Housewife’s Manifesto for tips and ideas. Please head to the guidelines and fill out the submission form on the page when ready.

17.  VoiceBoks

Domain Authority: 46          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Check out the food category to avoid duplicating content that’s already been published. Email your post in Word and if it’s approved, you will be given a username and password. Read how to submit a post here, but do follow the instructions in the guidelines first.

18.  So Good Blog

Domain Authority: 49          

How to Submit a Guest Post: The list of topics related to food is on the guidelines page. Your article should be well-written, inspiring and unique. Simply fill out the form on the guidelines page and wait for a reply.

19.  Food Bloggers of Canada

Domain Authority: 53          

How to Submit a Guest Post: The audience is 70% Canadian and love food. Topics of interest are on the contribute page. Check out the resource section, food and drink category and restaurant section. After reading the submission guidelines, email your pitch to the managing editor, Melissa Hartfield.

20.  Naturally Savvy

Domain Authority: 54          

How to Submit a Guest Post: You can write a review or blog about natural and organic products. Please fill out the form on the write for us page and wait for a reply.


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